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[Foot Travel] DAHLIA TO MAGNOLIA Empty on Tue 10 Apr 2018 - 4:57

Chad had had enough of the weirdness and violence of Dahlia, and decided that he would travel to a more interesting and lively place. Drinking with the human trash in Dhalia was interesting for awhile, but he had quickly grown bored of it. He was seeking interaction with people who were a little more upbeat and less degenerative, so he decided to keep wandering to random locations until he found somewhere he found interesting to settle down at for a bit. He was still a bit peeved about the blood of that random goon getting all over his clothes, but he countered this feeling by praying for the save reincarnation of that man.

His travels were quite boring as he made his way towards Magnolia Town. He didn’t really meet that many people besides some weirdos who tried to act like wounded travels in order to rob him. Chad killed these people of course and sighed as he thought about how he kept running into weak people who couldn’t give him a good fight. Maybe he would be able to find some competent people to spar with soon, but he was starting to become disappointed with the people he was meeting. After walking for some time he arrived in magnolia town.


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