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Fantastic Fabrics [Quest, Solo]

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Quest: Fantastic Fabrics

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Fernando Milano: Fernano is a fashion designer in Baska who has his own clothing shop. His style of clothing is considered quite eccentric and flamboyant. Since he tends to use fine and rare fabrics, his works are often purchased by the more wealthy. He truly desires to get hired as the personal designer of a noble family.

Summary: Fernando is currently designing a new fashion line. He wants to make beautiful, flamboyant and bright clothes for his collection and needs your help with finding the best and rarest fabric that there is. There are a number of stores and places in Baska that sell rare fabrics, but you need to bargain a lot in order to get them. Fernando doesn’t have time for that, so he is sending you.

Enemies: None

Objective: Find the rare fabric for Fernando and bring it to him.

Extra Rewards:

  • Intelligence +1


  • Create a topic in Baska Town.
  • Go to the local request board and pick up a bright, pink flier signed by Fernando.
  • Visit Fernando at his boutique, where he will welcome you and tell you about the fabrics he needs.
  • Fernando shows you around to give you a few examples of what he is looking for and then you are on your own.
  • Visit local stores and also the flea market, where you will find traveling merchants, to find rare and beautiful fabrics. Fernando gave you a lot of money, so buy plenty.
  • Make sure the fabrics remain unharmed and perfect while you return to Fernando's boutique and hand them over to the designer.
  • Collect your reward and leave.

Shuffling under thick but cozy blankets lay a rather sleepy and even a tab bit slobbery, Ianthe. Even though spring was here the nights were too cold for the young raven haired girl which prompted her to always request more blankets than any one person should ever need. One of the covers dropped to the floor, lessening the weight on top of her shapely frame. The shift in weight caused her to open her eyes and peak out from beneath the mountain of warmth. Green orbs took in part of the room and she was glad she closed the curtains before going to bed last night. Bright rays of sunshine peeked through the slightly opened parts of the curtains, and cut through the room’s darkness leaving bright trails of light in it’s place. Ianthe groaned a bit before finding her way back under the covers, and turning her back away from the lights. She didn’t want to get up she wanted to stay asleep, but duties called and she had to do what she had to do. With a deep sigh Ianthe threw the covers off of her body and they hit the floor with a light  “ thud “. She stayed in bed for a few extended moments to fight the sleep before lazily dragging her feet to the ground and pushing herself off the bed to start her day.

Becoming a mage was something she had never really dreamed of doing, because she never knew she had the ability to do so until recently. It was wild to her, to have this freedom to do what she pleased. Some days she couldn’t even wrap her head around it. Silently consuming a small cup of red grapes she made her way outside of the Inn she chose to stay at while in Baska. She admired the town and enjoyed every day she was in it, all two days. A smile came to her face as a small child with blond frizzy hair skipped by her. A part of her wanted to stay here forever but a bigger part wanted to keep exploring the world and growing as a mage. Now that she thought about it she needed to make her way to the local request board for this town. Upon realizing that she was a mage she learned of so many things that she was free to do and she took advantage of that.  Finishing off the last grape in her cup she made sure to throw her garbage in the nearest trash can. Ianthe didn’t like littering and would never harm the earth in that way. It went so far as her picking up other people’s trash and throwing it away in the proper bins for them. It didn’t take long before she was staring at the request board. There was so many to choose from and not many people were looking to take them up. One stood out to Ianthe the most, and that one was a bright pink flier with a very intricate signature. Quickly plucking it off the board she read it to herself before making her way to the quest giver.


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The flier led Ianthe to a beautiful little boutique that made her want to shop rather than work. Walking inside she was met with even more beauty as the clothing on the racks popped with color and style. Before she was sucked to deeply in a man appeared from out of nowhere.

“ Welcome! Welcome! Oh you have my request. Thank goodness darling I was in dire need of some help. Please come, let me show you exactly what I need. “ All Ianthe could do was nod at the man as she followed him into a room that seemed larger than the shop. “ You know I’ve been in this business of fashion for a very long time hunny and I’ve come across lots of things. “ The man who’s name was Fernando began pulling things off racks and shelves and laying them out on a big table while he spoke. Ianthe continued to stand and watch her eyes widened ever so slightly at each piece he laid down. “ Wonderful things, not so wonderful, and everything in between. In this small town it’s hard to find what I need but I know for a fact that some places have exactly the things I need. But like with anything my dear these things come at a price and I just don’t have the time for that… Here do you see this? “ Ianthe took a step forward as she looked down at turquoise dress with gold lacing along it’s edges. It was very beautiful and looked to be made of cotton, but not? “ It’s very beautiful...Is it made of cotton? “ A sharp laugh spilled from Fernando’s lips almost as if he pitied Ianthe for being so naive “ No darling, it’s Cocoran Wool. Made from some very special sheep right here in Baska. It’s rare because it’s quite difficult to get ahold of, but it makes wonderful fabrics.” For another hour or so Fernando went on about fabrics, colors, styles and the like. Ianthe felt more educated about clothing than she ever thought she would be. With the information she had been given she set off to different shops in the area.

The job itself sounded easy but it was very annoying. Ianthe had to learn the meaning of haggling for some of the fabrics she brought and some of the shopkeepers were stubborn. She found herself in at least fifteen different shops and five flea markets in search of Fernando’s needs. She was able to gather fabrics that touched every color of the rainbow and more while still maintaining high and beautiful quality pieces. More times than none she had to reject things but in the end she found only the best. She had most of them packed in boxes with protective filling inside as to not damage them if it had rained or something like that. She spent every dime Fernando had given her and made sure to take the names of where she got the best fabrics for the best deals as a bonus in case Fernando wanted to go shopping himself. Once she was done she made her way back to Fernando’s shop. The man was over the moon when he saw the haul Ianthe brought to him. He couldn’t have been more thankful when he paid her. “ Don’t be a stranger love! Come to my shop anytime and I’ll give you a great discount. “ Smiling Ianthe thanked Fernando and took her leave.


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