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Red Hades Cult [Joan]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Red Hades Cult [Joan] Empty on Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:13 am

Bianca Fleur
It had been a few hours since she returned to Dahlia Town. Joan found herself a place to stay at while she was in town, which was an inn she was staying at the last time she was here. The innkeeper did not remember her at all, obviously because she had a different name, spoke in a different voice and had a difference face. She remembered him, however, because that was how good her memory was. She remembered even the smallest details. Joan was ready to start work immediately, but as usual, she wanted to find where her caffeine supply was going to come from. It was a habit now. Not necessarily a bad habit, since the caffeine did not have negative effects on her. Either they had no negative effects on her at all, or they were not showing yet, OR she did not notice them. Anyway, coffee was keeping her active and gave her a reason to leave her inn room, so that was good as well? Joan was actually on her way to the cafe as of now. She needed it get through the days. Since she had been to Dahlia before, she knew where to get food. Since the town was basically swarming with supernatural beings like herself, she knew that she would have to do more research for Adelaide. She would have to find out who had claimed Dahlia as their territory or whatever. Everywhere was gloomy, as if it was always cloudy and about to rain in this town.

Joan did not know if it was because of the presence of dark beings in this town that it was almost always gloomy. She herself had never seen a bright day here, because it probably did not exist. As she stood in queue at the cafe, she folded her arms across her chest, looking around. She wondered if everyone at the cafe was a supernatural being. Everyone she looked at looked back at her in a strange way, so she stopped looking and focused on the barista instead. Soon it was her turn to order and once she was done ordering, and got her coffee, she exited the cafe. Taking a sip from the coffee she felt like she had just woken up from a power nap, fresh and ready for action. Shoving her free hand into the pocket of her jacket, she crossed the street in strides as if she was in a hurry, although she was not. Once she reached the other side of the street, she noticed that someone was following her. She turned as soon as she noticed this and stood face to face with the client she was planning on asking a job from. “Aadrian, hi,” she said. The guy knew how to sneak up on people. With a dark smile, he returned the greeting and invited her into a street corner. She had the feeling he already had work for her. How he found her was beyond her knowledge.

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Red Hades Cult [Joan] Empty on Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:25 am

Bianca Fleur
Aadrian wasted no time and started talking about the current situation. Apparently there was this cultist who wanted to expose the Red Hades Cult or something and Aadrian wanted him dead. He made it quite clear that she was to kill him. With a smile, Joan commented, “I love that idea.” She took a sip from her coffee every once in a while as she listened to what Aadrian was saying. Of course she would have to kill him in a way that could not be traced back to Aadrian or the Red Hades Cult. Aadrian suggested that she should be a dark corner when she killed him. Joan nodded. She already thought about it when her client mentioned that he did not want people to be able to trace back to him or his cult. The vampyress asked if there was anything else he wanted her to do, after he gave her the description of the person she was supposed to kill. Her client then added that he wanted the cultist’s head, just to make sure that Joan had killed the right person. Once the explanation part was done, Joan wanted to know how Aadrian found her or was able to remember who she was. She asked him directly, and Aadrian told her that it was quite complicated, so the vampyress decided not to ask further. She had work to do, and so she tossed the finished cup of coffee in a trash bin nearby, nodding towards the client and shoving her hands into the pockets of her jacket.

Joan left the place she met Aadrian. Now she was supposed to find the cultist using the description of his face that her client had provided her with. This was like the job she did back in Baska Town. She remembered she had to go all over town to search for one of the contractors. However, Aadrian’s description sounded more accurate, and she felt like she knew what she was looking for. She had a mental image of the guy in her head as she walked around town. She would have to ask around as well, since the client told her that she could do that when she asked him. So Joan asked around for a man with white hair. No one really knew who she was talking about, so she decided to give up on that and just look for him herself. Finally, she came to a street that was filled with bars and things like that. That was when she spotted someone who looked very much like the person in her head. With a triumphant grin, she followed him until he was in a dark corner, which was where she killed him. With her strength alone, she was able to end his life. She tore off his head from his torso and brought it back for her client. Luckily, it was the right person and Aadrian seemed very satisfied. He gave Joan her reward, and so she left.

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