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Proletarian shopping [quest]

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#1Kurdran Briggs 

Proletarian shopping [quest] Empty on Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:33 am

Kurdran Briggs
Living in the big city wasn`t exactly as calm as Kurdran had expected it to be. Somehow he had gotten himself a nice place to live in a motel for couple of days with money he got from all those little tasks he had been doing, but he kept getting whines about "generating noise", among other small whines. Apparently he wasn`t keeping his room clean enough, and snored so loud that "The wizard council thinks a war is starting". Apparently him liking to eat a bit too much was starting to become an issue too, as the bills for breakfast started to include payment for two people.

Honestly, he started to feel like the society didn`t want him to live here. Not a nice feeling, that`s for sure. Felt like he was getting kicked out all over again. However, atleast the task board didn`t judge you for doing things the way you want, so he was atleast stable in that front. It just came to him making social connections that didn`t bite him on the buttock and would help him do those tasks, until he could just go wild and become the most popular guy in the world! Well, that was the plan anyway...

His hardened steps were accompanied by an occasional belly scratch, as he walked over to the board. What to do, what to do... There was a task to help someone farm potatoes, another one to take care of pesky rats, and one of them was about taking care of the kids while their parents weren`t home. Kurdran couldn`t help but sigh loudly. It was like nobody needed actual help. It was all just about killing helpless things, that couldn`t propably even whack themselves if they had the guts to do so...

...His eyes caught on to one very weird request though. It was so illegible, that even a smarter guy propably wouldn`t have been able to read it. There was only one thing somewhat understandable from it... "Cam ty de Alli nior da shopkiip, and vi tolk bisinez." Shady as heck. Shady enough to be something else completely! And shady enough... To involve a brawl with some big dude! By Kurdrans logic, getting rid of someone like that would definitely make him a bit more liked now wouldn`t it?! The request was now in his hands, and it was time to go forward!

And as he made it to "de alli", he couldn`t help but feel like this was way too familiar. Had he run through here before? Well, soon enough, a cap fell off from a trashcan, as Kurdran tightened his muscles and turned to look intimidatingly towards it... only to see the little kid he had been chasing a while ago. "Y-You!?" The boy seemed pretty much as awkward about this coincidence as Kurdran himself was. "W-Well, you did say a boy of my age shouldn`t do anything illegal, hehe?" He laughed awkwardly. And Kurdran ate it up. He couldn`t exactly eat his words now...

Apparently, the kid still needed to get food for his group, but now that he knew the shopkeep would send semi dangerous adults after him if he continued... well, that wasn`t exactly a good thing. So, he wanted Kurdran do the stealing for him. This had Kurdran scratching his head for a while. It was a choice, that`s for sure. Either uphold the law, or help kids get something to eat. He crossed his hands took a deep breath and...

"Righto. Just this once."

He stepped into the store, where the shopkeep immediately recognized him. "Oh, hello there! Has the little rascal been making more trouble? I will be happy to spill what I know this time too." Kurdran shrugged. "Nah, I am just here for "shopping". "Oh, what do you need then?"

"A lot."

With a shouting shopkeep behind him, and a hugful of food in his arms, Kurdran ran away as fast as he could. As mean spirited as it propably was to attack the shopkeep like this, He did agree with the kid, that the food was propably going to be in a better place with them than him. Also, the guy was a pretty big jerk, wasting his time with an othervise genuinely nice kid. Like seriously, the kid was even helping him find a good getaway this time!

After a little bit of cat and mouse, Kurdran sat down and breathed heavily, as the boy clapped his hands excitedly. It was a job well done, as Kurdran extended his hand for the money, and the boy happily gave it, with a bow and a thanks. However, as Kurdran was about to get going, wondering if it was safe to go back to his room now, the boy asked a very weird question. "Uhm, would you like to see my gang? I think this is enough food for a little while so I guess we could share..."

Going down the alley into a small street corner, the boy shouted something into the air, as kids of different ages started appearing, wondering who the big visitor is. As the boy named Kurdran "the benefactor of the day", the kids cheered...

And the little party began. The kids scarfed down the food like they hadn`t eaten in weeks, giggling and laughing, and all these questions were flung into Kurdrans direction. About where he came from, why does he have hair like this, how can they get tattoos like his... Kurdran felt outright good laughing alongside these kids like some kind of "trash king". There was certain amount of respect he got, and everybody was interested in what he had gone through. It was pretty much what he hoped for back when he was traveling with his clan.

And all of it was because of him choosing to do the right thing. He couldn`t help but laugh a little louder. And the next night, he slept under the stars, wrapped in his hair warmly like a little baby.

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