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Petty theft [Quest]

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#1Kurdran Briggs 

Petty theft [Quest] Empty on Thu Mar 29, 2018 3:09 pm

Kurdran Briggs
And there they were again. The duo of Jerr and Kurdran planning things in an alleyway. Since having befriended the kid, Kurdran had been hanging out with them very often, them providing him shelter while he slept and him providing them a nice little distraction whenever plans didn`t go like... well in simple terms, planned. It was this pretty funky relationship, in which Kurdran ended up being the working man, whilst the boys would pay him whenever the job felt too dangerous for him to do without getting into bigger trouble.

Today was again one of those days, as Jerr vanished into the crowds, and Kurdran just walked as classic himself, with his mohawk swinging about in a "lax fat fellow" fashion. The target for the day was this little stand, with two gentlemen who were to his knowledge some sort of jewelers. To kurdran, gems were always pretty. Rich folk tended to have plenty of them, while he himself had none, and hilariously enough he was quite alright with that. His mission was simple: distract them, while Jerr does his thing of being a teeny tiny annoying and unnoticeable brat, and snags  something small and fancy while they are looking at him. Easy enough job, though Kurdran could not help but feel like the kids were making the usual jokes about him whilst planning this.

Anyways, the sight of him was immediately noticed, as one of the duo clapped his hands. "Oh, welcome, welcome, would a man of your uhm..." He coughed into his hand. "Class, like to see our wares. I think it would fit you quite nicely." ...A bit too easy of a distraction admittedly. Guess the business had not been going well. "Yeah, just show me what you got! I´ve got time before lunch!" Besides, if he got to test em on, well thats just him getting something to look even cooler in. He chuckled with his belly shaking... and the two stand keepers giving each other apologetic looks.

"Well... we have the good old sapphires, which are always in fashion for the blue eyed and tattooed, then there is emeralds for those of you who might prefer something more exotic and new, and then there is our very cheap option of Fools gold..." At this point, Kurdran could see Jerr giving the mark. This weird finger pose among the crowd. "Nice nice... ye got any proper hair accessories? Things on my fingers don`t tend to stay mint for very long, if you know what I mean, hehe!" The stand keepers tensed up for a moment. "Uhm, Yes! Yes! We do have nice rings for just the purpose let me just uh..." The poor guy picked up some rings, while the polisher looked, as the dwarf opened his mohawk... which flopped down like a giant lions mane. "Make this stuff fancy! Might take a while though. And I don`t you guys to tangle a single bit of it, or we have trouble, ye?"

The poor fellow had to try on multiple different decorations on the short mans head. Some fit better than some others, and some outright required the jewelers help... and in that chaos the bracelet was taken. And with a tiny break in suffering, the guys looked back at the table to notice the bracelet gone, as a weird bear like creature booked it from the stand. The confusion was immense about what had happened...

A little while of running later, Jerr and Kurdran met again in the very same alley where they had previously been talking at. Jerr was especially proud about what he had succesfully grabbed from one of the clerks. Kurdran simply shook off whatever dirt had gotten to his hairs, as the body hair that had grown slowly retreated back into his body. He was really starting to get better at using his magic, and it showed, taking atleast most of Jerrs gang by storm whenever he showed it. However, there was a knacking thing on his mind, that was starting to gather with every single successful petty crime they did. "Jerr, we need to talk." "About what?" The boy span the bracelet on his finger like some kind of toy all casual and relaxed.

"About what I have been doing lately with you guys."

Kurdran had noticed, that the more things he did with Jerr, the more the word had gone by that he was a pretty bad person to hang around. Whether it was because of the ways he did it, or because most of Jerrs plans involved him as the noticed center piece, while Jerr took the stealthy approach, might have been the reason as well. Kurdran knew, that eventually, someone way worse than him would come around for the kids. And just because he himself had been working with them full time. They would assume they had someone with proper magic to fight any weaker guy off so... At this point it was time for Kurdran to bow out.

Of course, this viewpoint seemed silly to the kids at first. With how big he was (compared to them anyway) it did not make sense to them, that he was worried. All the stories he had told of his exploits back home had given them a pretty overtly trustable image of him. So at this point, it was propably the best time to leave. It would let them learn how to handle themselves instead of relying on him... AND also spread his legacy!

Yeah, in a way it was almost selfish. He was hoping the kids would keep talking about him after he left. Perhaps, if he did bad things for good reasons for long enough, they could get his wanted poster on their walls! Though admittedly that was propably the worst case scenario for them. He couldn`t help but chuckle to himself.

The next morning, after talking it out with the kids, he was gone. Where he slept, there was big strand of his beard, and a weird looking hairpin... guess it had stayed on his hair after he had ran away.

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