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Káilètte's Time Skip (WIP)

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Káilètte's Time Skip (WIP) Empty on Sat Mar 24, 2018 11:37 pm

Káilètte's Time Skip (WIP) Timesk11

Káilètte's Time Skip (WIP) Firsto12
At the start of Spring, Arisa planned out the wedding dress for Alice's wedding. She finished it within a month and made sure her friend received it. For the rest of the time she waited till the wedding of Alice's and Kon's. With excitement she enjoyed the wedding, met the friends she knew - catching up with them. Finally, she waved her goodbyes to leave and spend the rest of the year finding Noel to see what he was up to.

During Fall, she found Noel and it rounded up to him asking her the question she has been waiting for. They had a private wedding and went straight to a honeymoon afterwards. Finally, Arisa and Noel went to some place away from people to enjoy that alone time - experiencing many things together!

Káilètte's Time Skip (WIP) Second10

The Honeymoon ended from  last year Winter to this year of Summer. She had the time of her lift, but without knowing - Arisa had more surprises that have yet to appear as she had contact with her children. While sending letters to the mysterious contact; She was going to make her own though as she created a 'Ladies' Party for Halloween. When the party became live, she met many ladies mainly naming: Seira (again), Miranda, Alisa and [Name]. Everyone departed as they went to do their business and with that Arisa awaited for Noel's return till something appeared.

Noting that a letter came by with a picture of a family... Starting research to find them. Finally, she did find everyone, including finding out her real name; Káilètte josé de la Phinê Reyfère as being called so.

Year X788
Káilètte's Time Skip (WIP) Family12

The With her children and finding her family, she continued to learn about her past and saw a therapist to open up her memories. With completion of doing so by the end of the year and thanks of her family; she finally found out why she had a foreign accent (and what it was called). With the rest of the year -- she spent time with the family that she never got to spend most of her life with.

Year X789
Káilètte's Time Skip (WIP) Family13
Káilètte sadly was separated from her family once again as they left to go back to Minstrel (Since they were high nobles and were needed). Her and her children traveled around Fiore till they once again met back up with Noel, explaining the things that have happened. Low-key, she wished he was there when she gave birth to them, but she was happy enough she had her own family and knowing her actual family was searching for her the whole time. Orchidia seemed nice and truthfully nothing could be better than this...

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