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Requiem [Social: Alisa]

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#1Akira Shimada 

Requiem [Social: Alisa] Empty on Mon Mar 12, 2018 12:21 am

Akira Shimada
As Akira lay in bed, tossing, she wondered why it was that the bleak morning sky had roused her so. The nocturnal child of midnight found reasons to stroll around whatever town her new job took her to. This habit also served well as an excuse to sleep past the sunrise. It was perfect to skip any interaction with the jostling and bustling eager morning crowd. Skip the coffee brews and the breakfast queues... The earnest trainers and the traveling merchants.

But today, despite her late night excursion, she could only toss, turn and wrestle with her blanket till the rays outside tore the inky blue sky and pierced annoyingly through the tiny crack between the curtains she'd pulled shut together. This had never bothered her so much before, she could just turn away and pretend the sun didn't exist. But such pretense didn't work anymore, not with the sun and not with everything she had encountered since her visit to Crocus.

The city just hurled one strange incident after another and with it strange encounters. The girl gave up. She rolled off the bed, almost allowing herself to fall, but letting her feet hit the ground just in time, following her morning chores, she donned her usual attire and pulled on a large black trenchcoat over it, the weather was unkind, much like her time in the city, both must've taught her something, but she'd realise that only later.

Pulling on a fluffy woolen cap, she tiptoed out of her room at the inn and took to the streets. Early mornings were almost an alien concept to her, except on those occasions that she pulled all-nighters. Idly she strolled, stepping over the repair materials that blocked the roads on the occasion. Her eyes were fixated on to the exteriors of the Grand Cathedral that loomed over most of the other buildings that dotted the landscape. For some reason, she'd avoided visiting that place, religion always echoed with too much hypocrisy for Aki's taste... Yet after everything, she allowed herself to be drawn to it if nothing else then to see if it harbored the injured and offered any refuge to the pained.

On her way, she noticed the wall of dark silky hair... The image of the woman the tresses probably belonged to, was still pretty clear in her head. Though hair like that was not super rare, the additional mannerisms Aki noticed, seemed to offer a fair reason for her deduction. Akira wasn't sure if she wanted company or not, so she let fate decide and continued walking, without even confirming if it was indeed Alisa... Though she did wonder if it was her, would the crystal-magic wielder notice her at all?


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Freedom fighters they may call themselves, or whatever other title the Grimoire members fancied themselves. Yet their war - just like all others - also left a fair number of victims in its wake. Some buildings had been leveled in the battle, citizens had perished as collateral damage. True, not nearly as many as they might have had the battle taken place against an army intent on causing as many casualties as possible. No matter how much they may try to decieve themselves, Grimoire's efforts had hardly proved harmless...

"Only time will tell if they'll actually have achieved anything...", she mused aloud, the ringing bells drawing Alisa towards the cathedral with a slow, calm and graceful step. Unlike many neighboring buildings, it had sustained virtually no damage... But now, a few days after the war had ended and the usurper had seized the throne, the time had come to bury the dead.

Like her, many others arrived at the cathedral, covered in grieving black just as she was, though thus far her wine red orbits had yet to settle on a single familiar shape. The black blurred shapes and figures, confusing her senses. Every now and then she'd believe she recognized someone, only to realize her mistake after reaching a few steps closer. Not this time...

Clad in that long, flowing black dress with a veil over her face, Alisa looked no different from the many grieving people attending their loved ones' funeral... Though nobody close to her had fallen, she saw all of these deceased her own personal failure, hers and that of all the other defenders in Crocus. Lumen too had covered her slightly older looking, evolved human form with an equally long, solemn dress; holding an umbrella between herself and Alisa to ward off the morning's sparce sunbeams; likely the last ones they'd see in a while. Between that modest heat and the occasional rain, their elaborate clothes clearly required on such defense on a dark, dreary day like this.

The large funeral took place outdoors, and as she walked into that courtyard the sculptress wondered how many other defenders she'd meet there. How many felt this failure as she had, and a responsibility never to let the people down as such...? She'd no doubt a fair number of them felt the same way, yet between that and actually going to the funeral. It took her the better part of half an hour to finally catch sight of even a budding acquaintance, when Lumen's eyes of amber settled too long on the same person and attracted Alisa's attention:

"Where are you staring at, Lumen...?", inquired the sculptress, following her gaze until she happened upon a petite, short haired figure, pulling off the black far better than Alisa herself ever could, "Oh...? Akira?"

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#3Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada

Akira was never good at pretending. She would've loved to turn towards Alisa and pull off the oh-I-didn't-see-you-there act, but she'd fail. She paused and turned slowly... Her face was almost the way it had been when they first lay eyes on each other, even though it couldn't have been more than a week or so ago, so much had transpired between then and now, that it felt like eons. But one person was enough, she was hoping not to have anyone else spot her, so she quickly lifted the large hoodie of the black jacket and pulled it over her head, her face now framed by the puffy fur. It was probably in vain, Alisa was likely to be a far powerful source of attraction, considering she was a high ranking mage and... well she had that confidence thing going for her.

'Hi...' she said softly, her voice betrayed the hints of the lamenting pensiveness that had tightened her grip on her over time. Her legs shivered as she shoved her hands into her pocket, Aki wasn't too fond of the cold, she did like snow though, so long as she was indoors, however. But it wasn't just the cold, the temperature her woolen stockings could handle, no... it was that same weird sensation, an uneasiness which was now making her fidget. Like there was something she had to do, something she had to accomplish, but she didn't know what.  

Noticing the candle creature, she respectfully nodded in her direction and flashed a quick small smile too. Akira was genuinely glad to see her doing well... She sighed softly as a certain relief assuaged her jittery unease just a little, at least Alisa and Lumen had remained unscathed in the war. Her pessimistic side piped up though, she really really wanted to shut it down, but it whispered its dark alternatives anyways. What if all that talk about courage and pride was an act? Maybe she just didn't do enough to save the people.... Akira shuffled again. No... Alisa isn't like that... She's just good, she definitely must have done everything she could.

Akira didn't want to look into Alisa's eyes anymore, in case she accidentally betrayed these doubts in the woman's integrity. The sixteen-year-old was still processing things and didn't want anyone to think she'd simply assumed the worse. Her gaze flitted to the cemetery and the proceedings that followed there. Idly, her pessimism occupied itself with another subject, the new king.

She wondered with everything that Arthurias had said, if he had made it a point to bury his late uncle, the previous king, among the commoners here. Did Arthurias even care? Did the previous administration manage to avoid that insult and found a way to steal his body away, to grant it rest in some special crypt within the Grand Cathedral? Akira wouldn't be surprised, no matter how much one rattled such an establishment, they always managed to slip out from the tight grips and remain superior, even if it was in the shadows.

'I was just heading to the Grand Cathedral,' she wanted to add she wasn't even sure why, but highlighting her lack of sureness in her own decisions probably wasn't the best thing to do with Alisa around. 'You?' she asked and instantly a lump formed in her throat as her mind raced ahead and considered the possibilities. She peered into the woman's eyes again. 'Wait... You aren't...' she paused trying to look for the most careful way to frame her question. 'saying goodbye to someone... are you?' the girl asked concerned.


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Yup, that was Akira alright... Her figure looked familiar enough to human and lampent alike, plus that telltale way she pulled up her hood right after being spotted spoke for itself. Last time they met, the petite woman had specifically picked one place where she doubted anyone might hand out, under the cover of darkness where even the attentive Alisa struggled to make out her appearance.

"Good morning~", she greeted, cool and approachable as ever, walking closer to the woman; close enough to hold a proper conversation. Unlike the artist, she hardly looked that fond of this cold, no doubt she must have needed a fair bit of effort to make it outside in this weather... Whereas the taller woman looked perfectly at ease with it, even with her choice of dress baring a fair amount of skin, "Did you come here to pay your respects too?"

This question had a rhetoric hint to it, for the sculptress doubted anyone might come here on the day of this funeral to do anything else - especially people like them who participated in the defense of Crocus, for all the good it did. When Akira's eyes fell on Lumen, however, the girl merely smiled and waved in friendly fashion, just as cool as Alisa but girlier, far less concerned with elegance like the taller partner. She obviously bore the gunner no ill will for that one sided fight, and if she hoped for a rematch, she most certainly didn't show it. A certain awkward silence fell between for a couple of moments - at least, most people might consider so - as it didn't seem to upset the sculptress or anything.

"I just came for the funeral. This failure is ours to assume...", Alisa observed, looking around sullenly, lowering her head softly, though the veil already did a pretty good job at shielding her face. The woman's inquiry earned a soft smile from the sculptress, who merely shook her head, brushing long strands of black behind her shoulder, giving a small confession as she looked towards the nearby coffin being lowered into the earth, "Not anybody in particular, no... Yet this battle... I struggle with knowing how I should feel abour it."

She thought little of the new king; even if his goals might have truly been righteously motivated, it didn't change the means he used to achieve them. But that too, was their failure... That those calling themselves the light tolerated an abhorrent institution such as slavery now stood as blight in their history, one they'd hardly ever erase. Worse of all, they needed a dark guild to put a stop to it. In the end, Alisa's contradictory feelings on this matter took many forms, and made it hard for her honesty to form a clear opinion... Until she heard about all the people killed in the war. Her eyes drifted off the reserved Akira and towards the funeral scene, sighing before turning her gaze back to her, as a days old memory bounced back into her head:

"By the way, i heard you fought side by side with my student. I should thank you for that... Keeping an eye on her for me.", of course, she also soon realized Akira probably didn't know who she was talking about. Thus, Alisa crossed her arms and tilted her head, idly tapping her bicep, "Cute blonde elf named Liana... Innocent demeanor, nature mage. Surely you remember her?"

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#5Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Despite everything they were surrounded by, all the sorrow and the doubt it stirred in their hearts, Alisa still maintained a certain sense of poise amidst all the chaos. Akira, while not as hesitant about everything, as she had been the last time they'd met, was still nowhere close to achieving that. She cleared her throat as she marched in place, just to keep her body warm. Alisa also seemed pretty resilient to the cold, probably just resilient in general.

Akira smiled at her greeting, a little more dryly than she had intended to, the atmosphere was a real downer. She shrugged and nodded thoughtfully when Alisa asked whether she had come to pay her respects... Aki didn't really have a goal, but that seemed question was a decent way to summarise the subconscious possibility that drove her here.

The lunar mage inched a little closer to Alice's companion, wondering if her affinity for fire would translate to some warmth. 'You feel responsible for what happened?' Akira asked as she tried to put her own thoughts and feelings in order. She didn't exactly feel responsible, her feelings extended more towards helplessness like she couldn't have done anymore... And what she could do wasn't enough, clearly. It must have been worse for someone like Alisa.

The good that the new king promised, couldn't exactly mitigate the damage he dealt to get there right? Yes the council was defending slavery and that was very wrong, but the lives that were lost were not of the slavers, they were most of those poor souls that were required to defend the Capital as their job. It still irked Akira, yet she was no stranger to the concept of desperate times needing desperate measures. 'I think everybody does...' she responded softly, echoing Alisa's struggle in her tone. It was a very grey deal and while one could tear it down to intent and actions, the lives lost could not be as simply summarised.

'Oh did I?' Akira asked as her interest was piqued. 'Liana...' Akira repeated softly, placing the memories of the battle with the name and the description provided. 'I remember!' she exclaimed and then from the spark of happiness that came with recognizing the person Alice was mentioning, sheepish guilt took over. 'She's all... ok right?' Akira asked softly, in her eagerness, she had almost been stupid to have left her team and gone on ahead, although at least Tsuru got her out of the building with the crazed fire mage and eventually she believed Liana and Asura teamed up, she'd not had a chance to exchange stories yet.

'We fought alongside each other briefly, then I scouted on ahead, probably a bad idea... She's very brave and collected.' Akira praised, which was true, in retrospect although Liana must think Aki was a pain, considering the way she usually bossed around and snapped at people in combative situations. 'Did she say anything about me?' Aki was all questions about the elf now. But she also made a mental note to ask Alisa whom she had faced and everything that Lumen and she had witnessed, maybe she'd delve into that on her own, as she offered what her student had shared. 'Also... mind if we head inside, I think the cold will kill me...' the exaggeration was probably inappropriate given the funerals, but it just sort of, slipped out of Aki's mouth.


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As she moved closer to Lumen, the transformed creature simply smiled, warm and cozily, though hardly in a literal sense. Her ghostly flames never did much in the way of heating, especially in this human form. She did, however, welcome Akira's approach, even shifting her umbrella to cover her somewhat... Out of instinct more than anything, as they had neither soaking rains nor searing sunbeams looming overhead.

"I feel responsible for not stopping it.", she answered, shaking her head in a correction which, minute it may be, still held a measure of importance in the grand scheme of things. Perhaps she held her own power in too high a standard, and even had she been able to stop Zade this would have probably not have saved the lives of all these citizens. There was something she could have done; not now, but half a year ago.

Alisa and everyone else in Blue Pegasus had all been too weak, to powerless to protect their master when Grimoire Heart attacked their hometown. It served as a motivation to get stronger, but in the end revenge is merely a crutch for the weak to make up for their failure. Though love may give it form, that same love hadn't been enough to protect those people while they lived.

Had they saved their master then, would it have ground Grimoire's ambitions to a halt? Might it at least have weakened their resolve

One might naturally argue she never had a chance of breaking this whole chain of events at an early stage, but casting off all responsibility would simply give way to complacency. And a complacent person can never truly strive to better herself, and that way do her part in hopefully preventing one such outcome the next time around.

For a resolute woman like Alisa, these unavoidable truths fueled her to reach ever greater heights, driving her towards that perfection she'd never attain.

Yet Akira hardly seemed like the type who'd let herself be spoon fed whatever lies and excuses those in power spewed out, and believe the seemingly noble goals behind this revolution may justify whatever methods employed in bringing it about. Without a single guarantee that this abhorrent institution known as slavery wouldn't simply survive in a different shape or form.

Seemed like they'd have plenty to debate on this topic, but for now, Alisa's interest lead her to a different topic altogether, following the shorter woman's every expression as she recalled the name of her student, until her face finally lit up:

"Mmm, indeed she is~", nodding, the sculptress reassured the gunner, whose tone betrayed a hint of concern. Had Lia been injured in the battle by any chance? She said nothing of it, quite the opposite, it appeared her combat experience had only made her stronger, more motivated. Akira explained it soon enough when she mentioned she and her partner had left her to scout on ahead, and as a result she probably had no clue what happened to the elf between then and now, "She is, isn't she? Very motivated too, and only started learning magic a while back."

Akira's concern, however, soon took a more audible form when she asked what Liana had said about her, to which Alisa merely chuckled, amused that her hunch was indeed correct. Her instincts seldom betrayed her, and yet they seldom failed to amuse her too.

"She spoke highly of everyone she fought beside, yourself included.", but then she turned away, rubbing her chin with a frustrated hint, "Though had little to say about her enemies..."

Not that she planned on chasing after them or anything of the sort, but with her protective nature, she always made it a point to know her friends' enemies as much as she tried knowing about her own.

"Not a winter person, I take it? Well, that's perfectly alright.", she'd answer, smiling as she turned towards the cathedral, motioning Akira to come along.

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Akira Shimada
Aki kindly ducked closer, under the cover of the umbrella, simply because it seemed to be a peace offering from the humanoid creature and Akira was keen to accept it and prove the lack of animosity. The girl's gaze shifted guiltily to her toes as Alisa mentioned feeling responsible for not stopping it. But she should feel content at having tried, it should count for something! Akira thought. The girl refrained from saying that out loud for the moment, though. The reassurance that danced on the tongue, was just an echo of what Aki had tried telling herself...

Somehow those words always felt empty. That emptiness was there in spite of the fact that Akira didn't set too many goals. Alisa was already someone who wasn't as complacent, she must have been reviewing and replaying the battles she had been a part of, over and over in her head, probably shredding it to several milliseconds and reconsidering each choice made... Aki would do the same, but she wasn't even sure of everything that transpired in the encounters she'd had.

Akira allowed the steering of the conversation, so it could morph into something a little more palatable, especially in the gloom that everyone was embroiled in. A small break from all the self-beating needed to be encouraged. 'That's pretty damn cool...' Aki responded when Alisa spoke of Liana's abilities. A speck of envy festered in her as she realized she'd possessed her magic for long enough and yet not mastered it, although she blamed the people around her, she probably should've tried harder... And now things were even more complicated with the second element. Akira merely nodded as she spoke more of Liana her nodding grew more earnest when Alisa recognized her discomfort with the cold and offered to take their conversation inside. Akira didn't dilly-dally and made a bee-line for the cathedral.

Once inside, Akira sighed softly in relief, the warmth immediately made her feel better. Now she could aptly ask more about Alisa's experience and what Liana had shared. 'Kind of Liana, to speak highly of others... Most people just like to criticise.' she said softly. 'Did she not want to talk about the adversaries she faced?' Akira thought back to their time together. 'There was the archer we got rid of and this other fire mage we had to escape before help arrived, after which I think we separated.' Aki added as she scoured her memories of the attack, the ones she'd mostly been trying to bury. 'She's too modest, but I know a thing or two about people and their protective natures...' Akira mentioned, recalling that Tsuru and Liana seemed to have had an easier time understanding each other and fathoming their intents.

'What about you? What did you have to face? I'm assuming you were the few tasked with protecting the royals?' She asked, her voice dropped to a whisper as she led the duo into a small chamber which had spiral stairs to the balcony. Which would allow them to talk a little more freely than down here with the praying families... 'I'm guessing the new king has something to do with the death of the Blue Pegasus leader? Has he claimed responsibility?' Aki asked softly. This would no doubt lead the conversation into murkier territories again. Their exchange would probably take a darker tone once more...


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In that slight lowering of her head, Alisa saw Akira likely felt the same as she did, though one could infer that somewhat easily upon seeing where she stood. For all that distant, aloof demeanor the sculptress so clearly understood, she actually cared; for her own pride and principles if nothing else. That alone was laudable, and it reminded the sculptress of herself too, all those years ago... Akira hardly seemed bound by those hateful chains that once shackled Alisa though - and there she saw a strength the tall woman never had on her darkest hour, one she hoped the gunner could use to her advantage.

If she had enough introspective insight to realize it, and the resolve to see it through. Though she may not know Akira enough to guarentee she had this potential, at times like these the sculptress simply trusted her gut feeling.

The same instincts that told her the short haired girl sounded more and more impressed by Lia the more her teacher spoke of her with such pride... Indeed Alisa saw immense potential in that cute little elf, but more importantly, she admired the girl's innocence, and how she'd held on to it for all this time. Thus she went on and on as they walked inside the cathedral, and all that time Lumen kept shading Akira, giggling as her partner praised her student. There, the woman finally commented how Liana wasn't the type to speak ill of others, to which Alisa nodded, face brightening visibly:

"She's sweet like that~", but then rubbed her cheek, concern showing on her face for the briefest moment as she shook her head, "Hardly her favorite conversation topic... Though she ought discuss it more, pressuring her to do so wouldn't achieve much."

In the end, Lia's purity was a double edged sword. It made her earnest and eager to learn, and made her especially easy to befriend - an essential trait to build reliable friendships and thus gain trustworthy allies. She struggled with dwelling too much on her enemies, but Alisa could help her with that part. She made it a point to memorize both 'archer' and 'fire mage', fully aware how she'd likely never use such vague labels. But who knows, right? Alisa hardly looked around beyond cursory glances, giving Akira her full attention as they made their way up the long, coiling staircase, hand sliding gracefully up the staircase:

"A huge, wild looking swordsman with an eyepatch. Quite a troublesome opponent; I don't believe he ever showed any limit to his power, the war came to an end before he had that chance.", she answered, describing her foe, almost lamenting even... Not only had she done little to tip the scales in the city's favor, she'd missed a unique opportunity to cut loose against a titanic foe, and test the limits of her strength.

Maybe even surpass those limits if the battle turned fierce enough... Though Alisa preferred increasing her power through training until she could achieve absolute, overwhelming dominance over whatever enemies stood before her, she wouldn't turn away such a golden opportunity to push herself to the limits on the field of battle. That kind of shock treatment proved as valuable as one hundred training sessions...

"He has not... According to one of their members, he issued the order, while his right hand man did the deed. A man named Crowley...", shared the sculptress, her eyes growing colder as she thought back to the master's death, though she made sure to only show Akira that calm, welcoming elegance, curiously raising an eyebrow, "I don't suppose you've heard that name before?"

Alisa said nothing of how she came across this information, surely Akira could use her imagination... Alisa didn't know what had happened to the redhead who she'd squeezed the answers out of, perhaps she had been killed by her peers for talking? Though she didn't really hate the woman, she also didn't care enough to shed a tear had she been killed over the sculptress' interrogation.

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Akira Shimada
'She did seem sweet, I may have been a little sharp with her... It was in the heat of the moment...' Aki explained, guiltily. Around the more battle-worn mages, lately, she felt more and more like a petulant child and it turned out that everybody knew everybody. The lunar mage wasn't the sort to discriminate based on stature, or wealth or any of those, but sometimes by association. If she deemed someone respectable, she'd usually like to extend the same courtesy to others associated with them. While disrespect may be a strong way to word it, Akira definitely wasn't too kind to the elf, from what she could recall.

'Yep, pressuring never helps...' Aki echoed, agreeably. She'd had similar issues with Tsuru, although she was hardly his teacher or mentor... But even between the partners, Tsuru often downplayed the bad and exaggerated the good, in his head and in his words. 'But some encouragement I suppose, or support in teaching her how to deal with them, may do the trick...' Aki mused, pretty sure that an experienced veteran like Alisa would've already thought of this solution and was either employing it to slowly ease Liana into sharing the... murkier details... or having attempted it, realised that it didn't quite work.

As they settled down in the balcony, Alisa described the man she'd had the misfortune of fighting. A person with seemingly limitless power is an ego-busting opponent... While Alisa wasn't exactly egotistical, it was apparent that she had great pride in herself, and believed that she was quite strong... The slight air of vanity was not displaced either, Alisa definitely did not lack strength and beauty, but this swordsman must've been a blow if she admitted that his power greatly exceeded the others. 'You had others with you?' Akira asked intrigued.

The crease that had formed between her eyebrows deepened as she realized that this swordsman, hadn't really harmed Alisa. 'Seems to me like he just stalled then, the new king truly had this planned didn't he?' she mumbled thoughtfully. Her eyes narrowed, Alisa still looked like she was in tip-top shape. If the man was so powerful, clearly he hadn't sought any sort of violence, just to confirm Akira added another question, clearing her throat, as a reminder to herself to not mumble. 'Was he vicious with anyone?' it was more to confirm her suspicions. It would prove Arthurias wasn't looking for a bloody battle and definitely didn't want to harm any powerful mages that could aid in defending... him? The people? That part still needed evidence and it had to be more than just his words.

The tone of Alisa's voice when she spoke of her master's killer, turned so icy, Aki felt the chills. She had to suppress a shudder, she could swear she saw those red irises glint in the way she hadn't seen them glint before. 'Crowley...' she whispered, having no recollection of this name. When asked, she almost gulped. 'No nope. Never heard of him.' she said, feeling the need to really drive the point home. After a short pause, Aki mustered up the courage to ask another question. 'You sure of the name? Any description to go with it?' Akira asked. She wasn't sure of the circumstance in which Alisa's master died, but if it was an assassination, it was unlikely that the assailant's name was one he carried for long, perhaps even the information about the appearance, if any, wasn't necessarily and entirely reliable...

Akira was all questions, slowly her curious self had gotten a chance to peek out and stretch a little. Now that she met more people who didn't fear her, or shut her off in a box. Small interactions like these were really helping her find herself again. Maybe it was time she shed her people-avoiding ways... Maybe people were more willing to accept her without needing to tuck her away under some label.


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"Rest assured, she will not resent you for it, or anything of the sort~", reassured Alisa, hopefully relieving Akira from that modest unease she may feel. With her inexperience, one could hardly feel surprised she'd unwittingly vent some of her excess nerves onto her allies; hardly the best way to build team spirit, yet Akira would learn to deal with this her way, in due time.

Even now she clearly understood how too much pressure yielded nothing but an equally poweful reaction, the kind to finally result in the opposite effect. All in all, a counter productive effort one should avoid. Ultimately, Alisa responded to her suggestion with a simple nod, indeed suggesting how this had been her approach, the only one that worked:

"I'm helping her along as such, little by little... I may have high hopes for her, but whether or not she lives up to them is her prerogative. She may even exceed them.", obviously, Alisa clearly wouldn't mind being wrong here, especially if being wrong meant she'd been underestimating Lia, and the elf's talent surpassed what she already hoped to see.

Akira took an interest in the swordsman. Of course... She was a smart girl, surely she wondered if she might come face to face with him at some point? Sadly, there simply wasn't anything more that Alisa could tell her. Brute power... That's all he had to his strength, and he needed nothing more. He had just enough wit to use it effectively, as nobody might call him a cerebral, strategic fighter.

"Indeed... Whether or not he defeated us was beside the point.", she began, leaning her head down and mulling over the fight, reviewing it once again before looking back to Akira. Alisa had now leaned over the edge of the balcony, resting her hands on the railing, "The Lamia Scale guild master, a Light mage, a Fire Dragon slayer, and a blue fire mage... For most of those, I don't even know their names.", at Alisa's next comment though, Alisa laughed, not looking the slightest bit bothered by it, "Not a moment went by when he didn't mention fighting to the death. Yet he never harbored any grudge or hatred against us. That man's fighting spirit truly impressed me, he understood war as a battle to the death, where holding back means disrespecting your opponent..."

Clearly even though he was the enemy, Alisa felt some manner of respect for Zade. Despite him restraining his raw power, he never held back his true skill. Perhaps one day they'd fight each other again, though she still didn't know whether he'd bother without a proper behind his sword. Akira had never heard the name however, and to her following question Alisa merely shook her head, before finally scratching her temple as she looked up into the dark, cloudy sky:

"Then again, my source said this under duress, so I'd hardly call it an absolute certainty... For all I know, the name could turn out meaningless in the end, but their right hand man being the culprit seems plausible. Then perhaps I should look for some of the men Arthurias named as his closest assistants?"

Icarus and Theseus...

She doubted a wannabe King would go around killing Guild Masters, much likely they hadn't faced him even once inside the Royal Palace. Zade, for all his power, wouldn't so easily kill Lance on his own. Someone who enjoyed playing around in battle wouldn't make short work of their guild master.

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Akira Shimada
Akira simply nodded, when Alisa spoke of Liana, it was apparent that the mentor thought quite highly of the blonde elf and it was fair too, from the blurry details that Akira could remember, she couldn't recall Liana being short with her in response. It still made Akira feel a little small, in time maybe, she'd learn to be stern and urgent but maintain a more friendly or approachable tone. 'One way or another, I think fate pushes people to achieve their goals anyways.' Akira said, almost without thinking, much. She wasn't a very strong believer in such archaic concepts, like fate. But, given her brief journey after joining the Rune Knights, she already realized that despite her rather relaxed demeanor, she was forced to go beyond what was expected of her and beyond what she expected of herself on numerous occasions. Maybe Liana would find her drive that way, much like she hoped Tsuru would.

'She is lucky to have someone invested her. If nothing else I'm sure she sees the value of that and that could be enough to drive her.' Akira added, appreciatively and laced with a little regret that she hadn't found such a mentor for herself... But that could be her own fault since she did have difficulty with authority, one really had to earn her respect and that didn't happen simply by being powerful. Akira truly respected those who saw the potential growth even in themselves and admitted their vulnerabilities despite their strength. Apart from all that, they also needed to be responsible with their gifts and abilities, to simply win battles was well and good, but to be able to discern where the display of force was needed and where it wasn't was a tightrope few could walk without stumbling.

As the conversation turned towards the one Alisa had faced in battle. She went on to share with Aki the members she fought with. 'I thought so...' Akira mentioned, she was right in thinking that the team was too assorted to deal with a threat like the swordsman she had described. 'I thought there may be representatives from different guilds, or just a collection of strong mages, with little to no coordination, that probably didn't help matters.' The dark mage mentioned, leaning on the wall furthermost away from the edge of the balcony, she stayed hidden from the view of the other churchgoers.

Despite the laughter, Aki could swear that she sensed the disappointment in the Blue Pegasus mage. Clearly, she wanted a chance to go toe to toe with the man, whom she had come to admire. 'Maybe you'll meet him again.' Aki said softly, unsure if that would be a curse or a blessing. She wished she had similar ideologies, for her duty came first... She had a duty to protect the people who believed in her and for that, she had to stay alive and play things out more tactically.

'Under duress? What'd you do?' Akira's curiosity and yearning for clarification betrayed her better judgment, that alone had explained enough and yet the lunar mage wanted the details. 'Who is... or maybe was the source?' she asked, trying to keep her tone even while her mind raced ahead of itself and jumped to violent conclusions. Akira attempted distracting herself by shimmying out of her jacket, now that the church had warmed her cold hands, she rubbed them together nonetheless. 'Nevermind, you probably shouldn't be telling me that...' Aki wondered if she'd be responsible to be the voice of justice here and how much free reign were members of good guilds given. 'Do you plan on going after them, then? Isn't that a bit risky?' she asked gnawing at her lip.


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"Definitely... But without determination, may will fall short at one or another obstacle, unsure where to move next.", concluded the sculptress, not really bothering on elaborating... She'd already done so enough with Akira for the petite gunner to understand what Alisa stood for in that sense.

The unbreakable will to push past any and all obstacles, no matter what form they may take.

Though Alisa didn't yet know whether Liana had that drive, she knew the girl could achieve it, hopefully a bit more easily with the proper guidance. The kind of guidance she wished to give her. Alisa nodded, her smile widening as Akira fully understood her intentions in a way not everybody did, at least if they did, they didn't bother telling her:

"Such was my plan exactly~", she stated, feeling the chilly wind beating against the side of the cathedral, and into the balcony where they stood. Yet her position didn't budge for even an inch, save for adjusting her hair while Lumen had to shift her grip on her umbrella.

She shifted her gaze below at Akira's words, at the people still burying their loved ones under the returning rainfall... Good thing they went inside... Regardless of the weather, any mention of the battle had Alisa replaying it in her mind, just as Akira predicted:

"And that was a whole other problem... In the end, no matter how many of us got together, a divided force never had a chance of facing such a strong enemy.", she assessed, her smile fading somewhat as she thought back on that moment, that battle. Indeed Alisa saw only one way to surpass this enemy, and that relied on having a single strong fighter capable of standing up to, and possibly defeating him. Akira too would inevitably guess the conclusion to Alisa's statement, and when she said those reassuring words, Alisa smiled as she turned up to look at her, "And maybe when I do meet him again, I'll have the strength to defeat him."

And only by training would she ever get that far... By training much, much harder than she'd been doing up until now. For an average human, simply attempting that was a tall order on its own, let alone pulling it off. But so were the day long marathons she could now run... The kind of training regimen she'd have been unable to move the first time she pulled them off now stood well within her reach. And like those, she'd have many others. With this in mind, the sculptress turned her gaze further away into the horizon, seeing nothing but the road ahead.

Without an ability to even glimpse her destination only will could drive her forward... That hadn't changed now, and probably wouldn't anytime soon.

"Nothing too brutal I assure you...", the sculptress smiled, truthfully, but without mentioning how she would have resorted to such vicious methods if need be. She wouldn't go anywhere without her answers, but as a rule she preferred avoiding torture, where her victim would eventually spew out whatever they thought she wanted to hear, just to make her stop. It made the information understandably unreliable, and now she had to find someone else to interrogate and get confirmation, "A redheaded from Grimoire Heart... I left her alive, but if her allies find out she spoke to me, she could very well be dead by now..."

Alisa didn't look too concerned by this last part, she seemed mostly indifferent to the woman's well being, harboring no ill will beyond anything but the redhead's choice of allies. Thankfully, Akira didn't ask for any further information, sparing Alisa from the grittier details of her questioning, smiling understandingly and instead answering the following question:

"I'll have to be careful about it... These men managed to replace the emperor with their leader, so for better or worse, they now rule the country.", nodded the sculptress, gripping the railing a bit harder, "...This is quite the setback, but nothing's really impossible... What about you...? What will you do now?"

A question obviously pointing to Akira's affiliation, if she could obey a ruler who had seized the throne by force, a ruler who'd left piles of corpses in his wake to seize his position. She doubted the gunner might go as far as try to arrest her for stating her intentions, she didn't look like the type... Thus, her body language remained relaxed, at ease, but her curiosity held firm too.

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Akira Shimada
Akira wanted to disagree with that, but just as she opened her mouth, once Alisa completed her statement, the lunar mage realized she was a victim of that exact syndrome. Since she lacked the drive to be the best, she often couldn't decide where she wanted to go. It truly emphasized and summarised Alisa's views... She was determined to get on top of the food chain and she was going to do everything she could to get there fast. Aki was far more laid back and much less competitive, the only time she'd feel a flare to compete, would be if she felt someone undeserving was on top and needed to be torn down... Alisa was definitely not that sort of a person, she worked hard to get where she belonged.

Akira suppressed a gentle shiver as a draft of wind tickled her exposed skin, swiftly, she pulled the jacket over her shoulder, not bothering to put it on, but using it as shelter nonetheless. The soft pitter-patter of the rain warned them of the change in the moody weather. The drops, in vain, tried to cleanse the town of the blood that had been shed... Mingle with the tears to make them disappear, neither of which would wipe the reminder of everything that had transpired, so Arthurias could walk to claim the throne. The city had been dealt a strange hand, it now stood on the precipice of change, it lurked at the forefront as Fiore waited to follow. Would it fly, or would it fall?

Akira narrowed her eyes and then widened them again as her suspicion about the team that was fighting Zade... was confirmed. She noticed the change in expression, the smile unable to force itself through the memory of whatever fight that happened, or not. 'You will because I know you won't give up till you know you're strong enough...' Aki muttered, it was more of a deduction, almost a logical fact, than it was a reassurance. The faraway look in Alisa's eyes was not one Akira could decipher, she could only make her own assumptions, that either Alisa had been flooded with memories, or she was wrapping them back up, so other matters could be focused on. Akira just sighed softly, her own encounters had been rather strange...

'I'm sure you have this sorted out already, but how do you plan on getting stronger?' Akira asked, recalling her brief organized spat with Lumen. She wondered if she'd want to go through that again, if it'd aid her in battle, to make a decision swiftly, to be able to think on the fly and react with a measured response... Her expression perhaps mirrored that of the crystal mage, as she lost herself to the possibilities that lay as future prospects.

Alisa then went onto shed some light on how she obtained the information about Crowley. Apparently, she didn't have to engage in anything too cruel. While Aki was glad that she didn't, it also threw some more shade onto the credibility of the information. The lunar mage chewed her lips but didn't feel the need to give words to her worry. Ther red-eyed woman went onto describe her source, she was careful not to give any particulars except the hair color and the guild affiliation and Akira didn't want to press for any more details, especially if Alisa didn't feel the need to be forthcoming with them. Whatever her reasons, it was for her own guild...

'Yes... Everyone will have to be a little more prudent...' She said, vaguely. When Alisa pointedly asked what her plans were, upon noticing the white-knuckled grip she had on the railing, Akira swallowed and sighed softly. 'Is it bad for me to want to give this new king a chance?' she finally admitted, rather tentatively and hesitantly. Her eyes glanced away from Alisa. 'We did our duty and protected the crown and the city the best we could, but the ones we were protecting were definitely no better than the new king... Right?' she asked, her voice soft, her words a mumble as she ate most of them guiltily. Akira wasn't so sure where she stood, ut she was pro-change, if something was not right, it had to be changed, while personally, she'd have preferred a different method, she couldn't concoct a swifter strategy. 'Probably going to head to Era and sort out some paperwork. That's the first thing on the... unfinished to-do list' she finished.

The girl slowly shuffled towards the archway that had led to the balcony, just in case Alisa didn't take her alleged affiliation well. Akira wasn't sure she could make a getaway if things got violent, but for some reason, she believed Alisa to be honorable and not take it there... However, if she chose to want some space and... Perhaps severe ties with the Lunar mage for her idiotic naivety, Akira would swiftly oblige, for the time being. But she would hope that as the days blurred on, things would resolve themselves. Akira always prepared for the worst, her strategy usually, was avoidance.


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In a way, Alisa hoped Akira wouldn't ever turn into someone like her. She was completely right, an average person couldn't harness the kind of willpower she could. Yet this same determination to surpass everyone came from a rather simple, primal desire to kill a certain group of people, and she'd stop a nothing to achieve this. She took a long time escaping the grasp of her hatred, and retained her drive despite finally climbing out of that hole...

"I won't.", she confirmed, calm but determined as ever, confirming what Akira indeed already knew. For all her mystery, the sculptress could be quite transparent too, at times when she didn't bother hiding her real intentions. When Akira asked that one question, Alisa simply smirked, "The same way I've been doing thus far. Training as much as I can, pushing myself to the limits and then more."

She'd already realized merely training wouldn't suffice though... She needed something extra, and for a long time hardly understood what that really was. Well, she understood, but underestimated its importance: Experience. Something she could also obtain with relative ease simply by facing many different foes, stronger foes, and then meditating on the battles she lived through. But even now she already thought up training regimens, and how she might surpass Zade. She pondered on it until their conversation took a turn for the serious, and Alisa laid that ruby gaze back on the shorter woman:

"No...", Alisa shook her head, "Without a quarrel with him, you have good reason to think so. But if one needs to sell their soul to the devil to grasp the throne, even with a good reason... Does it feel like a good idea to let him sit there?", she tilted her head, looking at Akira not judgementally, but simply challenging her to think.

This man had formed a dark guild, killed whoever stood in his way to seize the throne. Releasing the slaves might have been a good deed, but for Alisa, this simply made her feel regret not to have stopped it herself.

"Indeed they weren't.", she confirmed, "And anybody with a shred of decency should feel responsible for enabling it, for letting them run rampant all this time."

Indeed she didn't resent her for making this choice, and showed no intention of reacting with violence, especially when the woman simply chose to back away. Instead, Alisa smiled as calm and reassuringly as she could. If the new king had every right to seize power by force, then she had every right to kill him in the name of those he killed to get it. And if this meant her and Akira might one day be enemies, so be it. They might stand on opposite sides one day, but at this point, neither had a reason to fight... Even if they did, one single glance down revealed this was hardly the time or the place.

Lumen for one, didn't seem the slightest bit worried, simply smiling and looking curiously at Akira, perhaps with the faintest hint of playful amusement:

"Hmm, good choice. Though you should come train with me one of these days~", she offered, interested, yet for once not offering Lumen as a sparring partner. She'd already seen what the girl could do, no doubt Alisa felt a certain curiosity in actually sampling what Akira could do for herself, instead of merely watching it from atop a stand.

That said, even if she agreed Alisa hadn't really planned any training sessions involving the two of them, so for now, those plans would remain in the future...

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Akira Shimada
Despite the thick alluring garb of mystery that the powerful mage wore, her straightforward answers drew Akira. While never knowing the specifics, Akira felt like she had a decent sense of the woman's identity. That she could ascertain responses and reactions from Alisa, despite the woman not being predictable. Overall Akira deemed the crystal user, to be an honorable person and beyond everything that was something the girl could idolize and respect. Akira laughed nervously at Alisa's answer, just as expected, it confirmed Akira's deductions but didn't provide any further details. For now, Akira decided not to press on, although she hoped the two would run into each other again in that context, the Shimada was acutely aware of her shortcomings and could use a mentor of sorts.

Akira made a mental note to find time to sit and have another chat with the woman, she was curious about what exactly instilled so much drive in Alisa. What key ingredient was the lunar mage missing, which the other lady possessed? There was banter that Akira would love to indulge in, but she'd need more insight on Alisa first, to know if she'd spare time for frivolities... From the way she sounded, Aki was scared to ask at the moment. Perhaps it was just the grey cloud that hung over them, the heavy turn the conversation had taken that inhibited Alisa from revealing her more carefree side... Only time would tell.

Akira rocked on her heels, moving her hips to and fro... Her back remained propped against the wall that she leaned against, right beside the exit of the balcony. 'Perhaps not...' Akira responded, chewing on her lower lip as she contemplated Alisa's counter-argument. The end doesn't justify the means, that was what Akira led her life by, but then, she couldn't see any other swifter ways to abolish the processes that had been in practice for so long. The girl while personally led her life by the moral rules, she was pessimistic about that approach if radical changes... At least, despite her differences, Alisa didn't judge Akira for her considerations regarding the new king.

The comment that followed explained the Blue Pegasus ace's leniency. Much like Akira, she too found the institution of slavery that they'd all passively protected abhorrent. 'It is just... appalling that none of us ever said anything and it continued right under our noses...' Akira mentioned, stilling for the moment and sighing. 'I mean, at least those that have more expe-' she stopped midway, since the group of people she insinuated had silently protected the wrongdoers, would no doubt include Alisa. There was no point in pointing fingers, Akira herself was part of the faction that held up that institution and not once had she uttered a word against anything... 'Had we done something, maybe Arthurias wouldn't have gone to such lengths to secure the throne...' She mumbled.

Aki's eyes darted from Alisa to her sweet companion, their expressions while similar as they smiled, had several contrasting qualities. Alisa seemed more jaded, determined and reassuring, while Lumen simply looked at Akira much like... a beast. Neither seemed to bear any ill-will. Akira though, wondered if Alisa still harbored enough hatred against the king to go up against him and will she as part of the Rune Knights be obliged to defend the royalty again. Akira doubted they'd face each other, given the difference in experience and ranks, but yet, the idea of being against someone she'd leveled with this way, made her heart heavy. 'Yeah, I'm not very fond of paperwork, but I heard from a pretty reliable source some of the Knights from the war are getting a promotion or something...' she ate her words, almost embarrassed to reveal rising in the faction, she wondered if it was even considered an achievement.

'You know, I actually should...' Akira said, the way that most people talk when they knew they should be making a healthier choice but opt for the easy and comfortable instead. 'Are you in Crocus for much longer, if not, where can I possibly catch you?' Aki asked, her voice while sincere betrayed a much softer desire that Alisa's, but she knew she had to train to get better and maybe sparring would help her get to know the woman even better. 'Must admit training would be more like coaching with you around.' Akira added with a nervous laugh, as she sidled closer to Lumen and Alisa again, now that the threat had dissipated.


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There was no apologizing for this. Just like how they must accept responsibility for failing to protect the king, so does every person in Fiore for not realizing this. However, she doubted the new king founded a dark guild and took over the country out of the kindness of his heart... And nothing would convince her otherwise:

"Oh, I'm pretty sure he'd have found a different reason. The slaves were the perfect excuse to justify his ambition; to seize the throne for himself.", though the looked pretty sure about the first half, as Alisa kept talking her brow furrowed slightly as uncertainty eased onto that cool expression. She had no qualms admitting her lack of knowledge to Akira, "Whatever his real reasons may have been, surely only his closest allies will know. Perhaps his most hated enemies as well."

In the end she merely looked down below, at the corpses left in the wake of this ambition... And the uneasy awareness that she'd have done just as much to achieve her own ambition. And therein laid the reason for her understanding of Arthurias' drive, for she too felt it deep within when she thought about killing him. She knew that after completing her quest, she too would have to answer to those who'd come seeking vengeance. As for his kind treatment of officers, Alisa merely nodded:

"I expected as much... Quite an effective way of getting people on your side: Cover them with titles and gold.", she scoffed, chuckling with a cold, cynical hint in her voice, "If war never changes, I guess politics doesn't either."

With these contemplative words, Lumen too felt drawn to the edge of the balcony, standing next to Alisa until the woman turned on her heel and instead rested her rear against the stony railing, meeting the woman's green eyes and tilting her head slightly:

"We're all guilty of complacency... Indeed, when we saw a man being worked to death, not for a moment did we imagine he might be forced into that work. But now imagine that same slave has been freed. He lacks any education with which to make a proper living, no power to take what he needs, and must instead settle for what meager pay his boss concedes... Without that pay, he'd simply starve to death. Can you really call that freedom...?", Alisa rose an eyebrow, as she posed this question, little more than a thought experiment for someone like Akira, whose intelligence she held in high account.

By no means did she defend slavery and had she seen a slavemaster mistreat his slaves she'd have probably killed them, and do whatever she needed to ensure she'd not be found. Yet she had a very specific destination in mind for this train of though, and knew Akira would reach it eventually: Slavery may have been abolished as an institution, but for most former slaves, little would change. Even in the next generations, Fiore would still have a its slave class in all but name.

A world where people could want for nothing, where they could eat, sleep, drink; where their basic needs were guaranteed no matter what. A utopia.

Utopia this King had no way of providing; only the foolish could ever believe such demagogic speeches and take them at face value.

Indeed, Akira had no quarrel against this king. He could very well be better than his predecessor, but that's not really hard to achieve considering the circumstances. Being better than the absolute worst hardly makes one a good alternative.

"I should still be around for a while longer...", Alisa answered, actually looking away, a faint look of unease as she thought about how she'd been here too long, her restless, wandering spirit itching for new sights. Yet she still had some people left to meet, investigate the new King while his reign was still fresh, not yet consolidated... While he had yet to earn his subjects' loyalty, "It's always better with a partner~ Boards don't hit back you know?", she'd chuckle, raising a hand over her mouth, hoping the girl wouldn't feel intimidated by the implication of these words. Regardless, she did hope to spar with the girl at some point, and perhaps that point may come soon, instead casually flipping her hair and detailling her future training regimen, "I might head up into the mountains soon... Harsh envoiroments, thin air work wonders for physical conditioning."

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Akira Shimada
'You think so?' Aki asked redundantly, now letting her fingers idly caress the railing, that stood in front of her, before she gripped it. Aki took a step back, till her arms were almost fully extended and then resumed her rocking, this time using the hands which held the railing as an anchor. 'Hmm...' was all Akira could offer, she couldn't put it past anyone to find noble reasons to support their despicable actions, but the king did have the support of the mass too... the casualties primarily ended up being those that had to pick a side, owing to their obligations or duties in terms of their jobs. But Aki didn't have the facts and her pessimism sided with Alisa, till she found a way to glean more. 'Perhaps...' Aki let her stubborn uncertainty sit there, plaguing her mind and the conversation too. 'Who knows, maybe not even those, people who seek and find power are very often alone.' the lunar mage mused.

Aki noticed the woman's gaze following the coffins again, as her own followed suit, eliciting another sigh. If there was any flitting expression that betrayed Alisa's ambition and what she was willing to do, Aki missed it, thankfully. It'd probably leave an icy wall between them, mostly because the dark-haired girl would find it difficult to empathize with, she chased nothing so vigorously, that it would challenge her humanity and empathy.

When Aki spoke of her rank up, Alisa quickly came to a similar conclusion as the girl herself had. 'Probably an apology to the faction, but I doubt a promotion would wipe the memory of those who lost people they knew.' Akira mentioned dryly. Just to play devil's advocate she decided to shed some light instead of throw shade, she did add. 'Could be honorific or something, that he understands we were duty bound to fight on opposite sides... but yes, the most obvious thing is him trying to win the loyalty of the force.'

Her own deduction was more personal though, she had a feeling that she was on that list for an entirely different reason. It must have been the hushed whispers that diffused and permeated through the organization, concerning her light magic. There was no way they were going to eagerly promote Akira with her dark magic, they were so reluctant to even take her in, but now that she had the element of light, she definitely fit in better. It irked her, that wasn't why she deserved it, Aki wasn't even sure if she deserved it... But now was not the time to bring these concerns to the forefront of their conversation.

Aki's infantile swinging and rocking halted as Alisa drew a very important point. Clearly, the lunar mage lacked the foresight that the blue pegasus ace possessed. Perhaps it was her age, or perhaps despite her alleged jaded and pessimistic attitude, she was still too naive. 'Hmm.' Aki made a soft thoughtful sound, as she stilled, her grip on the railing tightening. 'There really should be provisions in place, I mean...' Aki grew a little flustered at not having good counter explanations, she freed one hand and swiped away strands of her sleek hair, that had plastered themselves onto her forehead.

'I mean... maybe there are going to be? Former slaves could claim something maybe, some sort of refuge...' she said, but the more she voiced her own plans, the weaker they sounded, complacency was a plague and radical pursuits may shake the system, but it was fair to doubt that it could break the system. 'But something had to be done, there will be an uncomfortable transition period... but...' she swallowed her words, her voice a mumble again. She knew the intent of this argument was not to defend the cursed institution, simply to draw attention to the fact that the seemingly noble agenda, wasn't going to be as easy to implement. Aki was no stranger to the fact that gaining power was not the same as keeping it and sticking to one's word.

'Only time will tell I guess.' she muttered, slightly defeated that the world didn't present itself with simple black and white solutions, that there were too many shades of grey. Not everything had answers, and despite everything, it was still difficult for Aki to accept that. Perhaps with her keen observation, Alisa noticed the discomfort stirring in the younger girl, with all this talk of unpleasant possibilities and likely realities... She swiftly redirected the conversation back to her training plans.

The momentary silence that lingered after Alisa mentioning that she is likely to stick around in Crocus, was self-explanatory, Aki could tell she wanted to glean more information and she decidedly reserved judgement on that for the time being, realising that Alisa's deep-seated displeasure came from losing someone important to her, in the midst of all this. Aki could only sympathize, judging her without experiencing something similar, would be grossly unfair. Aki chortled nervously when Alisa mentioned partners, 'Some partners can hit back too hard, I'm... scared.' Aki admitted, jovially but nodded, noticing the intent behind Alisa words. 'I do hope we run into each other before you leave, or perhaps-' the blue pegasus mage shared her plans. 'Er... cold...' Aki shivered, mocking the idea in her own head. 'I don't know if I can brave that, but maybe its time I learned.' she finished.

'I should probably head off for the time being... I know my partner will worry I've vanished again...' Aki mumbled after a tall pause. Perhaps she was escaping the idea of training, in her own mind, avoiding the effort and being lazy. Or perhaps, this conversation had given her enough to think about, more than she had bargained for, and she needed time on her own again, to contemplate... 'It was nice seeing you Alisa, if nothing else, I'm glad we both made it through the attack alive.' she finished with a shrug, it was a selfish statement, but it was a true one. She lowered her head briefly and ducked out of the archway, before making it down the spiral stairs...



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She shrugged... It really was just a theory, that one couldn't simply rule a country using their own power alone. In the end, somebody had to oversee the day to day matters of the kingdom, and to do that they had to have some idea of the king's plans and designs... Indeed, ruling a country required a whole other level of power, including getting and holding the support of the people, just like he'd done by abolishing slavery, or promoting the Knights who'd fought him:

"It will not, but it time, it'll make former oppoennts less hostile to his rule, and eventually, less resistant.", she mused, but nonetheless flashed Akira an approving smile, appreciating her power and intelligence to understand she did deserve the new Rank, "You did deserve a promotion, so I guess that's another silver lining to all this..."

Freeing the slaves was another, sure. Slavery as an institution effectively validated such behavior, yet the real root of this problem laid not in laws, but human nature. The way humans treat others, the way some humans exploit those beneath them, and what separates those who do from those who do not. Alisa saw that imaginary divide as a blurry, fluid line: Times of plenty fostered kindness to one's neighbor, while times of famine fueled selfishness.

Some people might kindly care for those next to them regardless of circumstances, while others might greedily take and chain whatever they can get their hands on, regardless of real necessity... For Alisa though, the vast majority of people were calable of both saintly kindness and extreme cruelty alike.

Then what might bring about this change she thought of? Theory had led her contemplation this far, and she now stood at the edge of what theory alone could suggest. She knew not how might humans change so radically as to no longer prey on those weaker, but she clearly understood one thing:

"Freedom comes not from the acts of one man, but those of many over the course of decades, possibly even generations. But such a radical change... As cynical as it may sound, we won't see it in our lifetime."

She hoped time would prove her wrong though... For change like this was simply out of her reach, or Akira's, or even the king of Fiore. And whoever believed he could pull it off was an idiot. Meanwhile, Alisa still thought him and his allies as her enemies, and gently pushed herself away from the railing tucking a black lock behind her hear and crossing her arms:

"Those are the best ones~", answered the sculptress, a fiery hint of fighting spirit gleaming in her cool, collected eyes for the faintest of moments. She wasn't good at holding back, nor did she like it when her partners held back against her during training sessions...

She knew most meant well, but Alisa just found that insulting.

She'd seen Akira fight though; whatever reasons behind that, she knew the girl struggled with holding back either, and that thought kept a permanent, intrigued smile.

"That's exactly why you're training, is it not~?", she noted, raising an eyebrow, tilting her head ever so slightly. Aki was a smart girl, she already realized a Knight her position hadn't the luxury of such a glaring weakness. What if her prey decided to run and hide up in those frigid mountains?

In the end, having the strongest body might not guarantee victory, but having the weaker one can very easily guarantee defeat.

"Yes... We can't go worrying our partners now, can we...?", Alisa chuckled, understandingly, relating to Akira very easily as her eyes quickly settled on Lumen. The girl didn't show it, but she worried when Alisa wandered off the face of the earth for a long time, "Go on, let him know you're alright... Likewise Akira~ Don't worry, when the time comes, you'll know when to find me."

She didn't find it selfish at all, and even if she did, Alisa wouldn't judge or for it...


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