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Hargeon to Marigold [foot walk]

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Hargeon to Marigold [foot walk] Empty Tue Mar 27, 2018 12:43 am

At least the mood was a lot better now that she thought about it. Now that she allowed herself to think about it. Thank god she did not feel any jealousy as she looked up, seeing Hecate so curled up around Jupiter his arm and him with this glow of pride now that his girl had returned to him. Now that Hecate had forgiven him. Last night when she returned from her second job that day, Jupiter had asked her to sit down so he could tell her what happened. Which was very much less dramatic than she had been afraid off. He heard his cousin was around and as she was in a place that had wounded himself and Hecate; he had sped off to find her. Thinking about nothing else. Then he heard Magnolia but couldn't find any trail and thought he misheard and returned to here Hargeon.

But now he was sure, the determined expression said so too, his cousin was in Marigold and he wanted to go there to make sure she was alright. Alice had no idea if he asked permission after all she had no idea how their bond worked but Hecate mentioned that this time she would come along. Which made Alice suggest to come along to Marigold where she would wait for them. She had not been in Marigold for over a year, it could be nice. So with that they left, still unknow to Alice what their relation was but at this point she only hoped that Jupiter his cousin was fine.

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