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Dozing Kids (Quest, Terumi)

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#1Terumi Majora 

Dozing Kids (Quest, Terumi) Empty Mon Mar 19, 2018 10:00 am

Terumi Majora
The foundation of early life derives not from those we hold dear, but those who will show us and those who will hold us as high as our mothers and fathers did so long ago. The foundation of an adult life derives from holding self as high as you would anyone else. Live, Learn, Grow.

The man with lilac colored hair slowly closed the book between the palms of his coarse hands. His eyes had been shut and his head slightly tilted down as if praying, putting his newly added readings to memory. The children who had taken to the man's voice were gathered in a small circle, looking up to his gentle smile, entranced by the sight of someone considered cool by most. It was in the form of a small glare, reflected from within the pupils of their young eyes, projected back and spread across their iris's in a subtle but still noticeable way- which gave fuel to the idea that they had found someone they could look up to. A man they could acknowledge as friend or mentor.

Just as he'd raise his head, a slight picture of how cool he'd look for not only the kids but the teacher as well, since terumi would admit to himself, he felt some type of connection with the teacher. The thought in his mind was short lived, as one of the students sprang a sudden question, ruining the moment "Hey mister, is your hair grey or purple?" Just as sudden as the first question was, it was like a signal to the rest of the children gathered to ask questions of their own, triggering a chain reaction of questions. "Why's your hair purple?", asked one of the young girl's with glasses, who hadn't spoken yet. "It's grey not purple!" a young man replied hysterically.

"Now, now, kids. Ms. Sandine wouldn't want you all to yell or argue. Why can't it be both grey and purple?" Terumi interjected trying to breakup the kid's fight before it would even begin. The group of children seemed to have not cared for the man's response, all of them ignoring him to go take turns playing a game similar to jump rope. Taking a semi-deep sigh, the lilac haired man would stand from his borrowed kiddie chair, which had a slight bend in it from his weight, though upon standing the bend wouldn't depress itself leaving the chair stuck, at least temporarily in its slightly wider state. Terumi quickly placed the seat back underneath one of the kiddie tables acting as if nothing had happened before returning to the desk of Ms. Sandine.

"Thanks for letting me read. And sorry teach-" Terumi started. "I didn't intend for the story to take so long. You're free to start your class now." He would state as the teacher had her face peering down, scanning through the bundles of papers upon her desk. "No, no. Your fine!" she responded quickly with little attention given to the man. "Thanks to you, I've gotten a little extra time to grade the rest of these papers." She reached over the desk with the full length of her wingspan, and still struggled to grab one of the markers in a large metal container for writing utensils: pens, pencils, rune markers, and felt tip markers all present. Terumi grabbed the marker with the bright green cap, closest to the teacher yet out of reach, and handed it the her.

"Oh, thank you." she snatched the marker from the man's hand quickly placing bright green numbers in the upper right hand corner of one of the papers on the stack before placing it to the side. She continued to do so quickly, taking no more than one minute before victoriously announcing that she was "DONE!"

It echoed slightly through the classroom, her eyes swiftly moving to Terumi. "Ah yes, so will you be staying with us for the rest of the class?" He found her energetic actions enjoyable and complementary to his own. "Yes maam."

Upon reply, the teacher quickly hopped from her chair and desk, moving to erase her chalk board, organize the papers on her desk, file them in the desk drawer, empty her trash can, and organize the books on her library shelf in the corner behind them both. The odd part was, she somehow was doing this all simultaneously at an incredible, almost super human pace too. Amazed, Terumi had taken his borrowed kiddie chair once more, taking a seat in it next to the teachers desk before Ms. Sandine had called for her class to return to their seats so that they could begin. Once all of the students had retired inside, she had the sliding windows/doors all shut- with magic of course. And proceeded with her lesson.

The lesson? It was on friendship. What friendship meant, what it was, how to make friends, and who to probably not make friends with. Terumi personally rolled his eyes at the last topic, thinking no one would
notice. Meanwhile, the lesson continued. The topic changed to family. What family was, why families existed, members in a family. For a class with kids so young, they seemed to have been learning about some different and slightly advanced subjects, compared to when terumi had attended school. He recalled it as more violent, but given the culture of a highly competitive society where strength was valued only second to information, it would be expected to be a hard learning environment.

"Such was the way of the colony." Terumi remarked to himself. He was here to ensure none of the kids had fallen asleep, and to ensure they were paying attention, but it seems the teacher hadn't given the class enough credit, as all of the children were giving their full undivided attention to their teacher. It could have also been a front because terumi was there and they didn't want to act out of get in trouble, especially in front of someone so mutually considered cool. Once the class had ended, most of the students left in a single file line, save for the rest who spent time preparing their bags. They proceeded to exit after the procession. Standing up from his kiddie chair once again, the chair still hadn't returned to it's original state, in fact seeming even further bent and pressed upon than it was before.

Terumi, still sweeped the chair to the side, underneath one of the kiddie tables, pretending once again as if nothing had happened before approaching the teacher. "Alright, Ms. Sandine. Thanks for having me, I'll see you around sometime." The woman reached into her desk drawer, grabbing a small bag of jewels to hand to the man. "Your help is always appreciated. Come back to visit anytime." She would end her sentence as Terumi exited the classroom.

No more than ten steps after walking away from the door, the lilac haired man would grow a smirk on his face chuckling as he regarded to himself in secret "yeah, she's into me." his immature self showing more so than usual.


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