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Surgery [Quest,Solo]

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Quest: Surgery

Rank: D

Type: Good


  • Medicare completed

Gerard: A doctor in Baska who is having a tough time taking care of all his patients. The recent influx of patients is the work of the Cold Colliers according to Gerard. He believes that they've poisoned the river for starters. Gerard feels bad for what happened to Mattoro since he tried to rescue some of his friends and saw what the frostbite did to them, but can not accept innocent townsfolk getting caught up in it.

Summary: All of Gerard's assistants have either gone home ill or are too busy with patients of their own to assist him, and he is about to perform a very technical surgery on a patient that he can't do alone. Because of how helpful you were previously, the good doctor has called upon you to aid him in this procedure, despite your lack of training.

Enemies: None

Objective: Help Gerard complete the surgery and ensure it's a success.

Extra Rewards:

  • Intelligence +1


  • Create a topic in Baska Town.
  • You will hear of a commotion happening in the hospital where you met and helped Gerard previously.
  • Upon arriving, you will see Gerard frantically running around, trying to help people that ask while also looking for someone to help him.
  • Once he spots you, he will run over, having recognised you from the previous quest, and state that he needs your help, whereby he will explain the details.
  • He will explain that he needs you to assist him in a very important heart transplant.
  • He will take you into the operating theatre, and once you put on the necessary garments (which Gerard will provide) you can begin.
  • Throughout the procedure, Gerard will mostly require you to fetch certain utensils and clean already used ones so that he can do his part with relative ease.
  • However, towards the end of the procedure, Gerard will cut himself and begin to bleed, requiring you to remove the patient's diseased heart, as well as insert the new, healthy heart, and stitch the body back up.
  • Once this is completed, Gerard will pay you for your help, and comment on your natural ability to work under pressure. As you leave the hospital, you will hear Gerard think aloud as to what could be causing this epidemic.

It was a wonderful night in Baska. Lily hardly went out during the night if she didn’t have too, but tonight she just wanted to go for a little walk. She let her mind wander to a dark past and a bright future. So many things were happening and all of them too quickly. It was a warm night, something about that felt a little odd since most nights it was cool enough to wear a jacket. She wasn't complaining though and in fact the weather only encouraged her to walk more.  Lily was so deep into her own thoughts that she almost didn’t hear all the commotion, but that’s exactly what pulled her back to reality. Of course she didn’t realize it but she was right in front of the hospital, she knew how crazy it could get in that place but tonight sounds were spilling out into the street. A worried look came across her face and a tiny voice told her to go home but a bigger voice told her to go inside. Without a second thought that’s just what she did, moving towards the hospital doors she pushed past them and her eyes widened at the sight. People were everywhere, Doctors going in and out of offices, Nurses helping patients and trying to calm them down, and in the middle of it all was Doctor Gerard. He was doing the most of them all as he went from person to person helping as he could and where he could, he almost looked like he was drowning in all of those people and Lily’s heart almost sank. The man was clearly overworked and understaffed and she just couldn’t bare to see him like that.

Lily began to make her way towards the Doctor, carefully maneuvering around the people as to not push anyone over or get in anyone’s way. As she got closer her eyes met with Doctor Gerard and a smile lit up on his face. The two got closer to each other and she could see that he was more than happy to see her. “ Lily, oh thank goodness you are here, wait why are you here? Are you ok? “  His face turned into worry as he placed his hand on her forehead and checked her pulse. Lily smiled and shook her head. “ No Doctor I’m fine, but it looks like you are in need of an extra helping hand. I’m well enough to help. “  Doctor Gerard smiled again and looked up saying something under his breath. “  Pulling Lily along to his office and closing the door Gerard took in a deep breath before taking a seat. “ Listen Lily, I have a very important heart transplant to do and I need your help to do it. Honestly you would be the only other person besides my nurses and doctors who I can trust with this. Everyone is busy and it’s getting worse in here so let me just give you the rundown of what we will be doing, what you’ll be doing, and the things we will be working with. “ Lily could feel the intensity in the Doctor's voice and gave  her utmost attention to him. She watched him as he went over various tools and instruments that she would need to know, some basic procedures and rules and a few other important pieces of information. “ I know this is very short notice but I’ve gone through the most important details, we have to go now I have faith in you.. No, in us. Now follow me. “


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Surgery [Quest,Solo] Empty Mon Apr 02, 2018 9:06 am

Lily followed Doctor Gerard into a small room where he quickly washed his hands and forearms and then began to dress himself in some blue latex gloves, a long white plastic apron, and a paper mask. “ This is the protective gear we will be wearing Lily, It’s to protect us and the patient. “ Lily nodded and followed his lead as she washed her own hands and forearms, taking a little longer than the doctor because now she could feel her nerves taking over. Once she was done cleaning up she was given gloves, a plastic apron, and a mask. Quickly she put the items on and a nurse helped her put her rather long hair in a neat, tight, bun style so that no hair would get in her way. “ Ready? “ Gerard’s voice gave her an inkling of confidence as she nodded her head and followed him into a large room. In the middle of that room was what she assumed to be the patient. “ Ok, first hand me a scalpel… “ Lily quickly did as she was told and handed the sharp bladed instrument to Doctor Gerard, careful to hand the blade to him so he would grab the handle. Her eyes widened as she watched him slice open the patient, so much blood gushed out she thought she was going to faint but she did as she was told. It seemed like forever as the surgery went on, Lily was quick on her feet handing Doctor Gerard what he needed while keeping the tools clean and the area around them tidy. She had nothing but respect for the doctor as she watched him work quickly and carefully. It was like watching a painter on a red canvas. All seem to be going well until..” Ah! Darn, Lily, quickly come, come take over. “ “ I can’t do that, I’m not trained to do that! “ “ Listen to me Lily, I’ll guide you every step of the way, It’s not hard I promise, but I cannot work like this. “ He was right, Lily had watched him cut his hand and it was bad, She didn’t think she could do it but Gerard said she could. Taking over she watched as Gerard went off to the side of the room to clean and dress his wound, calling out directions to her as he did so. She was nervous but the doctor’s guiding voice made it alot easier to do the task. She removed the bad heart, and placed the healthy one in all while not damaging anything else. The easiest part had to be stitching the patient up and when it was all said and done he would make a full recovery.

Once the two were done they left the room and got cleaned up. Gerard expressed how impressed he was with how Lily managed to do so well under pressure. Collecting her pay and thanking the Doctor for his guidance in it all, Lily walked out of the hospital with a sense of accomplishment but not before hearing the doctor question where all the patients were coming from..


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