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Baska to Nanuq [ Foot Travel ]

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Baska to Nanuq [ Foot Travel ] Empty Mon Apr 02, 2018 9:48 am

" I don't need all of these things... This trip is going to be longer than the others. " Speaking to herself Ianthe packed and unpacked her bag as she prepared to head out Baska town. Usually she would stop to the town right over but she heard that there was a really good healer in a cold place called Nanuq. Ianthe being a healer herself wanted to learn as much as she could about it. She needed to hone her skills if she wanted to be strong enough to help others, and making sure she knew healing outside of her own magic would surly help her. The problem with this particular trip was that she had gotten too many things over this past month. Ianthe had brought clothing that she needed but being the wandering soul that she was, it was too much but she didn't want leave anything behind. Sighing deeply to herself she packed what she felt was important first and then once that was done whatever else she could fit in her bag would go on in. Still even with all her meticulous folding and choices for what would go in her bag, she still had quite a lot left over. It suddenly hit her that she could donate what she had left and so that's what she did. Before leaving out of town she made sure to drop the clothes off that she couldn't keep at a church. It was a simple thing but the church thanked her, and as the sun set she pulled her black and heavy cloak on to go out in the world.

The travel to Nanuq was quite a bit and Ianthe found herself stopping at towns for rest. With each new place she visited the climate changed drastically and so did the people. Most people she ran into kept to themselves and that was just fine with her. Most of the walk was lonely and it gave her time to think on her life up until now. It wasn't the best life but she made it work. As Ianthe got closer to her destination she could feel the weather drop rapidly and in the distance large icy mountains could be seen. Ianthe realized she didn't have the clothing for this kind of weather and knew she would have to buy some upon entering the town. Once she did enter the town she immediately disliked it and it was all because of the weather. She wouldn't stay long here, she would just do some work get some learning done and leave.

-exit -


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