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Bottoms Up!

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

Bottoms Up! Empty Wed Mar 21, 2018 7:07 am

Nastasya Crowe
Finally after what seemed like walking around for an idiot amount of time in a town that wasn't even that big, she had found this Swineherd Pub that Thorn had mentioned and she looked around, but there was no one that gave her a tingling feeling that she knew that person. She sighed, but didn't let her guard nor mood down as she had enough times that it happened.

Having amnesia sucked but at least she had a place to stay, jobs to do and she could get a few coins with that, to spend on something like; drinks. She could use a huge amount of alcohol as she couldn't damage her brain and she didn't care about her liver. "Oi~" she called out as she climbed upon one of the barstools and stared at the bartender who turned around her and looked at her in surprise and looked left and right, "I want to order something," So the person nodded and looked at her again, as if he knew her and she looked left and right shortly, as if someone playing a joke with her and she stared back, "Have we met before?" and the man ignored the question and let her order what she wanted, event hough she believed she could use a stronger beverage, she simply ordered a pint of beer and wondered if she would like the flavour, suddenly she had her doubts. But that didn't matter, she would figure it out as soon as it was place before her, she could down this in seconds and leave. Which sounded like a plan.

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Victor had been sitting on one of the bar stools that were next to the middle compartement of the bar counter for quite a while. His body had slightly slumped over and he himself was looking at the bottom of an emply pint that had previously been filled with strong ale. Now the only thing that recided in the glass were bubbles caused by the carbonated drink hitting the bottom of the glass when poured. They popped one by one in a very calming and satisfying way. Like how when someone blows bubbles into the sky and a myriad of discreet pops can be heard.

Victor looked up as a female climbed onto one of the barstools next to him and ordered a beer. "Another pint for me as well please." He looked at the odd girl. "So what brings you to this place? Travels? Adventures? Or are you perhaps thinking of settling down in Oak?" After having asked this he saw how over the counter the bartender pulled on a lever connected to a tap making beer flow into a pint and placed it infront of the girl. The bartender then did the same for Victor and Victor really enjoyed watching the beer swirl inside the glass as it was poured.

#3Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
The man behind the bar ignored her question about if they have met before and it annoyed her very much. What kind of rude behaviour was that, she was trying to get answers on this amnesia, why did the words Swineherd pub make her so.. freak out much? And the word Dahlia and Necromancers, she had never met a Necromancer, that was bullshit, those people didn't exist. As she wanted to ask him again, she heard someone next to her, she had totally ignored that person because she had been focused on the barkeep. The man from before. She turned her red eyes on him, very well aware that she looked younger than she actually was and she didn't like that. Thorn had called her a kid, which had annoyed her enough.

"Adventures would be rather satisfying but alas I'm afraid my travels here are rather boring, I'm trying to find answers." Which was the best excuse, she didn't plan to tell many people that she had lost her memory, they might find her weak, and she didn't have the potential power to protect herself at this point, no magic, no strenght; nothing. "How about you stranger, any good things to do here in Oak?" She leaned with her left elbow on the bar and turned to face the man, she gave him a smile, it was nice to have conversations if your mind would always keep you alone, nothing to remember or well nothing much to remember and to go over the last couple of weeks again and again was definitely boring enough. Spectaculating what might have happened before, was giving her too much hope. She had enough magical power Jeremiah had said, but yet she couldn't remember or use any magic.

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"Answers huh..." Victor mumbled quietly. He picked the pint of beer up from the bar counter and took a few sips. The beer tasted much more bitter than the Ale he had been drinking earlier. The bitterness however did give it a somewhat grown up feel and also made it feel more filling. It was good beer and apparently this might also be someone that Victor could go on adventures with.
He smiled a little after setting down the pint. "In Oak? Well I suppose there are some good things. Depending on what you see as good. I mean the city is controlled by mafioso and corrupt noblemen. When you don't see people whoring, fighting or taking bribes they are most usually here getting drunk." Victor pondered a little on what he had just said. "Then again I guess that Oak is a city where things are always happening just because of those things. So if you are willing to get your hands dirty Oak is a perfect town to live in."

Victor wasn't really against people whoring or fighting and he sure as hell wasn't against drinking. "Say have you ever had the feeling that going from town to town on everlasting adventures alone feels kind of dull?" This was something that Victor had thought about now that he had travelled for quite a while. In not so long he would be older than 30 and he did not really feel accomplished in any way. Maybe it was time to leave all the adventuring behind. But if he did he would never get to see the end of that dream. He wouldn't stop here or in any of the years to come ever.

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Nastasya Crowe
Lilja nodded when the person next to her repeated her answer, answers. If only she got some but there were certain people not providing answers and her red eyes looked up at the bartender, such as that one. She had not looked around Oak long enough to find people that might have met her before, she had only learned in the hotel that she had stayed for a long time in Oak, even having her private suit. They did ask for a few things if she needed any help but she had all denied that, perhaps they knew her companion, wether it was a person or an animal. "Answers indeed." She took a gulp of her own drink, ignoring the flavour, although it felt overwhelming as if she had not tasted anything in a long time.

She looked at the man who didn't introduce himself, which she wasn't bothered by, she had done neither and it made things perhaps more fun, she could always say her name later, it wasn't something special or hidden or so, so it definitely wasn't that. She asked him about Oak, since she couldn't remember it wouldn't hurt to try and ask others about it and so she listened to an answer. Perhaps most women were scared off by things like that but to her it only sounded more interesting, no rune knights taking over all of the time, no fun hurting and so on, "That surely makes Oak an interesting town." It would be fun to play a game here, make it an interesting adventure as an add on to fullfilling her quest of finding answers. Why not have fun in the mean time? She was glad that he didn't judge her as a small person or a weak one for that matter, such as Thorn had done at first, calling her a kid and the like but now, she could perhaps give it a try to be who she had always thought to be.

"Definitely, though I have to say it's also quite dull to be in a town for a very long time all by yourself." An amusing smile sticked to her lips as she looked at her now drinking buddy, making her lift up the pint and take another sip from it. Curious to why the question had arose, perhaps that's what he has been doing all the time.

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"I feel glad that you think that. You see I grew up here and life was very interesting." He smiled a little and took another sip of his pint. He remembered that as a young lad he sometimes had to run errands for people whom might not have been the best of influences for a boy at a young age. He had lived a good life up til now even though it had been a bit lonely. When his mother and father died he started going to other towns and cities to fill his need for adventure but it had never really been enough.

"I don't really stay around here. Most of the time im travelling aimlessly which sadly isn't really fun without companions." Victor said this and took a chug of his pint of beer this time. He had not introduced himself and talking about his childhood without doing so was kind of weird. "My name is Victor." He sat down the pint on the bar counter and reached out with his right hand towards her to shake her hand if she decided shake his. "Bartender could you slide me another pint?" If the female had shook his hand he would afterwards raise his pint and chug it down waiting for the next to come sliding.

#7Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
OOC: I could have sworn I replied to this. Let's try again!

Interesting again. She kept thinking that specific word in this conversation but than again she kept thinking it with the meaning behind it as well. So he grew up here, and the way the town sounded made her relieved that she had not been some sort of goody-too-shoes or well would she fit to be a person like that when she stayed her for so long that they called her on a name basis at the hotel? Probably not. She never had the intention to believe that one viber in her being could have been a nice person, of course if she faked it but that's not what she meant. The thing was that she wouldn't do something for someone else unless she either liked them very much as a person or she would get something out of it. Rune Knights gave her this allergic reaction that she couldn't believe that in her life before her amnesia she would have changed much in personality. "Then I look forward to stay a bit longer in this town and get some good adventures around." She gave a bemused smile and looked at her drinking partner as to see what more she could learn about Oak. She nodded when he told her that he had been travelling a lot, "You basically have seen everything there is to Oak? Trying to find other things to do?" Perhaps she should do that too but suddenly the world felt like a bit of a dangerous place if you didn't know yourself and apparently had a title, a companion or so she believed considering the reaction of the barkeep and well a magic that she couldn't use. No back up on magic, a partner or a weapon; a dangerous place indeed.

She put down her own pint when he decided to introduce himself and she smiled again, "Lilja." She said as she accepted the handshake. She turned to look at the barkeep as Victor ordered another pint and she thought about it, who cared, she wouldn't get answers from this man today, "I second that decision." and she followed his example; what could go wrong?

She didn't remember much after that only that she had fallen asleep in her own comfortable bed. Oak could be very interesting indeed, let's see.


Bottoms Up! KTbQ0X3N_o

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Victor woke up lying head first on the bar counter. He had drunk himself to sleep and was now experiencing the effects of a hangover. It really did not feel nice and he couldnt remember how his meeting with the girl had ended except he knew he had been drinking and drinking without really knowing what he was doing. Probably having gone into a drunk haze and said some things that were not really proper. He did get like that when he was drunk afterall. Improper and kind of a swine. Alcohol was so wonderful though. It had been his friend for many a years now and everytime he felt like shit afterwards.

Heavens look at the time he thought looking at whatever clock was in the bar. It was soon going to hit closing hours and if it did whilst he was still in here he would probably get thrown out seeing as almost two entire days had passed. He did not have a oven to turn of or a dog to check up on. He actually had no where to go. Until he noticed the sign on the wall that said "Orchida spring festival." That looked fun. There would probably be a lot of hot babes there, hot buns and alcohol.

And so he left the tavern thinking that he would go check on this spring festival.


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