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Substitute Teacher (Quest, Law)

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Substitute Teacher (Quest, Law) Empty Wed Mar 28, 2018 4:32 pm

It was yet another day of work for Law, as he found himself doing a little bit here and there in order to sustain his current income. He had been very busy these last few months, yet at the same time he did not feel busy at all. Perhaps he was just bored by the thing he was doing as a forced way to keep himself busy. He certainly hoped this wouldn't be the case with today's job, and that it would entertain him rather than simply bore him as all the other jobs did to him. He had been doing all sorts of things, but nothing stuck.. who knows, even if today's work was simply being a teacher for a day, perhaps he would find some sort of fun or positive challenge in the whole experience. He suspected he wouldn't though, and he suspected that the kids would probably just pick on him a bunch and call him short or make fun of his hair, or something of the like anyways. They were all always so mean, it was really soul crushing. Even the neighborhood kids would pick on him. He felt so fragile, having his feelings hurt by such kids, but in the end it was indeed something that got to him. He was sure he could totally beat them up in basketball or something like that, though... they would never even stand a chance. Though, that still wasn't fair considering he was taller than most of the kids... he'd think of something.

Next up was the issue of having to find the school. After some quick directions from a friendly passerby however, Law was able to arrive there just in time to get into the class. In Law's bag, there were many notes that would instruct him on what and how to teach the children today. Very nice of her to make such a detailed book instead of simply writing a small note - he could tell that she really cared for both her work and the kids that she taught. Law wished his teachers back in school were as nice as her...

Law's first few minutes in the class were pretty good. The class was simply silent, and they all seemed to behave very well. They even laughed at his jokes! This was going a million times better than how he would of imagined it to be going. First, he explained the rules of subtraction to the kids, as well as addition. He was supposed to teach them about division and multiplication too, but he would save that for a little later as it was generally better to understand adding and subracting before moving onto the other two, as they all tied together and it was generally recognized that multiplication and division were simply advanced forms of addition and subtraction anyways. So, he proceeded to use some examples with addition and subtraction in the form of some blocks that he found in the classroom. Perfect, this was going great.


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