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Shocking development! [Training]

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#1Kurdran Briggs 

Shocking development! [Training] Empty Fri Mar 30, 2018 11:50 am

Kurdran Briggs
Outside of town, it was pretty calm. Occasional forests and hills aside, the lands around Oak town were as peaceful as ever, as the sun occasionally vanished behind the mellow clouds of the wintery landscape. it almost mirrored the light in an eye frustrating fashion. Somebody could say some poor fool would outright be blinded by it. That was perfect for whatever little beasties ran amuck in this place. mostly deer or rabbits, occasional bear whose winter nap they had disturbed. Luckily the latter were much rarer, or else whatever hunters there were would have propably been in big trouble. For now though, a little group of rabbits was calmly searching their way through the snow to find something green to munch on, and overall there was nothing to break that silen...


...Yeah, there was admittedly one more hungry beast running about. Kurdran felt like "self caught food" is way better tasting than something just bought from a store. Also, usually the sheer thrill of hunting was fun enough to keep him in shape. But for some reason today with all the snow around it was more frustrating than ever.

His latest dive had just ended up with him face downwards in the snow, as the bunnies panically scattered, and ran in all directions. It was frustrating enough that they were all white as snow, so this really wasn`t needed on Kurdrans daily menu. However, running commenced, as he charged around trying to catch these "long eared rats" like he was playing a good old cat and mouse game. And as someone would guess, this hairy and bulky fellow didn`t really even have a chance to keep up with them. At this point they were turning into a culmination of what he tended to hate in people: running pipsqueeks who did not face anyone but much rather avoided confrontation all together, or in his words: Wusses.

Kurdran proceeded to rub his hair furiously, all angry and frustrated. He had not yet even caught a single one, and the sun was already starting to set at this point. He was also feeling how empty his stomach was, as it rumbled like thunder, fitting with his hair starting to outright spark like being charged with small batteries. "Ye really are not making this easy for me are ye!?" He ranted out loud towards one of the rabbits who was now just curiously staring at him. "It is not my fault you guys are so delicious! I have been hunting you fellas for ages and none of you have given me a peep!" Admittedly, back then he had an axe to throw about but still. It did not feel like a proper excuse to use. "So I`ve literally had it! That is it! I am gonna go back, and whine to the world, that you dang wusses don`t give a dang about ANYTHING! GRAAAH!"

And in that moment of frustration, he stomped the snowy ground in front of him with his foot, as his roaring face aimed towards the rabbit... And with a loud crackling snow in front of him flew about, as a giant wave of electricity erupted from his mouth towards the poor creature, sparking over it like a horrendous fish just scooping a creature up...

Kurdran was absolutely stunned himself... He did that? He rubbed his head again... Seems like he had used all the electricity he had created in that one shock. However, it felt amazingly satisfying! "Guess it pays off being frustrated occasionally." He laughed to himself, as he ran over to the poor rabbit. It was shaking with little sparks of electricity fluffing its hair all spiky. It  did not seem to be able to move at all after the huge shocks impact. Kurdran picked up the creature by the ears laughing. "Finally I gotcha! That is what you get for angering me you know!" He shook the creature around like a heartless bully. But what did you expect. The guy had eaten creatures like this since he was a kid.

"But, if I can do that once... I must be able to do it twice right?" He almost asked the rabbit that, whose face didn`t really say anything but "scared intrigue. Looking around, Kurdran saw multiple other rabbits still running about... "Well, I may as well try and stock up..." He roped the rabbit he had gotten around his arm. "It`s still winter after all!" And with that, he started scratching his hair, and sprinted towards the other rabbits. Time to see how good his aim was!


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