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Training A Warrior [Alice]

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#1Theo Kaguya 

Training A Warrior [Alice] Empty on Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:01 pm

Theo Kaguya
A few weeks after he and Alice meet up all he could do is think about training with her, and with the new week already one day down he was more than thrilled to see her once more. T.K picked up his words and holster clipping it to his right side "You have a nice time sweetheart don't overdo it." said his mother while cleaning the table from lunch, "Later mother tell father not to worry I'll be fine." he shouted shutting the door behind him. The young knight made his way to the best place to have a training session. He made his way to the arena in hopes that he would be able to get a few moments of mental training in before Alice arrived. The air was nice and soft as it blew some leaves off the ground and into the air.

I hope I'm not taking up to much of her time with her baby, he thought standing in the middle of the arena waiting for her. The weather was nice and a little on the cold side but manageable. The young knight unclipped his sword and unshaved it slightly looking at his reflection in the blade "I will become stronger and prove that I can hold my own." a true statement as he has always felt like he was holding so many people back from reaching their true potential. Something just kept telling him that today was going to get really intense really fast but what could he do about it if it happens it happens as they say.

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#2Adelaide Sokolov 

Training A Warrior [Alice] Empty on Sun Apr 01, 2018 12:56 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice wasn't entirely sure if today would be the right day. She was tired but not as much as she had been before and she grabbed the holster where she had saved Vash's white. Wearing her armour, something that finally fitted after long training, harsh eating regime and so on. It was a tiring process and yet she was doing a little bit better than considering this morning. Crocus had a strange effect on her. She had gotten the letter of the address, if you could call it that. She wanted to see what he could do, after all that should be one of her tasks as a mentor and she was already missing two of the people that she ought to be guiding and let not even think about her job.

Now she had gained her power and rank and title and even the Holy Knights seemed to notice that the young mother didn't sit still but that sitll didn't mean that she would not be afraid of overdoing something. She checked out her outfit, braided her hair and took only Jupiter and Ceres with her. Hecate would stay with Kon and the children if her fiance had no other plans today. She didn't know, she didn't always have to know. She made sure that she was ready and stepped out, followed by the golden and lilac creatures, she actually missed Jupiter as they had gone on walks together, human by human but now with Ceres, that had not happened, they couldn't leave her with Hecate and the children, she was far too enthusiastic. But she tried to slow down and Alice noticed and appreciated that. She walked out of the town, to the place T.K. had pointed out before or in that letter, she couldn't remember, it didn't matter for now.

"Good afternoon to you." she said and smiled, it was an interesting idea this spot but perhaps the fighting pit or the area of the Domus Flau might be a good idea.

#3Theo Kaguya 

Training A Warrior [Alice] Empty on Mon Apr 02, 2018 8:18 pm

Theo Kaguya
T.K started to shack a little as he started to think about what Alice could have in store for him once they began training. He turned around to see Alice with a welcoming smile "Good afternoon Ms.Alice!!" bowing as he greeted her the feeling fear and excitement washed over him "Thank you very much for training with me today!" the only people that he's trained with have been his father and sister so this will do some much needed good on his part. The young knight looked around to see that she had brought her pets, but the other one from their last meeting was absent but new was in its place. I really want a companion like Vulpix or maybe a cat or something, not realizing that he had placed his right hand on his chin as he does when he's deep in thought.

From Alice's outfit, it looked like she was ready to take on anyone that stepped up to her I hope she will take it easy. No what am I saying I have to push myself to make get even stronger! he thought bowing to her once again for taking time out of her day to help him improve. The young knight took three steps back and prepared himself to begin training if she was ready that is "What did you want to do first Ms.Alice?" the question was a good one as he truely has no idea what she has in mind for him.

#4Adelaide Sokolov 

Training A Warrior [Alice] Empty on Wed Apr 04, 2018 12:38 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice wasn't entirely sure what T.K. his plan was, she should actually try to find a teacher for the gun that she had recently brought and the only person popping up in her mind was her soon-to-be-husband but at this time either he was home or she was home or both had another thing to do and left Hecate home. Which was why Hecate was home just to be sure right now. She was glad to see though that T.K. was enthusiastic and happy today for she was slightly nervous that she might go overboard in this training. It was perhaps a good thing that they wouldn't go for her gun fight. She would summon her castor spell at the point that it was necessary. He shortly looked like he was thinking, which was a good thing but in battle you shouldn't take too long.

Actually Alice had to learn to think more and longer than just simply go into a batle. Which made her realize that perhaps Akira had some point, but to just give an opinion without really knowing the answer came to a point of not thinking too long and considerative as could be. It had gone so well. She shook her head slightly and wondered how the armor would do. She got it from Midas for the Holy Knights and it was the first time she did fit in it. "Don't worry about it, it sounds like fun, I haven't trained in months, it is good for me as well." The arena was a nice place to go around too. She turned to look back at T.K. when he asked her what she wanted to do first, she was going to regret to say no to a warming up but if she had to prepare T.K. for possible attacks at any moment, she would have to work that out. "You will just have to work on thinking fast." she said and held up her left hand and created the Castor spell. Holding on to the light sword that she made with her Solar magic, "Let's just see what you can do." Swords had never been her preference but she had used a katana when she was still a Requip mage.


Name: Castor
Rank: B-rank
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Solar Magic Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Light & Fire (Solar)
Range: 15 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Sustained
Effect: The user creates a laser sword made out of Solar magic. The hilt is 30 centimeters and the blade is some 120 centimeters and made of a light yellow colour that shows the light and the heat that the blade radiates. In case hit by Castor, there will be a B-rank burning damage.

#5Theo Kaguya 

Training A Warrior [Alice] Empty on Sat Apr 07, 2018 1:53 pm

Theo Kaguya
T.K to his back and quickly rolled to her left drawing his sword I've gotta stay focused even though she has more combat experience than me I need to match her he thought using the tip of his blade to pick up some dust get some distance between them. If she had become blinded by the dust the young knight would take this small opening to "Bestow Judgement." with a mutter of words he raised his hands making a triangle, With this Alice should be slightly more manageable I hope.   The memories of him training with his father replayed in the back of his mind as they helped keep him focused to some extent. "Okay now just think less. How do I think less in the middle of a fight?" as he gripped his sword firmly he in front of him he couldn't help but think of how not to think less which would make today a bit tougher on his side of things. Something just told him that he would need to change up his tactics if he wanted to live through training,  he rushed into her left and tried to hit her with the butt of his sword throwing her off balance. if that didn't connect, he brace himself for her counter attack. The echoes of his movements filled the arena as things seemed to be off to a good start as the newest chapter of his life is being written.

Judgement Ray:
Name: Judgement Ray
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Light of Hope
Type: Debuff
Element: Light
Range: 1 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Makes a triangel with both his hands making sure that the oppent is in the middle and calls a ray of light to shine on them lowering their speed. The oppent must be within five meters of the user in order for it to work making it a D-rank speed Debuff.

#6Adelaide Sokolov 

Training A Warrior [Alice] Empty on Mon Apr 09, 2018 5:10 am

Adelaide Sokolov
She couldn't help but smile, even if the sand would get caught in her eyelashes and become annoying, she had had time enough to close her eyes and when she opened them, she noticed the light ray around her slowing her down a little, not something she couldn't handle. It might become annoying but it was for training T.K. and she didn't mind. Normally she wouldn't have made that mistake, even when the sand was caught in her eye, she had thought about using her sensory spell but as they had decided to do a sword fight, she could imagine T.K. trying to get a use on the difference in their rank and probably strength, she would have to go easy on him in the beginning too.

Holding on to her blade of light with a firm grip she turned to look at T.K. now that it was possible again. He rushed towards her, turning his sword, the blade away from her trying to hit her with the back of the weapon, she turned around, still quite fast and slashed her weapon underhand towards her left, pointing towards him before he could reach her with the back of the weapon, "With a distance like we had, don't use your weapon's short side first, you could always do that if you are too close to swing it." She said, it felt harsh to immediately give things but that was why training was for, "You are holding a blade, an extention of your arm, use it well, you will be in advantage to people that don't have a weapon, slightly in disadvantage of long range people, until you are closer." Which was also a reason why she didn't like to use the bow and arrow and actually the same counted for a gun but with the information that Midas had given her months ago, with Kon in the hospital, she had to keep things in mind, that sometimes long range could be a good start. She felt the cold metal of Vash touch her skin shortly but ignored it, as she had already felt it more often. It was a nice reasurance that it was there.

#7Theo Kaguya 

Training A Warrior [Alice] Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 2:53 am

Theo Kaguya
Seeing that she had more than enough time block the sand but allowed her self to be distracted by it which wasn't something he thought she would do at all but while he went in for his attack it seemed to take little stamina to find his opening and use it to put him down. "Yes understood! Let us go again. I want to improve everything" he looked at her with determination edged deeply into his eyes. getting back to what he would call a neutral position, he calmed himself Don't think while attacking just attack and look for openings, advice that may yet bear fruit as the young knight charged at Alice aiming for her right shoulder, should this land the blow would only graze her drawing little blood No matter how hard this gets..I have to keep going! he felt his body start to move more freely the more he focused on making contact. If his attack landed the follow up would just be a simple kick to the midsection and take two steps back from her It's just like the book said! in the days of waiting for Alice's return, he read books on sword handling and combat tactics.

T.K clutched his chest with his right and I beg of you body do not give out on me yet, the pain from his first fight still lingers in his chest as he grips the sword with both hands once more "Don't hold back I beg of you..." something just told him that he would get exactly what he wished. This is the only way to know what I can do...so I have to fight her with everything, he seeks nothing but to enhance his skill and push himself to new heights even if that means taking a few cuts along the way. The young Knight readied himself to make another move if Alice didn't move to stop him.

#8Adelaide Sokolov 

Training A Warrior [Alice] Empty on Thu Apr 12, 2018 2:24 am

Adelaide Sokolov
She kept her right hand towards her left side, blocking the still movement that he had done before, but her golden eyes looking at him with interest, wondering what he would do now. She liked to see how serious he was, considering the look in his eyes as well as what he said and she gave a short but firm nod. As he moved away from her, she lowered the light saber and let her right arm relax, if she would tense too much, she would hurt her muscles and be done in a second. She should be more serious as well, she was afraid that much was true but it wouldn't be training if she wouldn't go full out right.

He moved for her right shoulder but with the 3 meters between them, it took only a second for her to have her right foot, standing perfectly next to her left, move slightly to the back, right after her left, so she turned on her toes and stand in a vertical position of how she stood before he moved and thus let the sword go past her and not hit the shoulderpad of her armour but be now marked in front of her, she lowered slightly, moving up the lightsaber and swinging it right in front of her, to her left, where T.K. would be as he had tried to hit her with his own weapon. If he would be quick enough to move out of her reach, she wouldn't hurt him, else the burning touch of the light saber would find his left hip.

The reason why the red head lowered herself was to put more weight on her right leg and swing her left low over the ground to hit the back of either of his ankles, probably the right as that one would be closer to her and try to make him trip by moving her leg forward and back towards herself. After that either missing or hitting, she would stand up straight and move two meters away from him again to keep the distance, so she could make advantage of her speed, even if he debuffed it. She nodded again short but firm that she shouldn't hold back. She would still try, T.K. was young and she shouldn't go all out with the power that she could possess but she would try to not disappoint either. But afte that she took a sprint, ready to slash from his left shoulder to his right hip and after that movement, directly moving up the bud of her weapon (made of magic in her case and just more be her own fist) to hit him directly under his chin. She would move at a speed of 8 meters per second and just reach him within 2 seconds. Doing this by trying to trigger his instinct to protect himself.

#9Theo Kaguya 

Training A Warrior [Alice] Empty on Sat Apr 14, 2018 4:39 pm

Theo Kaguya
TK felt the sting of her magic blade slide across his chest as he just nearly escaped the hit That was close a second later and that would have really hurt, he thought looking at the rip in his uniform. He could tell that this was only just the tip of Alices fighting capabilities which has him slightly frightened but fighting someone of higher standing will do that to a person. I guess armor would help in some fights he thought stabbing his sword into the ground to help himself stand without a second to gather himself she made her way to him. The young knight could feel his body on the verge of giving out and did his best to hide it from Alice as she would end the training "Just a bit more just hold on for a bit more body I beg of you." his words were soft as he tried to think of a new plan of action while not drawing too much attention to himself.

While thinking of a plan the pain in his chest had become more violent as he took deep breathes as he tried to block her attack next attack aimed at his chin only to be pushed back slightly from the block and taking the opening he would sprint at her going for an upward slash motion as she did to him. As he closed the gap between them his vision had started to blurred causing him to move slightly to her right leaving himself open to a counter attack.

#10Adelaide Sokolov 

Training A Warrior [Alice] Empty on Sun Apr 15, 2018 1:13 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
She got this moment that she forgot to think again, she simply went on, as she had always done, reckless too much, when she still used Requip that had been the issue too and yet she never been good enough, but that happened when you fought higher people, didn't think or had companions that didn't work with you. Alice her golden eyes were only so focused and her track of thoughts would go on about the fight, she would have to relax her muscles in a way that she wouldn't become tired quickly. Which was a very difficult question to ask from her body as she had not trained for at least a solid 6 months, her pregnancy had given her trouble and the last month, she was still not allowed to do things like that and she was asking too much from her body right now, the birth of her twins had only been weeks ago. Not even a solid month yet. She would feel this too late, as she didn't let herself feel it at this point.

She noticed that T.K. was muttering to himself but she didn't hear it and she couldn't read it on his lips and thus not really register that it was something important. He blocked her fist and she turned her light saber normal again, almost hitting her own long orange hair with the solar blade. She took a few quick steps back but he sprinted towards her and a small smile appeared on her lips, at least he was trying too. He made a mistake, she didn't know how but he stepped a little too far to her right and as she held her blade to block the one he send, holding on with her bare hand to the fire and light combination, not even feeling the pain yet, or too late and she swung her own leg towards his left hip again to connect as he didn't seem to react on time, she didn't know what happened.

But as the pain brought her back to reality, she let go of the solar blade with her left hand and stared at the blood and singed skin. Now she realized the pain and gritted her teeth to not curse out loud, she shot a look at Jupiter and Ceres before turning her golden eyes at T.K. "Are you alright?"

#11Theo Kaguya 

Training A Warrior [Alice] Empty on Thu Apr 19, 2018 12:47 am

Theo Kaguya
The moment he missed his vision had started to get even worse but he pushed himself to try and keep going soon he would be hitting the cap on his energy Deep breathes come on just a little more he thought to himself looking down at his hands only to see his focus come and go. Alice seemed to be a different person when fighting the way that she moved was like she was always three or two steps ahead of TK no matter what action he took I guess having a child doesn't affect her response time at all, he thought as a smile made its way to his face

As he tried to regain his lost senses TK couldn't help but think that he wasn't ready for this level of training just yet, given as he could barely keep up with Alice. The young knight's body began to sway side to side as he held onto his sword when Alice asked how he was fairing he looked up with a smile "Yes I'm Fin..." his body gave out as he collapsed to the floor with deep breaths. He felt the pain in his chest even after collapsing the pain that has been with him after his fight with the cross-wielding gunman.

#12Adelaide Sokolov 

Training A Warrior [Alice] Empty on Tue Apr 24, 2018 9:28 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Too late she realized that going all out, as she had not planned to do, was also too much for the page or was he an apprentice already and had she forgotten to ask? She wasn't sure but still, she let go of her blade and dropped her left hand next to her body and simply asked if T.K. was alright. He seemed to have trouble with his focus and she had not noticed as she had tried to push him into the automatic thinking and thus protecting himself and being able to find openings. She had not been the greatest one to teach, she never thought, she went full out in this case too. She had told herself to hold back with her new required strength.

As she had looked at Jupiter and Ceres, the first one would take off to get a healer for her hand and Ceres came closer now that they didn't seem to battle anymore. T.K. couldn't even finish his sentence as he collapsed and she quickly ran forward, letting her spell, Castor, disappear without much thoughts, "T.K.?" she said in slight panic, because what was going on? She had not hit him too hard right? "What's going on? Are you hurt?" Right, probably the panic of a new mother, she couldn't imagine not panicking if it was either Anton or Tanya, "Were you hurt before? Did you take your time to recover?" She couldn't help but blurt out too many questions all at once and her eyes scanning his body and face but not seeing blood or anything. The former lieutenant had no idea what to do, Kon was the healer not her!

Soon the blonde male that was Jupiter came running back with a healer that was around when people practiced in Domus Flau. She held her own left hand but shook her head, she wasn't important, T.K. first, if he would allow the healer to help them and if the healer could do anything. Perhaps he just needed air and some water?

#13Theo Kaguya 

Training A Warrior [Alice] Empty on Thu Apr 26, 2018 11:21 pm

Theo Kaguya
TK felt his body become heavier the more he laid on the ground, this made him think back to when he fought that man in Baska and woke up to being surrounded by healers just for the one wound that he was received. It was like all the air had been sucked out his lungs while being weighed down by a Dragon, he had hoped that Alice wouldn't see him in such a state but it would seem that fate had other plans for him on this day.  Sweat began to run down his face as Alice questioned his well being "I'm...fine really," he said between breaths trying to get back to his feet with what little strength was left in his body, which wasn't much at this point. I really wish she didn't see me like this..I don't like making others worry about me, a thought that is shared by most with kind hearts around his age.

He saw that one of her companions had come back with a healer and rushed over to him, as he felt another sharp pain in his chest causing him to grip his chest and groan in pain the healer  needled beside the young knight and examined him quickly and processed to lift his shirt to see a bruise on nearly covering his chest "It's nothing..." just for a few seconds he blacked out and then woke back up looking at Alice with a weak smile "Your baby is lucky to have a mom like you." he said trying to sit up again. The Healer questioned just how he came to have such a bruise on him as he tried to heal TK but was pushed away "It's really fine...just need time to rest." his face showed that he was hiding afraid of something but didn't want Alice to know.

#14Adelaide Sokolov 

Training A Warrior [Alice] Empty on Fri Apr 27, 2018 11:05 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Why do people lie like that? He clearly wasn't alright, she didn't think bad off him for saying it like that, she was sure she had said it to Kon from time to time as well even if she wasn't and vice versa. It was to try and protect but that still didn't mean it made things better. "You aren't fine, don't push yourself too much." She clenched her left hand too harsh and the blood started to flow again and this time, breaking the skin that was singed by her light saber. It hurt but she just gritted her teeth, trying to get out of the panic attack that was crawling up into her brain.

He even blacked out and all she could do was stare with big golden eyes at him, not even noticing the healer, not even hearing what the healer said to her or Jupiter holding on to her while Ceres seemed to be all confused as her cousin was a human being at this point. She felt a blush creep upon her cheeks as he complimented, "Don't be so ridiculous, let him heal you and take your rest. You need to take good care of your body even when fighting. What happened to you T.K.?" She looked at the healer and helped him up with her right hand because T.K. pushed him away. She stared at T.K. standing up straight and looking down on him, he was hiding something, it was clearly written on his face, but she wondered what and if it was only because of her, "What aren't you telling?" she muttered while holding up her left hand for the healer to fix.

Now that the fight was over and depending on if T.K. answered her she would either leave with or without answers but with the order for T K. to rest. He might need his strenght in the near future.


#15Theo Kaguya 

Training A Warrior [Alice] Empty on Wed May 02, 2018 9:59 pm

Theo Kaguya
He felt bad for not telling Alice what happen but he didn't want her to find out that he had a near-death experience but he couldn't help but think about her reaction if she did know but something just kept pulling on the memory. By the sound of her voice, she seemed worried and upset which was fair as he knew what he was getting into when he asked her to train him Maybe I should just tell her so she doesn't worry too much, he thought allowing the healer to treat him. "I got it from a fight when I was in Baska. He used this weird Cross gun to shoot me right in the chest...the next thing I knew the healers were treating me." the blank look on the mans face was edged into his mind as he the chest pain started to fade away slowly. it was a good thing his parents didn't see it as they would have more than likely made him quite the Knights and stay home.

TK really felt bad for keeping her in the dark for so long but it was something that he thought wasn't she needed to know about at that moment in time but now that she knew things may be slightly easier for him. After the healer had finished his treatment he told TK to limit his stress and magic use for a three week "I'm sorry Alice I should have told you." he told her turning away from her with his hand on his chest.

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