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Underwhelming Champion [Quest // Asura]

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#1Asura Nightshade 

Underwhelming Champion [Quest // Asura] Empty Wed Mar 28, 2018 3:45 am

Asura Nightshade

For some reason, this seemed like a really bad idea.

Asura clicked her tongue in annoyance as she stared upwards at the turquoise sky that covered the entire city of Magnolia. It was an ordinary day, just like any other, to be honest. The sun was high in the sky, there was a light breeze that ruffled the city, the birds were chirping and the citizens walked and talked, without a care in the world. For Asura though, unfortunately, she didn't have the chance to relish in that luxury as she walked on ahead in the town, her arms crossed over her chest. She couldn't believe what she had been assigned to today. It had been almost a little over a week since the blonde had come to Magnolia and she had taken almost two days off after coming down with this bad cold that she got due to helping in distributing some medicine to the people of Magnolia who had all come down with a sickness. Asura, thankfully, was fine now especially due to Father Jerad's medicine but that didn't mean that she wanted to just up and go inside a boxing arena that had opened up in Magnolia to defeat quite possibly, one of the strongest men in the country.

Now, don't get her wrong. She understands that it's a part of being a Knight, to maintain order and peace however, the blonde will admit that she isn't quite fond of being pulverized. And the job that she got today seemed to want to make sure that she ended up in the hospital. Asura released quite possibly the heaviest sigh that she could do as she reached the huge boxing arena that was on the outskirts of the city. Huge letters painted in red hit her eyes with the words 'Magnolia Boxing Arena' as she scrunched her face up in a grimace. Today, Asura was dressed in casual sweatpants and a sweatshirt with her hair tied into a pony tail as she was told that she had to be 'undercover' and now, the blonde stood there waiting for the one and only person who had given the Knights, of all people, this job.

After a while, it seemed that this person showed up and how Asura got to know was through a small pat on her shoulder. She turned around, a look of annoyance quite clear on her face however, which smoothed down once she noticed it was a rather young child. "Yes?" she questioned him as he stood there, looking at her.

"Are you the person they sent to defeat that cheating newcomer bastard?" The kid said causing Asura to widen her eyes slightly at his choice of words but she nodded nonetheless. "Yes, I am. My name is Asura, I'm assuming you must be Tyler?"

The boy gleamed at her, pointing at himself, "The one and only! Now, before I tell you what exactly happened, let's register for the tournament before they close the registrations. He's going to go down today!" Tyler tugged on Asura's wrist dragging her inside the arena as the blonde could only wonder in confusion about what the hell was going on.

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#2Asura Nightshade 

Underwhelming Champion [Quest // Asura] Empty Wed Mar 28, 2018 3:48 am

Asura Nightshade
"So, you see," Tyler started as the two waited in line to get Asura's registration done for the exhibition match, "I come here a lot. It's pretty nice to see some of the fights here and normally, they're really fair as well. So, one day, we were rooting for our favourite champion, great guy, I tell you until some newbie by the name of Rodrick came and defeated him! Can you believe that?" Asura could only raise an eyebrow in return as yes, she could indeed believe that because she hadn't seen anyone as of yet. Tyler shook his head and continued on with what he was saying, "Anyways, so pretty much everyone in the boxing area is one hundred percent sure that he cheated but we can't kick him out because we don't really have any solid evidence too. He's really cocky and nobody likes him, he ruins the entire thing for us. That's why I asked for you to come! So, you can defeat him and get the champion's belt and then give it to the old champion. All you have to do is not get hit and you're good to go."

The blonde stood there, staring at the kid, wondering what the actual fuck is wrong with them. "You know," Asura said, giving Tyler the most blank look she could give, "If your champion wasn't able to defeat Rodrick, what makes you think I possibly can?"

Tyler merely shrugged and said, "I don't know, you figure that out." Asura was very close to either bashing her head or his head in a wall. Who ever knew how this Rodrick person was and even though Asura was a Knight, her strength wasn't all that great so if it came to a battle of fists, she wouldn't be able to do anything. And she hadn't brought her warrior set with her because obviously it's a boxing match.

The two waited in line until their number came up and Tyler excitedly made Asura register as the blonde could only dread ever agreeing to do this. The duo entered the arena, waiting for some time as Tyler tried to get Asura ready for her upcoming match against Rodrick. "Just remember what I told you, he's very strong but extremely slow so just keep dodging his attacks and making him look like an idiot until he gets tired. You look like you're fast anyways." The blonde raised a light eyebrow at him again before shaking her head lightly. Her name was finally called and with a shout of 'good luck' from Tyler, Asura entered the ring just as shouts started erupting within the arena.

At first she thought those shouts were for the man standing on the other side of the ring before she soon realized that they for her from the continuous screams of 'Go suck a dick, Rodrick' that came from the crowd. Rodrick on the other hand was a rather pretty fellow, even Asura had to admit that and he didn't seem very threatening, to be honest. That is, until he opened his mouth and said, "Huh, would you look at that. It's a girl, I bet I can finish this in a minute. Sixty seconds, nothing more."

Now, Asura was pissed.

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#3Asura Nightshade 

Underwhelming Champion [Quest // Asura] Empty Wed Mar 28, 2018 3:51 am

Asura Nightshade
The bell which signified the start of the match rang and Rodrick wasted absolutely no time in heading towards Asura's direction to land a punch. The blonde had to admit it took her a little by surprise that he would start as soon as the bell rang and therefore, she narrowly escaped the attack by lunging to her side at the last moment. Wasn't there supposed to be a waiting thing where they try to corner each other like animals? Was that not boxing? This was not what she expected.

The punch that Rodrick had landed earlier had hit the floorboards of the ring and Asura could only stare in shock as the wooden surface cracked under the impact. So, they weren't kidding when they said he was strong. Okay, wow, this was bad.

Rodrick turned towards the blonde, his eyes holding a seething look to them as he approached her once again, his fist in the air to land a punch. Thankfully, Asura managed to dodge that..and the kick after that...and a few punches after that until she began to think that wow, she must be really good at dodging. But then again, she always liked to avoid confrontation and she thought of herself as pretty fast so shouldn't be a surprise, really. However, after a while, it did seem as though she over-stated her ability to dodge and her being able to not get hit till now was both a combination of her speed and Rodrick's lack of speed. Tyler wasn't kidding when he said that Rodrick was slow. The man was indeed, quite strong and Asura was sure that if she got hit with even one of his punches, that would it for her however, his lack of speed was a good thing. She was almost twice as fast as he was.

With being so engulfed in trying to dodge Rodrick's attacks, Asura had barely heard the cheering that the audience were doing in her direction. However, when she did hear it, it made her motivation go up a bit. Especially, due to the seething look on Rodrick's face when he realized that the minute he promised to defeat her was finally up. It seemed as though the fight was catching up to him as Asura could see him sweat profusely with him slowing down after almost every hit that she dodged. He was incredibly embarrassed and after a while of playing cat and mouse, Rodrick decided that he had had enough and let a loud scream rip through the arena as he all of a sudden, charged at the blonde, putting in all his strength in this one punch. Asura yelped and ducked to the side, just in the nick of time as he went tumbling down after stumbling on her foot and hit his face on the floorboard causing a crack in it. The blonde merely stared wondering what the hell had just happened and for a moment, it was quiet. Until the cheers erupted across the arena and a man, supposedly, the reffree came and gave her the champion belt along with the prize money.

"Uh," she muttered, staring off to the side at Tyler who was screaming in joy, while pointing at another man and mouthing "He's the actual champion." She quickly got out of the ring before Rodrick decided to wake up and handed the previous champion the belt before rushing out of there, just in time to hear Tyler scream a "thank you" and "hope to see you in the arena soon."

Well, too bad for him, that time will never come again, Asura thought as she shook her head and decided to go back home.

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