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Let's get physical [Quest: Esperia & Fiammetta]

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Let's get physical [Quest: Esperia & Fiammetta] Empty on Wed Mar 21, 2018 8:29 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

It had been a few weeks since the events within the Crocus Garden, and it seemed that Esperia had taken yet another request that inevitably drawn the two of them to the same park. However, this time they weren't out searching for a missing sword. No, instead the young Rune Knight Armin had found himself struck by an illness, and with him bedridden for a while he was searching for someone who was willing to train a group of local children who aspired to become part of the Crocus guard. Of course, Esperia considered this an excellent opportunity, in the end she knew Fia had a way with children, and it might had been a fun way for the two of them to get distracted for a bit. However, as the two of them approached the Garden in the company of Sebastian and Salem it quickly appeared that their task would be more challenging than it initially appeared to be. Five boys were nonchalantly talking among each other, after giving them a brief glance and clearly disregarding Esperia and Fia as being unsuited for the role of drill sergeant.

"I believe you are being underestimated Master Esperia, Lady Fia."

That was quite an understatement at that also, it was like they weren't paying them any attention or respect to begin with!
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#2Fiammetta Barone 

Let's get physical [Quest: Esperia & Fiammetta] Empty on Wed Mar 21, 2018 8:12 pm

Fiammetta Barone
Compared to the last time they'd been to the fateful park, Fia felt much more comfortable undertaking this quest with Esperia this time around. Though the wounds of that day would never truly heal, the pair had become more resolute as time had passed since then, now feeling firm enough in their beliefs in determination to return to the gardens without much worry of digging into those fresh scars.

Of course, another factor that made Fia feel so comfortable with today's quest was the actual tasks presented to them. Rather than find a sword or catch a conman, they had a much simpler task: Training a batch of hopefuls that aspired to become part of the Crocus guard. Indeed, in Armin's absence, Fiammetta and Esperia would be taking over as their drill sergeants. If there was any task Fia was well-suited to, it was this one, not only due to her experience with children, but also the fiery lass' loud and commanding presence, which would surely be effective in the strict and potent training methods of the Crocus guard!

However, it seemed like they'd have to show who was in charge first, as when the pair approached the garden with their respective companions, they would find that the hopefuls there didn't seem to recognize them as their trainers at all! They just chit-chatted away, almost entirely ignoring them.

Fia was already grinding her teeth in frustration when Sebastion gave his observation, Salem sighing in anticipation of what was to come.

"You might wanna plug your ears..." He groaned, before an almighty yell roared forth.

"OI, LISTEN UP, PUNKS!" Fia bellowed, giving the 5 boys a stern look. "Yer the wannabe guards, right? Well we're yer trainers fer today, so look lively scamps! Pay yer damn respects, I want a line in front of us pronto!"

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Let's get physical [Quest: Esperia & Fiammetta] Empty on Thu Mar 22, 2018 10:21 am

Esperia had just barely heard Salem's warning when she reached with her hands for her ears when a booming voice resounded beside her. If this had been the consequences of a powerful wind storm she would have likely believed them, but instead it seemed the source of the bellowing sound belonged to her fiance beside her, causing her to mumble softly beneath her breath. "If that's how loud she can get I can't wait till tonight~" Sebastian looked rather interested toward the spectacle as the five boys looked at each other before looking at Fia, one of them seemingly stating in a disinterested tone. "We don't take orders from overgrown girls."

The other boys nodded in agreement while one of them did muse loudly. "She does have the same volume as a drilling sergeant." Yes, disrespect was quite a tough situation for them to deal with, and considering the situation violence wouldn't be tolerated, so after a moment Sebastian stepped forwards. "Allow me Master."

Sebastian took a step forwards toward the boys and something... odd happened. The air started to grow colder as the boys seemingly noticed the change also, turning toward the source. "My master and her partner have been an important asset in the defense of Crocus. However, should you believe yourselves to be superior to them, then as their servant I will allow you to test your superiority in combat against me."

The boys started to turn pale as they saw something, something that clearly seemed to horrify them as them started to tremble in fear. "Good, I see we have earned your focus. Then please pay attention now."

The butler turned around and walked back behind Esperia while the boys mumbled softly. "I'd rather take my chances with the loud girl, the old geezer might kill us if we don't listen!"

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#4Fiammetta Barone 

Let's get physical [Quest: Esperia & Fiammetta] Empty on Tue Mar 27, 2018 6:37 am

Fiammetta Barone
They were stubborn little punks, the guards in training that awaited their drill sergeant. Even after Fia's booming command caught the attention of Sebastian, and had Salem wincing at the volume, there were still those among the young lads who were doubtful of Fia's position as their current trainer.

"Ah, children, so young and bold, and so often straddling the line between courage and stupidity..." Salem mused in response to the continued defiance of the young lads. Fiammetta, meanwhile, just growled angrily at them, looking more than a little ready to beat some sense into them the old-fashioned way!

Fortunately for the children, however, it seemed like Sebastian was at least still willing to use words to persuade them into following the orders of the pair of females that would be instructing them. Though, as the demonic butler handled the situation and elaborated on who Fia and Esperia were and why they were there, it also became clear that his words weren't so much persuasion, as, much as they were threats!

Though Fia wasn't quite sure what Sebastian had done to have the children look so terrified at the prospect of fighting the demon butler, her companion Salem was perceptive enough to see what was happening and couldn't help but chuckle to himself.

"You lot really do love that little trick... Not that I'm one to talk..." Salem muttered aside, noting his own usage of a spell that, although was not as potent as a demon's presence, was fundamentally similar nonetheless.

Fia would have questioned Salem's words, but she didn't want to waste the opportunity present now that the little punks had her attention. So as Sebastian walked back, Fia stepped forward, speaking in her booming voice once again.

"Alright then, you little punks! 'Bout time we got to training, ya hear!? Let's start with some warm-ups, now drop and give me 20!" She'd demand, beginning the grueling training of future guardsmen.

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Let's get physical [Quest: Esperia & Fiammetta] Empty on Tue Mar 27, 2018 8:27 pm

A soft smile lingered upon the obsidian-haired trickster's lips as she watched Fia starting to instruct the kids to start their training. In a way it was both entertaining and amusing to observe, to the point that after a while she noticed even the earlier defiant teenagers were now properly obeying the fiery lass. Meanwhile, the young Eisenberg found herself overhearing Salem's little remark to Sebastian, causing the demonic butler to muse softly. "Sometimes a stern reminder has to be given for children to remind them who is in charge."

However, in return to those words Esperia couldn't help but snicker in amusement, thinking that using his Demonic Presence was a bit 'more' than just a reminder really. Minutes passed as the teenagers obediently followed Fia's instructions while Esperia had opted to observer her fiance. It seemed that the end of today's exercises were starting to draw near, and with that in mind it seemed that their request would soon be completed also. "I guess a few more and they can call it a day~"

A light nod came from the butler in agreement as he noticed the teenagers were starting to reach their limits, proving that the exercises Fia had chosen for them had been quite effective physically. Of course the lass had something in mind, for by the time their last exercises were done she returned with a basket filled with cold beverages like soda, something the children quite eagerly and gratefully accepted while she walked over to Fia holding a can for the steamy lass herself. "Here you go my dear~"

Hearing those words one of the boys suddenly jolted upright, looking at their direction while he adjusted his glasses slightly. "Excuse me Sergeant Fia, a question if permitted?"


#6Fiammetta Barone 

Let's get physical [Quest: Esperia & Fiammetta] Empty on Thu Mar 29, 2018 6:35 am

Fiammetta Barone
Salem smirked at the butler's reply, finding amusement in the typical response of the demonic man. Ever proper he was, especially for one of his ilk. At least, compared to the other demons Salem had dealt with in the past.

Fia, meanwhile, was finding her own joy in the harsh instruction of the little punks who wanted to train up to be guards some day. With the scamps now listening very attentively to Fiammetta's orders, she was sure to give them the rough training necessary for the defenders of Crocus, using her own rigorous training routine as a guideline as she gave out various different orders and commands for their exercises. Warm-ups, general physical activity, weapon drills, everything they needed was covered by the Barone girl, and needless to say, the boys were looking more than a little exhausted near the end of it.

Fia smiled proudly at the results of her work, seeing the lot so thoroughly hardened by her training. Fortunately for the boys, at the end of their exhausting work, some cold beverages awaited them to provide them some refreshing relief, thanks to the efforts of Esperia.

Grinning at her lover's kindness, Fia gratefully excepted her own beverage as they were handed out. "Thanks, Princess." She'd utter softly, taking a large gulp of the icy cold refreshment before she was suddenly addressed by one of the boys, who had a question, it seemed.

"Huh, uh, sure, go ahead." Fia muttered a bit confusedly, wondering what it was the boy was curious about.

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Let's get physical [Quest: Esperia & Fiammetta] Empty on Thu Mar 29, 2018 9:40 pm

It seemed Esperia was equally curious about the fact the young lad had a question all of a sudden, for she turned toward the boy and looked at him with a clear hint of curiosity in her eyes. "Are you a dyke Sergeant?"

The question came so smoothly and out of nowhere that Esperia couldn't help but giggle softly, pretty curious herself how Fia would answer the lad but of course, knowing the obsidian-haired trickster she had an answer of her own also. "Mhmm~ Fia is my fiance~" The girl proclaimed with pride and joy as she curled an arm around Fia's own and leaned in to kiss her cheek while the display of affection made the lad mumble softly. "Seeing this in person is somewhat more impactful and fun than reading it in manga...."

Oho? It seemed they had a fan of the yuri way here. and Esperia planned to use this opportunity to the fullest. "I believe it is time for you lads to finish up and go home again. I and the 'sergeant' have some training to do of our own~"

The other boys had already started gathering their stuff and left while the boy that asked the question saluted them playfully. "Good luck with the 'endurance training' sergeant!"

And soon chased after his friends, leaving Fia to deal with the mischievously grinning girlfriend of hers.

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#8Fiammetta Barone 

Let's get physical [Quest: Esperia & Fiammetta] Empty on Sat Mar 31, 2018 6:56 am

Fiammetta Barone
"Huh?" The confused utterance left Fia's lips as her eyebrow was raised at the boy before her. Had she just heard him right? He looked to be genuinely curious about the answer, in spite of his phrasing. Fia's jaw just hung in the air for a few more moments, as she wondered just what the hell kind of a question that was!

"E-Er, yeah, I guess... Not the term I'd use, but er, yeah... I'm uh, whatchacallit.. Swingin' both ways..." She stammered a bit confusedly, her own shock prevailing over any anger she might feel toward the nosy little scamp. Esperia added to the revelation with the elaboration of their engagement, and a quick display of affection that prompted further reaction from the curious young lad.

His words earned a groan from Fia, who was starting to understand exactly what this kid was. She knew of quite a few fans of the particular genre, even within the Barone orphanage. Though Fiammetta would've been content leaving it there, Esperia gladly humored the boy's interest, with a mention of some private training that had Fia looking taken aback and blushing hard as usual.

With one last salute, the yuri enthusiast was off, leaving Fia to grumble to herself one last time before she and Esperia headed off to engage in their 'endurance training'.

"Kids these days..."


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