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All Fired Up [Solo,Quest]

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Quest: All Fired Up

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Lord Servas Phantasm: Servas is the Lord of the Phantasm family, housing Oak's popular castle. A great influence in Oak Town, respected by many and leading a family of four. He has one of the highest reputations in town and knows how to play his coins to get what he and his family wants, although he is usually making deals with the devil.

Summary: Over the years, the Oak Town has become increasingly uncomfortable about the possibility of threats from the Other Lands. Lord Servas has taken matters into his own hands and has commissioned a network of beacons to be built across the borders of Oak Town. The communication network is already in place, but Lord Servas could use a little help making sure everything is ready to go, in the event of emergency.

Enemies: None

Objective: Ensure that the beacons are properly constructed in case of emergency.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Oak Town.
  • You're starting outside the gates and you need to venture to a hill that can be located easily in front of you.
  • When you arrive at the hill you will find a guard putting the last pieces of logs into place for the beacon to be finished. You can either tell him he is doing a good job or that he needs to hurry up if he doesn't want his head to roll.
  • From that beacon point you can easily spot the next one which is east of the current beacon.
  • Move to the next beacon through the woods and find out about its status.
  • When you arrive at the next beacon you will find a guard asleep, however the beacon is finished. You can let him sleep if you feel like he deserves the nap after working on the beacon all night, or wake him up and tell him that he needs to stay alert if he doesn't want his head to roll.
  • The last beacon is north of the current, you need to move out through the woods on more time.
  • When you arrive at the last beacon you will find a dead guard. It seems like the beacon was almost finished but something or someone prevented him from finishing this task.
  • Move through the woods again back to the gates and tell the guard outside about the situation. He will give you your reward and tell Lord Servas about the dead guard at the last beacon.

Ianthe inched toward the request board, taking a long hard look at her choices. Alot of the requests in oak were more than just a little shady and she couldn't possibly take any of them. Folding her arms tightly around herself under the dark cloak she wore, Ianthe scanned slowly to see if she could pick out something even remotely doable. It took her a little too long but she found one and plucked it off the board. Reading it over once more she nodded to herself and tucked the request away. She was quick to leave the area and headed to the Inn she stayed in to gather herself for the task at hand. The request it's self was simple and she was sure it could be done before sundown. Most of the places she visited were lively and well comforting. Oak on the other hand was uncomfortable and she heard it could be quite dangerous at night. Ianthe didn't like that too much but she stayed so she can take up some requests and help who she could before move on to the next town. The request sounded like it would require a lot of walking on her behalf so she kicked off her flats and pulled out a pair of black boots she picked up in the town over. Pulling them on and lacing them up she then threw on a long sleeved black shirt but kept on her black jeans. Grabbing her cloak she head down to the main dining area of the Inn and grabbed a seat. Ianthe wasn't gonna go out there on an empty stomach and she was sure as the sun was bright wasn't gonna go without mapping out the closest distance between the beacons she had to check on.

" Hello doll what would ya like today. " The voice came from a short but pretty waitress. The woman had blond hair that was placed in a bun and soft grey eyes. Her voice was sweet but charming and it put Ianthe at ease. " Oh. Um, I would like a small bowl of sliced fruit wit grapes, apples, kiwi, and pineapples in it. A glass of water, a turkey sandwich with Swiss cheese, lettuce, and mayo cut in in half please. " The order was a bit much she had to admit that, but she never went anywhere or did any job without food on in her. At this point was a taboo for her to working without having something that looked like a full blasted three course meal. While she waited for her meal she thought about her task at hand. It seemed like she only needed to check on three beacons and make sure those who were at those beacons were doing their jobs. Simple stuff really nothing could go wrong. Sighing she didn't know why she felt so anxious but soon calmed down when her food came to her. She dug into the bowl of fruit first, then devoured her sandwich, downing it all with the water. She was full but not sluggish, having learned what was healthy to eat and what was not.


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It wasn't long before she was cleaning off the last of her meal, paying for it, and heading outside. The request in question led her to a gate and then to a hill that she could see perfectly from the previously mentioned gate. It looked like this job was gonna be one with plenty of walking, not that she minded as it would help her digest her meal properly. Making her way to the hill she jogged up it with ease, something like that wasn't hard compared to twelve years of hard labor. This would be nothing more than a walk in the park. As she arrived to the top of the hill a strong wind blew, throwing her hair back and whipping it up. A man stood at the top of the hill hammering away at the beacon, not realizing he wasn't alone. Ianthe took a long look at the structure and decided that it was good. The man was doing such a good job working so diligently that she almost didn't want to bother him, and so she didn't. Instead Ianthe waited until he was done before clapping her hands and gathering his attention. " Oh I was sent by Lord Servas, you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work and no slacking ok? " With a smile and a nod Ianthe ran off to the next beacon which was toward the east. An easy beacon to spot from where she previously stood. Running quickly as to not lose any daylight she made it to the top of the hill only to be met with disappointment.

" Oh no..."
Ianthe sighed to herself as she took a look at the beacon. It was complete and well made but the guard was asleep. It was dangerous for a man in his position to be sleeping on the job even if he had been working on this beacon all day, if something happened to the people because of his lack of alertness she would be devastated. Tapping the man until he woke up Ianthe shook her head at him. " You cannot sleep on the job sir. I was sent by lord Servas to see how things were and he would be very disappointed in you. I won't tell him but keep yourself up and awake. Good job on the beacon though, really nice work there sir. " And with those words of encouragement she took off to the next beacon.

The final beacon was towards the north and she found herself moving through the woods to get there. The sun was starting to set and the usual chipping of birds died down a bit as the wind picked up. Ianthe could see the beacon before she arrived to it and it looked a bit undone. With a curious look on her face she made her way closer only to be met with a dead guard. Covering her mouth she walked around the beacon for any signs of what might of happened. The beacon was undone and she couldn't find anything that could lead this to be an accident. Taking a last look at the guard she ran to the gates where she started and informed the guard that was there. He seemed shocked to say the least but paid her before running off himself, probably to warn Servas. The sun was almost gone now and Ianthe made her way to the Inn.


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