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Golden Scissor [Quest,Solo]

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Quest: Golden Scissor

Rank: D

Type: Good


  • Fantastic Fabrics completed

Fernando Milano: Fernano is a fashion designer in Baska who has his own clothing shop. His style of clothing is considered quite eccentric and flamboyant. Since he tends to use fine and rare fabrics, his works are often purchased by the more wealthy. He truly desires to get hired as the personal designer of a noble family.

Summary: Fernando is still working on designing his collection. He now has all the right fabrics and many ideas, but he is still missing a very special item. The golden scissor is said to be an extremely rare magic tool that only very few fashion designers in Fiore own. Rumors has it that a traveling merchant will come to Baska with one of them. Fernando needs someone persuasive to get the item.

Enemies: None

Objective: Find the golden scissor for Fernando and bring it to him.

Extra Rewards:

  • Intelligence +1


  • Create a topic in Baska Town.
  • Fernando is happily going through his fabrics and will greet you when you enter the boutique.
  • He will tell you about a special magic tool, the so called “Golden Scissor” that is used by some of the best and most popular designers. Unfortunately, this item is very rare and Fernando does not have one.
  • Rumor has it that one of the traveling merchants coming to town this afternoon is in possession of a Golden Scissor.
  • Fernando asks you to investigate and get him that Golden Scissor.
  • There are a lot of buyers interested in the item, therefore Fernando needs you to be persuasive and manage to convince the seller to sell it you for the amount you've been given by Fernando.
  • Go to the market before it even opens, find the merchant and somehow talk him into selling you the item. Many people want it, so you won’t be alone there.
  • The traveling merchant will have a hard time deciding who to sell it to, but after good reasoning you might be able to change his mind to sell it to you.
  • Once you have the magic tool, return to Fernando and collect your reward.

Ianthe looked out of her window to be greeted with the light of the rising sun. The warmth of it brought a smile to her face as the sun’s rays poured into her room, taking over the darkness that it was enveloped in only moments ago. The day was looking to be a good one as she had plans to take on a few jobs and shop around at Fernandos. A soft breeze blew into the window and she felt refreshed taking in a deep breath of air. It was times like this that she wished time stood still. Lingering around the window for a few more moments she made her way to the shower to wash off before having some breakfast. Lucky for her the water didn’t take long to get hot as she washed up with a lavender scented soap. The water felt so good she ended up staying a whole hour in it. Luckily for her she woke up early than usual, so a few extra minutes in the water didn’t hurt anyone and she wouldn’t miss breakfast that the inn served. Quickly drying off and styling her hair into a neat ponytail with a bow, she decided to wear something light today.

Looking in the closet where she hung the little clothing she had, Ianthe picked out a white sundress that fit her a little too tightly. Ever since she was freed Ianthe had began to grow out of the clothes she did own. Her body filled out and nothing she wore fit without looking nearly skin tight. Frowning at the dress she shrugged it off because today she would go shopping at Fernando's boutique for some clothes that fit. She knew he would help her after yesterday so she wouldn’t have any problem with getting the right kind of clothing.
Slipping her feet into some white sandals, Ianthe made her way down to the dining area of the inn where it was pretty quiet. She took a seat next to the window and ordered some toast, egg whites, two slices of ham, some red grapes and a glass of water. The waiter took her order and in less than five minutes was back with her food. Ianthe thanked the waiter and got down to devouring her meal. She was a lot more hungry recently than she had ever been in her life, or perhaps it was the new access of food that she just couldn’t help but take advantage of. Whatever it was she was all too happy to receive her meal. Once she was down she made sure she was clean and paid for her meal. Going back to her room she brushed her teeth a second time just so she wouldn’t have lingering food on her breath. It was silly to some but Ianthe was very particular about her hygiene and cleanliness overall.  Once she was done she made her way out of the inn and towards the request board and as she did her eyes spotted a man that looked a lot like Fernando. As she got closer she realized, it was Fernando.


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“ Fernando? Did you need help? Or were you taking on some request? “ A light chuckle skipped from her lips as she laughed at her own little joke. Fernando turned to see Ianthe and smiled so wide she could see his straight, pearly, white teeth gleaming down at her. “ OH HUNTY! Thank goodness I caught you when I did. Truth be told I was looking for anyone but I’m glad I found you. Come! Come to my shop in about an hour and I will give you all the details of a very important task I have for you dear. Oh and deary that dress is far too tight, We can most definitely fix that for you when you do arrive.” With that Fernando was off with a walk that was too daring for Ianthe but worked just wonders for Fernando. An hour passed and Ianthe found herself at Fernando’s boutique. When she walked in he was going through his fabrics and humming a pretty little song. It didn’t take long for him to notice her presence and soon he was putting down a ivy green fabric and making his way to her. “ Oh Darling I’m so happy you made it, let me tell you I’ve been havin a dickens finding a pair of Golden Scissors, Oh Hunny let me tell you all the best designers use them and with my skills I should have a pair too…. But the truth is they are almost impossible to come by, but lucky for us word on the grapevine is that there is a merchant who will be coming this afternoon with a pair! “ Ianthe could see the glow on Fernando’s face as he spoke about the scissors. She could tell her really wanted them and she agreed that he deserved them “ Ok now listen love I need you to see if these rumors are true and if they are snag me a pair. Here is all my savings, use it all if you have to just please come back with those scissors. “

Ianthe wasted no time in gather information about the merchant. From what she could gather she knew the rumor to be true which was wonderful, she also knew that he would be arriving sometime during the afternoon at a small flea market. Not many people know but those that do are quite the buyers. Ianthe made it he location where the merchant would be before even he got there. It was still morning so she would wait hours before seeing a man set up shop in the flea market. She knew that he must be the one but before she could get to him he was swarmed by a few other individuals. Frownin Ianthe made her way over to the small crowd and pushed her way passed them. “ Settle down everyone, I know what ya here for.. Now who has the money to pay for it? “ Every shot their hands up “ I have 5,000 Jewels “ “ I have 7,000 give it to me! “ Voices from all around called out their price and each one added more and more to the pot. Ianthe knew she wouldn’t win like this so she had to be quite creative. “ Excuse me sir… Would one night with me plus all the money I have which is about… 10,000 jewels be enough?” The crowd gasped and the man smiled. It was a smile that sent all sorts of alarms ringing in her head. She wouldn’t really take this man to her bed she just needed those scissors. “ Ah what a pretty young thing, I’m not perv but I will let you have the scissors for putting yourself out there so boldly. “ The man chuckled and took the money before giving Ianthe the scissors. A bright pink blush flushed over her face and she quickly made her way to Fernandos. “ Oh hunny I knew you could do it, here is your payment… Now let’s see what we can do about gettin you a new dress. “


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