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Golden Scissor [Quest|Solo]

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Another day another bit of search, unfortunately little ground has been made on his end as his lacking ability to speak with strangers. It goes even further when Ephraim even forgets to ask someone he himself helped. Still lacking the necessary will to return to the medical facility, Fernando's fabulous boutique was where his steps led him. Peering through the window, wanting to make sure the eccentric man wasn't in bad tidings if the boy was to ask him something, that just sounded like setting up for failure. The tan skinned man, humming to himself happened to glance over and notice the puppy dog eyes of Ephraim, skipping over to the door in high spirits. "Oh come now boy, come in come in." Fernando held the door open, signaling the awkward lad to enter, which now being caught, Ephraim had no choice but to do so.

Squirming in a seat, still trying to collect the correct words before spewing a mess out of his mouth. Fernando would take advantage of the silence, picking up a pair of scissors with a disgruntled sigh. "I just can't be a legend without them... Those golden scissors, every big time designer uses them, and yet here I am, but a hoax of what I could be." While their was obviously some ploy in the works here, Ephraim was able to sense the sadness behind his words, and so questioned the man. "I-is that so...? Are they really that difficult to get..?" Immediately Fernando dropped the scissors and swiftly approached the seated  boy. "Oh you wouldn't believe it! I've been trying to get my hands in those holes since I was but an infant in this business. However~ Word going around is their's gonna be a merchant arriving in town shortly with that very pair of scissors. As you probably know I am a busy man, I can't just leave the comfort of my shop, and since you proved to be surprisingly capable, would you do me the honors of procuring them for me, why I would do absolutely anything for them." The desperation surrounding his entire being was very alarming, Ephraim sat back as far as he could in the chair, uncertain of how to handle it. Yet in the end, the only thing he could think to do was to agree to someone, pleading so much for his assistance.

"Being needed truly is a nice... But very tiresome duty." A sentence that echoed through his head, now leaving the boutique with some knowledge as to best get them before anyone else. "Alright.. So I should try to go there right away, and somehow manage to, t-talk my way into allowing the man into letting me buy them with Fernando's money. Some would probably say easier said than done in this moment, but nothing about this seemed easy for me." Mapping a plan out in his head, unfortunately that often came with some self doubt from the worrisome boy.


As he continued to rack his brain while heading in the direction of the marketplace, suddenly on the other side of the street, Ephraim's eyes lock with another man, also carrying a hefty pouch, a similar look of determination in his eyes. Once he took notice of the boy opposite to him, their was a brief exchange of glances, their eyes meeting as they moved to their pouches, and then the other's. The man's stepped hastened, Ephraim was quick to follow, trying his best to keep a neck and neck position. Yet every-time the timid boy caught back up, the man floored the gear even faster, continuing until it was a full out sprint. The desperation in Fernando's eyes filled Ephraim with the drive to push on, not stopping until the market was in sight, pushing himself even harder at that point.

Trying his best to keep a good pace as his eyes frantically scanned the area for the seller, not even paying attention to his other competitor. Because of that perhaps the other man would take advantage of the situation. Getting slightly ahead of Ephraim and quickly placing his foot in front of the boy, being the start of an unfortunate set of events. Barely having enough time to even notice that his body had fallen off balance, doing his best to tuck his shoulder as to not fall square on his face. The spill was anything but pretty, doing numerous rolls as scratches against the pavement could be heard with a sickening thud.

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Finally, Ephraim stopped his momentum and stayed on the ground, with his back on the cold stone as he felt tears swell within his wincing eyes. A crowd circled around his position, the man responsible trying his best to act as a bystander to it all. Ephraim unaware to those around him, his arm covered his eyes as it exposed the underside of his arm, draped with many cuts.

"I-I.. I just wanted to get those golden scissors for my friend, b-but... I-I can't even manage that... H-he even entrusted me with his money, I can't give up... Now. I.. I-I will get those scissors..!" Sniffles and deep breaths while unaware that he was openly speaking. Even among the pain and sadness, Ephraim did his best to flip over and push himself up, with a hefty struggle. It was odd, but it felt as if people were cheering him on, allowing him the motivation to get up. Of course he wouldn't see it before him until he got to a vertical basis. Applause rose up from those around him, a few trying to hold back tears, to Ephraim's dismay. Completely flustered by the scene, it wasn't till a burly man appeared before his wobbly form, grabbing one of his arms to support his being to a stand nearby to rest on. "You've shown great determination, I'm moved by how much you wanted to get this for your friend. I'm willing to sell it to you before anyone else, you're efforts weren't for naught." A wide smile as Ephraim was caught completely off guard, unable to form coherent words simply taking out the money given to him and presenting it to the seller. With a humble nod, an extravagant case was present to the victorious boy.

With a golden twinkle in his eye, he let out a faint sign of gratitude, grasping the scissors tightly as he started to slowly walk away. A woman tried to go and assist him, however she was stopped by the merchant who only gave a shake of the head as he understood the will of that young man. And it may have taken Ephraim longer than it should have, but it was a walk of success, one that lead him all the way to the door of Fernando's without so much as an inch of time wasted. Stepping inside, all Ephraim could do was raise his purchase in the air before falling to his knees. Swiftly Fernando was to come to his aid. "Kid, what happened, are you alright?! But more importantly you did it, I can't believe it! You've truly outdone yourself, you absolutely deserve all of this for your efforts." Trying to hand over the payment, Ephraim nodded. "A-as an added bonus.. You think I could just rest here awhile..? Thanks.." Without confirmation , the weak boy fell onto Fernando's person, lightly snoring, Fernando couldn't help but allow this favor just once. And in the meantime this would give him ample opportunity to play around with some changes to his wardrobe.

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