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Dozing Kids [Quest:Ri Brighte]

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Ri Brighte
For the few days he had been there, Ri had learned to enjoy the sweets prepared at Olly’s shop. So much, in fact, that most of his money had been blown on the buttery goods. Even now, as he walked, he held two bags of pastries in both of his hands, looking around the large town. These past days he’d actually seen a lot of the city, something he rarely got to do when travelling. The cathedral, especially, was incredible, although it didn’t compete with the one in the capital.

As he walked, he silently thought about what to do next. The day had barely begun, and despite all odds, Ri had managed to wake up rather early. Eight, to be precise. Of course, he cursed his luck when he came to, but despite that, he felt quite fresh, and ready for the day.

Switching one of the bags in his other hand, so he could have one free, he'd dig into his pocket, and take out a sheet of paper. On it, was the written request of a teacher who seemed to not be able to get her children to be calm during a lesson. He didn't find her to be a bad teacher, everyone needed help from time to time, but he wondered why she asked for the help of mages. Well, no matter, he was getting paid and that's all that mattered. He had to pay his stay in the inn somehow.

Of course, Ri was no fool. He was going to a school. He might as well act like it. That being said, he donned his formal clothes: dress shoes, a white shirt, and dress pants. In his left pocket was his wallet, while his right held the case for his glasses. Who knows, maybe he'll have to read. It wouldn't be that bad, after all, if the kids are nice and happy, he's nice and happy. And he figured that stories make them both like that. Hell, he even combed his hair, so to make him look a bit more professional.

He entered the school, while fixing his sleeves, a habit he learned, he can't get rid of. Well, it's not a habit as much as it is the uncomfortable feeling. The sleeves were a bit too long for him, and they'd reach his palms, which always prompted him to either pull them back up, or just roll them. A quick look around showed him that the school was rather silent. Maybe he entered when classes already started. Running a hand through his hair, to make sure it hadn't ruined itself from the time he had styled it, until now.

Spotting an empty chair- It wasn't like it was the only one, but it was the closest- Ri sat down, and looked around. The school's inside walls were painted quite nicely. A light color, meant to drag in any new and young souls who would stumble their way inside the building.

Sooner than he expected, the bell rang, and the children came rushing out of their classrooms. The mage yelped, and rose his feet, resting them on the chair next to him so that his shoes won't get trampled on. Or his feet. But his shoes cost more. When the stampede stopped, and all of the sugar-fueled devils were on the playground, Ri stood, and headed into one of the first rooms he saw. Inside, was a young lady, who was currently grading some papers. After looking at the paper, and then at the door's number, he decided to go inside.

"Am I too late?" He suddenly asked, at which the teacher looked towards him, a tired smile on her face, "Ah, no! Not at all! Come, sit." She beckoned him to one of the tables in the front row, at which Ri complied and sat down, a bit awkwardly, due to the small chair and desk. "The children will be here in half an hour. Until then, I can brief you on what is going on."

Well, from the woman's explanations, it wouldn't seem like a hard job. Just make sure the kids listen to a lesson. He still didn't understand why she needed the help of a mage, but he didn't argue. The money was welcomed.

When the children returned, now tired from their time in the playground, and entered their class, they would only see the towering man who was now standing next to their sitting teacher, while he looked at every one coming in. They didn't know why this man was suddenly in their classroom, but they didn't seem to happy to find him there. They spoke among themselves, before the woman stood, and which everyone's eyes were on her.

"This is mister Brighte, and he shall be my assistant today." She spoke, resting her hands on her table. Ri only smiled, and bowed his head, before the teacher grabbed a piece of chalk, and began to talk about mathematical equations. Ri's talents were never associated with anything mathematical, he was more of a...Philosopher, so he'd say. But, out of respect, he crossed his arms and listened to the professor, while his eyes darted around the room. Some were paying attention, he could see, and some were merely looking, for their dreamy gaze only showed that in their imagination, they were either fighting monsters and becoming amazing mages, or they were in another place entirely. Ri sighed. He didn't want to disturb the woman's class by just slamming his fist on the table, and thus, making everyone pay attention. No, he'd have to be more discreet. Thus, he began moving around the room, his shoes clicking on the floorboards. Most perked up once they heard the noise, but still, a few remained in their dreamy state, almost fallen asleep by now.

Now, there were two alternatives here. He could be a good role model and just go and tap them awake, or go with his initial plan, and scare them. Thankfully, he chose to be a good role model. Going by one of the kids' desks, he gently tapped the back of his head. The child slowly stood straight, and as vision became less blurry, and his gaze focused on Ri, the mage could swear he saw him become paler. But, he paid it no mind, as he just pointed towards the teacher, who had her back turned to the class. The boy nodded, and stayed attentive from then on.

At the end of the day, Ri couldn't figure out why she needed help. The children are there to learn on their accord, they should choose when to sleep or when to not. But, he didn't argue, as he got paid quite handsomely for that simple task.

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