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Gang Tension [Jeremiah]

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#1Jeremiah Ali 

Gang Tension [Jeremiah] Empty on Fri Mar 16, 2018 3:59 pm

Jeremiah Ali
This was going to be quick and simple, Jeremiah thought to himself as he stood in he middle of Oak town alone. It was extremely dark and everyone at this time was either sleep or up committing some sort of crime, like Jeremiah was about to do. There he stood in front of the Martello's home with spray paint in his hand and a pretty large stencil of the Mrtello gang symbol or whatever the hell it was. He was getting paid to go around and spray paint it on different places so that people could see that they were rising in Oak town. Silly gangs, if they thought they were dangerous in anyway they sadly had another thing coming. With Phantom Lord as Oaks powerhouse there was no doubt that they were the number one gang in the town. People who couldn't use magic were only good for dealing with things that mages didn't have time for- actually, that wasn't true. There were people who were exceptional even without the use of magic. There people who were gifted with super strength or had the power to transform into different things like demons and werewolves without the use of magic. One thing was for sure though, everyone had Mana. However only about 10% of people in the world were able to utilize their mana to create and harness magic. Jeremiah was lucky to be one of them and he was lucky to have been born into a family of mages as well.

Jeremiah placed the spray paint bottle in the same hand he held the stencil in before fishing in his pocket for his spliff. Quickly he put the drugs to his lip before using his finger to light it. Easy. All he needed was a few pulls...just to feel a bit better as he quickly did the job. The Savannian never understood why people paid for such petty jobs to be done by mages. After pulling from the marijuana cigarette a few more times, he ashed in on the Martello mansion wall and began to make his way through Oak town. His first target would be the Bar. Of course it was Swineherd pub considering he actually loved that place but he was going to one of the lamer bars. So lame that he in fact forgot the name of them. The only bar he truly acknowledged was Swineherd. Barunz wasn't with him tonight on this quest. Instead he wanted to stay at home and est or do whatever the hell it was that he did when Jeremiah wasn't around. It was quite funny actually that the beast was still so mysterious. As Jeremiah continued walking down the empty streets of Oak he evenntually came across the bar he was looking for. "The Blue Club". Even the name screamed "Lame". This was the perfect part to vandalize. Miah wasn't a supporter of Martello's gang at all but this...this he would do for the mula.

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#2Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali
The bottle clicked as the criminal shook the bottle in his hand. If a rune knight came at this very moment, they wouldn't take lightly to him...especial considering...well..you know. Jeremiah was Savannian, and things never looked to good when law enforcement and Savannians linked up. Luckily Jeremiah wasn't just some random criminal. He was well able to handle himself against anyone and he doubted a simple cop could do anything to him. Maybe he was too cocky when it came to those types of things. The young Phantom pressed the thingy on the bottle before red spray paint spewed from the hole-thingy. He then began to quickly draw the Martello gang symbol on the side of the small bar. The lights were on, but it didn't seem like there were many people in there considering it wasn't Swineherd pub. Everyone usually knew that going to Swineherd would show them a good time, that was the very reason for it being so active. Every night there seemed to be a party of some sort. It made Jeremiah want to start throwing parties of his own, he was still hella young after all. Another time, he thought as he finally finished the painting. He stepped back to gaze upon his artistic talents. To the naked eye it appeared to be simple letters, but if you looked closely...it...appeared to be simple letters. Jeremiah turned away before looking for another place to tag up to cash in that money.

Right now he really only needed to go to two more places. After only a second of thinking, his next idea was to go to the local bank. He wanted to at least tag a place that looked cool, feel me? The bank it was. The local one wasn't too far away but he was in such a rush that for some reason it felt kinda far. Sad thing was, he was in a rush to do absolutely nothing. He was probably just gonna go smoke and chill with his Dardian. The lights were off. It was too late for them to be on because every one of their workers were home by now. Jeremiah did the same thing he did when moments prior, shaking the bottle before using it to spit out the red colored liquid on the side of the bank. The sound almost sounded as if it was tearing thorough the air, but it was a sound he enjoyed oddly enough. After finishing the bank, the next place he could think of was right beside the bank; the magic shop. There weren't many good things in the magic shop of Oak town. The good one was in some other town but nothing good was ever in Oak. However, he did manage to find a brawn ring in it - though Brawns were pretty common all other magic shops he went to seemed to be out of them at the time. Quickly he began spraying the magic shop, drawing the Martello symbol on the side of it before returning to the Martello form with a nearly empty bottle of paint to accept his reward.

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