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Fetch Me This and That [Quest: Farren]

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#1Farren Claret 

Fetch Me This and That [Quest: Farren] Empty on Sat Mar 17, 2018 1:47 pm

Farren Claret
Today was a day that was beginning to shape up farn differently than any Farren had experienced recently. Though it was definitely out of the norm, Farren had begun to grow accustomed to the idea of waking up and being informed by the guild that he'd been tapped to take on a request. It was rare that a mage was able to pick up work so easily without even trying, and Farren had begun to take this sort of occurrence as being the norm. Maybe it was simply because of how arrogant of a person he was, and he simply overestimated his pull in this regard.

Regardless of the reason, Farren woke up this morning and found that nobody had tapped him to take on a request. He felt the sting as his pride had been slightly wounded as a result of this, however, he simply took it in stride as much as he possibly could. Maybe he could take this time out to relax, give himself some sort of a break. It was true that he'd been working himself to the bone ever since he took up residence in Phantom Lord. His ambition to reclaim what he'd loss continuing to push him forward in his pursuits. Yet, there was always the risk of running out of steam if passion burned too fiery within an individual.

Though the urge to relax was there, urges within him simply kept him from truly accepting that as a way to spend his day. Maybe there was some request available somewhere that wouldn't be as demanding as the others he'd taken on recently? With this thought in mind, Farren was able to convince himself to continue on the request streak that he'd managed to rack up.

With a renewed feeling of determination burning with him, Farren made his way out of the guildhall and began to walk through the streets of Oak Town. There was a request board in the center of town that was used by a vast majority of people in the search of work. Because of this, he wasn't exactly sure that he'd manage to find any work if he had to be in competition with other up and coming mages. More than likely every worthwhile request that could be taken would have been taken by now.

As he arrived to the board he found that his assumption had been completely accurate. The board had almost been completely stripped clean of any of the requests that had been posted there, save for one request in particular. From a simply glance over the condition of the parchment used, it was obvious that this request had been pinned to the board for quite a while. As he read through the request, he found himself entirely confused. The request itself asked for someone to fetch a few random items.

Fetch quests weren't exactly new to Farren, as he'd even taken one just a few days ago in the form of retrieving a rare clover. However, what made this quest stand out is the fact that the items being requested weren't exactly "rare", and they didn't particularly seem important by any measure.

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#2Farren Claret 

Fetch Me This and That [Quest: Farren] Empty on Sat Mar 17, 2018 1:48 pm

Farren Claret
If he accepted this request, he'd be tasked with retrieving an old plant, some burnt wood, and a large chunk of metal. These weren't exactly hard items to come across, but Farren found himself more intrigued with what these items would actually be used for. The name of the requester was one that he found himself recognizing almost immediately. She was infamous throughout the entirety of Fiore as a dangerous Witch; she was even rumored to be the head of a fairly dangerous cult - however, this was merely an unfounded assumption. Despite this, it was still fact that she was extremely dangerous and not to be trifled with. Because of this, it was pretty obvious why this request had been avoided by so many despite the relative ease of the request. A up and coming mage that valued his or her future would do well to avoid such a potential threat, but Farren would ignore this potential threat. After all, there were no other requests that he could take, and he was confident in his ability to deal with any threat that could potentially occur as a result of this.

With this in mind, Farren quickly gathered the materials that had been requested by the Witch and made his way to the place that she had designated within her posting. Once he arrived, he noticed a woman that stood there in a manner that gave Farren the assumption that she'd been waiting for him. As he turned the items over, he was immediately greeted with a mocking laughter before being told that the errand he'd been sent on was a farce - still, she seemed to be pretty appreciative of the fact that someone had finally mustered the courage to approach her. This appreciation seemed to be enough for the Witch to throw a bag of jewels in Farren's direction before shooing him off.

The young mage was immensely confused about the developments that had transpired, but he decided against sticking around and questioning the witch any further. He was well aware of her abilities, and didn't feel that he needed to wear out his welcome by badgering her. Perhaps he'd run into her again at some point in the future, and she'd explain what the point of all of this had been. Until then, Farren decided leaving was the best course of action. After thanking the Witch with a small bow, he hastily made his exit.

The day had gone better than he initially expected it would; 25,000 extra jewels in anyone's pocket would likely make them feel that way. There was an urge for him to return to the request board and see if he'd missed any other quests, but he decided against this action. No, he'd make his way back to the guildhall with a smile on his face and relax for the rest of the day. Hopefully tomorrow would bring new opportunities that he could further take advantage of. It would still take quite a while before Farren reached the level that he once resided on, but he would never stop in his ambition to attain it once more.

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