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Dozing Kids [Ceseria & King]

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#1Ceseria Walderkat 

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Ceseria Walderkat

Ceseria was walking through Magnolia as she didn’t have much to do. The day had been going well but was quite boring as she had nothing to do. She was still in Magnolia because she was waiting to meet the person who could be her brother.

She wondered if he still would look the same way as back then. Probably not he would be a grown man now and she needed to see for herself how he was. She wanted to spend time with him again. They were super close when they were young and she had cried for days when their parents had to send him to a prestigious exorcist academy. She would eventually join him, her parents told her and that she had to stop crying since she needed to be able to take care of herself without her brother being there. She knew that he couldn’t be there for her all the time but at least at the moment he could help her now and then. She looked up to him since he was older and more experienced.

She walked by a place that had a lot of boards standing with papers sticking to it. a couple of wizard-like people were standing around them and studying what was written down. Ceseria walked up to the boards and started reading. It seemed to be a notice board for jobs around Magnolia. Maybe she should do one to get some money and show her brother she can work alone now. That wasn’t a bad idea actually.



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How long has it been since I’ve completed a quest?

The thought crossed the mind of a stranger in silver hair, white as snow as he laid still by the bench in the park while staring up at the clouds above. His feet moved rhythmically back and forth, back and forth, wondering what he should do for the day. It has been days, months even, after he decided to remain idle even though he knew that it was unhealthy and very unproductive for a wizard like him. He could be more, only if he chose to work hard. A sigh escaped his lips and despite his own laziness, he knew that he needed to work—he needed money. Days of spending being idle and doing nothing but messing around with girls were enough, he thought to himself and forced himself up the bench. Perhaps if he had an interesting partner to do quests with, he might not be so reluctant after all.

That was what he thought, but he knew it himself that he was just lethargic.

Through swirls and eddies of people, King wanted towards the Towns Square, where the quest board was located. A familiar sight entered into view; the quest board flocked with numerous skillful mages. How could they possibly be so motivated to do quests? Was it power? King could only wish he had the eagerness of these people. He lazily shuffled into the crowd, slowly pushing himself forward before he scanned over the quests that were pinned up against the wooden board. Nothing looked appealing to him, until his eyes fell upon a particular quest. This will do, he thought, and just as he was about to rip the paper off the board, he noticed a blonde had her eyes on the same piece of paper as well.

”Are you also planning to go on that quest? If so, mind if I join you?”


Dozing Kids [Ceseria & King] VESQ2Ff
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Ceseria Walderkat
Ceseria was looking over the papers with a very intensive look in her eyes. She was scanning every detail on the paper to make sure she knew everything about the job. She was quite set on knowing all parameters of a task before she would complete it. She always wanted to do a perfect job since that would give her more honor and fame among her peers. This was quite unexpected of her since she was normally a bit of an airhead and people would definitely be surprised when they found out about this. Well, people would always get surprised when you get to know someone better.

She suddenly heard a sound next to her and looked at the man as he was saying something to her. She had to blink a view times to realize what he was saying. It seemed this young man wanted to do a job with her. She wondered why he wanted to do that but she was thinking about it for a second. It would be good for her to learn about teamwork if she was going to work with others in the rune knights. “Hmm, Okay that seems reasonable. I am Ceseria, who are you?”, she said to the young man. She took a closer look to the mans face and he seemed to have white hair with golden eyes. She had never seen that before and was quite impressed by it. But that was also where it stopped as she had no time nor interest in boys.



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”I go by King Z, but please call me King.” With a flirtatious smile on his lips, the young man would introduce himself. So, Ceseria was her name. ”Well, nice to meet you Ceseria.” King took a moment studying the young female beside him. Unlike the ladies he spent most of his time with, Ceseria was a rather tomboyish one—one he would say of his complete opposite type. Though he might have preferred to complete a quest with a pretty lady, he couldn’t complain about the situation. Who was he to do that? In fact, he was in desperate need of money, so even if he was to go on a quest with a dwarf, it would be of the least concerns to him.

”So, what’s the mission about?”

Using his tall height to his advantage, he peeped over Ceseria’s shoulder to read the request paper that was held in her hands. The paper that caught his attention was a job written with precision and grace, as if the write spent a good ounce of their time to outline but a simple request, which was to look after some students in class. A frown grew on his lips. This had got to be the simplest and the most boring quest he had ever decided to take upon. A frustrated sigh escaped his lips. But, he had no other choice. ”We’ve got to look after some kindergarten kids, eh? Let’s get going then.”


Dozing Kids [Ceseria & King] VESQ2Ff

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