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Stains and A Stranger [Waylon/Caitlyn]

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Stains and A Stranger [Waylon/Caitlyn] Empty on Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:05 am



■ 247 WORDS ■ "I have no parents. I have no family. I was never born."

Death lingered. Her child gone. Her relatives lost, and her murderer slain. Her mentor lived, no matter how they tried to kill her.

The Manji were full of mystery and unconventional efforts to strengthen themselves. Caitlyn had send Mikiko off to see where Les had gone, but hadn't returned.

The temple was empty on this day, with only a few of the ill outside, lingering, keeping watch as they normally do. The long red rug from the door to the back of the temple was no longer tainted with blood. It was instead damp with tears and regret, by the woman that cared for this world.

She had waited for years it seemed, for an answer, only to learn a truth she had long tried to believe was a lie.

"I was a Manji from the start." she would try to convince herself of her own truth. "The Setsuna ARE the Manji." she would repeat it. "We are as human as the god that gave us life. Our god is the same."

She sat before the alter, her legs crossed, her arms folded and her head low. Her god had fallen silent, without words to guild any of them, chaos was coming soon enough.

She was in no way angered with her true past, but was disappointed in all of her wasted work. But perhaps, in her efforts, all of the work was needed, for her god wished it. Her god, her creator. Her mother. . .


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Waylon seemed to had been busy just roaming around and still exploring parts of this city, after all still kind of dangerous at times but it had kept his interests. But he was not blind to the lessening of the people around the temple it seemed.

Quietly entering through the door he normally did Waylon went on one knee for the moment and realized it was not blood, he forgot the last time he saw blood but tears, it seemed to worry him. Seeing stuff like this was not always a good thing to see.

His mind was slow to pick up on what was going around him but tears where never good."This isn't good,Where'd she go off to?"Waylon wondered while he looked around the temple seeing if there was a trail to follow, even if it was a silly idea it was still something for him to attempt too try, Waylon unintentionally forgot some spots were people could go to sit in the temple but still would attempt anyway, But Waylon just simple made himself realize picked up by humming a a peaceful song to himself, a song he heard so many times for so many years by his mother that he recalled it so easily and could think a random part to start and finish on he just did not know how to sing.

He would looking along corners and through open doors while he looked around for Caitlyn, keeping to himself while he looked that the more times he didn't see her he would feel slightly nervous, but still had faith and thought she was around, Since he had problems mentioning and expressing it he also worried that he would seemed heartless and uncaring when it wasn't the case."Settle down Waylon, I am sure she is around."He said to himself while he looked around.


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■ 202 WORDS ■ "I have no parents. I have no family. I was never born."

3rd time posting, they keep getting deleted.

The panicked steps filled the small and barren temple. Those that didn't know their way around could get lost in corridors and hallways, without finding the main room. But even so, sounds and voices echoed in this temple, and with it, she could hear the man who was lost, trying to find his way.

She remained sat, she could hear the wandering people begin to re-enter the temple. It must have gotten windy or cold, for usually they vacant the temple during this time of a cleanse.

"Over here!" she would call out. She knew the steps were no more than a door apart from her.

Whoever it was, they must have come here in a rush, or a hurry.

Caitlyn looked back, wondering who it could be, only to sigh and refocus her view to the cold grey stone altar. Food lay at the base, both fresh and those stale and rotten. There were gifts beside the altar, trying to make any offering, a sacrifice to their god.

It was up to them to give what they would, in trade for their own sake.Their god honored every prayer but refused to speak.

But why?

What was wrong?

What had they done?

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Slowly realizing where she was Waylon just quietly and peacefully entered."Exploring log periods of time makes me miss nice places."he mention because he liked the temple, It was still nice and home."I mean sorry...hopefully I am not causing a problem for anything."Waylon was stupid awkward that way and clueless but that was...the charm of him if there was a charm to it that would be up to the person's thoughts.

Realizing how silly he was but he came here for a reason as well. Then again he wasn't sure if praying worked then again he would only pray today simply because he was worried about family he was agnostic he never really went away from that feeling and thought."But I will find a spot and get a pray of worry out of my mind first."Waylon also realize maybe he should wait until she was finished praying as well or wondered if he was forgotten already he remembered people often even if he was not around so much.

Pitting a small bag he had on his left side and he sat in a one of the random rows quietly he had felt something was amiss and wrong but couldn't place his finger on it but he would say a quiet pray that his family members he had not seen in a long time were safe and alive but since he did not know he had to have faith in something he did not know to pray and it just happen he would be visiting someone he had visited before or so he thought He knew he could wrong as well or forgotten as well there was various way life could go.

After he finished his prayer, he then mentioned."I hope whomever was crying is okay as well. Sometimes people crying shouldn't be alone."Waylon was silly and stupid in such manner but he was simple and enjoyed being clueless.


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■ 214 WORDS ■ "I have no parents. I have no family. I was never born."

She would nod in agreement with most of his words. Her lips pressed, without making a sound, without letting words escape them. She would face the altar once more, for him to fall silent. Again, she faced her darkest fears, and wanted nothing more than a sign. But perhaps, it was her who was a sign to her god after all.

But then he spoke, and it all fell into place.

"Sometimes people cry because they are alone, or maybe that they have never been." She arose, to stand and rise from her place. The carpeting under her would show the same from before, her own private fit.

"I fear we will all be orphans in this world." she would say, "I hope everyone can find a family, if not their own, one day."

She was born into a place under a name that had served the family she sought after all. She wanted nothing more than to be birthed into the Manji nobility, but alas, she was not their bloodline. But instead rather, a Setsuna, a people created by the one true Manji Crowned heir. She was created, for the heir could not birth her own. It was her birth that was the true heritage of their power.

She was a royal servant.

Stains and A Stranger [Waylon/Caitlyn] The_un10


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Waylon quietly finished up his prayer even if did not believe in gods in faith 100% such a thing could easily convert him if found true but he would keep such thoughts to himself, He wanted his prayer to be true much like anyone whom prayed Waylon's normal peaceful smile that he had went away, But for a normal neutral face but peaceful as well he would still try to be as he normally friendly and peaceful."Aye yes, but with Orphans some people adopt them for  better life."Waylon tried to seem comforting but like how he normally was he was bad or awkward at being comforting.

"At least, well even as my mother and father's past were never mentioned to me, They took an Orphan into our family, Fit in well with my sister and older brother."Even if it was not important it was still his way to attempt to comfort some one in the end or just carry the conversation. hopefully it would bring something positive forward."So, their will be kind hearted people who will hopefully take such Orphans in."

Waylon would never understand bloodline or all of the things like that but he did not care he was taught just try to make friends, be happy and joy life. As such Waylon would always spread such feeling."But that is why what I would think, hope and raised to keep in mind and believe personally."Maybe Waylon did not know what would happen when he said that but he would say what be believed and always would state."I know I would adopt some one into my family if needed, kept and owned a house or some place to living normally."He said with a peaceful, honest smile maybe Waylon was just weird and out of place as a person, But the smile was towards Caitlyn.


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■ 208 WORDS ■ "I have no parents. I have no family. I was never born."

She knew it was not always the case, and was the reason she openly housed so many wanderers. Here, she would be their haven. She would be their mother when no one else could. Here she could save their souls, if no one elses. If not her own.

With his own experiences, his own parents had taken in a lost child. But not all housed orphans faced such a grand ending to their tale. Not all were blessed in such a fashion. Just as some would never find peace. Perhaps some stories would have a happy tale, but to each light, there was equal dark.

"I hope that there are many other people just like you." the woman would say. She was crying no longer, but her cheeks would remained slightly glistened. "I hope the world can be free of suffering one day. Perhaps that is why so many mages take up arms." She would smile. His company always eased her soul.

"Perhaps this is my role in this world." and with it, she would continue to smile, wishing away the pain of this world. She would rise to a new life and a new future. She did not need her god to tell her what was wrong with the world.

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Quietly taking time to look over Caitlyn and see how she was for the moment, if anything noticed that it seemed she had stopped crying it made him want to question, it seemed like she had a huge idea to achieve but he could admire it actually, It made that kind goal something he would try to achieve as well, It brought a smile to his face because did not mind being around people with large goals in their life. But Waylon would just start off by saying."Does some one need a hug?"It was directed at Caitlyn which he would understand if she said no to such an offer but he would try to see if she needed a hug for comfort.

If not Waylon would not be offended."If you believe it is so, then attempt to try and achieve. I am always seeking what my place in this world but at least while I seek it out to eventually learn."Maybe Waylon just did not pick up the sign of having reached that point nor did anyone point out he could have or did at any point either but it was not really the point for him.

"But then again maybe I could be left to try and learnt what that is forever."Waylon also mentioned because it is how he knew life worked in that way, Eventually what would become of life would come into cycle to him until then he joyed his life and the things that came with it too."But I make friends and meet interesting people while doing so, Example your self."Also mentioning that to hopefully just kind of show how to kept himself going most of the time while out.


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■ 235 WORDS ■ "I have no parents. I have no family. I was never born."

"Perhaps." she would answer almost like a whisper, unsure if this was the answer she wanted to give.

She knew of people who foolishly dreamed of ideal worlds and perfect places. Those fools were her favorite kinds of people. Maybe trying to make the world a better place for others, was where she had lost herself. Maybe in trying to take care of others, she had lost the drive to take care of herself, or even lost the ability to do so.

She had waited for years it seemed, for an answer, only to learn a truth she had long tried to believe was a lie. She was in no way angered with her true past, but was disappointed in all of her wasted work. But perhaps, in her efforts, all of the work was needed, for her god wished it. Her god, her creator. Her mother. . . The Nameless god. Maybe she too had felt this way before. Perhaps this was how her name was lost to time, and a new one bestowed upon her. Perhaps this was her fate as well.

She could only hope that his offer was not empty. For the first time, she had felt abandoned and lost, left with nothing else than the walls around her and the roof above her. It was more than most, but to her, it was nothing if it was not filled with people she enjoyed.

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With her answer Waylon just kind of figured it would be fine to go hug her and maybe just about that, that was really needed but it would most likely be helpful in this situation would be if not Waylon would try to pay attention to signs if in the end it was not wanted.

but since it was a yes, Waylon walked over being how he was he walked over and put both of his arms around Caitlyn in a good hug, just making sure his arms were around her back and that was it. Sure he was peaceful and smiled about it but realized maybe Caitlyn had stuff to let out of her system. He just hoped it would help and that it was not too weird that he was just comfortable enough to do this, but he just kind of stood still and let the moment continue.

"Whatever you maybe dealing with or thinking. Just considering this you are not alone for the moment."In his own dorky way he felt to mention that then again if just tried to help in any manner he could sometimes."At least some company is around that is willing to stay around to make sure you okay."He referred to himself with such a statement but was trying to just seemed like he was not trying to be a person with a huge ego about it, but he was willing to stay or keep Caitlyn company if she really needed.


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■ 205 WORDS ■ "I have no parents. I have no family. I was never born."

People were easy to read. Often simple verbal cues were enough to signify desires. A short "no" or "yes" was all that needed in most cases. But in this case, a nod, a shake of the head, silence. A sound similar to purring. The sounds of something embracing the only form of affection or care by anyone.

She would set her forehead upon his shoulder as she too would wrap her arms around him. She was weak for the most part, her emotions had gotten the best of her.

"Thank you." she would say in reply. It was odd to rely on anyone for aid in her mind. But times were changing. Whatever was going to be in store, was going to change her world, for better or for worse.

"I'm really glad I met you." Caitlyn's voice was soft, almost frail. Weak, so much so that if you could touch it, it would have shattered. Whatever lay before her, would be completely new and unknown. For once, she was left without a plan or any sort of direction. For once, she had to figure it out on her own.

Any maybe, for Caitlyn, to not worry about someone else anymore, was the way she was supposed to live.

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It seemed the moment had worked a bit better."Sometimes everyone just needs to relax and just take a moment to let so many feelings go."Then again Waylon just knew how to help it came with traveling and trying to understand people, That Waylon maybe in his mind did not mind Caitlyn as a person. Sure it was maybe him just not being too hard to get along with he had only been around her one other time aside form this moment.

Waylon did take his time to use to people but he was attempting to get better at meeting and sticking around so this case worked out well for them both."I am thankful to help when I can."Waylon seemed to smile and also mention."Just let me know what else I could do to help."even if it was a no Waylon felt better asking to be sure.

For now he had not moved from hugging her just lighten his embrace just lightly, mostly because he was lazy in the thought of moving his arms and a part of him just did enjoy the moment so he did want to move but he did not want seen for it to be too long and awkward."Needless to say, I liked meeting you as well to me you are an interesting person."He admitted as well but Waylon couldn't lie to anyone easily he did not enjoy it at all, it was more of a him problem then anything else but it was how Waylon was.


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What he was saying was true, the longer you bottle up your emotions, the more you're asking for the container to break. You have to either learn to release it in constant little bits, or to release it in a flood every once in a while. No one can stay a locked box forever. Caitlyn had kept her guise up, even in private, and she was paying the price with her burden. She hadn't known Waylon for long, but he had already made her time much more bearable over the last few times.

He had helped so much, in such little time. She had offered the roof of the temple for as long as she would live in return for his aid. It was only right. After all, it was all she had.

She too, would lighten her hold, as if to prevent the man from being trapped. She did not wish for such a feeling for him, as it was unpleasant for her.  his words were odd, but still the message was made, she would smile at the compliment, assuming it was such. Whatever the moment, for however it would last, she would allow it.

If he would let go, she would move to create just a bit of space between them. There was certainly things to discuss, after all, the man owed her a tale at least.
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With in the moment seemed the past Waylon at least seemed to do one more thing to ensure a sign of him being as he was normally as he was, he let her just have the few feet she needed and then put his hand on her shoulder and patted it a few times. "It was a long lesson for me, My mother tried to teach to let go of such feeling or express them for many years before it just happen." Waylon said to start with to continue the talk with in the moment of quiet. "I come from a father who did nothing but hide his emotions, still does today. Went as far as to teach My brother Regis and my sister Judina such way too."He couldn't help but laugh about it really it seemed silly but he knew at least maybe one of them still tried.

"Then my had to get the opposite into our minds too, We all can not hide away from emotions."He mentioned."So even if i often battle to try and either express my emotions or not sometimes."He still had many many lessons in his mind so he then asked."I know we most likely have a few other things to talk about as well but since I am curious."Waylon wanted to be sure Caitlyn was taking care of herself or just had been sitting here praying or just walking around in her thoughts, doubt and whatever else she had in her mind.

"When have you last eaten or drank anything?"Waylon asked Caitlyn yes maybe it was odd for some one to check on her in her mind but Waylon just seemed to be the type to look after others when he can and would make sure people were okay if anything, Maybe his mother was rubbing off on him much more then he thought.


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She listened to his words and reflected on them. There was much to take in, considering to become her own opposite. Getting a different perspective may have been more helpful than she initially would plan, but it was a matter to find out later.

"I'm afraid I don't recall." she would say, "I had a heavy dinner the night before. . . what time is it?" That much was true. She wasn't exactly hungry, but she wasn't full. She had filled up on wine and meat the night before in celebration for the eve of her master's return. Perhaps it was in poor choice.

Maybe they should have both left the temple and had gotten a meal in the murky city. Caitlyn had little to no food in reserves at the temple. She worked and ate for maybe two days at a time. Perhaps taking a day to rest and recover would be nice. Maybe to take a nice relaxing meal would be a good change.

She was lost, and was free after so many years of devotion. Perhaps trying to live her own life to her own choices would be in poor taste, or maybe it would only aid her better. There wasn't much to say or plan. For now she would go with the flow.


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Well it seemed like Waylon was in an interesting situation still, but then again Waylon could forget easily sometimes as well."I arrived here a bit before evening time."He realize he needed to a watch or a clock on him."I had spent most of the time before arriving back here looking at the close by woods, no idea how far I got in but it seems kind of strange of a place."He mentioned as a side note that just followed in his mind for a moment."But it is about evening time."Waylon's mind just led random places sometimes it was common.

"If so, Then we might have to solve that...I do not know what all you have here in terms of food if needed I can figure out something."By that he could easily cook something, He knows how too, He had money to deal with picking up anything or even buying a meal, He just wanted a plan made out first even if he was not best at planning himself.

"Guess this could be interesting, Do you know how to cook an actual meal?"Waylon asked, If anything Waylon would offer to teach if needed even cook with Caitlyn. It would make her wonder how much Caitlyn needed to learn outside of having this building and faith around her, But maybe the major part would be Waylon would be willing to help some one learn how to be live a new life she may need to to learn to have if need be.


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Evening time. So it must have been late. How long had she gone without a good meal? There was no doubt she was hungry, but with all that went on, she had forgotten her own needs and desires. Perhaps getting a small meal was overdue.

"I think that would do just fine." she would say, wondering what there was to eat. How long had she been living off scraps and donations? How long had she starved herself to ensure the others were fed first?

"Maybe you can teach me." she would say. She had gotten her own meals by occasionally hunting as a kid, but she had never actually cooked and prepared a meal. To her, a live kill was just as much food to her as any other animal. She would never grasp how odd it was to other people.

The temple was empty with only two strangers over a strain caused by tears. The smell of blood no longer lingered in this church of hers, and soon would never smell again.

"But will we get?" she would ask, curious as to what this city would have to offer.

There was many options, and all of them were new to her.



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These kind of moment seemed to make himself reflect on how he was for a while at one point. He could easily remember days he was like this too but he did nothing else as well just sat in one spot mostly.

That loop was odd to remember but he did keep in mind that such an event could return on him eventually so such events in life he should try and continue the path he was on now it made him happy to try and learn and meet people these days and do things with them, It made Waylon remember there was more in life then sitting there thinking in his own mind."Cooking in my eye is rather simple to do and rather enjoyable."He mentioned since he liked it a lot more then it being considered a hobby or having to do it. It was something that he almost considered doing as a job, much how much he enjoyed tea as well both were jobs he had considered.

He had a few ideas in which to show and cook with Caitlyn. They would eventually settle on something and it would be a learning experience. such a thing maybe he could do with other people one day maybe even for family with his own or some one else family the options were many.

But it seemed it all drawn to a close for the situation now. Waylon enjoyed what he had done, It felt pretty nice to show some one how to cook and what all to do in the end the experience was worth while for him.

Afterwards the evening would slowly draw to a close, Waylon would settle for the evening yet again to keep himself in the peaceful moment he had felt, moment like these would be in his mind for a while.


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