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Baska -> Oak [Foot travel]

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Baska -> Oak [Foot travel] Empty Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:13 am

Victor firmly planted his feet on the ground outside of the train. How many times had he taken this train now? Two? No maybe three times? He could not really remember but every time that he got out on this station and the windswept through his hair he felt so close to home. It truly was the best feeling. Well he couldn't just stand around and bask in the feeling of baska town. He had to get home. So he started walking placing his feet infront of each other in a nice four by four rythm and started singing quietly "Country roads take me home.

Only after several hours of walking did he start to feel tired and slightly hungry so he decided to rest his head near the roots of a tree. picking some berries from a bush that was growing closeby. The berries were red and tasted very sour. Lingon berries had never really been a favorite of his but it did not really matter. After having rested his head for a while he fell asleep only to wake up the next day. His nose was rinning from the night cold and he felt really stale in his neck. Maybe sleeping under a Oak was not such a good idea.

He picked up his things and started walking. Oak was not too far away.

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