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Magnolia to Hargeon [Foot travel]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Magnolia to Hargeon [Foot travel] Empty Mon Mar 26, 2018 1:52 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
As fast as they could, left, right, another left, another right. Running but not too long because the travel towards Hargeon would make them far too tired if they would go on like this. They couldn't, they shouldn't and they mustn't. Hecate and Alice, one more desperate than the other, one far more understanding about the situation than the other thought possible. But they didn't say anything, the whole trip was made in silence. How had Barras seen them, had Jupiter been human? Had he talked, had he left a message or was it mostly just coincidence that he had passed by and that the smith had looked outside. They had not asked anymore questions. They had looked at each other, said goodbye to Asura and wished her look with possible other jobs and waved away her apology for not being able to help. It didn't matter, they had to go. They had to find him, he would be there, hopefully waiting in the same room that Alice had put on hold for them. They didn't run anymore, saving energy, walking through the night, it didn't matter. They would be there soon but once they arrived, he wasn't there. Hecate looked more sad than ever and Alice decided to head out to find him.


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