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White Claudia [Quest]

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#1Kurdran Briggs 

White Claudia [Quest] Empty on Wed Apr 04, 2018 3:30 pm

Kurdran Briggs
Ah, Spring. Good smells all around, birds singing, town bustling with people doing their own thing... Life was good for everyone currently. Even for our good old plump mohawk wearing wild man Kurdran. Now that there was no longer so much snow, nights outdoors tended to be a lot warmer than they used to be. Admittedly, he still didn`t usually smell like roses, but it was atleast some kind of improvement. After a good nights sleep, He was now just stretching his body and rubbing his hairdo, trying to make himself look fancy.

With this good of a mood, he really felt like doing something proper. Maybe he could go hunting? Finding rabbits should be way easier now, that they had not changed back into their summer colors yet. On the other hand, he could try catching something way bigger... Bear might be overshooting it, but a deer! Yeah, a big deer with big horns! Heck, he could decorate his belt with them. Though of course he needed to find one first... Breakfast would be nice too...

Amidst all these thoughts, he suddenly felt something on his shoulder... "...Hello... Would you like to... try something new today?" Turning in the weird voices direction, a man, with big glasses was now staring him eye to eye. The guy smiled like some sort of kidnapper... though Kurdran had never actually seen one. He just had very good imagination for this sort of thing. Still though, he looked at the guy with the kind of stare that screamed "huh?" "...Depends I guess. I am free for the day so..." He mumbled until he sort of realized what was going on. "Wait, you recruiting me for some dark pact or evil clan or what not?" He had heard of their ways of recruitment. However, the man just twiddled his fingers together in answer. "Oh no, oh no... I am just looking for someone to test this one new creation of mine... And I thought that someone of your stature might be able to handle it..."

There was a certain challenging tone to his voice, that Kurdran couldn`t ignore. However, as he rubbed his cheek, the sense of adventure in him encouraged him even more... It would propably make an interesting story. And he was sure the stuff wouldn`t kill him. He had survived a winter outside for hecks sake. "I guess you`ll be paying me for this right?" "Of course, of course! Just come on in, and we will get started." Not much else needed to be said. Kurdran followed this "model citizen" inside his lab, chuckling a bit.

And it was pretty much what he had expected from it... It seemed to be some kind of potion shop at first, but a hidden door revealed a separate room with a chair... with a bunch of straps. Kurdran clearly thought something for a moment. "Oh, just sit over there... I will get the sample..." immediately as Kurdran sat down, the man proceeded to strap him down, so he couldn`t move whatsoever... it was uncomfortable to say the least. Even the little cloth back at the alleys was more comfortable than this jail cell like place...

Soon the man came back holding a bottle of weird white liquid. "Now, I will give you some of this. Your task is to just sit there, and comfortably tell me what you are feeling. Understood?" He waved a little notepad and a pencil around, clearly excited. "Get on with it... I have one heck of an itch on my backside." The "doctor" just shrugged, as he pulled out a syringe about hair sharp... and injected Kurdran with it... A quick grunt was emitted, as he twisted in his seat. "Feeling alright?" The doctor said...

But Kurdran was kind of out of it... Staring around him, only thing he could see, was the whole room starting to melt... for his blunt mind, this felt outright insane. He got stabbed, yet it was the room that was changing? Everything around him rusted, and got dirtier and dirtier, as red splotches splattered about. "Okay... What is in this milky stuff? Did you throw it on the walls too or some... thing?"

Kurdran went silent. It was not just the walls that were changing, but also the doctor himself, as he weirdly bulged in his tight coat... bent awkwardly, his features becoming more and more obscure... until there was only this meaty shape, that Kurdran couldn`t help but stare at what could only be called a burly man with weird feathers sticking out... and more and more heads seemingly stuck out from it... familiar faces... "W-w-w-what is going on? What are you doing here!?" "DiSSappOINTing! dISsAPPointING!" The thing repeated over and over, as the heads on its shoulders laughed. The thing came closer and closer... "Stay away! I will show you what is dissapointing!" He said that, but his hair did not move an inch. No hair grew as much as he tried to move in the straps... "THIEVING LOSER!" The meaty things arms stretched out to reach around his neck... Kurdran was never the sort of guy to scream... but at this point, he couldn`t help but cry...

As darkness enveloped him...

Soon, he found himself sleeping in the streets. A nightmare? Kurdran shook his head a bit out of relief, and a little bit of worry... As a small package fell off of his stomach onto the ground. It was wrapped in a surprisingly clean cloth, as he opened it. Inside was money. A decent amount of it too... Guess it was not a nightmare then. on the cloth there was a message "Keep quiet about this will you? I might need you later again if you want to come. However, if you do tell anyone about this... I promise I will make it quick..."

Well... It was a story he was happy to leave out of his mind, that was for sure.


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