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Hargeon to Dahilia [Foot Walk]

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Hargeon to Dahilia [Foot Walk] Empty on Mon Apr 09, 2018 10:56 am

Shagrath felt like he had finished all that needed to be done in the town of Hargeon. He had helped the locals with every menial task which they had asked, and accepted the meager amounts of payments offered to him. He felt that he had learned a lot during his time working hard labor with little appreciation, and figured that it was time to move on to the next town to see what was in store for him there. He hoped that the tasks he could find in Dahlia would be much better suited for his talents than here in Hargeon. So he walked for a super long time until he was in Dahlia

The journey to the next town was very long but not so hard because Shagrath was a very skilled fighter and also he packed lots of food and water so that he wouldnt starve or dehydrate on the way there.It was a good thing that he did this because half way on his walk to Dahlia he got really thirsty and thought that he would die of dehydration but then he remembered he had a really big bottle of water with him so he just took a big sip and was fine.Then he arrived in Hargeon

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