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Medicare [Quest|Solo]

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Why, the question rang over and over in his noggin, aimlessly scanning his shaky eyes about the white room. Butt sat firm on the sheet protected bedding, as the wait for the man, similarly clothed with the color of the room, with his examination. "Of course... I knew I should have stayed home! Why, why when I come to the town is their some kind of illness spreading about. If some of the doctors aren't even safe then all is lost for me." Whimpering quickly to himself as the nerves pitted within his stomach near flowed onto the brightly polished floor. To make matters worse, the unsuspecting Ephraim nearly did lose his lunch as the door surprised the boy lost in thought.

Finally the practitioner reentered the space with a hefty sigh of exhaustion. "W-well doctor..? H-how is it, I don't need a shot do I?! Will I have to stay bed ridden..? Can I just use this bed, I-I already feel quite woozy." The boy dramatically collapsed onto the bed before the doctor even had a chance to speak. "Come on now son, don't worry you seem to be one of the lucky ones if I say so myself. Probably just your mind playing tricks on you." On that notion, Ephraim sprang back up with a gaze of disbelief, leading the man to continue speaking. "Wish I could say so for a good portion of the others, I'm busier than Santa on Christmas with this epidemic." Brow furrowed and beads of sweat cascaded down his wrinkled forehead, rubbing his chin while pondering a cluttered mess of thoughts. There was a general sense of anguish in his words, Ephraim appeared to make himself smaller by scrunching up, it wasn't in his nature to just idly sit by when he could feel that much pain in someone. "I-Is there... Anything I could do to help...?" The words were hesitant and quiet, almost like he didn't quite want the man to hear him, but he did alright. The rubbing of his chin paused, his weary eyes widened before he stood up and exclaimed he'd shortly return. Like that the doctor rushed off and once again Ephraim sat alone in the white room, dreading his nature all to much.

"Alrighty, there are these two bags here. Unfortunately I have no one to deliver them to the two patients, I can't tell you how relieved I was when you offered to help. Come back here once your done alright, of course you'll be compensated for your assistance, your a life saver kid." And that was the bulk of the situation, now Ephraim stood outside the medical facility, two bags of medicine, in a still fresh area to the boy, indeed Ephraim was screwed.  

As much wallowing as the worrisome boy did, he eventually had to move forward, which was about five minutes before he started moving. Since asking people was out of the question for Ephraim, the other options were to search around for a map of the area or work with the general directions given to him by Gerard. Going with the latter first, determined to get this medicine to those poor, sick individuals as quickly as possible. So utilizing the instructions and context clues, it probably took him twice as long as it would've taken a local, but the first person was found without much turmoil. However, the second house fared a much larger challenge.

Traversing through the area become increasingly difficult as the day progressed, men and women reaching the end of their business hours made the experience all the more dreadful. When Ephraim thought to finally be making some distance, the boy realized he got mixed up among the crowd and went the wrong way, being greeted by the all too familiar medical building of which he started His luck continued down the downward spiral as the address he had been repeating in his head got jumbled up, leading the poor lad on a wild goose chase, leaving a very awkward exchange with a little old man nursing a hearing problem. Suffice to say the best of his abilities were being put to the test here.

The cloudy boy, defeated in his quest held his head in shame as he spent even more time going back to the doctor's office to restart. "I wanna go home.. I really wanna go home.. Right now more than anything, I just wanna go home..." A sniffle as he gave into the more logical option, swallowing his pride, but more so fear and asked a shop owner for help. The bright yellow sun which rested high in the sky when this journey began, was now in its setting state. Ephraim with his head held low, was finally able to knock at the door of the patient, on the brink of tears as he pleaded for forgiveness to the man draped in robes. Only to be responded to his excuses of tardiness with a question of whom the boy even was, simply putting it that was a kick while he was already down. All Ephraim could do was give a bow as he handed over the medicine and dart off, in a near run as he wiped his eyes too ashamed to look back.

Surely at this point the boy would like nothing more than to retreat to his current residence and hide in a hole for awhile, but Gerard await his return, probably worried with the wait. Emotionally crawling as he trudged among the scarcely bodied walkways back for the fourth time today, hopefully the last. Back in the office with the aged man, Ephraim was unable to meet direct eye contact with the man, simply nodding or shaking his head for the first few minutes. "Well... In any case you did help me out and I feel the need to reward you for your hard work.. Harder than I had suspected at first." The last bit said underneath his breath, however just like earlier, it didn't go unnoticed by the equally exhausted boy, simply thanking the man before walking off, for the final time.

It was safe to say Ephraim couldn't show his face around here for awhile, his fragile heart couldn't bear it.

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