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Fantastic Fabrics [Quest|Solo]

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In an attempt to further himself from the medical facility's vicinity, the embarrassed boy happened to end up coming into contact with another establishment. While finally managing to crawl out of the pity hole Ephraim placed himself in, this field of expertise couldn't be anymore foreign to his lazily put together attire. This of course being with the company of the one and only, Fernando, an up and coming fashion designer, one who has already began picking apart every finite detail of Ephraim's being.

"Gosh, Darling. You look like a desert, those colors with your skin and hair talk about dry. I never expected someone so unprepared would be one to take up my request. Will you really be able to even do this simple task for me? I am in dire need for these fabrics, you wouldn't believe it." Many uncomfortable pokes and steps circled around his being, face shading a deep crimson as the critique hit him from every angle. "I-I, um..." Just about the only minor words able to escape his fragile being before the flamboyant designer had Ephraim back up and heading out the door. "Look, I'll trust you this time,  but don't make me regret it. Now please, if any of my clientele were to see you exiting my boutique looking like that I'd simply die along with my career. Of now, toodle-oo~"

The amount of emotions coalescing like a mask on the poor boy's face were like that of an art piece, akin to the Scream. With one weak step followed by another, Ephraim's mopey mug swung side to side at its lower position, unable to catch a break in this town. No matter, money was money, and it was in this moment that he realized the hefty weight in the back of his pants as a large sum of jewels now resided on his belt loop. Immediately cluching the pouch like an infant, the lad returned to his thoughts. Well aware of the struggle he was to be up against in his search, and so the blinding smile pierced through his mind again, eagerly grabbing at his chest which stayed wavering, an unyielding balance between hope and despair.

Speaking of despair though, the ruckus off in the distance could only signify one thing, mass crowds of people. A chill ran throughout his spine as the thought alone made Ephraim's energy drop into the negatives. Keeping his hands close to his chest, trying his hardest to shrink himself down as to not draw much attention and sneak through the crowd to the best of his abilities. Gaining a better eye as the marketplace was now within his sights, it was tremendously more packed than the rainy day of his arrival in Baska. The trick which he was told to implement in these kinds of situation  was a classic, though it made matters worse in other categories. "Why did she tell me to imagine everyone in their underwear... This just feels incredibly indecent, is this how perverts began? Was she just messing around with me?!" Whatever the true reason behind the advice given to Ephraim, it did show some form of progress, while trying to avert his eyes from the unclothed imagination, he had actually stepped foot within the zoo of people.

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Fantastic Fabrics [Quest|Solo] Empty Tue Mar 27, 2018 12:32 pm

Now, being within the lion's den came the hard part of finding what he came for. With a quick scan about, face still rather blushed even if the image had gone from his head. It didn't take much looking to find a few small stations with heaps of  cloth and clothing. Hesitantly tiptoeing to the closest area, Ephraim stood before a tan skinned lady, seemingly still in the early half of her life. Though stuttering, the boy on a mission managed to get his request across, leaving the woman stunned and confused at his disposition. Either way, she ran her fingers among some draped over fabric, till a glint appeared before her causing her to stop. With a wink she went about describing the fabric and the cost with a poker face and words which are rather run of the mill in this kind of business. Ephraim however none the wiser, reached into the pouch and counted out the asked amount of jewel with a nod of acceptance. Grinning utterly on the inside was the woman at the prospect of a child still wet behind the ears, scooping the jewels the second he put down the full amount. Trying her hardest to further business grabbing out other materials and clothing.

After the first few articles didn't sum up any of Fernando's requests, he was luckily able to step away without being leeched dry. Continuing about the flea market awhile longer, lead to nothing much else matching to his employers taste, aside from some minor pieces which once more left not much with the real of bargaining for the innocent boy. After a good hour and a half search, Ephraim made sure to stop at a few stores on his way back, hopefully to receive more of a stable and comforting scene to shop within. While the first two were busts, more so because of Ephraim's lack of vocal abilities out of sheer awkwardness, the third store would be where some magic stuck. "I can't let Fernando down like this, he's counting on me. I just have to try and search harder." The words spilling out of his mouth without even realizing it, luckily so as the mention of Fernando caught some glances from the workers. A young man quickly approached the boy lost in thought, questioning if they heard him correctly. It seemed Ephraim found the magic word as the clientele eagerly assisted Ephraim with the hope to gain recognition and future dealings with the man himself.

After that visit, Ephraim was basically done with his venture, with a bow and words of gratitude to those within the shop, he hurried back to the eccentric man himself. A trip which posed much better success than his last attempt at helping, it almost quite revived some of his nerves, being able to meet nice people as he did. Coming around the corner, the flashy image of Fernando himself was outside of his establishment, tapping his foot quite furiously. "Oh about time, I presume you got everything I requested? Good good, you know you're more reliable than your outfit signifies, boy. Not really the quickest, but in some cases that's an advantage. You've saved me quite a bit of trouble and if you ever need to get a redesign of that droll you call an attire, you know where I am~" Fernando approached and left Ephraim with such a pace the boy couldn't do much besides stand and let it happen. The bag of supplies which he held were now hanging off his arm, the pouch of jewels, no longer rested in his pocket, but a decent sum of the remainder stayed as payment for his troubles. Ephraim already had a hard time understanding people, but figuring out Fernando seemed like an entirely different spectrum.

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