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What Lies In The Darkness Is Sometimes Good (Notte/Seira)

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#1Notte Giornata 

What Lies In The Darkness Is Sometimes Good (Notte/Seira) Empty Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:42 am

Notte Giornata
Notte knew little to nothing about magic in general and forget about his own magic, all his life he had been about that hard work and no magic life so Notte wanted to explore this for a while but never really got the chance to explore this, so Notte decide to just wander around a bit to find a quiet place to train his magic, Baska was still a new place to Notte so he didn't know where to go but some signs revealed the there was a place called Baska Hills; these signs were accompanied by a few warning signs that told him not to wander around at night, it was a nice winters morning so he didn't need to worry about that just now.

After following the signs for a bit he ended up in a huge open field with loads of hills and huge cliffs a perfect place for training, "Ok so first things first lets figure kind of magic I have, it might be fire magic cos i was able to make a spark or something ohh it might be like solidifying air only one way to find out i heard that magic will naturally help you in a situation of danger..." He said looking at the tallest cliff he could find and ran as fast as he could and didn't even stop he just...


The idiot had jumped off a cliff expecting something to save him but something peculiar happened... Just kidding he's not special the only way to learn magic is to practice is what he thought to himself as he fell to his doom landing with a huge crash leading to him injuring himself not breaking anything but enough to knock him out, he was just lying on the floor, alone.

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