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Missing Child [Hatsuharu & Akira]

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Missing Child [Hatsuharu & Akira] Empty on Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:27 am

It was actually funny that neither Haru nor Akira had come to Era before since the day they joined the Rune Knights, and yet, they have been promoted twice already. While they did officialise most things in Crocus before the mini-war at the capital, it still required them to be present at the Headquarters for the ceremonial traditions. Despite it being a shorter journey compared to the several others the duo had undertook, the one-day walk towards the mountain from the capital and then the trek uphill was a lot more tiring than usual.

“You think I’m growing old already?” the nineteen-year-old healer asked his partner, with no hint of sarcasm, as he panted for breath. Thankfully, they had reached the top of the mountain and the headquarters was now in full vicinity. “At least we made it…” he added, as the view took away what little breath he had. The buildings on the valley looked like toys from where they stood and a faint silhouette of a large building adorned at the horizon, which couldn’t be anything but the Mercurius.

As he stood there admiring the view, Haru heard rushed footsteps behind him. He turned to see who it was and found a rather pale looking Rune Knight messenger. “Please! You must come immediately,” he said urgently without any further explanation. As usual, Haru didn’t ask why or what, but nodded and followed the man, eager to help.

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#2Akira Shimada 

Missing Child [Hatsuharu & Akira] Empty on Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:36 am

Akira Shimada
Aki didn't really want to rush this. She was in the mood to enjoy the scenic walk up the mountain. The girl was in absolutely no rush to hand in her paperwork to get her silly promotion. There was this whole buzz around being a seated knight, that the girl wanted to avoid. That and the additional sinking sensation, that they didn't really deserve it. Tsuru had other plans though, he took to this in a very different manner than she had. She struggled to keep up with him, but she deemed the hike was easier for her than it was for him, she was lighter, he had more to carry uphill. Metaphorically, needless to say, that it was Aki who was lugging around memories and feeling that weighed her down though. She was filled with this strange dread while entering Crocus and now it sought to follow her, even as she was leaving it.

As they neared the top, Tsuru seriously asked her something rather silly. 'We all are...' she said, huffing as she took long strides and slowly pulled herself higher. 'This is steep, we probably ought to make climbing mountains a part of our training...' she added, wiping away the strands of dark hair that plastered themselves on her face. It came to her as no surprise, that the moment they set foot in Era, they already had a task that needed attending. She rolled her eyes as, despite their exhausted state, Tsuru passively accepted the request of the pale Knight, by choosing to follow after him. 'Sword or shield, Tsuru isn't really ever going to change.' she muttered, shaking her head and accepting her fate as she followed suit.



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The red-headed swordsman was rather surprised at the philosophically deep response he got for his question. “True!” was all he could say to that. But on a more serious note, he nodded very approvingly to her suggestion of adding trekking to their every day routine. Even if they aren’t near a mountain, there were always stairs to climb.

The messenger took the duo straight towards a restaurant, and even opened the door for them to enter. Haru smiled and thanked him before entering. The inside was a lot more crowded than one would have expected. There were several Rune Knights, surrounding a rather shifty looking bunch of suspects. The teal-haired middle-aged Lieutenant, who seemed to be in-charge there, quickly walked up to the duo and offered his hand for a shake. “Lieutenant Marin. You two must be Akira and Hatsuharu,” he said, nodding. Before either of them could ask the man how they knew of them, he would go on and speak urgently in hushed whispers.

Taking the two away from the suspects, he spoke as softly as he could. “Listen… I know you guys are here for your promotion ceremony. But I’m desperate here. A child is missing and these guys are the culprits. Can’t glean any info out of them because they know my men too well. Maybe you two will have better luck? Help me out here,” he said. The lieutenant was sweating even though the temperature on top of the hill was much lower than normal. It was a clear sign that he really was desperate. Of course, Haru did not need to know that to say yes. “Of course Sir,” he said, all too eager to help.

The lieutenant smiled at the two and immediately ordered his men to exit the restaurant. “I’ll leave you two alone with the suspects,” he said, walking out with his men.

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Akira Shimada
She had a sinking feeling that he took her suggestion to add treks into their routine too seriously. There wasn't anyway, she was climbing and literally fighting uphill battles every day. She reserved any disagreement, simply because it was pointless and they were too comfortable with each other now, to engage in pointless arguments about future prospects. While her mind often dwelled in the past and in the future, she had finally found a balance. Learning from the past to strategize for the future was essential, but obsessing about possibilities that may or may not occur at all, was absolutely useless. Sometimes talk like this was just to lull one into a false sense of security, like they had some measure of control over their fate... Like they could consistently choose to go on treks... Aki just shook her head and smirked slightly bitterly, with the way things happened around here, it was highly unlikely that they'd be able to orchestrate such precise plans.

They were approached by a man and Aki was annoyed that they were being dragged to a restaurant when clearly, it was for work and not for resting, probably not even for the consumption of food. 'How are they the culprits if you can't get any info out of them?' she muttered, but softly enough to her question was basically audible only to her partner. The man introduced himself while ushering them in. Marvin or something was all Akira bothered to remember. They were rather quick to just hand this task off to the worn and weary Knights from Crocus. So even in Era, the official headquarters... things didn't change. She didn't say anything, instead took a seat across the five suspects, eyeing them silently. Waiting for Tsuru to take the lead.



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Interrogation wasn’t the red-headed Knight’s strong suit. He wasn’t good at asking questions, let alone ask them in intimidatingly enough for the suspects to give up any information. He could attempt being friendly, so at least the ones who actually didn’t commit the crime and are innocent could feel a little comfortable and share their alibis. He watched as the Rune Knight squad washed their hands off and walked out of the restaurant, leaving the two newcomers to deal with investigating the case. Haru did not exhibit any sign of displeasure, for he knew the culprit could pick up on it and use the little friction between the Knights to their advantage. Instead, he smiled softly and walked up to the five of them.

First and foremost, he needed to apologize to those who might be innocent among the five. “I apologize to those of you who had nothing to do with the child missing, but are stuck here. But I hope you can cooperate for the sake of the safety of the child,” he said. And without waiting long for any of them to respond, he quickly added a “Thank you!” Clearing his throat, he looked at each of the five suspects in front of him.

The five of them couldn’t have been any different from one another. An oblivious old man, an upset young woman, an extremely cooperative young man, a suspicious old woman, and a very shifty young man stood in front of the duo. Haru wasn’t a veteran investigator to look for their body language and guess who the culprit might be. So, he chose to go the more conventional way. Turning towards the old man, he spoke politely, “Sir! Why do you think you are a suspect? Did you meet any young girl this morning?”

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#6Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Aki let Tsuru take the lead, she continued sitting there, crossing her legs under the table, a gentle thud could be heard as her knee hit the furniture from underneath, nothing too startling, but most of the suspects noticed it. Aki didn't care, the girl interlaced her fingers and let them rest on her chin, leaning her head forward on them. Her keen eyes watched each face carefully. Something about this was rather strange, while all of them betrayed some sort of a hint that told her they wanted to get out of here, none seemed too worried about being caught, were they dealing with some sort of a serial kidnapper a seasoned criminal? She cracked a smile behind her fingers as the healer naturally assumed the role of the good cop. Once he asked the question, the old man simply shot him a very confused look and leaned in, over the table closer to the two Knights. 'Huh?' he simply asked. It seemed he hadn't quite heard, or rather understood the question.

The young man in the middle decided it was a good time to interject. 'Oh oh! He can't hear very well... I tried telling the other Knights this too!' he exclaimed before going on to assume a very high amplitude. 'You have to talk to him like this! Sir, they are asking you if-' Aki dropped one hand and rapped her knuckles against the table hard, interrupting the young man, she then held up her hand. In a relaxed manner, she leaned onto the backrest. 'Tsuru, sit... We should order something first.' she added, without breaking eye contact with the third man, who with his outburst had just made himself the primary suspect she wanted to consider. 'One by one, share your names.' she said in a stern tone, which was quite different from the one she had used to address her partner and in stark contrast to the friendly one he'd employed.



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The polite Knight paused for a good few seconds, waiting for the old man to respond, but he got nothing from him. Not even an acknowledgement that he was being addressed. But it would soon be brought to his attention that the old man was hard of hearing, which explained why he seemed so oblivious to his surroundings. “Ah!” Haru said, realizing why he got no response. The eager young man began talking loudly, repeating the healer’s question, but was shut down pretty quickly by Akira.

Haru was glad Akira took over, frankly. He had no idea how to interrogate and these guys seemed like a rather odd bunch. He simply nodded and sat beside her, but was surprised when she said she wanted to order food first. Again, despite his reservations against it, he did not wish to have an argument about it in front of the suspects. So, he sighed softly and called for the waiter. The typical pretty, blonde waiter walked up to them a broad smile and awaited their order. Haru shook his head and pointed at Akira, showing that he was not interested in eating right then.

While the waiter noted down Akira’s order, the suspects began introducing themselves as demanded. “Kevin,” said the eager young one before the rest could even make up their mind as to whether they wanted to give their name. After a long pause, Kevin turned towards the old nearly deaf man, waved his hand in front of him and yelled, “NAME!” The old man squinted his eyes at the two Rune Knights, like that was going to help his hearing and spoke unintelligibly. It sounded like the old man said his name was ‘shit’. “Sorry… What?” Haru asked, truly curious. “Sid, I believe,” Kevin clarified. The other three way too wary to even utter a word; it would seem they needed more prodding.

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#8Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
They sure know how to staff... Aki thought as she scanned the pretty waitress that Tsuru had motioned too. She made a big show about her little catwalk towards them, Aki suppressed a shudder. Waitresses like this were probably perks that the Rune Knights in Era received for keeping their mouths shut about the kind of things the rich guys got away with. The girl just rolled her eyes. She really had to learn to think better of the faction she was in. The problem was, that the recruits who were assigned to active duty were not half bad, it was just the lazy and corrupt administration and it was highly likely that they were saturated in Era. Calmly, almost as though she was ignoring the suspects, she made her order. 'You guys get to order too, but after we catch the culprit.' she said, wondering if they'd turn on each other and offer any information that way. It was really odd that the two to-be seated knights, were given such a free reign over the suspects, the Rune Knights didn't even bother to give them any guidelines.

Tsuru and the eager man called Kevin managed to agree on the name of the old man, at least that's what it looked like with the way they struggled. 'So... Sid and Kevin.' Aki said as she slid the menu towards Tsuru, basically hinting at him to busy himself for the moment, while she addressed the other three. 'And you?' she asked the woman in the middle pointedly, who seemed to be overreacting the most about the entire ordeal. 'First let me tell you, this isn't right...' the woman started. 'I've done noth-' Aki held up her hand yet again. 'Just your name for now, please.' the lunar mage said, slightly icily. 'Martina.' the woman said, as she clutched onto her hand bag tightly. 'Tsuru did you pick something?' Aki asked, pretending as though she was disinterested while succeeding to simply stall and see if anyone betrayed anything.



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The waitress stood way too close to Haru than necessary. So much that he kind of had to move closer towards his partner, almost sitting hip-to-hip with her. “What will you have, handsome?” the waitress asked Haru in a very flirty tone. The embarrassed healer buried his face into the menu, making it seem like he was having a hard time trying to choose what he wanted, but he was barely reading the menu and was mostly concerned about remembering to breathe. Assuming the young man needed help choosing, the waitress bent and began pointing at some of her personal favourites, recommending him to pick one of them. With her face and curves that up close, it was rather difficult to keep his eyes on the menu.

In all this, he had completely missed the interrogation that was still going on and was only brought back to reality when Akira asked if he made a decision as to what he wanted to eat. “Umm… Yeah, this,” he said, randomly pointing at a dish on the list. If Akira saw what he chose carefully, she would immediately see it was a meat dish, which should raise a red flag as the man was a strict vegetarian. If she pointed it out to him, he would smile a little nervously and pick a vegetarian one.

When the order was given and the waitress finally left his side after gracing her fingers ‘accidentally’ across his scarred cheek, Haru would return his attention to the suspects. “I’m sorry… What did you say your name was?” he asked. The lady was only more annoyed that she had to repeat herself and retreated further into her defensive stance. “This is police brutality,” she exaggerated, scaring the poor healer.

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Akira Shimada
Was Tsuru such a stud? She always believed that she found him sort of appealing, or perhaps more (which she wouldn't admit even to herself) because they'd spent so much time together and it had forced them to develop a relationship that revolved around care and concern. She'd learned to admire his optimistic ways and his cheerful demeanor... but objectively, she wasn't someone who could discern a handsome face from another. So it was quite tough for her to see this blonde pretty lady shower him with so much attention. Was it just habitual perhaps, did she just treats all Knights like this?

It was irksome and it made Aki not want to waste too much time here anymore. Unfortunately, she couldn't let her stalling tactics be interrupted by her personal feelings. Her annoyance diminished when she noticed Tsuru's embarrassment and the way e skirted closer to her. She quirked an eyebrow and egged him on to make his order already. Had she noticed the way her fingers caressed his cheek, she'd probably have made an unprofessional choice in a weak moment...

'Ok. Are you two not very talkative?' She asked rounding to the last two people on the suspect list, a woman and another man, who was rather shifty. The woman cleared her throat first. 'Why should I tell you? Why should I tell you anything, you'll just use it against me to frame me!' she exclaimed, her voice was frail and yet, Aki could hear the vigour in it. She didn't see the need to argue and simply nodded, when the time would come, the woman would learn to trust Aki enough to share her name for sure.

These people were going to be tough to crack, they each employed such convincing tactics. The man readjusted himself in the seat for the umpteenth time before offering his name. 'Marco. I have something very important to attend to at home, can we... please hurry this along?' he asked, at which Aki just smiled. 'Of course, of course.' she said, slightly sardonically. 'Let us start with you then Marco, do you know anything about the missing girl?' she asked, narrowing her eyes. She nudged Tsuru in the ribs softly, as an indication that now was the time for him to chip in or at least pay attention.



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Since Akira didn’t notice what he picked, the waitress noted down the original order and walked away; it would be quite a surprise to the healer when he actually gets his order. After ordering, it was time to get to business. A girl was missing and he can’t possibly be sitting around eating leisurely. For some reason, his partner seemed rather patient with the suspects. While Haru could understand that they were unhappy about being suspected, if it was true that the girl was kidnapped, then someone must have done it and it was their duty as civilians to cooperate. The healer frowned at the woman who refused to give her name and spoke in an authoritative tone, which was a rarity.

“I’m sorry! Do you think we are playing games here? A small child is missing and we need to find her as soon as possible. If you guys don’t cooperate, I will charge you with obstruction of justice even if you had not done the crime,” he said, the crease between his brows deepening with every word he uttered. The woman tried her best to not show any expression of fear, but it was obvious that she was rattled. “Selena,” she muttered, finally giving in.

Then he turned to Marco, who was way too keen on leaving the restaurant. “What’s the hurry? Is it you? Did you kidnap the girl?” Haru asked, rather bluntly. The shifty looking man’s eyes widened. “No! NO! I never saw any girl since the morning. I swear,” he said, shaking his head violently.

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Akira Shimada
Tsuru had no patience for Akira's tactics. She held her head in her hand. He sure had accelerated things. Perhaps it was a strange time to weigh the poor five down with this, but the way her gun was holstered was really bothering her when she sat. She'd intended on doing it at some later point anyway... Flash her gun to get them to talk. But the discomfort caused her to pull it out sooner than she'd anticipated. Swiftly her hand plucked the weapon and put it on the table beside her plate. The table went silent, even Hatsu didn't say anything, she decided not to make eye contact. The presence of the weapon, did what gun shots are meant to to when chaos is ensuing.

Tsuru seemed to be playing the honorable bad cop, perhaps she'd get to play the dishonorable good cop. 'Don't worry, I'm not going to shoot. My partner is right though, he gets a little emotional about missing children...' she cooed as she idly decided to survey the dessert section of the menu while talking. 'Miss, I'm sure you've already given your name to the other knights and haven't been arrested yet, your name is almost inconsequential, just share it so we can all be friends...' she said, finally letting her eyes flit to the woman. Disgruntled, but perhaps also in fear, she offered up her name. 'Selena.' she said, still curtly. 'Ok. Hatsuharu. Akira.' she said cocking her head towards her partner when introducing him and then tucking her chin when mentioning her own name. 'Now that we're all on first name basis... Why don't one of you tell more about this girl?' she asked, eyeing them all quizzically. 'I bet Kevin would like to start?' she asked, with a hint of sarcasm, which the man didn't get because he burst into a story.


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The healer wasn’t fond of having a weapon on the table to intimidate them, but he didn’t mind the effect it had on the five. All of them, including the old man, straightened up a bit and seemed more willing to answer their questions. Once the duo finally knew all the suspects’ names, it was time to make them spill what they knew. Thankfully, at least one of them was eager enough to talk; but according to Haru, he talked too much and half of the things he said was irrelevant.

Kevin began telling stories about how he had witnessed each and every one of the other suspects with the missing girl, but none of his stories were consistent when asked to repeat the details. Haru found it extremely suspicious that in every version of his story he was always the most noble character, while one of the other four the culprits. Whenever he insinuated that someone was the kidnapper, they began retaliating and it started to become a loud argument where everyone spoke and no one understood the other. The healer had to stand up and bang his hand on the table several times to make them stop.

The only person who never spoke was the old man, but that was probably because he never heard anything well. Haru turned his attention to the oblivious man and asked his version of the story, talking a little loudly so that the man could hear him.

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#14Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Aki sighed, her expression betrayed much sardonic sarcasm towards Kevin's heroism. He actually took the bait and started narrating so many stories. The deaf guy, was not as deaf anymore. Every time Kevin mentioned him in his stories the old man rapidly shook his head and in his raspy voice tried to interrupt the conversation. Kevin of course talked over him. As he went on to accuse and drag others into the story, matters got worse. Tsuru took charge while Aki stared off into the distance blankly, this was so stupid. The mage drummed her fingers against the table. Its not like she didn't want to find this girl, but there was hardly any point on doing it this way.  

She'd rather just go out and look for her than sit here in the restaurant and pretend to be working, but it was the way of Era she presumed. Most of Kevin's stories were bull crap and it was easy to decipher that from the number of times he contradicted himself. 'Ok Kevin, stop. I'm going to give you all a piece of paper and you're going to write down for me, what you did from the morning till you were captured by the Knights.' she said, getting a headache with the shouting match that Kevin had caused.

Disgruntled, she waved towards the blonde waitress again, who slunk towards the group again. 'Yes? May I help you and your lovely friend?' she asked. Aki couldn't see it, but the woman rested her hand against Tsuru's shoulder. 'I just need five slips of paper from that notepad and five things to write with...' she said her words tumbling over each other since she just wanted the woman out of Tsuru's vicinity. 'Sure dear.' She said with a wink and sashayed away.

'Till she returns... Please just keep it down.' Perhaps because it came from the gun wielder, for the moment they settled down.



Missing Child [Hatsuharu & Akira] Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 6:31 am

The entire interrogation seemed useless and Haru almost gave up. If the madness went on for any longer, he would have probably just walked out and began searching the whole town for the missing girl. Maybe his partner sensed his impatience, she finally asked everyone to stop talking and came up with a more reasonable plan. The blonde waitress was called again and Haru felt her hand rest on his shoulder gently as she responded. This was very new and odd to the healer; thanks to the big scar he had on his face, he seldom attracted the attention of any girl.

Thankfully, she was dismissed rather quickly, and the entire bunch stayed quiet until the blonde came back with a bunch papers and few pencils. She also brought in whatever Akira and Haru had ordered, and much to his surprise a plate with a meat dish was place in front of the healer. His eyes widened and he looked up at the waitress. “I ordered this?” he asked. “Yes, honey! And you are gonna love it,” she said, smiling even wider. “Umm… Thanks!” he replied, smiling nervously. There was no way he was going to eat that, but he didn’t want to make the lady sad.

The waitress walked away, leaving the Rune Knights to eat and deal with their business. Haru pushed his plate to the side and handed the papers to Kevin, asking him to distribute it to the rest along with the pencils. The five of them began writing, some thinking a lot and some not so much. The healer noticed that the waitress was watching him and so began playing with his food to avoid any confrontation.

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Akira Shimada
When Tsuru's order arrived Aki rolled her eyes. There must have been some kind of an accident, or the lady was trying to impress him by slipping in the chef special or something. From all the time she'd spent with the healer, she knew he was a vegetarian. In fact, she'd finally grown sensitive enough towards him, to avoid ordering meat dishes when he was around, Aki knew cruelty bothered him, which was the reason, she'd ordered something simpler and vegetarian.

She watched with a half-smile as he played with his food.  Unwilling to let him starve, she calmly switched their plates around, while keeping an eye on the people who now seemed to be contemplating what to write. 'I don't want to eat with all of your faces in front of me.' she said dully after clearing her throat. Steam billowed from the dishes in front of them and frankly, the scent of food was the best thing that had happened since their arrival. 'All of you disperse, take a table and a chair to yourself to get your story down, no talking.' she added quite simply.

She waited for them to scurry out of sight before turning to Tsuru. 'It is so strange, the Knights didn't even explain why they hauled these guys in here.' She said rubbing her temples and slicing up the steak that she'd switched with Tsuru. At this point she wanted to switch the people around with the Knights who were on the case and interrogate them, they'd done such a half-assed job. Aki took a bite of the meat and then slipped in some mashed potato and vegetables into her mouth. Food was good, perhaps she'd muster the energy to deal with these people...



Missing Child [Hatsuharu & Akira] Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 9:47 am

Haru was extremely grateful for the thoughtful gesture from his partner. She must have realized he had accidentally ordered something he didn’t intend on and gave him her vegetarian dish. He was actually surprised she ordered vegetarian, considering how much the girl liked her meat. “Thanks,” he muttered, hoping the blonde waitress had not witnessed the exchange. But no such luck; she saw the entire thing, frowned at him, and walked away from where she stood, into the kitchen, rather dramatically.

The healer shook his head and took a bite out of his dish while Akira ordered the five suspects to go somewhere else while they wrote their alibis down. Haru couldn’t believe how long they took to write down their activities since morning. He was half way through his food when he saw Kevin peek into what the others were writing and he lost it. “HEY!” he yelled at him, and the eager boy slinked back into his seat like nothing happened.

A good ten minutes went by and not one of them came to them saying they were done. To top it off, Akira’s question made him wonder if any of these men were even worth investigating. If he knew the Knights well, they had the habit of catching anyone and everyone to make it seem like they are doing work. So, realizing there was no point to this exercise, he got off the chair and stormed out of the restaurant. “I’ll be back,” he said.

He hoped to find the Captain who set them to this task, but there was no one in the vicinity. Did they just ditch us into a goose chase? he wondered. Just as he was about to go back in, he heard a faint cry. Walking towards the source of the sound, he realized it got louder and louder as he made his way towards the alleys at the back of the restaurant. Turning around a corner, he found a small girl standing in the middle of the alley, crying. He had a feeling what this entire thing was all about. Rushing to the girl, he quickly took her up in his arms and tried consoling her. Soon, she settled down and just a few simple questions revealed that it was the girl who was supposedly kidnapped, but in reality, she was just lost.

Shaking his head, he took the girl towards the restaurant. As he was about to enter, he saw the captain and his men rush towards him. “Oh there she is! Where did you find her?” the captain asked. “She was just lost in the back alleys. No one kidnapped her,” Haru said, a little annoyed. The captain laughed embarrassedly and took the girl from him. It was apparent that he did not wish for the five supposed suspects inside to know of this embarrassing information. He quickly peeked into the restaurant while keeping the girl away from everyone’s vicinity and ask Akira to come out. “Thank you both! We’ll take care of it from here,” he said, handing them their reward. Haru rolled his eyes and walked off.

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#18Akira Shimada 

Missing Child [Hatsuharu & Akira] Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 10:11 am

Akira Shimada
At least the blonde seemed to be upset, which made Aki smirk. She was savoring the peace that she'd gleaned from sending the five away. But it didn't last too long. She was too focused on her food to care about what the five did... She racked her brain to try and assess the situation. If a girl was kidnapped, interrogation only happened when all efforts to find her were for naught. She didn't even see them trying that hard. Her heart went out to this girl though... But she had absolutely no leads. This was time-consuming. Just when she was about to suggest that one of them should probably go get some more information from the other Knights while these guys wrote... Tsuru caught Kevin attempting to cheat...

The chaos that followed from there, could only happen to Rune Knights. Following the spurt of annoyance that Tsuru put into this warning against Kevin, she already knew that he was done sitting idle. She continued consuming her food calmly, while he went and investigated. He was still better when asking questions, people didn't take too well to Aki doing the same. It wasn't at all surprising the way the events turned out. She was about three-quarters way through her meal when she heard the captain tapping on the window and called her out. She ignored him, till the tapping got incessant.

She rolled her eyes and went out, to receive the payment and some quick details on the girl being found... Aki sighed. 'Right...' she simply said, looking at Tsuru intently before reaching out and grabbing his wrist. 'We're going to go finish our food first.' They said simply. Their presence meant the Rune Knights would have to own up and apologise to the people inside, she knew this. While he was a captain, Aki was committing no despicable offence for him to pull rank, she did have a right to finish her food...


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