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Mended Hearts and Hopeful Starts (Private/Seira)

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#1Tenshi † 

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Tenshi †
The church bell cried out, a desperate call of man to beings they hoped still listen. It was calling together the days mass, a small selection of people whose devotion would not wane through the grinding week. The collective sound of their feet striking the paved roads offered a drumbeat, quick and without tempo, which offered a background for the bell. The muffled sound of conversations spread through the sea of bodies offered enough to drown out and semblance of silence, but no individual discussion was dominant enough to be understood from a distance. For the blond who was fighting against the current, footsteps silence and movement fluid, none of it mattered regardless.

The sun was deceptively bright, unblemished by clouds. It offered a radiance that warmed the skin, relaxing the bodies of those who droned on in their worship. As the crowd pushed closer to the church, the streets became more empty, filled by stragglers who wished to empty their purse and shop keepers who would be more than happy to collect. The young adventurer was an exception to this, wanting to neither spend his coin nor collect any more. He had spent the early morning finding a place for himself and his brother to reside for the upcoming days, perhaps weeks. Clothes were acquired, food stored, and the grime on their bodies had been removed through intense scrubbing and irritation.

While the elder of the two stayed behind, content with allowing the trickle of time wash away his bitter memories, Finn was given no such solace. His day was to be spent ironing out the wrinkles of his own mistakes, created by his departure. It was his own fault, but that much was without question. Who in their right might would leave for months, knowing they may never return, leaving only a letter in their wake? A letter as descriptive and helpful as one would expect, devoid of any details that might have hinted at his actual destination. Instead, his words held a map of his thoughts and hopes as a desperate attempt to make her understand.

It explained that he had been approached by his guild master, given information of strange movements in a neighboring country. That the effects of this phenomena had begun to trickle into their country, and seemed to have an adverse affect on Humans, infecting their blood and transmissible. The information was sparse, offering little in terms of evidence. However, the news was enough to get Finn's attention. The death of his Guild Master still fresh in his mind, and the knowledge that this information could have held merit, was enough. In his mind, at the time, he would be able to move to preemptively protect both his guild and his lover, and perhaps he'd simply find the rumors to be false.

The reality of the situation had hit Finn far too late, making it impossible for him to reach out with an update to those who mattered. As the days turned into weeks, even he had begun to doubt his return. Now that he finally stood back in Fiore, in the town in which he had begun his journey, it was time to bring it to an end. His feet had stopped moving, standing him before a very familiar door. He had been told he could use it any time he wished, and that when she was in the town, she could be found here.

His hand raised, clenching into a light fist and resting his knuckles against the wooden frame. There was a pit in his stomach, empty and calling, fueling an anxiety that had once not existed. A lot could have changed in his months of absence. He surely had. His short sleeves showed still healing wounds littering his arms, and his face showed an aged exhaustion that had not been there previously. With a deep inhale, aimed at steadying his nerves, he knocked upon the door. His knuckles rapt at the wood, making loud and sharp noises to echo throughout the house, making sure to grab her attention wherever she may be.

Then he waited. Nervous, unsure of what was to follow, he could only allow the events to unfold as they would. He hoped she would be there, but would fate really be so kind as to give him this show of pity after so much anguish?

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The heart was a material thing, easily torn, not easily mended. When Finn left he took every part that granted her the ability to live independently with him, leaving behind a hurting body with a scarred soul. She was so fragile—delicate throughout every inch of her creation—but she had never been broken, not until his departure. She found in him her home, her solace and certainly a sense of purpose in her life which was now rotting away again. Without Finn there was seemingly nothing worth living for and Seira’s world had become colorless again. He disappeared without a trace and the letter he left behind brought more questions than answers with it.

She was restless at first, sleepless nights were spent searching for clues and waiting for a message, anything that would let her know he was okay—but nothing ever came. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and because she never lost hope, the feeling of dread was beginning to eat away at her very essence. Seira understood that no matter what happened, she would never stop griefing and this was now her reality—a life without the one who made it worth living.  

Seira Navillera was dying a slow and painful death; there was nothing she could have done, nothing she wanted to do and as a result the past three months were spent neglecting herself. She was miserable.

While Finn’s feelings for her seemed genuine, the vampire failed to understand how he could simply leave without a word of explanation, especially after they had promised each other to speak about their problems and be open with one another; their once healthy relationship was ruined by the mere fact that he couldn’t find it in himself to trust her fully, and knowing that Finn might have died somewhere while feeling that way crushed her.

When Seira heard the church bells ring a heavy sigh escaped her lips. It was always busy around this time of the day and the good citizens of Baska Town never missed a chance to pledge their loyalties to the nonexistent gods inside that house of lies—she scorned them, but the vampire wasn’t going to interfere with human life anymore. She was starving and if she were to leave her premises (which she hadn't done in weeks) there would certainly be a massacre.

Inside Seira’s (and formerly Finn’s) home it was almost cozy. She’s made it a habit to keep everything neat and orderly and spent her days scantily dressed in one of her many nightgowns, thinking about how much she missed her soulmate. If life hadn’t been so tragic at that time, she might have been able to pull through it. The absence of sunlight hardly bothered the vampire and without a human to keep her company, she’s kept the curtains shut and was living in darkness instead; she enjoyed it that way and while this was very much a preferred living standard, the lack of blood and therefor nourishment certainly wasn’t.

Seira was weak, emotionally and physically vulnerable and in an overall bad mood. Her senses were dulled, so when there was a knock at the door it took her a moment to get the hang of it. She didn’t have any regular visitors, but every once in a while the old lady from across the street made sure she was still alive. It was a much appreciated gesture, albeit completely unnecessary, but of course the lady didn’t know that. She lit a few lights, put on a silk robe and slowly walked towards the door. With effort she pressed down the handles and pushed open the heavy wooden slides, only to be overcome by a strange feeling before her world stood still.


Seira’s chest tightened, her voice was meek and barely audible. She felt a sudden burst of pain spreading within herself; every single one of her senses reacted so strongly to what she found before her very eyes, it sent ripples of agony throughout her entire body and she began shaking. ”Finn,” she repeated, this time a little louder, with small hands reaching up towards his cheeks and pulling him inside. He felt real, at last. The warmth of his skin against hers, the familiar scent she’d grown so used to and even the rhythmic beating of his heart—and with that, the world surrounding her was slowly gaining colour again.

“Welcome home, my love. I missed you so much.” Tears fell from her cheeks and a weak smile found its way to her lips. He might have broken her heart, but she still loved him with all the pieces.

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Tenshi †

The door once would once bring feelings of rapture, promising fulfillment and life. Now, the doorway seemed more like a pathway to despair. The one he had neglected very well could lie beyond, but did he truly have any business being here? Did he deserve to see her, after all this time? If she had finally put him away, high up on a shelf where he could gather dust and no longer effect her life, did he have any right to change that? It was a selfish desire of his, one that could very well fuel more anguish for both of them. Still, he couldn't help himself. He needed to do this. In his time back within the borders of Fiore, he had still not truly returned. Something within him assured that her benign expression would change that, could pull him back from the abyss.

As the door handle turned, a million images flashed before his eyes in the span of a moment. Of past follies and error, of introductions and understandings. He knew, in that moment, that she was there. It was her behind that oaken barrier, and it would be mere moments before she'd illuminate his life again. There was no doubt, only anxiety of what was to come. Questioning whether or not she'd display joy or anger, displeasure or bliss. He'd accept her feelings as they were, silent and unmoving, the strong being she needed him to be. The person he had to stay in order to be deserving of her. Nothing else would do, after all.

Then there she was. The door had swung open, revealing her dressed in the silken robes that she always threw over herself. Honestly, he wasn't sure if he had ever seen anything so beautiful. The sun caught her hair, refracting back towards him with a blinding glow. Deeper inspection would have revealed her to be malnourished, but he couldn't notice that. She was perfection incarnate, and anything in the form of blemish was naught for his eyes. What he saw before him was one who had transcended the concept of beauty, and whose very presence could insight feelings he thought died in his travels.

Her voice cut through the silence, causing his heartbeat to become a more noticeable thing. She was here, in front of him. She was real. The way she said his name was like magic, a musical note that needed nothing to accompany it. He stepped forward, a meek stride in the face of his lover, which took more bravery than he thought he'd be able to muster. She could not have been comfortable in the daylight, and yet she seemed too distracted by his being there to notice. As her voice reached a crescendo, repeating his name with much more of her power, he felt something inside him crack.

The dam in which he had erected during his travels was weak against her, and a simple word was all it took to cause it damage. As her hand reached towards his cheek, and her words continued to flow, the current was enough to break apart his wall and allow it all to come crashing out. He was on her in a moment, arms wrapped tightly around her and face buried in her hair. Tears fell from his eyes like rain drops, staining the silk with their salt. His voice broke out, a shuddering whimper that could tell more than any description he tried to give.

Words of apology rang out, hardly audible and repetitive in nature. He repeated the words again and again, his hands desperately pulling at her as if it were possible to get her any closer than she already was. For all the reasons he had to have never come back, to have died before even completing his task, he now held on to the sole purpose of his return. "I'll never leave you again," he choked out, hardly mustering enough strength in his voice to even say that. It was not the return he had in mind, but honestly it was better that way in a cruel sense of truth. It was an answer to a question she had not yet asked, of where he had gone. And in his response, the answer was of no place good.

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Finn’s soft hearted nature, the sweetness of his frail soul, they were proof to how delicate he was and how desperately he needed her to protect what was left of his innocence. When Seira felt his tears against her skin and his arms wrapping tightly around her petite form, she sensed an overload of different emotions, all of which shaped her into someone different than who she had been moments earlier. Someone different than she had been for the past few months, ever since his disappearance.

Quietly, the young woman placed a hand upon her lover’s cheek and leaned her forehead against his. “And if you do, I will be here waiting for you always,” she smiled a genuine smile and leaned in, closing the distance between their mouths that had been there for far too long. Shy at first, Seira’s pulse was beating fast, her heart throbbing beneath the chest pressed against his own and after only a moment, she was lost again. She had never tasted anything sweeter than his lips and although she forgot how to breath, it became impossible to stop—how she had lived through all those months without this ethereal feeling was a mystery to her. If a kiss could last forever, theirs certainly would have.

In that very moment, Seira’s broken heart was set aside in order to make Finn’s well being a priority. He seemed worn out, eyes tired from the things they had seen and whatever that might have been, she swore to fix him and to make everything right again.

“Come,” she whispered sweetly, fingers interlaced with his, gently pulling him deeper inside the familiar chambers they used to spend their days within. This was still their realm — a place where nothing and no one could interrupt their peace — and if Finn allowed, it could become just that again. No matter where he had gone, whatever quest he deemed worthy enough to leave her behind for, it did not matter. Seira’s heart held no grudges, only love for the man who finally returned from his long travels and when she heard his cries and felt the shaking of his body, she understood that now was not the time for questions — now was the time for healing.

“It’s been lonely without you,” the vampire spoke quietly and her small hand squeezed his. She brought him into their bedroom, where she set aside his belongings in order to take a closer look at her lover. Finn’s body was covered in wounds, some still fresh, and the sheer number of them made her shiver. It pained her to see him so miserable, but it also became fuel for an emotion she had not felt in a long time: anger.

When Seira removed the shirt from his body, her expression became pained. In the end she couldn’t hide everything from him after all. Finn’s skin had never been flawless and years of living in the wilderness had done their part to his appearance, but this was different. He was covered in open wounds, none of which had healed properly due to lack of treatment and the scars she found across his chest were proof to the battles he had lost. “You must be hurting,” her voice broke in between the few words she spoke, revealing that she was the one who hurt the most. “I’m going to prepare you a herbal bath. It will burn a little bit, but it will also disinfect your wounds and allow me to take care of them,” she lingered for a few more moments, fingertips tracing his arms and chest, eyes curiously inspecting the battlefield they found before them.

Seira placed Finn onto the edge of their shared bed before disappearing to let water into the bathtub and collect a multitude of herbs from the shelves around her house. A million things were going through the woman’s mind, but she promised herself to focus on his recovery first; of course the vampire had plenty of questions, but all of them could wait. She eventually returned to his side with a glass of water and took a seat next to him. Seira’s hand found his and a kiss was placed upon its back, accompanied by a warm smile.

“It’s ready whenever you are.”

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Tenshi †
The distance between them was vast, even as she closed the space between them. That much was to be expected, a wedge driven by his departure. It didn't feel as though it would last long, however. The heat she radiated melted part of the chill that had taken him for so many months, and as his tears began to dry he found solace in her embrace. His lips finally separated from hers, but only when she willed it herself. Allowing them time to breath, to speak, and to act. She invited him into the home that they once shared, through nights without sleep and days without travel. This was a place of worship, devotion to themselves.

Her fingers fit into his as they once had, yet they felt different. They were thinner, and his own much more calloused. He drank in as much of her appearance as he could, his eyes never leaving her face. He was home. Death had tried so very hard to claim him, and yet here he was.

As they made their way to her chambers, she moved to remove part of his wardrobe. His body tensed slightly, lips pursing, but he moved along with it. He aided in the attempt, shedding the layer that separated her from part of the truth. What lay beneath was something she'd likely feared when they first met- Proof of his mortality. The wounds were many, thick and fresher than they'd like. It offered a glimpse at just how close his life had been to ending so many times. As she spoke, he heard the anguish that he caused, and it made him weak.

"I'm so sorry..." His words crawled out, an apology for his own inability. In another time they may have laughed at that, him apologizing for his own wounds. Today left no such opening, and he could not bring himself to do so even if he tried. "Thank you..." His voice trailed as she lingered as long as she dared on his body, excusing herself to prepare the bath. As she exited, he helped himself out of his other garments as well, leaving on only the barest of cloth to conceal the areas that mattered.

His legs too were battered, though not nearly as fresh. He had learned early in his travels that maneuverability was life, and in his efforts he spared them too much damage. Still, the evidence was there, and it would not do to help ease her worries. As she reentered the room, he smiled meekly at her and nodded his appreciation. On his trip by, he stopped and looked at her. He desperately drank in her features, closing the distance between them once more as she had done previously. It was a test, ensuring that this was still real and that his mind had not constructed visions in his rest. Dreams were hellish things to those desperately clinging to hope.

Parting from her lips once more with regret, he reached forward and squeezed her hand in his. She truly was petite, much smaller than him. He'd never truly appreciated it until this moment. "Thank you for waiting for me, Seira. I love you." His voice was quiet, as if afraid that any more power would have broken their reality. With that, he turned and took himself into the bathroom. He shed the last of his clothes, then gently eased himself into the warm waters. His voice hissed, pain far greater than his previous cleaning. The herbs filled his wounds, causing a stinging sensation reminiscent of when he first received them. His face contorted in pain, but over a few seconds, eased into relief. He was truly grateful for her, sacrificing herself once again to take care of him. One day, and one day soon, he'd need to stop living so selfishly.

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“I know,” she spoke quietly; the everlasting smile had faded, revealing a spark of sadness and also disappointment in her features. When he closed the physical distance between them, Seira no longer found it in herself to respond sweetly to his approach. In his absence the woman had spent her days wondering about when his return would be. Some of those days were filled with sadness and anxiety, during others she was plagued with thoughts respecting the bitter irony of life. The vampire had often questioned the worth of her own immortal body when his was nothing like that, but during the past months she had spent waiting it almost seemed as though this was how things were supposed to be between the human and the undead—and she very much hated that.

When Finn stepped inside the bathroom Seira allowed herself a moment of privacy. She left the bedroom and walked downstairs, where she would lean against the staircase, eyes staring at the black curtains covering the windows. She felt unbelievably tired. The man she had fallen in love with mere months ago was broken and what was left was a pathetic version of someone he once used to be—a fallen hero. She never thought of it was her mission to fix others, even less those who had chosen to abandon her and in a way Finn was at fault too. He broke the promise they made to each other and with it her heart and trust. The situation she now found herself in was suffocating and she was left with little to no options; Seira was in love, unable to abandon what was dear to her heart. She simply had to give up on herself instead.

This isn’t how things were supposed to be.

Suddenly, the woman’s dulled senses detected movement before them. The vampire’s red orbs widened upon catching a glimpse of a young man outside her house. He was a neighbour living close by, someone who had most likely spent his entire life here in Baska Town. Without even realizing it, her body had moved towards the windows, hiding inside the shadows behind the curtains, hungry eyes following the prey they had spotted. The sun stood high in the skies, but when night came she would hunt again.

When Seira returned upstairs she carefully knocked on the bathroom door and stepped inside. He was resting well, much to her delight. She kneeled down by the bathtub and reached for a sponge soft enough to not irritate his sore skin, and while the woman helped him clean himself she remained silent. She didn’t hate the act of having to care for him and in fact it was actually quite the opposite. Seira knew it was her purpose to tend to her beloved when he was in need, she simply wished she had been with him when he sustained those injuries—by his side, not somewhere far away.

“It should be long enough now, please stand up.” She wrapped a towel around his hips and used a second one to pat dry his upper body, careful to not hurt his wounds. He seemed so helpless now and a single look into his eyes was enough to stir up a whirlwind of emotions. She immediately hated herself for not being selfless enough, for blaming him for leaving and even though she would never voice those thoughts, she felt guilty for feeling the way she did. She knew he had his reasons for everything he did, and Seira always thought she respected him enough to accept those reasons—whatever they may be—but she wasn’t that perfect and certainly never would be.

“You should get some rest, you look tired,”
handing him fresh clothes, Seira nodded towards the bed. “If there’s anything else you need, please ask. I can stay with you, if you want me to.” If he needed her close, she would lie down with him, but this was his decision. Seira’s hands wrapped around his waist, gently hugging him in silence for a moment.

There was so much on her mind, so much she wanted to say and hear, but right now she didn’t dare to speak of those things.

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Tenshi †
Things were different. He didn't wish for them to be, and yet there was no doubting the shift in the atmosphere. Time and distance had taken their toll on the two, and Finn knew it. Their reunion was nothing like what he thought it would be. It hadn't been the return he'd had in mind. Tears had found themselves staining his cheeks before he even realized it, and any mood he wished to set was gone. Still, in a way, they seemed closer now. He had certainly changed during this time, and exactly how much would stay with him could only be seen over the next few months. She read it in him, a connection the two still shared, and it showed in how gentle she was being with him.

Still, she was fragile. Not just due to him, but due to refusing to take care of herself. She seemed weak, and though her appearance masked it beautifully, the truth was in the details. The frailness of her fingertips and the slight shake at the sight of blood, impossible to hide from his eyes as they were now. Had she starved herself in his absence? Had he truly caused her that much pain?

A fist found itself slamming the inside of the tub, the noise muffled by the water and damage nonexistent. He should never have left, but what good did hindsight do the present? Regret would spare no one anguish, and rather than do that he could only continue forward. For her and for them, he would do his best to pull himself from depravity. It was the least he could do after all this time.

She entered the room, her gaze more sheepish than it had once been. She asked him to stand, and as he did so, he saw the look on her face. He didn't know exactly what was there, in the expression that showed so much pain, but he knew it had to be related to him. She wrapped a towel around his waist, which he made sure to assist with, and began gently padding down his body. She seemed unable to look at him and incapable of looking away all at the same time. He needed to do or say something, and he knew it.

"I'm home, Seira." His words were short, not what he had in mind, but a starting place. His arms reached forward, wrapping around her as she had already hugged him. "I swear to you that I will never leave like that again. I know you must have so many questions, and in time I will answer them all. I swear I will." His words were quiet, yet not quite as weak as they had been before. Being back was having an immediate positive effect, the rest would hopefully just take time.

"I want you to stay... And, if I could make a selfish request after all this time?" He hesitated, tilting her face upwards while gently cupping her chin between his index finger and thumb. His eyes sought hers out, locking on and showing his unwavering resolve. He knew that there would be a response to this, likely negative, but he didn't care. [color#3366ff]"I need you to feed off me. Even if only a little. Then we can rest. Together."[/color]

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“Finn,” the vampire’s voice was calm, a sweet sound sparked with the unforgiving resolve of a woman, “it’s generous of you to think of me, but please think of yourself first. I’m not hungry.” Seira’s lips morphed into a strange, almost bewitching smile; her fingertips traced down his back, all the way to his sides and hips as she separated herself from him. If she drank his blood now surely he would be able to sleep for a long time without interruption, but she wasn’t going to put even more strain on his human body—that would have been far to selfish, if not irresponsible of her.

When Seira stood in front of her companion, she brought her lips to his neck for a kiss instead. She found the tension between them almost unbearable and things were nothing like they once used to be; the couple had grown close during the lazy days spent in Baska Town and even though there was hardly anything happening, both of them had been far too obsessed with one another to notice how much time went by—nothing else seemed to matter and it was bliss.

“Please know that there’s nothing you have to tell me,” she turned her back on him as she spoke, searching for bandages to care for his wounds even further, “you don’t owe me anything—you never have.” Seira returned with a collection of items meant for medical purposes and before beginning to wrap him up in those things, she pulled him aside and onto the bed so he could sit comfortably. After a few minutes of thoughtful work, careful not to hurt him, Finn’s chest and arms were properly bandaged. “But should you decide to speak about it anyways, I’ll be happy to listen.” She smiled, this time genuinely, and closed the distance between them once again.

Seira’s robe fell to the floor and with a swift motion the vampire was among the sheets, pulling the human along with her. She wrapped her arms around him, allowing for him to rest comfortably on top of her chest while she ran her fingers through his hair, playfully tugging on the blonde strands and massaging his scalp—after all, she knew how much he loved having his hair played with. It was silent for a while, but this time she couldn’t sense any sort of discomfort between the two of them. Even though Finn had only been back for a short amount of time, the woman’s broken heart was already beginning to heal.

“I hate Baska,” she suddenly said, gently squeezing him as a faint chuckle escaped her lips, “I really hate it here. Once you’re better, let’s go somewhere else, somewhere nicer.” Seira had been rotting away in this village for far too long and although she had almost gotten used to it by now, she could hardly wait to leave. A lot had happened in the small town so close to Oak and while not all of those things had been bad, the woman couldn’t help but associate this place with plenty of negative emotions.

She was drawing figure eights on his back and every now and then a little kiss was planted into his hair, until she was certain that he had finally fallen asleep.

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Tenshi †
Refusal escaped her lips, and it was of no surprise. Of course she wouldn't agree to feeding on him at a time like this, she was far too considerate of him for that. He truly believed himself to be in a state in which he could handle it, but she would never believe him when it came to that. She knew that he would sacrifice himself for her, so how could she push such a thought from her mind? How could she trust that the man who just wandered back into her life, bruised and broken, would not simply put himself at risk once more for her?

She was wrong though. He answered in silence when she claimed he owed her nothing. That wasn't at all the case, and she had no way of knowing. How could she, when he had kept quiet of his travels? He had only so recently returned, only hours before. It still didn't feel entirely real. There was a distance between them which had been solidified with time, and only through time would it be broken through. Luckily enough she was patient, at least patient enough to wait for him. He'd have to thank her for that one day, when his tongue could find the words to do so.

As they fell into the bed, his arms wrapped around her and the comfort he had once known feeling so new once again, he released a sigh of content. He was finally home. "I couldn't agree with you more," he began, smiling down at her. He leaned his face forward, planting a gentle kiss upon the tip of her nose. "I hate this town, and I hate having to stay here even a moment more than we have to. Soon, very soon, we should get on the road and go somewhere nicer." His arms tightened their hold on her, wanting to draw her closer though such a thing was impossible.

"You're wrong though," he began quietly, locking eyes with her if she'd allow it. "I don't expect you to understand right now, but I owe you everything. I appreciate you, and I appreciate that you think that way... But you're the reason I'm here. I would never have made it back if it wasn't for you, and I would have had nowhere to come back to anyways. I won't say I owe you my life, because I know you don't want that responsibility or for me to think that way. But I owe you my future, and if you'll accept that, you can consider yours and mine one and the same."

He gave her no time to answer, instead closing the gap between them once more. He was passionate in his contact, hands moving up and cupping her face as if to fully appreciate the moment, before they found themselves coiled about her waist once more. "I love you, Seira Navillera. I'll never leave you like that again. You have my word." And with that, through whatever else she wished to say or do, they finally allowed sleep to overtake them and traveled together into the new day.

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“You’re cute,” the vampire whispered into the human’s ear; she found him endearing, it was almost impossible to handle—Finn had always been the cuddly type and Seira very much adored that side of his. When he kissed her she merely sighed in response. “I could never be cold with you, even if I tried,” the poor girl was smitten with the young man and even though she had a hundred reasons to be worried, angry even, she found herself pressed against his form instead, contentedly enjoying his presence after months spent alone. “I want you to recover first,” her hand found its way to his cheek, tilting his face towards her own until they locked eyes. “Properly. I want to take care of you and when the time comes, there are many things we have to talk about.”

Seira’s and Finn’s relationship had been close and personal from the start—there was never much of a distance between the couple (both physically and emotionally) when they found themselves in the same place at the same time and much to the woman’s delight, that aspect of their bond hadn’t changed. They needed each other and while both, in one way or another, lost a fragment of their independence neither of them seemed to mind it very much; Seira wanted to be with him, and the words he chose shortly after confirmed that he too wanted and needed her just as much.

“I know,”
she gasped the moment his mouth separated from her own, “I know all of that and you know I feel the same way!” Seira needed sleep and nourishment desperately and Finn’s sudden return had put an unexpected strain on the delicate girl’s psyche, one she was unable to handle on her own as it now turned out. She pushed him over, although only with effort and rather gently, and climbed on top of her sweetheart’s chest. ”I love you too, more than you will ever understand. I told you that like million times during what little time we had together,” her voice was higher than usual at first, but eventually broke as tears were starting to pour from her eyes.

Seira’s small hands were clenched into fists; she was punching against his upper body, but every strike was weak and it had become impossible for her to cause him any actual harm at this point—even if she wanted to. Tiny teardrops rolled down her chin and dropped onto his cheeks and she shook her head as if she already knew she was going to regret the very next words she spoke. “I don’t care where you go, I don’t care if you always take me along or not,” she blubbered out, “but after everything we’ve been through, I thought I meant a lot to you—I thought you respected me enough to face me.” Seira gave Finn no time to respond. Her eyes found his even amidst all the tears and if he tried to push her away, she would certainly fight back.

“Instead I was left behind not knowing when you would return or if you would ever return to me. I should have been by your side the entire time, through everything you’ve been through, but you left me here in this godforsaken town to rot,” she wanted to punch him again, but the moment her hand met his chest and she felt the bandages against her skin, it spread out and reached to cup his cheek instead.

Love was a terribly complicated thing after all.

“It’s easy to die, especially when one’s life is as fragile as yours, but you couldn’t even begin to imagine what living for an eternity would be like without the person you belong with,” the vampire’s voice had calmed down, but the turmoil of emotions she found herself in had caused an involuntary reaction—her little vampire fangs were out.

”I don’t want that,” her entire body was shaking at this point and she slowly lowered herself until she was able to press her forehead against his chest. She couldn’t look him into the eyes for what came next. ”I have spent every single moment since your departure trapped in here, starving, wondering if you were still alive and well—if I would ever see you again. I would rather be dead than go through that again.”

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Tenshi †
It came later than expected, yet it came none the less. Her emotions had been dammed up as she had done her best to ensure that he was given her utmost care. She had to do it, not for him necessarily, but for herself. It was who she had always been, and while she had tried her best to hide that tender nature of hers, it didn't take a genius to figure it out. He didn't think it was a coincidence that he had found her when he did, and it was moments like this that reaffirmed his belief that she was the ultimate counterweight to him. She was the balance he needed, even when he didn't know that he did.

She had made sure he was okay the best she could, and only when given reason to believe he was fine did she finally let herself feel. It came out a little at a time, then all at once. Her tears cascaded down her cheeks, fat droplets falling upon his bare skin. Her words that followed were venomous, digging themselves into his flesh and psyche and taking root in the multitude of cracks that had formed. He wanted to respond, to try and shove away those doubts she held and to reaffirm her that the man she loved was back, cemented in her life and never to leave again.

Such words would come in vein though. How can one promise to never do the exact thing they had just finished doing in the first place? How could he assure her that he'd never hurt her again without even healing the wound he had caused? Her words simmered, the fire of emotions dying down and a calmness taking over her. She pressed her body into his, as if convinced the two of them could become one in this very moment. His arms slowly coiled around her body, his fingertips retracing paths they had taken many times before.

Why was it that they continued to make the same mistakes, over and over again? This talk had seemed so similar, and yet the diction and direction seemed reverse from times before. Why was it that the words he needed the most hid themselves in this actual time of need? Instead, he finally tightened his grip on her. The silence between them was as detrimental as the words, much in the way that the silence between notes are what signified music. There was a time and place for everything, and for the first few moments at least, it was the sound of silence that they needed the most.

"I can't imagine it..." His words were faint, but not at all weak. They held a power within them that was expressible without volume, and so he allowed his words to rumble low in his chest in an almost soothing assurance. His left arm remained tight around her body, his right hand trailing up her spine and to her scalp where they began tangling and untangling within her hair. "I can't even begin to. I never once wanted to make you feel that way. Had I known that my trip would have taken as long as it took, and been the way it was, I would never have left you like that." It was true, and something that he would have never said in times past. He had grown, through the ashes of whom he once was.

"The thought of you is what kept me moving. I needed to get back to you, no matter what. During every moment, every close call and every injury, you were on my mind. Pushing me harder than I thought I could go. When my life nearly ended, I won't lie and say that it didn't, every fiber of my being screamed out for you. I-" he stopped, searching for words that did not yet exist. "You have every right to be upset. And my words might not mean anything right now. But that will never happen again. You will never have to worry about where I am, and whether or not I'm even alive. I will not leave like that again." He reemphasized his point, steadfast in his words.

"You found me, Seira. I'm home."

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For the longest time she didn’t say anything. Eventually, a weary sigh escaped the vampire’s lips and she climbed a little higher until her face was above his own. Finn was so much more well spoken and considerate than she could ever hope to be; it was ironic, honestly, and although Seira was without a doubt someone who once enjoyed a high standard of education, she lacked something that Finn owned seemingly effortlessly. With him she found balance and so many other things she desperately needed to live.

“You are right,” her voice was a whisper, not weak but certainly tired. A faint smile snuck its way onto her pale lips and she leaned forward, closing the distance between their mouths while her heartbeat finally calmed. Seira was open about her feelings for Finn—once they established a relationship, she hadn’t been shy about the fact that he meant everything to her, yet she still felt uncomfortable admitting how much she truly needed him. She hated having to show weakness, but most people did after all.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you. You have been through a lot already, it wasn’t my intention to add to that, I just—,” hesitant at first, she shook her head and strands of Seira’s silver hair fell into his face. “I’m so happy you made it back. I missed you so much,” as intended, the human’s words relieved her and she felt more at ease now. Of course Seira believed Finn—she never doubted anything he’d said and she knew he wouldn’t lie to her. She simply needed to hear it in order to heal and once she did, her entire body relaxed and switched into a sleeping position, by his side like things had always been.

There was plenty more to discuss—not just about Finn and the places he had visited, but Seira as well. Blue Pegasus was the obvious elephant in the room here and the woman was clueless as to how to address this matter. She had forgotten about it in the moment, but the rose coloured tattoo on her neck would be ever so visible to Finn if he managed to catch a glimpse behind the ocean of white hair. Seira joined Blue Pegasus with the intention of being closer to her partner, but she’d actually never asked him if he even wanted her that close. It was a hopeless matter to discuss at the very moment, but when the woman remembered what had happened so many months ago, she began squirming and nuzzled her boyfriend, careful to never turn her back on him.

“You should sleep now, we will talk more later.”
she planted a kiss to his cheek and closed her eyes.

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Tenshi †
Her words fell on him like rain, and he felt it soak him to the core. She told him exactly what had been on her mind, without alteration or holding back. She may have regretted it now, but he was happy she had told him how she felt. It was only now that he felt like they could begin moving forward again. Finally the pain was out in the open, not being covered by her protective instincts. Now he could begin to understand the pain he had caused her, and it was through that knowledge that he could proceed to fix his mistakes.

His arms tightened themselves around her as if to tether her to him. "I missed you, Seira." His words cooed out quietly, a soothing tone behind them. His lips had curled upwards, forming a smile. She really was an emotional person. As she moved her body around in a desperate attempt to find the position in which they held the most contact between one another, he couldn't help but watch her. He had put her in this position, and he knew that it would take time for them to both get out of it.

"I love you." He couldn't keep it to himself for long. He would soon have to relive his travels, though this time they'd be different. It would be alongside her, the woman who should have accompanied him from the beginning. It was a mistake not to bring her along and it had been a mistake not to tell her. "Sleep well. We have tomorrow and every day after, so lets take things one step at a time." The sooner that everything hidden came to light, the sooner they would be on a path to move forward. As unconsciousness slowly overcame her, he allowed himself to drift into a light slumber.

There were no nightmares that night, nor were there dreams. His was a deep sleep without any images to visit him in the night. The rest he gained from it, however long, was better than anything he'd had in months. He was finally back with the person whom he could not live without, and after months of traveling, he finally felt alive again.

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“This feels right,” whispered the girl; a content sigh rolled over her tongue as she nuzzled her boyfriend, her smaller form pressed against his and for the first time in a long time she was comfortable. Seira’s bed was huge, far too large for one person to sleep in, but it was only ever since Finn’s departure that she had felt lonely while sleeping inside of it. When he whispered words of love and affection into her ears a sweet smile crossed the vampire’s lips and she couldn’t help but chuckle—she was happy now. “Thank you for coming back,” with her hand on his cheek, she pressed her lips to his, “I love you too.”

Seira didn’t fall asleep, even though she pretended to be. She waited patiently until she was certain that Finn had drifted off into a deep slumber, quietly and gently running her delicate fingers through his hair and caressing him to assure that his dreams—if  he had any—were happy ones. She was still worried sick about him and the countless scars on his body were an undying reminder that something awful had happened to him. She hated having to ask him about that and part of her even hoped she didn’t have to—perhaps he would simply tell her and they could get it over with.

A few hours into the day, when the sun was beginning to set and the streets outside their house got quieter Seira allowed herself to rest as well. She didn’t dream (the vampire rarely ever did), but the Finn’s body heat caused her to be a little more restless than usual; she was turning and twisting within the sheets and by the time it was night—the couple had chosen to sleep through the entire day after all—Seira’s back was turned on the human and her long hair spread across the entirety of his side of the bed.

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Tenshi †
As the darkness that enveloped him slowly gave way to light, his eyes parted to discover the world exactly how he had left it. He was in the room of his lover, who had made her place against him. Her warmth was beyond description. His arms had found themselves around her during their slumber, undisturbed by any sort of movements that may have happened during the night. He moved his face forward, pressing his forehead into the back of her head as if to relish in the fact that he could take a few more moments of silence with his purpose so clearly in his arms.

As his eyes opened again, angled downwards, he saw what had not been there before. It was a symbol he himself knew well. His eyes widened, jaw becoming slack for only a moment as the information clicked within his brain. He pulled his face away from her hair and used his free arm to brush the hair aside as if to confirm what he already knew. Sure enough, it was the sigil of his own guild. He slowly leaned forward, his lips finding their way to the marking and gently landing there.

"This isn't how I wanted us to become a family, but I guess it's a good midway point..." His voice was barely audible, likely going unheard by Seira in her slumber. He placed his chin in the nook of her neck, resting on her collar bone as he began placing overly dramatic proofs of his affection over her jaw and cheek. The goal was to wake her up, but more than that it was expressing his muffled sense of excitement. Upon her stirring, he'd immediately pause to whisper. "Blue Pegasus, huh? I had no idea." Upon uttering his teasing provocation he would continue the action that caused her to wake in the first place.

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Seira’s nights were dreamless, void of emotion and action, yet she somehow found rest and comfort in her slumber. When Finn’s lips kissed her awake she stirred; a smile, albeit faint, climbed across her face and a sigh rolled over her tongue — it’s been far too long since they had last shared a peaceful moment like this after all. The vampire sensed that it was nighttime now, however, and even though she didn’t respond to his caresses at first, she was immediately wide awake.

“I’m sorry,” she began without turning around and her small hand found its way to her own neck, meekly hiding the guild’s emblem from him. “I met the demoness who replaced your former master,” the soft spoken woman eventually turned around and laid on her back in order to lock eyes with her lover. “She seems honorable, a remarkable person,” she chuckled and closed her eyes, “she’s everything I am not, yet we have so much in common. I met her inside a bar a while after you had left—” immediately, she paused. She hadn’t thought about it until now, but the last thing Seira wanted Finn to know about was her affinity with alcohol and long nights with strangers during his absence.

”We spoke for a while and she offered me a place in Blue Pegasus. I never actually thought about how my presence there might affect you. You were gone after all.”

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Tenshi †
Her bashful words and timid body language suited her at the moment, a show of vulnerability that many would never receive. As her fingertips covered up the bulk of her guild tattoo, and her apology filled the space between them, he let out a small chuckle. "You do not have to apologize, not to me." He locked eyes with her as she turned to face him, her words speaking of Snowflake in high regard. He hadn't seen the woman as honorable or remarkable, nothing that specified her so much. She was just Snowflake, and all those words of flattery sort of found themselves lost in the envelope of her name. She certainly was splendid, but for someone who had known her for so long, perhaps it was all taken for granted now?

"How your presence would affect me? Positively, that much should be obvious." He closed the space between them, his lips finding hers for a little more than a moment. Resting his head beside hers, he lay on his side in a way that allowed his arm to go up and be used as a pillow. His fingertips found their way to her scalp, playing with her hair in a light fashion. "I love the idea of sharing a guild with you. Maybe we could even get a room together at the guild hall? That sounds nice." His last words were almost as much inflection as they were directed at her.

"I want us to go." He brought up the point again, a smile finding its way upon his features. "Lets leave Baska together. You can feed on me, and then we can hit the road. We can go literally anywhere, as long as we're together." He left her no time to respond, closing the distance between them again. Maybe it was the haze of the morning, but he had forgotten all about the pain of the past. He was given a brief window of clarity, brought about by her warm presence. Seira was truly an anchor for him, someone who could keep him grounded when nothing else could. It had been far too long since they'd been brought together, and he had no plans on leaving her side again in the near future.

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Seira felt relief knowing that Finn was—regardless of what had happened during the past few months—still the same person. She saw it in his mannerisms; the way the human behaved around her, the way he handled her and his every movement were still as gentle and natural as they always had been. He didn’t hesitate to approach her and when he did, Seira responded quietly and immediately by pressing her lips against his. “I love you,” she suddenly said with a small smile upon her face, her voice indicating that she was feeling content. “You make me happy—and I’m happy knowing that you feel that way,” her response in regards to the guild matter would settle the situation and she didn’t think there would be much to discuss to begin with. Surely Finn would never turn her down, especially not when it came to something as important as this.

She chuckled when he brought up the idea of sharing a room and playfully hit his arm. “As if,” the vampire began and shook her head, “what are the others going to think if they know what we do behind closed doors all day. It won’t be hard to guess,” the initially small smile grew wider and she climbed on top of him in order to be closer (and more comfortable) before leaning down and resting her head within the gap between his neck and his shoulder.

“I guess we might as well leave today,” Seira actually wasn’t too fond of the idea of traveling immediately—Finn’s body was certainly still hurting after all—but at this point she’d come to believe that staying in Baska Town would do more worse than good, so she quietly agreed by nodding her head. “I guess it’s better if we go—or else you’ll leave without me again,” her voice had a teasing tone and to soften the blow she began kissing his neck. “Just kidding, I know not even you are stupid enough to leave me twice.” Seira flashed Finn an indecent smile while her lips traveled low.

She decided that there was still a little bit of time left for some fun before they had to go.

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Tenshi †
Even in the coming years, looking back upon these times with the perfect vision which follows perspective, he'd be unable to find the words to describe that night. How could he? When it was music that pour from her lips and the silence carried between them like the silence between notes, how could he describe that? When her eyes fell upon him like the morning and warmed him to the bones, how could he tell her that? He was not a man of such verbiage, but he hoped dearly that she could understand his feelings. She couldn't, not truly, but it would be enough.

She had agreed to leaving the accursed place that was womb to their sorrow. For that he was grateful. Already too many night had been stayed there, allowing the infection to fester within the still freshly formed wounds of their heart. They needed travel. The more distance the better, and the sooner they could attain it the sooner they could achieve a new angle on their problems. He was elated when she agreed, and it was with that joy that they progressed through the night. They would travel in the morning, but that left plenty of time for what was to come.

They would leave from here together, towards other towns without a goal in mind. They could have gone back to Worth Woodsea of course and spend their time in solitude, harbored safely away from the waves that life could throw from them. That, however, was not the life that either of them aspired to live. They would indeed spend it together, but they were no hermits. They were travelers. They enjoyed ever changing scenery, and ever evolving company. No matter the wounds they suffered, that deeply routed way of life still held fast.

So together they helped edge the night away, so that in the morning they could begin afresh.


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