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Dahila-->Crocus[Foot Travel]

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Dahila-->Crocus[Foot Travel] Empty on Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:37 am

Caius had once again finished up all the work that he had to do in the town which was the town of Dahila. Caius would then go back to his hotel and he would then go up the stairs and then he would go and he would get the clothes out of his room and then he would get those clothes and pack them in his bag and then he would take the bag and would toss it over his shoulder and then he would go and he would head out and he would make sure that he would head outside and then he would head to the outskirts of town so he would be able to head to the Capital of Crocus.

Caius now was walking on a path and it was a path that lead to Crocus and then he would make sure to keep on the path so that way when he stayed on the path he would be on the right path and then he wouldn't get lost. The weather was nice as the sun was out as it was very orange and shiny and it was up in the sky that was very bright like a big ball of fire in space that it was. Then Caius would notice there was a breeze in the air and it was cold and gave him a chill but it was nice with the sun out cause it was hot and cold and that way he would be able to get the best of both worlds. There were a bunch of trees and they were made of wood and they were from the ground and they would be going upwards to the sky and they had some really big branches and there were some squirrels and they were chilling with some nuts. Then Caius would go and follow the path and before he knew it he would be back in the city and then he would go and head out and then he would head to the emperors guard and head there to talk with some former GH members about the next thing to do in the city.

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