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Long Lost Brothers (Jeremiah)

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#1Icarus Ali 

Long Lost Brothers (Jeremiah) Empty on Sun Apr 08, 2018 3:46 pm

Icarus Ali

The Town of Oak seemed to be as dreary as ever. If it were not for the start of spring, then it would have continued to look like a Haunted Town in Icarus’s opinion. The boy had stayed in Fiore his whole life, but had never traveled out of his hometown. Especially to go to a place as a bad as Oak. However, his mindset had changed since his younger days. He really enjoyed Oak Town, as it was a place where he could freely express his personality. In other places, he would continuously be approached by Rune Knights who always attempted to capture him. So far, that wasn’t the case in Oak Town. As it was home to the Dark Guild, Phantom Lord.

Rune Knights knew better to wander around a place that was controlled by a Dark Guild. Things could get out of hand very quickly if need be. So at the moment, Oak was one of the only safe places for Icarus. He was tired of running. He needed somewhere that he would be able to chill. Walking down sidewalk, Icarus caught the familiar scent of Carrot Cake being made. A dessert that his mother had cooked from time to time before her death. Years ago the thought of his mother would have brought tears to his eyes. But now, he could care less. There was nothing he was able to do to stop the fire back then, but now he had newfound power. Abilities that he used to cause terror and sadness wherever he went.

The Power of a God constantly made its way through Icarus’s veins. He had came across God Slayer Magic only a few months ago and was already quite good with it. No, he didn’t slay a god to get the magic. His work with the organization had led him to a mountain range not even in the country. He had came across a totem that was branded with many different runes. His mere presence had caused the dormant word magic to activate. Sending the power of a Fire God inside of his body. At the time, he had been angry at himself for allowing something like that to happen. However, he had come to like the Slayer Magic. It gave his fire a new meaning. Hell, he couldn’t even be hurt by any type of Fire.

His mind seemed to wander though. What exactly had brought the young boy to Oak Town. It felt like he had been led here by some invisible force and he needed to find out why.

#2Jeremiah Ali 

Long Lost Brothers (Jeremiah) Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 4:03 pm

Jeremiah Ali
"Not in Baska, Oak, or Dahlia. I'm really losing hope, Shaba." It would take the young Savannian some time to get used the his companions new name. Jeremiah was already used to calling him Barunz, but apparently that wasn't even his real name. It was a false name that was given to Jeremiah as a means to hide his real one in case Jeremiah wasn't the man he wanted to commit himself to. The two beings walk through the town of Oak, the spring weather finally kicking in and giving them both a reason to simply enjoy what the day would bring them.

"Mwalimu, you cannot give up on your goal no matter how hard it may seem. One day we will find S.O.F.K, and when we do we will finally destroy them...together." The Dardian spoke smoothly, successfully calming down the Phantom Lord mage. Things were getting stressful for him again, much like they did before when he was first searching for the organization that destroyed his family. "Yeah." was his final reply before a being in the distance caught his eye. A short male with white hair and brown skin...this dude looked like...

Jeremiah's eyes widened in surprise as a series of emotions began to rise within him. With each step he took, the kid began to resemble someone he knew more and more, someone he held dear to his heart despite the circumstances his mother placed on their relationship. "This can't be real.." he whispered. Shaba turned his head towards his master and raised his brow, then his eyes shifted over to what Miah was looking at but the beast didn't quite understand. The slayer continued to move forward, slowing down as he approached the white haired boy. This was...

"Icarus?" The brother he failed to protect of the family he was failing to avenge...was alive.

#3Icarus Ali 

Long Lost Brothers (Jeremiah) Empty on Thu Apr 12, 2018 4:07 am

Icarus Ali


The word was so far away, but the young Mage was still able to hear them from his spot. Standing five meters away from a tall man with brown skin similar to his own. Icarus had come to realize that he was the one who uttered his name. As if he knew the young boy. His left eye would twitch. Only a few people knew his real name and those few people were within the deepest parts of S.O.F.K. Icarus was pretty sure this brown skinned man wasn’t one of them. His left hand would come to travel to the handle of the Explosion Sword. He wasn’t a pro with it yet, but if it had came to it. He wouldn’t hesitate to chop the man in to. The streets that had become calm in Icarus’s mind. No longer did he hear the sound of birds. Or the talking of pedestrians. He was focused only on the man in front of him and what game he was attempting to win.

A million thoughts ran through the child’s head. He didn’t know whether to approach the man, or keep his ground. Then without thought, he spoke. “Who are you?” Said Icarus with a voice that seemed too deep for someone who was twelve. As he said those words; the Black Flames of a God Slayer would begin to lick the arm of his free hand. This was showing that Icarus wouldn’t hesitate to fight to man if it came to it.

However, something in the back of his mind was telling him to calm down. He didn’t know if it was because of all of the people around. Or if it was due to a certain memory he had subconsciously suppressed long away.

#4Jeremiah Ali 

Long Lost Brothers (Jeremiah) Empty on Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:18 am

Jeremiah Ali
Shaba the Guardian Dardian turned to face the person his master addressed. The beast watched the white haired boy, observing his features and realized that his features closely resembled someone he knew... Hakka... the beast thought to himself. Hakka of the Mwenzio family, the aunt that took Jeremiah in as her own after his mother died. This boy...

The Phantom stood as his cloak moved with the wind. Under his cloak, around his waist held his mask and on his back remained his Samehada. The sword squirmed a bit on his back, anxious for a fight like always. The Demon slayer watched as his little brother's hand moved to his sword and for a second Jeremiah didn't want to say anything. After all, the entire family thought that he lacked the ability to use magic but here he was with an extremely large blade. It was stupid of him to think that his brother died in the flames... fire was in their entire family's blood.

"Black flames..." he replied. There was only one way someone could utilize black flames and that was through the art of God Slayer magic. However these flames could simply be false and possible through the use of darkness magic. If he knew any better though, God slayer magic infused both darkness and an element, the exact opposite of his own Demon Slayer magic. The companion folded his arms across his chest as his cloaked moved with the waves of wind as well. "Mwalimu, this is... "

"Yeah." Jeremiah spoke coldly and if Icarus was smart and didn't attack he would begin to release his power just a bit. As mana poured from the Phantom Lord mage the area would grow heavier, and the temperature would raise. If he was at least tough you would be able to handle the pressure, Miah was curious to see just how strong his brother was anyway. Jeremiah's mana alone far surpassed most mages he's come across so yeah, he was a bit cocky when it came to his raw power - who wouldn't be? It was no secret that he was a talented sorcerer but how how talented was his brother?

"Did you forget the face of your older brother already?" A smirk grew on his face. Even if Icarus wasn't excited to see him or even if he didn't remember who Jeremiah was for some reason, the young slayer was excited to see his brother alive and well. Where had he been? Where did that sword come from? And his style... it resembles clothing from both Savannah and Desierto.

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