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Chocolate Cows? [Social | Baron]

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#1Akira Shimada 

Chocolate Cows? [Social | Baron] Empty on Thu Mar 15, 2018 3:47 am

Akira Shimada
Another few idle days in Crocus had slipped on by. Akira was beginning to feel like she was stagnating. She wondered how long she had to stay here, before it was fair to leave. If she let Tsuru decide, he'd want to aid in fixing the entire town before making a move... So perhaps, she'd have to be the one to make the break with this town. Finally, it had become oddly familiar, despite the echoes of the attack that still greeted her on the street corners. In her own small ways, she'd made peace with the entire thing, accepted that the king's methods had been questionable but they bore fruit. She couldn't provide any other methods that would be as swift in gaining the same neccesary results.

The only major fault she could find, was perhaps being a little more prudent with the kind of men he let serve him, he did have to play the big bad villain to get here, but he didn't neccesarily have to allow all Grimoire Hearts to just escape without any atonement, not all of them had intention that were up there with his... At least, he had started implementing changes and didn't just fill the ears of the crowds with empty words. Akira sighed as she clutched her jacket closer to herself, her hands shoved in the pockets and clenched into fists.

The cold was never kind, she strolled though the streets because she'd decided to aid Batra in stalking his kitchen, mostly because she and Tsuru had almost become residents there and he was happy to oblige and let them pick out a few dishes for the chef to learn... She scanned the streets like she always did and noticed a familiar face, one that made her want to make a swift one-eighty degree turn and just walk the other way, so she did... and she hoped he didn't notice her. The girl had no patience to deal with him today.


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Fenrir was for a loss of words as so much had begun to come back to him, he was lost, truly lost as he felt himself growing more and more impaitent with the sudden lack of action in his life. He had no one now that Esperia had gone off with her lover and his friends had all but vanished doing their own meager tasks, It was nice though, he did have people that cared about him all of of which were good friends of his. Today he sat on a street corner and bathed in the golden son as his spiky locks blew in the wind behind him.

Just as he had found himself relaxing he spotted someone familiar, “Well, well, Aki!” he called out to her as she was approaching on the pavement, he’d stand up and wave though when she turned he would dart after her and put a hand on her shoulder, “Hey, hey there little lady, thought I wouldn’t see you again after our little amulet enchantment.” he smield at her, though she may have already pulled away by now.

If she did pull away he’d put his hands on his waist and looked her up and down, before waiting for her response to his greeting. She wasn’t all that mean after all surely she reciprocated the warmth he felt when he saw her.

#3Akira Shimada 

Chocolate Cows? [Social | Baron] Empty on Thu Mar 15, 2018 3:55 am

Akira Shimada
Nope. Too late, he'd already seen her. She'd have to remind herself to work on her stealthy skillset. He seemed pretty happy to see her again, even though she still felt the recurrent stab of guilt for not being able to do much about him being fired. She still couldn't fathom how that process went down so fast, his infarctions were grievous, but if he had served with the Knights long enough, they should have known of his proclivities... unless something happened... 'You mean the one where you almost dozed off before we delivered the damn thing?' she muttered softly and her tone was slightly dull, but she didn't speak to offend the man, her voice had no bite to it.

Having done two requests for that Lady Merlin with him, she noticed that there was just something, different about him. It didn't make sense for him to be involved with that thief and still be in Crocus, well in view of the other Knights. Besides, when Akira was asked about it since her personal investigation didn't conclude much, she didn't actually tie the tanned woman and this man together. Akira almost about to throw his hand off, but for some reason, she didn't. 'Hi, Fenrir.' she finally said, with a soft sigh and a half sideward smile at him. 'How have you been?' she asked, hesitantly. But his optimistic outlook would probably color his answer bright.


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Fenrir looked at her with confusion, it seemed she didn't want to see him after all despite how excited he was to see her again. He looked at her with a cocked brow before scratching the back of his head. "Are you okay?" he tilted his head and looked back at the other side of the pavement before them, seemed there were crowds on both sides, it was a miracle he had seen her how he did. "Yeah that one." he laughed, scratching the back of his head as he looked away from her a tad bit nervous. She was intimidating, very intimidating.

"Oh! I've been great~" he cooed cheerfully as she showed him a hint of well, kindness for the first time since they met. She even smiled at him and that in its own was like a small victory for the man. "How about you? How have you faired the past few days?" he crossed his arms and smiled at her warmly, his teeth showing and eyes shut tight as if he was over joyed to see her. He was joyed to see her though, she was the reason he was kicked out of the knights sure, but that was just an issue he needed to work out on his own, it was his fault after all.

#5Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
'I've been alright...' she said hesitantly, as usual. 'You seem... er... Happy... too happy, is life without the burdens of being a Rune Knight treating you better than with?' she asked her eyebrows were knitted together, but she wasn't frowning, she was just concerned and wondering how it was that the man managed to remain so cheerful, despite the situation he was in. She walked along, keeping her eyes peeled for a grocery shop that she could visit, to collect the ingredients. Since she was slowly teaching herself to be more tolerant of people, she didn't try and insult her way out of this little run in. 'Have you been in touch with any of your other Knight friends?' she asked, quirking her eyebrow.

She was sure he must have had teammates, or someone he relied on just someone who was paired off with him, just like Tsuru had been paired off with her. A wayward bunch of hair fell into her eyes again, as she walked along, she attempted blowing it away as usual, stubbornly it stayed where it was, also as usual, the mage sighed and gave up, as she waited for her answers. Lately, all interactions she'd had consisted of bombarding whoever it was she was with, with as many questions as she could think of, slowly she was learning to heal the wings of her curiosity, the ones that had been clipped by the harsh reality of the world and the bitterness she chose to harbor towards it.


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Fenrir frowned when she mentioned his knight friends, he had no one in reality, not a single friend in the knights save for a few he might have trusted. He was always alone during the night, and never truly had a friend. He had nothing and no one, he was a lone wolf that looked for trouble and looked for it whenever it came. He was in short, a loner in the knights and he didn't have a clue how he could do such a thing as find friends in the knights. He was all alone in the Rune Knights, he had nothing but the life before him.

He'd turn his frown upside down though when he looked back at the woman. He faked his happiness, it hurt him to think about how alone if felt in the knights to be truthful, he would rather leave that part of his life behind and in truth he was partly happy he was put out as he wasn't held down any longer. No one could judge him and no one could make him feel an outsider, he was himself when he was guildless and he was certain he could be himself in another guild.

#7Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
He chose not to answer her questions, it seemed the troubled him. Now, Akira faced a conundrum, usually, she could hold a conversation so long as there was a pointed exchange of questions and answers. Other than that, if she as left to her mind's devices, it'd start whirring away and she'd start assuming reasons for why someone was giving her the time of day. Her pessimism would gnaw at her and she'd find a way to color every pure thing, malicious. So far, she'd been curbing that, mostly because a few souls like her teammates, for example, had proven those dark thoughts wrong on almost all occasions that she'd been with them. Fenrir too, despite everything, had not truly harmed her in any manner.

She couldn't help herself, as she assumed an answer in the silence. 'I guess that's why you were so eager to walk out...' the girl muttered, finally spotting a shop to her left. She stopped at the threshold, midstep. Her foot fell back to where it was, as she turned and faced the man in a more squared and even stance. She had to look up to meet his eyes, she was definitely much tinier than he was. 'I'm fetching some groceries you wanna come with?' she asked. If he didn't have an answer to her previous question, he needed someone to help him have an answer next time... 'If nothing else, I could use a hand to carry them...' she mentioned, a little more cautiously, she was always wary of investing too much...


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The mention of friends threw Fenrir for a loop of sadness, he didn't have anyone. Yes, his mind was a broken record but that was because it was true. It was hard to be the outsider in a place where you were supposed to felt wanted, it was hard to be the outsider in a place that was supposed to be your home and then to have that home put you out over something so fickle would break anyone's heart. Now before him was a woman who was responsible for his dismay, the pain he now had. Sure he was alone since the beginning with the Knights, but because of her he was homeless and because of her he had no one but himself and the small hope, the very glimmer of hope that the held onto everyday that he would find a home and a family one day, people to love him. Luckily she didn't take that from him.

That was why he drove himself to get so strong, to have strength to protect those he loved, but... That was irrelevant, she had asked him to carry her groceries and in answer he would smile and nod, "Yes, I'd be happy to do that and no, I had no one in the knights."

#9Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
The finality with which he answered her previous question, made her blood feel icy, there was a gentle tingle in her fingers, she froze momentarily as his words echoed her own thoughts, through her first few weeks as a Knight, till Tsuru broke through her shell. Yet, she was convinced, he also risked getting closer to her only when she was violently gifted the element of light. Silently, she shuffled into the grocery shop, for the time being, lamenting on his answer, despite his cheerful disposition. Was it brave, the way he could bottle up his feelings? Or was it just deceptive? Maybe if he had the courage to be vulnerable instead, people could find the chinks in his armor and enter through them, to forge bonds? Akira had no real advice to offer.

The lunar mage, just had a hypothesis, she could hardly figure out people and would recommend an armor, no matter what sort, at all times. She had her garb of darkness, he had his frivolity and perhaps it was better that way, perhaps learning to love the loneliness was the answer. As she led the duo down the aisle, with morbid curiosity she found herself thinking about the attack again, the man would have to have a squad, perhaps that would at least shed some light on the kind of people he was with... She decided to give him a moment, before piping up with another question though.


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Fenrir looked around the grocery store with youthful, glimmering eyes as he was stunned by the home of his favorite thing: food. Food was great, but he had never been in a place like this, mostly taking to the local eateries when he was hungry or hanging in the fridge of people he had met until they put him out. He was unaware just how food came to be but man was it yummy. He loved food, he loved it with all of his heart but he did not have a clue where it fell from, he had assumed it was just there or maybe it grew on trees but that all seemed silly.

He'd look back at her and smile widely ready to get food, he would follow her down one of the isles as he silently browsed everything seeing all of the cans and bags of uncooked food took him by surprise; he had never seen rice uncooked it was so strange, nor had he ever seen sauce in its rawest form, it was all so new and exciting he almost sampled something, "So are you leaving towan soon?" he looked to her holding a bottle of jelly.

#11Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
She walked on to the dairy section first and slipped some milk, yogurt, and cheese into her basket. Quickly she moved along towards the vegetables, which Tsuru insisted they should incorporate more of, in Batra's dishes... She steered clear of the peas though, just looking at them, forced her to put in effort into suppressing the shudder that they evoked. The dark haired mage, giggled softly, his amusement with food, while uncharacteristic, was infectious. 'You like jelly?' she asked, assuming that was the source of his joy as she flicked in some peanut butter from the same aisle. Gently she pried it form his hand and then slowly put it along with the butter, she wished she could've just carelessly thrown it in there, but the damn bottle was glass. Following which she considered his question.

Things were truly getting duller in Crocus, there was a surplus of mages here, after the attack, quite a few of them eager to help with getting the town back on its feet. There was nothing much to be accomplished within the confines of Crocus. Yet she hadn't made up her mind entirely. 'I might...' Akira said, he'd have to live with the uncertainty the same way she did. 'You?' she reflected the question onto him and then abruptly added, 'By the way, you never gave me the details about what you were up to the day the attack happened, you were still a Rune Knight then, right? how'd it go?'


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"Yeah! I mean look, it's in these weird little jars." he held the jar up in the light, "Which is like crazy because I've never seen jelly like this it's normally on my bread when I got to the barracks." he was so amazed by something as simple as jelly deployment and jarring, there were so many things that amazed him in this store the tip of the ice berg being the dairy section. All of that milk came from... "COWS?!" he nearly bellowed the words before he covered his mouth, "Aki! Milk comes from cows!" he was giddy with excitement as he looked up and down the section, "Whoa so does cheese, and butter, and yogurt." he would have passed out at all of these swift realizations.

The thing that made him gasp was the 'chocolate milk' "Aki! Look it." he picked up a brown cartoon and held it's label towards her, "Honest to goodness chocolate milk, do you think they keep the chocolate cows somewhere safe?" he didn't have a clue such a thing existed to now the excitement almost enough to give him heart palpitations. Soon her question would bring him back to earth, "Well, what I was doing before the attack was uh, I was a servant for a demon lord and she helped he unlock my magic." he nodded disclosing what should have been extremely private information, but he had no reason to lie.

#13Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Akira frowned as she heard Fenrir's realizations. She thought he was kidding around, or perhaps came from some really rich family when he mentioned the jelly. But then he went on to talk about the milk and she almost wanted to cover his mouth with her hand, because his exclamations were a little embarrassing. She looked around and smiled sheepishly at the few customers who had turned to stare at him funny, she walked closer to him and grit her teeth hissing softly. 'Fenrir, what is wrong with you?' she asked softly, rolling her eyes and taking the chocolate milk and putting it back in its place.

Following which her hand now rested on her hip as she scrutinized him, again. 'Did you really not know where all this stuff comes from?' she added, pulling him aside and away from the people that had gathered. While his excitement forced a giggle out of her initially, the girl could really do without all the extra attention it attracted. She hated people looking at her like she was a freak. Having been able to control her magic now, they were less aware of her darkness, but now she was the crazy one by association, simply because she was hanging out with someone who was so amused by the simplest of things, he was like... a five year old.

Having no other option at the moment, she decided to chastise him like one too. 'Ok Fenrir, whatever you've got going on in your head right now, keep it in there or tell me about it... softly! OK?' she asked, her tone quite patronizing again, he brought this side out in her. 'And we can talk more about this when we're outside.' she completed, slowly dragging him back to the isle to complete her grocery shopping.


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He scratched the back of his head, "Wha? I've never seen chocolate milk?" he watched as she took it from him and put it back, one would have thought his heart was broken when she took the milk from him.. He was gonna bye that. His eyes were shut and his mouth broke into a frown as he was just about to open his mouth to protest when she basically spoke down to him like he was a child. Like he was a blithering oaf, did she not know who he was? he could destroy her with a flick of his wrist, tear her in half like paper! She should have seen his might, his power, he was a powerful man with a powerful ability.

He narrowed his eyes at her and nodded as if he was in defeat but instead he'd roll his eyes and look up at the ceiling, "I'ma head out for a bit, I'll wait for you outside." with that he'd walk out of the grocery store ignoring all glances and posted up against a beam as he watched people leave and enter the place. How interesting that how a situation was. There was so much to do with so little time

#15Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Akira couldn't first fathom the dejection on his face, next she couldn't understand his misplaced anger. He gave her a glare, why would he do that? She was in the right, he was being a silly little buffoon. Apparently, she had finally manage to offend him, for once she had not intended that. She pouted as he rolled his eyes and left, she didn't want to be the kind of person who pushed people away without even knowing it. Nonetheless, she also wasn't outgoing enough to actually go after him, so with a soft sigh, she continued picking out the required groceries. The girl tried to take a peak outside, to see if he was there or not, or had he just used that as a cover to leave her to her own devices. Unfortunately, she didn't get a clear view. Her impatience was obvious as she waited in line for her turn.

Finally after she'd paid up, she stowed the bill away in her pocket, so that Batra could repay her when she got back. Akira struggled with the large bags, half carrying, half dragging them towards the outside, finally when she'd taken all three of them out, she stood with her hands on her hips and drew in large breaths to compensate for all the work, hauling these all the way to the bar would probably kill her, hopefully her eyes searched for Fenrir again, so he could help and she could clarify that she didn't mean to offend him.


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Fenrir didn't go all that far, in fact just as Aki exited the store he'd be on her direct left and with little effort he'd take the heavy bags from her leaving her to carry only one. "So, is chocolate milk good?" he asked her as he lifted the bag with limited effort. There seemed to be alot in these bags but they didn't weigh all that much. He'd curl the bags in his hand flexing his muscles, "We gotta get you in a training schedule, i'll take you to the gym with me next time we're together." he stuck his tongue out of his mouth as he walked and curled. These bags were pretty good, though the sight of Aki struggling made him empathetic as she had good reason to be embarrassed, quite honestly he was an embarrassing guy, he didn't care what others thought, but she did and he needed to understand that some people really did care.

With his hands on the bags he'd teasingly nudge Aki, "Ya know, we I bet Haru would appreciate it if you got some mass on those arms like mine." he'd flex both of his arms with a goofy grin on his face. He still liked her~

#17Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
'I got some for you.' she said as he effortlessly carried the bags for her. She cocked her head so it pointed towards the chocolate milk carton in one of the bags. She laughed nervously at his proposition to get her to train. 'Oh... Jee I don't know.' she muttered softy feeling a little inadequate at the suddenness of this being pointed out. 'Maybe you could just take Tsuru and I'd watch or something... I'm more of a fight from a distance, kinda gal.' she explained, running her fingers through her own hair as she considered this. Perhaps, she could train a little, just to become faster, maybe learn to throw in a punch or two... But this guy would outclass her so much, she'd probably give up within a day.

They trotted along, carrying the bags didn't slow him down much, he was easily able to keep pace with Akira, although she was walking slower than usual, out of consideration for the man.  Tentatively, she broached the subject of his knowledge, or rather lack thereof, about the things around him. 'Now...' she said keeping her voice even and keeping the judgment out of it.'How do you not know these things, about cows and milk and stuff?' she asked vaguely, perhaps she didn't phrase her question too well, but there was no easier way to put it. In her mind this was pretty basic knowledge, he'd have to either be poking fun at her, with the knowledge that she'd rather not have people stare at her... Or... he needed help?


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Fenrir's expression lit up like a christmas tree, lit on fire and rolled down a hill during the Northern lights when she announced that she had gotten him chocolate moo cow milk. He had never tried such a thing and it was going to be so marvelous to try, "Uh, well I guess before all of this.. I kinda just woke up in the Rune Knights infirmary with a friend of mine." he pointed out, eyes looking up at the reddening sky, "I didn't even know my own name until a few weeks ago so everything around is just new for me if someone hasn't already pointed it out." he laughed at his own ignorance, "C'mon! I'll race you to uh, wherever we're going!" he laughed as he darted forward without the girl, childishly laughing as he looked over his shoulder to see if she was keeping up. She didn't seem the type to chase, but in his imagination she played along at least.

He'd run a long distance towards her destination, though he wouldn't quite realize it unless she said something, he'd run and run like a child with glee even going as far as to have a skip in his step. "C'mon slow poke!"

#19Akira Shimada 

Chocolate Cows? [Social | Baron] Empty on Thu Mar 15, 2018 4:13 am

Akira Shimada
It finally struck her, she couldn't believe she hadn't figured this out all this time. Clearly, someone had messed with the poor man's memory. When the idea struck her, she instantly felt like crap. She knew such magic was possible, sometimes even without magic, trauma could cause memory defects and she'd been ridiculously unempathetic about it. She treated Fenrir like he was a freak, something she had hated all her life. From the way he behaved, the childlike quality of his interactions, it seemed like he seemed to have no knowledge of almost anything. She was tempted to ask all of what just to understand how long it had been since this happened and to know how much he'd gone through since then. But she didn't get a chance too.

Before she could open her mouth and speak, after his display of excitement over the chocolate milk, he had challenged her to a race... While carrying the damn bags. Way to go, Fenrir... she thought, letting her eyelids droop over her eyes. He truly knew how to make her feel inadequate, or at least try it. So he was definitely stronger than her, probably even Tsuru, but she'd been working up her speed and she wasn't going to let him just have this one. She reared up and streaked to catch up with him, the race was definitely going to be a close one, given his heads up and the extra baggage... But as they went toe to toe, in between gulps of air she quickly told asked him to come to Batra's and have a chat with her.


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