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Chained Wolf [Hatsuharu & Akira]

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Chained Wolf [Hatsuharu & Akira] Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:33 am

Now that their ranks in the Rune Knight organization has been officialised in a flamboyant ceremony, many people around Era began recognizing them and the duo seemed to receive salutes from the pages and apprentices who patrolled around town. It was kind of weird to see these men look up at Haru with respect, considering half of them could probably take him down in a one-on-one battle. The healer was still far from getting better at combat and was slowly becoming a gym junkie. Every moment he didn’t train seemed to make him restless.

Nevertheless, there were duties he had to attend to as a recognized Seated Knight now, along with his partner. A curious creature approached the two at the headquarters and requested their help with dealing with a rogue wolf. Apparently the wolf was once someone’s pet, but had gone wild recently, attacking the civilians at night. The dragon-like creature, Daragast, gave showed them the location the wolf was last seen on the map that hung on the wall, and requested them to take care of it. Haru turned to look at Akira and then nodded at Daragast, accepting the mission. An image of the wolf was handed to Haru and took a good look at it before handing it to Akira.

The sun had already set, but it was still not late at night. Maybe it would be best to begin their patrol early in case the wolf decided to attack early. Haru put on his black cloak, and pointed his palm towards the his lightsabre hilt that lay on a table few meters away from him. With a gentle wave of his hand, the hilt flew straight to his hand and he caught it effortlessly. Ever since he discovered this neat trick, he had been using it flippantly just to see Akira’s reaction. He flashed her a cheeky smile and tucked the hilt under his belt before walking towards the exit.

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#2Akira Shimada 

Chained Wolf [Hatsuharu & Akira] Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:40 am

Akira Shimada
Perhaps Aki was just a bit of a whiner. She definitely didn't like it when people stared at her negatively, given the occasions when her magic would spill out of control, but she also didn't particularly enjoy all the weird stares she was getting ever since her promotion. 'Get them to stop looking at me damnit.' Aki hissed, tugging at her partner's garments. The rank up itself, felt like a free ride, since Aki was of the firm belief she hadn't shown much skill in the attack against the previous king. The girl was sure, that this whole gimmick of the promotion was extended towards her, only because she wielded two different magic elements and one of them happened to be the oh-so-favorite, element of light. Unfortunately, the rank up didn't mean she could just sit and live off some stipend now... They had work that needed doing.

They should have considered themselves lucky, the creature that approached them, was rumored to only offer jobs to those with the noblest of intentions. Of course, Aki was not aware of this. She frowned at the tiny dragon, but reserved judgement. He seemed a bit sad at their haste, it looked like he wanted to sit and talk before he sent the duo off, but Tsuru's drive had not faded. Perhaps, he too believed that he had to prove himself considering the promotion... Aki couldn't blame him, the whole thing was sprung towards them out of nowhere.

He geared up, she just holstered her gun... and rolled her eyes at the way he showed off his new move, who would've thought he'd learn to make peace with the weapon so soon. They both wore the same color, perhaps black made sense if they were hoping to take down a wolf at night, although the creature probably had sensory mechanisms to see past the illusion of the dark garb. He and Aki were already well on their way to the forest, even though the sun hadn't disappeared behind the horizon yet.



Chained Wolf [Hatsuharu & Akira] Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:42 am

The two didn’t need to exchange words unnecessarily any longer. Neither of them uttered a word, but both headed towards the forest. Having worked together for so long, Haru had a pretty good idea how his partner strategizes. It was best to find the wolf in the fringes of the forest and stop it right there before letting it enter the town and wreak havoc. However, unfortunately, despite all the warning given out by the Rune Knights, an idiot adventurer thought he could handle the wolf all by himself and ended up dead.

Of course, the two had not witnessed the gruesome sight yet, but they soon will the moment they enter a good hundred meters into the forest. As they walked past a few thick trees, they would find themselves at the edge of a clearing, at the centre of which stood a two-meter-long and one-meter-high wolf with a collar around its neck, its fangs buried deep into a bloodied dead man. “Idiot!” was all Haru could mutter before raising his hand to the side to warn Akira. He just nodded at his partner before reaching for his lightsabre. There was no need for any words. The plan was almost always the same, since the day he touched that special sword of his. He charges into the fight, distracts the opponents, while Akira stayed back and sniped the key targets. Now, there was only one target, which meant their job was a lot easier.

Holding the bladeless hilt in his hand tightly, he charged forward; his black cloak flowed back as he zoomed towards the wolf. When he was about a few feet away, the wolf noticed him and seemed startled. It growled at him, baring its teeth and was ready to pounce. The healer did not wish to kill the animal, unless it was absolutely necessary. And he knew Akira was well aware of his aversion towards taking a life. So, the primary goal was to incapacitate the wolf and cage it, if they could.

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#4Akira Shimada 

Chained Wolf [Hatsuharu & Akira] Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:44 am

Akira Shimada
The girl was usually pretty focused, but an unpleasant gut feeling was clawing at her, tightening its firm grip on her easily dwindling confidence. Something wasn't right, the way the Rune Knights bustled about, the way they'd been approached for jobs pretty much straight after their arrival... Something was brewing in the shadows and Aki was so obsessed about trying to figure out what, she had a sort of lost look in her eyes. At least her lack of excessive strategics and instructions meant that she now trusted her partner implicitly. It would also mean, that Tsuru would soon figure out that she wasn't quite herself. Maybe that was a good thing, maybe she needed to start talking and let this off her chest...

She idly followed her partner, as the skies darkened overhead. The piercing rays of the setting sun, grew demure, but nonetheless, she kept her eyes downcast and allowed her eyelids to provide shelter from the glare of the light that slowly slipped and tucked itself away behind the shadow of the trees. The girl was twiddling her thumbs when she heard the cry from her partner, and her eyes flitted to the scene in front of her. Almost instantly, she winced and cringed, feeling quite nauseous. She lifted her hand to her lips, to prevent herself from throwing up. Perhaps had she heeded Daragast's words more carefully, instead of swimming in the limbo of the future, she'd have been better prepared. The girl was rendered quite useless, by the overwhelming sense of disgust, lucky for her, Tsuru had learned to take charge. His motions as he charged towards the creature, helped her steady herself though, softly, in a frail voice she offered back up as she plucked out her gun.



Chained Wolf [Hatsuharu & Akira] Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:45 am

Although the two discussing strategy before a mission had become a rarity, Akira seemed unusually quiet that night. He presumed it was probably because she did not wish to warn the wolf in case it was somewhere close by. But the crease on her forehead was a sign that there was more to it than that. He wished to ask her what was bothering her, but before he got the chance, they had stumbled upon the wolf in the clearing. There was no doubt that this was the one they were after. The collar around its neck was proof enough. Haru wondered if the wolf had gone rabid. If that was the case, there wouldn’t be much use in capturing the beast. It wasn’t like the humans were concerned so much about their fellow species inhabiting the world, that they would create a cure for their problems.

Haru relied on his partner to take out the wolf if it seemed to be the only way out of his. But before that, he needed to at least attempt knocking it down without killing it. The wolf, however, had no such intentions. It was going to go for the kill and would have him for dessert if it could. There was no way the swordsman was going to let that happen. The wolf’s stance was aggressive and it was obvious that it was going to jump on him once he got into range. So, the moment he was about three feet away from the wolf, Haru quickly side-stepped. Just as he expected, the wolf pounced; had he not anticipated it, those sharp fangs would have been around one of his limbs by then. The red-headed Rune Knight pressed the button on his hilt and activated the blue mana blade. Seeing the wolf was where he was just a moment ago, he simply kicked it down and struck its hind legs with the lightsabre.

The blade cut a good inch into its flesh, and also burned the fur. The rabid wolf whined and rolled away, quickly getting back on its feet. It was quite impressive that the animal was still standing after that.

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#6Akira Shimada 

Chained Wolf [Hatsuharu & Akira] Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:45 am

Akira Shimada
Akira had relinquished her own weapon, much in sync with her partner who was now flourishing his new and shiny mana blade. His weapon had a flare to it, her dark gun was pretty much shrouded. Unlike humans, the wolf probably didn't quite fathom the risk that he was facing against the gun... That would make her task easier, except Tsuru had gone in already. She didn't mind, she wasn't much of a glory seeker and the more practice he got in learning to wield his weapon against the living targets, the better it would be. It was strange, that she often judged him for not being able to make a killing blow, but in all fairness Aki too struggled with the idea of fatal wounds. The fur and the canine face, the wolf's sharp teeth... all reminded her of Fenrir, the friend they had made in Crocus, the one who almost killed her and the one she almost killed. She froze, as the memories of that encounter flashed into her mind.

It was probably for the best that she didn't panic pull the trigger this time. If she'd unleashed one of her more powerful attacks, Tsuru was sure to get caught in it and end up taking a tonne of collateral damage. She remained there, quite still, her lower lip between her teeth, her gun wielding hand extended in the general but slightly vague direction of the wolf. Contrary to what usually happened the sharp whine elicited by the creature, did not serve to jar Akira back to the moment, in fact it only deepened her reverie as it reminded her of the pitiful sound Fenrir had made upon having to brave a shot from her gun in his leg... That with all the blood the wolf had spilled while consuming his victim, it rendered Aki pretty useless. Perhaps if Tsuru couldn't handle this himself, she'd find the need to step in.



Chained Wolf [Hatsuharu & Akira] Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:46 am

The swordsman expected his partner to shoot the wolf the moment it rolled away from him, and was surprised when he didn’t hear the familiar click of her gun. He frowned slightly, turning towards Akira’s direction for just a brief moment, wondering if she was okay. There didn’t seem to be any disturbance around where she was, so he assumed she probably didn’t get a good shot and hence avoided the risk of losing the surprise element. Even if he shrugged her weird behaviour off, his instincts told him otherwise.

There wasn’t much time to wonder what was bothering his partner, as the wolf was back with a vengeance. It was rather quick, but nothing that Haru couldn’t handle. He did not wish to try the same trick as before; he was well aware that wolves learn quickly and adapt extremely well during fights according to their opponents. So, instead of side-stepping the wolf’s attack, this time, he jumped up high. It was a good thing because the rabid canine expected him to move to the side and attempted biting on both sides after missing the direct one. Lucky for him, he was above the wolf.

If he wished, he could have impaled his sabre right through the wolf’s neck and ended the wretched thing’s misery. But, he still hoped to knock it out and capture it if he could help it. So, instead of hitting the wolf with the blade, Haru hit its head with the butt-end of his hilt, before stepping onto the animal and pushing off a good few meters away. Unfortunately, it would seem even that wasn’t enough to knock the damn animal out.

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#8Akira Shimada 

Chained Wolf [Hatsuharu & Akira] Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:48 am

Akira Shimada
With a glossy glaze over her glistening eyes, she remained just as she was. Still ensnared by the ghosts of her past, still jarred by the gore she witnessed. This wasn't the first time she'd dealt with bodies and blood, the attack from Grimoire Heart had left its own bloody imprint in her mind and stains in Crocus. That slung in another host of memories. Akira remained poised, much like the day when she first bought this wretched gun, the day she slew that psycho rat and then went on to train with Alisa's companion... So much had transpired since then. Akira had perhaps never witnessed as many events in one long crap fest, as she had in Crocus. The sinking sense of dread that her rotten luck had still not run out, made this whole ordeal all the more difficult.

Tsuru continued fighting the creature, in the subconscious recesses of her mind, that were still processing the environment and the combat in front of her, she felt like she could trust her partner for the time being to take care of the creature. While the canine appeared brutal, it was apparent that the healer outdid the beast. There was not a scratch on the man in the dark cloak. His only struggle seemed to be the same one that had haunted him for as long as Akira had known him, he did not want to kill. For once, Akira too, did not want to harm the animal that had once been a pet, she didn't know the circumstances in which he turned rabid. Animals had a very different code of conduct, they couldn't be held to the same standards as humans. While it was repulsive that it had killed and consumed another being, that was not unnatural. 'Don't... kill it.' she whispered, unsure if her words were carried to her partner in the darkening night.



Chained Wolf [Hatsuharu & Akira] Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:49 am

It would seem as if the wolf didn’t feel any pain at all. Every time he hit it, the animal just bounced back like nothing happened. Even though the canine’s hind legs are visibly bleeding, it didn’t show any sign of slowing down. The wolf charged back straight towards where Haru had landed. Wondering where he can strike this time to ensure it doesn’t get back up but still stayed alive, he held his sword in front of him and waited for the right opportunity.

However, in the last moment, the wolf changed directions and target. While Haru couldn’t hear Akira’s whispering, it seemed the wolf had enhanced hearing and it caught onto the lunar mage’s words. Now it knew exactly where she was and it paused for moment in front of Haru before changing direction and dashing towards his partner. “Oh crap!” he muttered, relaxing his muscles. He thought seeing the animal charge straight towards her would make her shoot at last, but he saw no bullet or anything slowing down the animal.

The wolf was almost at the edge of clearing and was nearing his partner. Haru’s eyes widened and he quickly reversed his grip on his sword. He then swiftly threw his sabre straight at the wolf. The blue blade impaled the rabid canine’s body and soon the wolf fell limp. He did not wish to do this, but his hands were tied. Above all that, he truly was worried about Akira. What’s distracting her so much? he wondered, as he jogged towards where she was. Midway, he pointed his left hand towards the lightsabre and it flew back to him. He pressed the button to deactivate the weapon and walked up to Akira. “What’s wrong?” he asked, worry obvious in his voice.

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#10Akira Shimada 

Chained Wolf [Hatsuharu & Akira] Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:49 am

Akira Shimada
Aki shuddered when she saw the large wolf charge towards her. It still echoed of the way Fenrir had charged at her in his lycan form. The hatred in his eyes, the anger and intent to harm that was betrayed in every motion it made. At least the fear of injury, caused her to snap out of her frozen state. Yet, much like the time against her friend, she was not able to pull the trigger. The Shimada simply stumbled backwards, as she attempted to dash away. The uneven ground, caused her to roll her ankle and fall over. Perhaps subconsciously, she made this happen to continue drawing parallels between the wild creature and the Lycan who had almost tried to kill her. Just like back then, she was on the floor and incapacitated. But unlike the time in Crocus, this time she did not pull the trigger.

She was aware that in her frenzied state, it was highly likely that she'd miss and hit Tsuru. She just winced and held her hands above her face. It was strange, how in retrospect, that interaction had affected her quite deeply. Perhaps, its because despite all her pessimism she had trusted Fenrir and he had sought to harm her, although it was easy to rationalise that he didn't mean to, the entire thing painted a conflicting situation in her mind. A sharp cry from the creature, caused her to open her eyes again... Tsuru's weapon did not cause much bleeding, that would have perhaps been even more traumatic. But the whooshing blade, did kill the creature as it fell to the ground, a thud that gave the moment a sense of finality. She clenched her eyes shut tight and chanted a few times... 'Why did you do this?'



Chained Wolf [Hatsuharu & Akira] Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:51 am

The wolf’s yelp did not make things easy for the former pacifist. But to be fair, he tried his best not to kill the animal, until it posed a serious threat. In any case, deep inside, he always knew the animal was far gone to be saved anymore. It’s bloodshot eyes, the lack of pain, and mindless rage was not something that could be cured. As much as it pained him, he felt like the poor creature would be better off at death than life any longer.

Beyond everything, what surprised Haru the most was his partner’s reaction. She kept asking him why he did it, multiple times, ignoring his question. “I… did not want to… What’s wrong?” he asked, taking a step closer to Akira. He had never seen her like this. He remembered the last time they had to fight something so rabid; she brought down an entire building to kill that mutated rat and did not bat an eyelid. It wasn’t that he did not appreciate the compassion she might have grown within her, but this sudden change scared him a bit. As much as it scared him when he saw her on Crocus streets with blood all over her face, like she walked out of a ritual. “It’s okay… He is better off now,” he said, calmly walking to her and holding her.

He would then guide her back towards the headquarters, trying to keep her as comfortable as possible. The healer could heal broken bones and cuts. But this? He had no idea how to handle. All he could come up with was be beside her and talk to her if she would. However, that will have to wait until the duo got into a warm room with a cup of hot tea and blankets.

As they made their way towards the headquarters, Daragast met them mid-way and asked if the deed was done. Haru simply nodded and the little dragon sighed, tension visible leaving his shoulders. He breathed softly and handed Haru a bag of jewels for their troubles before leaving. Pocketing the Jewel pouch, he continued towards their quarters, still holding his partner all the way.

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#12Akira Shimada 

Chained Wolf [Hatsuharu & Akira] Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:51 am

Akira Shimada
Akira allowed Tsuru to guide her. In fact she folded into his leading arms, still quite startled. Her grip was still tight around her gun, she didn't even holster it. But her shooting arm remained limp against her, to any by-stander the weapon would probably not be visible. Perhaps, that was the reason Tsuru let it slide. Her eyes remained wide open, like she didn't dare close them and give her mind free reign to decide what she saw. When Tsuru argued that he head no choice, her head angled towards him. 'We always have a choice...' she whispered, but didn't elaborate. At least she was engaging in a conversation, perhaps that was good enough. When her partner went onto add that he was better off this way though she was a little more vociferous about her protests. 'No! NO!' she said in an attempt to weakly push him away. 'You don't just kill someone because they don't fit in.' she whispered frantically. Perhaps that would explain some of her issues... Although not entirely. Would he assume that she is identifying herself with the wolf? That was not entirely false, she identified herself with the Lycan and she saw the Lycan in the wolf.

Daragast, the tiny dragon, looked worried about her for a bit, but Tsuru must have convinced him that he's got it handled. She just remained in her shocked state, till he took her to the quarters and tucked her into blankets. Upon sipping some tea, she slowly pulled herself back into the moment and began rationalising what she'd experienced, for that moment ignoring Tsuru's pressing questions. Knowing him, he'd soon understand that she would explain when she was ready. In time, perhaps she would be ready to relive that crazy moment with Fenrir and everything that followed... But not yet... Not yet.


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