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Anti-boring Story [Social/Open]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

Anti-boring Story [Social/Open] Empty Thu Mar 22, 2018 6:27 am

Nastasya Crowe
To literally pinpoint what was going on into the young woman her head was a difficult thing. There was a lot she wanted to do and a lot that was putting her off these thoughts. Such as going into the same pub as yesterday and figure something out that she had no idea how to ask, but the person behind the bar had looked at her as if he knew her and he had looked around her as to expect someone else. But she had been alone for as far as she could remember which was about a month or so.

So the red eyed apparently mage had decided that she would ask the barkeep who he was and who she was, but that was dumb in a pub full of people who didn't look nice. She brushed her sand coloured hair behind her ear and pulled her leather jacket up, as usual the woman was dressed in black mostly, today she was wearing a wine red shirt and her black skinny jeans and high heels. She had no job to do, else it would be sneakers, but she had to look sure and secure and no stupid cowardly child act as the time she met Thorn. She decided to see if the time would tell her to ask that question and stepped inside, looking at the crowd that was mostly male but she didn't care, she showed no interest in that anyway, she wasn't interested anyway and she walked to the bar which was mostly empty at this point and she hopped on a barstool to turn to the barkeep, what to drink today?

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#2Rishi Namatzu 

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Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

It was that time of the year again. Rishi hadn't had a drink for quite a long time now, and she figured that if she was in the town of Oak, she would get one small drink from the pub that inhabited the town. It seemed to be pretty popular, seeing all the men inside when she opened the door. This wasn't really what she came for though, she had no intentions to flirt, not after meeting Jeremiah. She had come for a simple drink, and if she were to talk to anyone it would be a female. It didn't seem there were many girls in there though, and she looked around for a second. It was hard to see through some of the people, but she made her way to the back where the bar had been and sat down. "Lemme get a highball," she said to the bartender as she sat down. She realized she had sat down next to a woman and said, "Oh hi there, my name is Rishi nice to meet you." Was she too subtle? She didn't know, and to be quite honest, she didn't care. She was here to get a drink and possibly have a small conversation, and she didn't care how it happened.

Tags: @Lilja
Word Count: 212
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

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#3Kurdran Briggs 

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Kurdran Briggs
Ugh, what a day... Kurdran was frustrated and tired after his dissapointing task. You`d think some big shot would come up with something, where the situation is atleast interesting to handle, or showy enough to make him feel good, but no... He had to be the guy to check on all these lazy workers, and the one time something happens, the killer is a wuss and doesn`t stick around to even offer a battle! What kind of a girl would do something like that? Some pantsless monkey propably...

Honestly, he felt like ranting... and loudly. He needed something to quell his annoyance, before he could actually do something relevant. And in the corner of his eye, he spied a perfect place: A bar! Now, Kurdran didn`t exactly consider himself alcoholic. But he would have been lying to himself if he didn`t enjoy the flavour of good well made beer! Typically it was homemade too, but now that he was sort of homeless, that wasn`t an option. May as well go and try the alternate option right?

"Knock knock, ya bullards!" Kurdran shouted enthusiastically into the bar, as he stomped through the door and sat right in front of a table, slamming his fist down with a loudish *Klonk!* and looking towards the bartender. "Mead please! And in a big mug! I am feeling horrid!" The bartender seemingly just shrugged. This was nothing new to him clearly, especially today with all the men around. There was bound to be the idiotic angry types.

Kurdran tapped his fingers against the table rythmically, as the bubbling goodness was delivered and placed on the table. "Here!" He threw couple of coins, the results of his job towards, him and chugged a couple of loud glugs, cleaning foam off from his stache upon his hand... "Like I said, horrible day... its like people don`t even care about being proud anymore you know... Just wusses all of `em, ya get me?" Only after a little while of talking to himself did he notice, that the bartender had left him alone. "Bah! Proper customer service my mohawk!" He grumbled. As he took another sip. Atleast the mug he was drinking from was very sizeable indeed.

#4Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
The barkeep ignored her, no longer looked up, no longer looking around her to find a second person, did she had a companion? Human, or any other race of did it used to be an animal? Both things she didn't know but did that really matter at this point? She wanted to have answers and this man had them and they should be given to her! She wanted to slam her fist on the bar to get the attention but she heard a voice next to her, higher, more childish than hers but perhaps not because of age but because of a certain amount of happiness? Could you call it that, Lilja had no idea, she turned to look at the gray haired girl next to her and showed her neutral; annoyed expression. She was surprised how anyone like that could be so enthusiastic in meeting people, her meeting with Miah had gone smooth but Thorn or eh.. what was his name again. Not so much, "Lilja." She said, looking at Rishi and not entirely sure what to do, what roll to take, what.. mask? Did she do that? She gave a short smile, "Sorry it's been a long day." To which she noticed the barkeep look at her while he handed the drink to Rishi, something was still wrong but she still had no idea of what.

That's when some loud mouth came in, she rolled her eyes and turned as far on the stool as she could to watch the short man come in. They seemed to be the same height though but Nastasya always found that difficult to see when she was sitting. She looked at Rishi and gave an amusing smile as she let herself slide of the barstool, "Someone seems to be in the mood for a conversation." Perhaps it might give her answers, perhaps not but at least it was more fun than to sit and stare at the barkeep, "Bring me a pint of old ale, old man." she called out to him while walking over to the man with the mohawk, orange hair.. something was sparking her memory, but it had nothing to do with this man, "looking for company?" she simply asked.

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#5Rishi Namatzu 

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Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

It wasn't too long before the grey-haired girl had gotten her drink, and she had been a bit more happy than usual. She wasn't sure what it was about today, but she thought it was actually going to be a decent one. That was until a small and loud orange haired man came in an started yelling up a storm, and Rishi had kind of gotten annoyed. Who did this guy think he was walking in here making so much noise and loudly chattering on about absolutely nothing? She had wondered this as she mindlessly carried herself and her drink behind Lija, going over to the orange haired man. He seemed to be quite the talker, and Rishi hadn't been too surprised.He seemed like a real big talker and his small appearance didn't make things any better. The saying, "Big things come in small packages" turned out to be true. Venus jumped off of the barstool that he had been sitting on and sat down on the floor next to where Rishi had been standing as she took a sip from her glass. "Today was going to be an interesting day," she thought to herself as the cold drink ran down her throat. She waved to man and said, "Hello there sir, my name is Rishi, nice to meet you."

Tags: @Lilja @Kurdran
Word Count: 220
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

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#6Kurdran Briggs 

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Kurdran Briggs
Kurdran gasped out for a moment in between glugs. This stuff was actually pretty great! A brief chuckle emerged out of his lips, as he dabbled his fingers on top of the mug. Honestly, the day had not been too bad! He had quite a lot of cash now to get something which he wanted, and also to continue drinking like this for a couple of nights. That sounded like a deliciously relaxing plan for now... though it had a distinct lack of something... And he was not really sure what it was.

His attention however was pulled from thinking about it, As a pretty fancy looking grey missus walked over to him, and asked if he needed company. He gave a brief glance at his mug... and back towards the girl. "Huh? what kind of company?" He had heard of girls in bars being a bit swanky, but this was almost too quick. He hadn`t even said anything fancy yet to charm her... must have been something in his mead...

But when a second girl came up and outright just told her name with a silly little wave, Kurdran couldn`t hold his laughter, as his gut moved with the giggles. What was he even thinking? "Oh, I get it. You gals are messing with me! Propably just came to make fun of this silly guy trying to have some fun right?" One girl just coming to talk could be something, but two girls? That´s gotta be some mischief. He did a bit of a combing with his fingers through his hair, and gave em a bit of a side eyed glare.

"But hey, if you ladies wanna hang out, sit down, sit down! Would be rude of me to turn down people whose cheeks are so pincheably adorable!" He lifted his hand making a pinching motion with both his thumb and index finger, jokefully pushing his arm closer to them like he was actually about to do it. "Besides, I do wanna rant a bit about this one situation... Involves workers and forests and all the annoying business afterwards..." He pinched his eyes. He was clearly feeling frustrated just thinking about it again, as he took another sip of his mead. "You don`t mind do ya *hic*?"

#7Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
Lilja her lips curled into an amusing smile the way the conversation was heading. She stood next to the table with the loud man and looked at the barkeep that brought her pint, she nodded and took it before waving him away. He annoyed her more than anyone else, avoiding her questions, not answering. She should speak to the owner about him, being rude. He clearly had recognized her and she looked at the pint, that was no ale? she glanced at the barkeep again, ignoring it for mostly as she simply said down now that Rishi had come up as well, sure made things easier, people not expecting her to be a hooker in her leather outfit. She took a gulp of the beverage in the cup which tasted like something she couldn't place but she definitely liked it, see that only meant that this guy knew her!

"Any company you want, but it seemed like indeed you felt the need to talk to someone." She looked at Rishi who had already introduced herself, Lilja noticed easily that the man had not, but it didn't bother her, neither had she for that matter, normally she would be annoyed but this was only for amusement right, and to stay longer in the pub without being bored, "I'm Lilja, and you are?" she decided to say anyway, she looked at Rishi and gave the girl an amusing smile as well, "Making fun is not my job sir, I just thought to listen to your story, I'm new to Oak and it is rather fascinating to hear more about it." she said as she heard the hiccup in his voice, that must be some pretty strong mead, it might be more fun, she would see where this company would take her for today, it was nothing that would be able to change it anyway anymore.

She completely had ignored the comment about pinchable cheeks, she didn't like it, but to yell and storm out would make for a boring evening. she noticed she looked rather young and she had no idea how that had worked as she had no idea what happened in the past, she couldn't remember her age, only the name Lilja Oswald had hang around in her mind and only thanks to the hotel had she known it was correct.

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#8Rishi Namatzu 

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Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

Rishi had been a bit confused. She hadn't been coming over here to mess about, she simply wanted to talk. This man seemed to think different though, and had thought she and Lilja had come over to laugh at him and such. Sometimes she really just didn't understand people and the way their minds worked, it was a peculiar thing to think about. She looked around for a second before sitting down on top of the table, Venus sitting on the floor. She had gotten comfortable and took another sip of her drink, then getting ready to listen to what the man had to say. She didn't know anyone in Oak, and she would plan to leave very soon, so why not spend her last day hanging out and making new friends? "I wouldn't mind listening to your story, I got nothin' better to do anyway." Today might be the one day that things actually went how she wanted them to, and she really didn't want to ruin that, not after what had happened a few days ago. She had a slight frown on her face that was barely noticeable, and as she took another small sip of her drink, she had just stopped thinking about the rest of the world, pushing everything away. Now realizing that she had to go, she said, "Oh wait, I'm sorry I forgot I had to go get a potion that I ordered a while ago... toodles!" The girl got up and walked out the door, her small companion behind her.

Tags: @Lilja @Kurdran
Word Count: 214
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

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#9Kurdran Briggs 

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Kurdran Briggs
Kurdran chuckled, as he was asked for his name. "Kurdran. Kurdran Briggs, at yer service." About time he made it known too hehehe. He leaned backwards in his seat, all sorts of relaxed, as the girl continued showing interest in his story. "Yeah, this one is definitely not gonna be a joke..." At this point the girl who had nicely introduced herself first just up and left. Apparently she had left a potion in the oven? "Well, it`s her loss..." One more sip, and he leaned over the table, while smacking it with his palm.

"It`s quite silly you say that you`re new here, cause I am a pretty new guy too! Just came here yesterday for some work..." He flicked his thumb behind, like he was pointing directly somewhere else. "I thought that hey, best place to get a job, is back at the big old castle you know. Castle Phantasm it`s called, hard to miss..." May as well point out an obvious landmark since she was new around here. "Immediately when I entered the people gave me stares. That kind of racist stare that some werewolves and what not get. Not exactly friendly folk... But, I go, and pick up this lovely mission by the lord of the castle himself!" He opened his hands wide. "Yeah, I know, Big start... Though just words on paper with what it actually was..." He took a sip and shook his head in disgust.

"You see, the actual business was me just running around the place, making sure that people were doing there job..." He scratched his nose. "Like, I had done that sort of watchman duty before but... man, the first guy almost didn`t even wave at me... But you know he had his job done so, why would I get mad, am I right?" He scratched his hair... Man, this was supposed to be a story about his experience working here, and its already so dull...

He needed to spice it up a bit... Something exciting that the girl could excitedly point and gasp at. now what was up next? Oh yeah!

"However, between me, and the next place I needed to be at, was a forest! A big ol nasty one nearby... Running through it some of the sticks got stuck in my hair..." He combed his beard in between his fat fingers, as he found a small piece of rock that he placed on the table. "However, what I didn`t expect there to be, was a bear!" He stood up, raising his hands upwards, like the roaring beast itself. A proper story needs to be lived after all. "It was almost twice my size! And double as hungry! It wanted to wrestle!" He proceeded to hug himself. "It scratched me like an annoying being, but I threw it to the side! And he left, like a little wuss! This guy ain`t easy pickings!" Kurdran laughed with  childish excitement at his own storytelling.

"Of course, that was only the start of my bad day at work..." He smiled cockily, glugging his mead. One of his eyes was looking at the girl, expecting a reaction.

#10Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
Lilja gave a small nod at the timing of his introduction. Interesting a name to remember perhaps. Which was a funny thing to say to a woman with barely any memories of the past. When the introduction was done, she remembered him telling them to sit down and as Rishi sat on the table, which annoyed Lilja to a point, the red eyed woman went to sit on the available chair. Before she could even usher Rishi to sit on a chair as any person with manners would do, the girl jumped up saying she forgot something and left. Making Lilja her eyes for the first time caught her companion and stare at it intensly for the seconds that she got left before it disappeared after a closed door. She had a companion like that, like that.. it had a different colour.. it had a name.. but where was it? If she had not had the decentsy to forget it for now and to pretend nothing happened, she would have jumped up, slam her hand on the bar and ask this barman where her pet was. That was probably what he had been looking for, although he had not looked at the floor, he had looked at her eye level.. so perhaps not. But she could have sworn she had a companion like that ages ago!

Instead she turned her red eyes towards Kurdran, muttering something about Rishi her lost, yes well, she had not known the girl, "To be perfectly honest, she just introduced herself to me as well, probably a weak heart, can't take fascinating stories." She mused trying to sound interested, which she was but slightly distracted. She looked up at the red haired man and wondered what his day could have been about. She gave him a smile as he indicated he was new, yes.. she was new to her memories, apparently she had been coming here for ages again.. perhaps she should ask the hotel. But she needed to think about Victoire later.. about what later? Did she think of a name and forget immediately? Man what was it hard to keep her face in the right shape and to focus her attention, but Lilja tried everything to do this and she apparently used to be good at it, because it was unseen what struggles went on in her mind on her facial expression.

She smiled at him, the way he talked was really nice, and she really meant it, now that she kicked the fox out of her mind, she could focus on the way he told the story, capturing her attention. She took a sip of her pint and nodded, she knew the castle, she couldn't remember being there but it was an obvious spot that no newbie in town could miss. She looked up and put her pint down and lowered her gaze as he told her that it was just basically a job from checking up on others. "Well at least he did his job." she nodded at his statement, softly to not interrupt the story.

She wanted to take another sip when the man continued to tell the story and she placed the pint back, staring at him intensly with her bright red eyes, a bear? She let out a gasp, perfect moment right? She would normally not do that but she had a roll to play, something she used to do.. right? She grinned when he told her he threw the bear away, "That's amazing!" She didn't know if this guy would be able to feel the magical ability she had, like Jeremiah did, but that didn't matter, she looked young, she looked weak, she felt weak and she definitely wasn't up for wresteling bears.

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#11Kurdran Briggs 

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Kurdran Briggs
Even the last bit of Kurdran caring about the girl who had left, was washed away, as Lilja told him she didn`t exactly know the girl either. Admittedly, he couldn`t blame her. Some of the stories back home got awfully brutal. But, it was kind of a weak excuse still to skip something like this.

The joy in Kurdrans eyes was Immense, as the girl praised how amazing he was. He almost choked in his drink, as he coughed, and proceeded to smile. "Oh believe me it was! But you know, when you`ve been in the wilds for as long as me, you can handle a little beast like that..." He bragged a little bit, twirling his beard between his fingers. There was almost a reddish glow to him, with his face being almost as red as his facial hair. Maybe it was him outright blushing from a relatively rare moment, where he felt proud of something he atleast said he did? That or the drink was finally going to his head.

Whichever it was, it gave Kurdran a push to continue his story even further. Looks like the girl was gullible enough to actually believe what he said to be true too. After all, in truth, nothing actually happened in the woods. He literally just got needles stuck to his feet, which was frustrating. But now, it sort of felt like an actual adventure he was telling!

"However, that was not it!" Kurdran said triumphantly. "My trip continued, as I reached the next hill, where a guard was lazing about, being all sorts of useless. He had left his work completely undone!" Truthfully, the guy was napping because the work WAS done... but she wouldn`t know that. "So, I had to shout at him, and do his work with him, to make sure there was a beacon to protect us. Hammered it real deep with his hammer." He whacked his left fist with his right one, like an actual hammer against a nail. He was really getting into the storytelling now. Almost every step of the way included some kind of exaggerated expression. He felt so warm inside, that he couldn`t help but feel like he was sitting by a campfire.

"For the next beacon, I had to go through the forest again! I saw the bear, it was eating some berries, and immediately as it saw me, it ran away! Like a little baby crawling away from its mommy!" He chuckled to himself, as his fingers danced on the table, imitating a person. "At this point, I was admittedly, in kind of a rush, so I just ran over to the last beacon... But there, I saw it... something horrifying... way worse than the bear..."

"A man, suited in black, twirling his fingers towards the pool last guard..." He got closer towards lilja, with his own moving menacingly towards her. "It was some sort of a magical spell, something that didn`t even leave a mark on the guys body! Then he noticed me coming from the woods, and looked straight towards me..." Kurdran proceeded to pull his lower lid down a bit, showing his blue eyes in all their glory, as she looked Lilja straight in the eyes... "With his BLOOD... RED...!"

Suddenly the guy flinched... he let go of his eyelid, as he pulled his head back a bit and an awkward silence followed. He had only now realized, that the girl herself had deep red eyes. and for some reason, when he looked into them, he couldn`t help but feel outright awkward. Like this girl was all high and mighty, like some kind of a stronger wizard. But she was just a little lost lady in a bar! that didn`t make any sense whatsoever... He looked into his mug momentarily, trying to take a sip, only to realize it was empty. "Ech, sorry... I think I swallowed a hiccup..." he tried shaking his head with a groan. What an awkward thought that was.

#12Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
Lilja leaned with her left cheek on her left hand and looked at the man, she nodded, "The wilds, that sounds very tough." She couldn't remember obviously but there were also no feelings relating to a potential feeling of recognizition. She would have been in the wilds around Oak, that is what she remembered a bit, not what happened, there was a sillhoutte everywhere around her, the same person over and over again and there was a longing to find that person, to understand that person and she didn't know what else for a feeling there was. She didn't understand, but right now she didn't need to understand. She needed to listen to a story and enjoy. She looked at him before lifting up the pint again but this time taking a gulp of the drink.

With a loud thud she placed the pint back on the table, empty, but she stared at the man again, giving a small smile again. Enthusiastic that the story wasn't over yet. A beacon, for protection, for protection of what? Boars? Bears? She wasn't so sure what to think about it in general, "A Beacon? To protect the city?" She couldn't help but say as she was interested in how that worked, because Oak definitely didn't need that much protection, with Phantom Lord here, perhaps from the wild life that made more sense. "Well lucky they got you to help them with the beacon." She gave this happy look on her face because the way she said it might have been caught as sarcastic, she didn't use that intonation though but she didn't want it. This man, if the story was true or not, was a nice story teller so she didn't want him to stop. Even though she couldn't shut off her thinking, it was nice to be distracted. She leaned a bit back because of the so hammering motion and she smiled, it was nice to think about other things indeed.

She couldn't help but laugh on the next comment, that the bear walked away, "You taught it a good lesson." She took a sip while the man chuckled and leaned forward as the story turned to an intense setting. She couldn't keep her eyes of him as he was telling, something scary? Something thrilling, something dangerous, it gae her goosebumps. She didn't say a thing, she only looked, allowing him to get closer without scooting aside. A man. In black. She felt her breath quicken, excitement or remembrance, she didn't know. She stared, didn't know why he stopped, didn't even make the connection to her own red eyes and thus only blinked in surprise, "What did he do?" she said with a gasp, did he kill the man? With a spell? No trouble or anything?

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#13Kurdran Briggs 

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Kurdran Briggs
Kurdran shook his head again, as he tried to regain his composure. For some reason, he had a hard time from shaking off the nasty feeling coming off from the girls eyes. It was not like she was doing anything actually bad. She was literally just sitting there, reacting to the story he was telling! "Yeah, the note wasn`t exactly open about what the beacons were for... Those things were so flimsy they couldn`t handle a bear, hehe..." He glanced about, trying to avoid looking the girl in the eyes, trying to change the subject from his weirdness for a moment. The drive that had been there before had been cut off, and the mead in his gut was starting to take effect.

The girl seemed very excited to hear what the dark mage was about too... He rubbed his head, trying to come up with something! He had a good thing going too... In truth, he had just found a guy with no visible wounds whatsoever just lying on the ground all motionless. That wasn`t much to go on creatively! "Where was I uh... *hic* Oh yeah!" he lifted his hand up again in the wiggly motion, but this time he did not dive across the table. "Like I said... wiggly fingers. And he looked at me with his reddish eyes..." Suddenly his fingers tightened. "And then he just... PRESSED his fingers together like this!" He pressed his hand into fist. "The guy writhing in agony just kind of split in two, as his spine was snapped in half." He blinked. Man, that was actually pretty scary imagery... "It uh... It had my hair rising up as well just from the sight!" He pointed at his hair with a bit worried look... Though the "worry" was more about him hoping the girl would buy it.

Then...! He continued staring at me for a little bit... But then he ran!" This time there was some truth in it... well as much truth as he had not seen the guy at all and assumed he had ran away. This gave him a little bit of a boost in energy. "The guy didn`t even try to do the same stuff to me! And of course, since I had seen a guy just die in front of me I *hic* started chasing him!" He rubbed his eye a bit annoyed, as he could feel his head heating up. "That`s exactly the kind of people I hate! The kind that does something against a guy weaker than them, but when they see someone of equal strength come around, they just wuss out!" He slammed his fist on the table angrily. He was almost starting to believe his story himself.

"Then, behind the hill, the guy just vanished! POOF! I dunno where! But he got away!" He scratched his hair furiously... you could almost see tiny sparks of electricity jump around under his fingers. "I looked all over, but didn`t find even a piece of cloth to tell me he was there!" He sighed, as he lowered his head onto the table with a grunt. "I came back here, told the guard what had happened and... Now I am here to drink and talking about it with a random girl who wanted to *hic* talk..." He was clearly a bit more grumpy than he was when he had started this story... Just thinking about alternatives to the true story for that part was enough to make him steamed.

"Uuugh... And that`s why I am having a bad day today..." He pressed his hand against his cheek, as his eyes went over to the big mug. He stood up, as he leaned against the table. "Yo, barkeep! Bring me more juice! I am still mad!" He sighed, as the barkeep (maybe a little bit more judgemental) came over and poured more drink into his mug, as Kurdran dug into his pocket, and placed a few more coins for him... "It`s just... why are people such babies! Atleast the bear tried to fight back you know! But that guy didn`t give a *hic*!" He almost felt like the dark mage had looked down on him. He doubted he was scared for handling the guard so easily... well, atleast in the way he told him... there was no actual damage on the actual guard but... Gah, he was starting to confuse himself.

#14Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
Hmm so the beacon wasn't for that, perhaps she should check it out and find this guy, that simply killed with twirling his hand, maybe she did know him? Maybe he did know her. She felt the goosebumps of excitement, someone that might be able to bring her memory back. She would have to wait, patiently, at the moment she wasn't leaving the pub as it seemed to have answers as well but this barkeep wasn't giving them. So apart from that, she would have to figure out what had really happened and if this was the truth or not so she simply looked and waited. She couldn't help but pull a face of disgust as Kurdran mentioned splitting the spine in two.

She leaned a bit backwards, that was gross but it was an interesting idea, if only she could do that. Well at the moment she didn't remember her enemies.. wait, that was a problem because they would be able to recognize her! She had no magical power! She had nothing, this was even more scary than she thought but her big, scared looking red eyes simply turned to Kurdran and she tried to calm down, it wouldn't help and right now she was in a bar, surrounded by many people, she could consider her situation for now; save.

She jumped up when the table was hit by his fist, she had dazed off but nodded, halfly hearing and thus still remembering a bit what he said. Running off, attacking weaker people. She felt a headache coming along.. running off.. only attacking weaker people. That wasn't something she did, but that explained why she always lost.. "it's an easy strategy." she muttered, faces, unfamiliar, far away and almost invisible by the blackness of the sillhoutte. How many did she fight? "I'm a seated Rune Knight." What? She wasn't a Rune Knight and she for sure as hell wouldn't join them. So what was that stupid memory?

She tried to focus on this guy, watch his move, the sparks made her even more curious but she didn't get closer nor asked immediately and listened to the story, "He should be somewhere." She gave this hollow laugh, the girl that wanted to talk; yes here they were. She nodded, this was why he had a bad day, well her bad day only got worse because of memories that stayed out of reach. "I want one too!" She yelled when Kurdran was done ordering another pint of mead in this case.

She listened again, "Perhaps he is from Phantom Lord, against the city protecting itself." She nodded, she wanted to know why, why protect a town full of tugs and so on. They could clearly protect themselves and if they killed one of the bad guys, why care? Good riddance.

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Kurdran Briggs
Kurdran couldn`t help but give a confused look towards Lilja, as she mentioned attacking someone weaker than you a "good tactic". He took a long glug of his refilled drink, as he looked at her with his face red like a tomato. His eyebrows had curved down in disappointment. "Bah... What kind of dude findsh *hic* a weak opponent fun? I doubt he did it for that reashon..." He licked his lips for a moment. Honestly, fights in the stories were always either one hit blows or fights of endurance. A true man against man, skill against skill, mind against matter! Admittedly, he could see the girl being a bit fragile against someone of her own size. Though she could atleast try... Those eyes of hers were enough to give him the heebie jeebies after all...

Admittedly, the girl must have been much sturdier than she looked, taking that she also took another mug of mead. Kurdran threw one more coin towards the bartender. "It`sh on me! If the lady ishn`t able to finish it I`ll drink it, hehe*hic*..." As sturdy as Kurdran was, he tended to get tipsy with relative ease. It may have been because of his relatively small size compared to some others. However, for him to get knocked out cold because of that drunk state, it was gonna take way longer. "I came here to calm down, not to be Shaddened after all... And this girl ish a dang good lishtener!"

However, the girl herself seemed to still be thinking about the weird assassin. Kurdran couldn`t help but show off his teeth in excitement. Who knows, maybe the legend of the "mighty black spinesnapper" would go around, and become a legend of its own... Though he would have preferred himself to become known first.

As the girl brought up whether the guy belonged in a guild, Kurdran scratched his head... "Phantom lordsh?" There was momentary confusion in his eyes. He had not even thought about that possibility. "Thoshe rabble roushersh? *Hic* Ash if..." Another chug followed, as he lifted the mug high up. "I dunno, thish guy felt a bit fanchier than shome dark mage crew... Didn`t shee no tattoo or nothing..." If the guy truly had done it so silently and effichiently as to not leave a mark on the body, He had to be something much stealthier than... well, Kurdran himself. "Only Shpecial kind of wussh would do shomething like that and leave without trying to attack me... Though..."

He shook his head for a moment, trying to gather some sort of dignified look. "Admittedly, it would make Shenshe for them to try and break a good Shystem down jusht too keep their bushinessh going... I guessh..." How would he know. He was not exactly the sort of guy to deal in the black market. Heck, he didn`t even know where to find one of those...

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Nastasya Crowe
She raised her eyebrow as Kurdran looked at her with a confused look. No way was he an honourable guy that was like; never attack someone below your rank, never from behind.. ha he should have seen that fight she had been in.. wait.. what fight? She closed her right eye shortly because there was a pinch in her eyebrow that made it hurt a lot. She only knew the feeling about how she had perhaps not fought honourable but not her opposite members either, something about that Rune Knight had triggered it. Perhaps she should join Phantom Lord, she could ask Miah, she was sure of that but she didn't want to be tied down, especially not now with having no memories, she didn't know where she originally belonged. "I didn't say it's for this situation but it sure comes in handy to do it from time to time. For training magic for example, it's funnier to do that than use training dummies." Not that she remembered ever using someone, the same sillhoute as always showed up but again nothing changed, no extra colour, nothing. How would she know who this person was if her own memories didn't even give her a slight hint. A sillhoute was a damn difficult thing to recognize people with! A small smile occured on her lips as her mind had raced past something as well, so she had fought people above herself, below her own power and perhaps on the same scale, but this guy, his stories.. and than saying that below your own rank wasn't fun.. did that make him a liar? It was a shame that she had no idea of her own magical capabilities but she sure as hell had wanted to try out now. She surely hated liars but his story had been amusing, so she let it be, after all, she wasn't even sure yet if it was true.

The smile stayed on her lips as she ordered a mead as well, probably better than the bear. When the Barkeep came around, she stared at him with an ice cold look in her red eyes, he had answers, she was sure of that but he was hiding it. She hated that just as much as liars. "Thank you." She said as her eyes turned back to Kurdran, she would get to this guy another time too. She didn't know her strength, nor his and she would figure it out before beating him to give her the answers. Perhaps a good training would do. She thought about the mage he told her about and wondered if there was someone like that around and if she would be able to find him, perhaps that person knew more, perhaps it was the sillhoute she knew. She wasn't sure, there were no feelings or emotions that she could recognize, so she let it be for now but wondered out loud if the guy could be a Phantom Lord.

"I think most Dark mages would hide their insignia, it wouldn't be smart to show around with the cops around every corner, even if they are just as corrupt here as anywhere else." Lilja said with an amusing tone in her voice, she couldn't help but move her hand underneath her hair and rub the back of her neck, if only she knew why she did and think about it some more, it was where originally her insignia had been but she couldn't remember and the gesture didn't spark a memory, it was simple an automatic move. But she was glad to hear that the man agreed on Phantom Lord being a slight possibilty against the beacons that he had checked, their own power before the countries right?

"Who knows perhaps the guy shows up again and you will hear it soon enough."

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Kurdran Briggs
The girl looked really troubled for a moment. Kurdran couldn`t help but smile and chuckle. "Come on now... A little bit more beer won`t... won`t... *hic* kill yeh!" Kurdran was really encouraging the girl to drink more. He wanted to see her blush from embarrassment as she would wobble, as he himself stood tall like a tree... Though admittedly, he was currently the tree swinging in the wind, with his mohawk as the leaves rustling. However, the girl brought up, that living targets made for much more effective training. It was a point that Kurdran had completely forgotten in his drunken hazes. "Well..." His head nodded from side to side, as he blushed a bit from embarrassment, even if it didn`t really show from his drunken face. "That´s a different deal. Of courshe I hunt for rabbitsh and deer and what else...Thoshe are the targetsh I usually aim my magic at if there ain´t any peshky *hic* bashtardsh! You know, annoying me and what not..." He fought other humans pretty rarely though. Most of them were thieves, and pretty useless kind too.

As the girl proceeded to chug her own drink, Kurdran answered in tow. "Don`t hold back now! *hic* You should drink like a real woman! Like dish!" He lifted his giant mug with one hand, chugging its fillings down quickly like pouring it down a drain. You could almost see the mead gushing in his belly, as he slammed the empty mug down on the table and laughed loudly. "That`sh HOW YE DO IT!" He couldn`t help but smile. He had finally hit the point where he was completely boozed as he started standing up. "Man, thish shure hitsh the shpot, Mweeeheheee...!" there wasn`t even a single hint left of his angry self, that was for sure.

He gave a funky glare at the girl, as she talked about tattoos and pulled her hair back a bit. Was she embarrassed now? Well, anybody would be in Kurdrans presence. All these thoughts ran about in his mind, as he stood up from the table. However, when she brought up that the guy might come back for him, his eyes widened. Not in fear, but a tiny bit of excitement and wonder. "You think!?" He said like an idiotic child. He suddenly clapped his hands together over his head. "Oooh! If he doesh *hic*! I am gonna beat the SHITE outta him for BOTH timesh! That bashtards gonna learn, that you don`t run from KURDRAN BRI*hic!*BRICKSH!" He was getting awfully loud now, as he proceeded to slap his belly, it echoing in answer like a drum. "Beshidesh... He ain`t gonna be able to Shnap me Shpine with hish dhingledhangle baybeh magic! Mah belly ish like a treetrunk! It ain`t Shnapping under presshure!"

He lunged towards the girl with his now against the table as he looked mildly interested... almost scary in fact. "You know... Ye Sheem like a niche kind of lady... Shturdy, can handle her drinksh..." He pressed his hands against his face, almost like a curious kid. "Maybe nexht thime... You could come with! I believe the wizhard would pissh hish pantsh when he shees me and a Red eyed lady like youshe together!" Man, an official invitation to join a drunken small man on tasks. Who wouldn`t like to accept that? Besides a sane person that is.

He rubbed his forehead for a moment, as he was trying to stay awake. It was getting harder and harder to be honest. A hard days work and a full gut of drinks really make a man drowsy... a slight yawn escaped his lips. "Sho... whatcha think? Wanna danche?"

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Nastasya Crowe
She was glad he blamed her troubled moment on doubting to drink much, because that surely wasn't a problem but she shouldn't say that, she gave him a short grin before lifting up the glass and taking a huge gulp from it, which definitely didn't feel right but she wouldn't complain, she felt that it actually went to her head and that she also felt a heat coming on her cheeks, the thing was, she had believed she couldn't get drunk, so what was this and why had she actually thought that? She turned her red eyes, without noticing an ice cold stare, at Kurdran as he nodded and explained what he thought. She doubt it, she didn't actually care anymore, the story before was fun but he wasn't a person that would think in the same way as her, so it wouldn't be fun.

She took another gulp before turning to look at Kurdran as he said something that looked like; like this. She should drink like a real woman. Was she not a real woman? For some reason she wasn't even focused on the word woman, although absend minded petting her own chest, was she even real? At that moment, she forgot to really look as she was staring without really looking at Kurdran until he called out that the way he did it was the way to do it. So she followed his example, losing any hold of herself but for now it actually felt like a way of escaping than as a problem. She didn't need to keep her mind at the moment, not like in the past, she had no idea what that was but she remembered being drunk only once, with the silhoutte person and a tear left the corner of her eye but that was all it was, only weaklings cried, Lilja told herself and it stopped, the empty feeling stayed but the need to cry out for help left her completely, her mind was only focused on nothing to be honest.

She clapped gleefully when she had a great reaction from her drinking partner when it came to the possibility that the guy might return, "Yesh, he should be afraid." lingering too much on the s-sound now that she had too much too drink for her small body. She leaned a bit back when Kurdran came closer, she had been able to hide that before but now that she barely had any control anymore, it was difficult, "Well thank you." She said and nodded, she stood up herself, also to create some space, "Yes, let's do that!"

She finished the last gulp of her own drink, how could she have missed that and her red eyes turned at the barkeep before back to Kurdran, still standing, but a bit wobbly that in the end she leaned against the table without noticing, "Danche?" She said the same, not lost on the meaning of the word but more surprised that it was asked, "Why not?"

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Kurdran Briggs
Kurdran couldn`t help but smile, as Lilja started to slur as well. It was outright adorable. "That`sh the shpirit! Time to get moving hehe!" He quite forcefully grabbed her hand, and pulled her over to a bit more open position, where he started dancing in his own usual way: Swinging his partner about, and occasionally hitting a brief moment of just kicking his legs into the air as high as he could get them. There was no stopping a guy who had been given an ok to dance with a lady.

However, with all the fun, Kurdran would feel more and more tired... until eventually after one more mug, he collapsed on his face on the floor. Thankfully, the bartender was courteous enough to not let people pickpocket the poor guy... but atleast he had a fun night right?


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Nastasya Crowe
For some reason the red eyed girl had believed she wouldn't become drunk from something like that, but she did, something hit her and made her slur her word and have a little bit of a misunderstanding at first of words and yet understood them clearly. She didn't stop him from pulling her with him to get some space to dance, she wasn't even sure if the pub was made for that but on the other hand; who cared. The man was a very interesting being and she couldn't help but laugh about it once in a while because of the dancing. Not that she could remember but her mother had tried to teach her but she was someone with two left feet and she simply swayed and made twirls as if she was a toddler that tried but it didn't matter much.

they drank a bit more and she felt tired too but instead of falling over she dropped herself on the stool she sat on before, Mac made sure Kurdran was fine and she simply watched before trying to get back to the hotel. Whoever she had been before, people seemed to remember and leave her be; Lilja the mystery, Lilja the red mage and that made her giggle, it made no sense but it felt so nice even if she didn't know how to use magic.


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