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Dozing Kids [Quest // Asura]

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#1Asura Nightshade 

Dozing Kids [Quest // Asura] Empty Thu Mar 29, 2018 7:06 am

Asura Nightshade

Yet again, it was another day with another task assigned to Asura. This time, however, it had nothing to do with adults or merchants or priests but instead, it had to do with perhaps, the epitome of evil: children. The blonde heaved a loud sigh as she could feel herself deflating at the prospect of having to deal with kids again. The first and the last time she done it had been in Crocus where she had to train some kids. Luckily, Fenrir had been there with her at the time so she managed to finish that without punching one of them in the face. She really had to make sure to control her anger today as she would be in fact, going to a school to make sure that the kids were paying attention in class. Apparently, the request had come from this woman known as Teacher Sandine who was well acquainted with most mages due to having them help out again and again in the school. Asura would be going there for the first time.

The blonde entered the school premises and immediately asked around for Teacher Sandine. It didn't take long to find her as it seemed as though almost everyone knew who she was. Asura approached the woman who was standing in the hallway, making sure all the children headed to their respective class.

"Hello," she greeted the other woman as Sandine looked at the blonde, "I'm here as per your request of helping out in the class. My name is Asura Nightshade and I'm from the Rune Knights."

"Oh," Sandine responded, eyes widening in recognition, "Hello, hello. It's a pleasure to meet you and thank you so much for coming. My name is Sandine. Don't worry too much about what you need to do today, it's very simple. Just come to class with me and please help me make sure that the kids are paying attention. For some reason, the children these days seem very distracted or disinterested and I really want to make sure that they're focusing and learning something."

Asura nodded in reply. Seemed like a relatively easy thing to do and it would seem like this might to be prove to be even easier as Asura followed Sandine to her class where the children enthusiastically greeted her. It looked like they really liked her which reassured Asura that she honestly wouldn't need to do too much.

However, she was sorely mistaken when halfway into the class, the blonde could notice a few heads dropping on their table, almost as if they started sleeping. Sandine was teaching as what she had been doing since the class started and so far, it had been okay. The blonde inwardly sighed and approached the little boy who had seemed to fallen asleep. She poked him lightly and muttered, "Excuse me?" The boy, groggily, shot her a light sneer as she nudged him awake and told him to please pay attention in class. "Your teacher is working really hard for you. You don't want to disappoint her, do you?" The boy slowly shook his head and sat back up, trying to pay attention.

There were a few more kids in this state throughout the entirety of the class and Asura repeated almost repeated the same thing to them too. It seemed most of the kids liked Sandine enough to feel guilty of sleeping in her class once they were reminded that she was doing this all for them. Of course, there were a few stubborn ones who undoubtedly, pissed Asura off but it wasn't like she could scream or hit them and so she blackmailed them by saying that she'd tell their parents of their actions and it would be bad for them especially, because she was a Knight. That seemed to shut them up and by the end of the class, most of the kids were paying attention to what Sandine was teaching.

The bell rang and the students erupted in animated conversations as Sandine bid them goodbye and Asura followed her out. The brunette beamed at Asura quite brightly, "Thank you for helping me with the children! It was after quite a while that they were actually paying attention and I didn't lose any teaching time by trying to get them to pay attention. I really appreciate it. Here's your reward for today."

Asura would follow Sandine to the staff room where she would hand her the reward and talk animatedly to her colleagues about what had happen. The blonde would then quietly excuse herself and leave the premises of the school after stuffing her reward into her pockets. She had to admit, even though in the beginning she expected the worst because she was dealing with kids, most of them turned out to not be that difficult to handle. Just make them feel a little guilty and they're putty in your hands. Children can be so naive sometimes.

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