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Dozing Kids [Joan]

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Dozing Kids [Joan] Empty Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:56 pm

Bianca Fleur †
To begin her pretentious phase as a good person, Joan accepted a request from a teacher from a school in Magnolia Town. She was ready to start acting like a good person. This job was pretty easy as well. All she had to do was make sure that the kids that this teacher taught were paying attention to her lessons. She got a room in one of the local inns and decided to stay there for her time in Magnolia Town. After taking a refreshing shower and getting coffee from a café near her inn, the vampyress set out to this school. It was early in the morning, and she had to do this job at this time because school started at around eight in the morning. She was supposed to meet the teacher called Sandine at the school in her office first before the job started. That was a damn awful name. Joan could not help but wonder what her parents were thinking when they gave her that name. It sounded like sardine. The vampyress reached the school and so she started looking for Teacher Sandine, who happened to be waiting for her in her little office. It was nothing fancy, just a tiny space in the small school building. She felt claustrophobic standing in that office. Everything felt squished together and she felt like she did not have much freedom to move around in it. Teacher Sandine asked her to sit in the chair in opposite her own.

A small desk separated her from the teacher and so they began to discuss the details of this request although there was nothing really to discuss about. Joan already knew her part, but she listened to Teacher Sandine anyway and listened to her complain about the kids. What did she expect? She was a student once too and of course she probably knew this. But as a teacher, Joan could kind of understand how annoying it was, so she was not going to blame the teacher for this. She nodded at her as she rambled on for a few minutes. It was fifteen minutes to eight in the am. Joan wondered if Teacher Sandine was going to continue talking shit about her students. Honestly she was starting to get tired to listening to this. She looked at the clock on the wall and then back at the teacher. She probably noticed this, because she stopped the rambling and even apologized for talking too much. Joan smiled and shifted in her seat as the teacher offered her coffee. She raised the cup of coffee she got from the café and the teacher told her that they would go to the classroom in a few minutes. Only ten minutes left for her to sit awkwardly in this tiny space for an office. She had a feeling the classrooms were probably small too. Joan didn’t know what it was like to be educated at a school with other children because she was homeschooled.

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Bianca Fleur †
Once the clock struck eight, they both headed to the classroom. Joan finished what remained of her coffee and tossed the empty cup in the trash, following Teacher Sandine to the classroom now. Just like she had expected, it was indeed too small for even her to feel comfortable in. All the kids stared at her, probably because she was too tall. She kept a straight face, which intimidated the kids. The teacher introduced her to the kids and they greeted her. She only nodded in response. After they did their greeting while standing up, they sat down and the lesson began. Joan was more of a distraction right now, but she cleared her throat loudly, and since the teacher had already told the kids why Joan was here, that caused them all to snap their heads towards the board. Joan folded her arms and stood at the corner. She wondered if she even needed to do anything more than just stand in that classroom because it looked like all of the students were kind of already scared of her the moment she entered the classroom. She normally had a resting bitch face and this was already enough to strike fear in the hearts of these poor children. But she reminded herself that she was doing some good mage shit so she had to be nice to some degree. Teacher Sandine would throw her a look of appreciation every now and then, so Joan knew she was doing something right.

Joan got tired of standing for too long, so she took a seat in the teacher’s chair. Since Teacher Sandine was going to be standing up the whole time writing things on the board, she realized that chair was going to be empty. But now she occupied it, keeping her hands laced on the desk in front of it while she stared at all the students. None of them dared to meet her in the eyes, and when one of the mischievous ones tried to stare her down, she would always win that staring contest. It was kind of funny, making her want to chuckle but she did not want to break the image she was keeping up, so she remained silent with that permanent resting bitch face. It was soon time for lunch break, and Teacher Sandine offered Joan some lunch so she accepted it and sat down with the teacher at the cafeteria, quickly finishing her food because she did not like sitting down with someone for lunch. She had not done that in forever. After the lunch break was over, the same thing in the morning repeated all over again. Joan was patient enough to go through that only because she was earning money for it. The fact that she did not have to do anything more than stare at the students made it easier for her. Once the school day was over for that day, Teacher Sandine brought her back to the office and rewarded her.

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