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Sirius Training [Jeremiah][Quest]

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#1Jeremiah Ali 

Sirius Training [Jeremiah][Quest]  Empty Sat Mar 10, 2018 4:01 pm

Jeremiah Ali
And here he was. It was another at castle Phantasm  but unlike the day before today, Jeremiah wouldn't be working on walls or trying to find out if there was a snich in Sirius's circle of workers, instead he would be here today to train Sirius's guards. They were weak in his eyes which was understandable since they weren't mages. Sirius liked how Miah worked yesterday and wasted no time in asking him to come back today. In turn Jeremiah would be paid more than he was paid yesterday and seeing as the Phantom Lord Mage had nothing else better to do he decided to accept the Phantasm's request. Easy enough, training grunts only required him to stand there and order them to do push ups, sit ups or fight. Shit he was itching to beat up some people himself so he would probably end up telling the guards to fight him. Sirius was a fool if he thought only a day of training would make these men stronger but fuck it, at least he was getting paid right? The young Savannian stood in the training grounds with a spliff of Oak's finest marijuana in his hand. "Gorilla Glue." It was pretty damn strong but unfortunately Dahlia had better versions of the strain. Still, this would do. With a sigh he exhaled the smoke after pulling from the spliff, closing his eyes as the substance began to kick in. Oh how he loved weed. The fact that it was still illegal only urked him slightly considering he would smoke it regardless. People all over the world smoked marijuana so it really wasn't that big of a deal anymore.

The sorcerer sat for about fifteen minutes, contemplating about what he'd be doing next as Barunz sat beside him. Jeremiah took a long enough break from his primary goals now it was time to get back into it. Firstly he would have to find and destroy S.O.F.K; the Scientists of Forbidden Knowledge who were the ones responsible for the death of his parents. He knew that going after the council right now was a long shot so instead he decided that completing a slightly smaller goal was in his best interest. With Barunz by his side the duo would be able to hunt down all branches in a few months if they were focused. The beast beside Miah looked forward into the nature beyond the training grounds with his arms folded. "Master Jeremiah, did you really need to bring me?" One thing the demon slayer noticed about his companion was hat he said anything he wanted to say which was something he admired about the Dardian. Miah was the same exact way, they held their tongue for nobody no matter how rude or disrespectful it sounded. "I probably could have done this on my own, but you're more militant than I am so I figured you could do better with these dudes." The Dardian simply grunted in response. "I see. I'll do what I can then." Jeremiah nodded as he took another drag from his marijuana cigarette."I'll do what you need me to do,

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Sirius Training [Jeremiah][Quest]  Haki10
#2Jeremiah Ali 

Sirius Training [Jeremiah][Quest]  Empty Sat Mar 10, 2018 4:18 pm

Jeremiah Ali
Behind the duo consisting of the Demon Slayer and the Dardian, Sirius came out of the door with a blank expression as usual. If he wasn't so ugly Jeremiah would assume that he was a vampire or something - not that there weren't ugly vampires but the ones he's met were pretty beautiful individuals. Sirius stopped in front of the two before turning around to face them, his black trench coat spinning as he did so. "My guards will be coming out shortly, give them a few minutes." Jeremiah twitched a bit as Sirius spoke, he hated when people told him what to do mostly when he got he vibe that they thought they were above him. Barunz closed his eyes as if Sirius was of no concerned to him, embracing the energy of the world like he always did. The Phantom nodded. "Cool." was all he would respond with. Sirius nodded before going into detail about his guards, explaining to the duo (mostly Jeremiah) that they were weak and his guards in their current conditions would not be able to do much to protect him or his family. As such he wanted them to be pushed beyond their limits today and hopefully they would learn something that would help them defeat anyone who dare to challenge he Phantasm family. Apparently since there wasn't much action lately his guards were becoming extremely lazy and instead of firing them to go through the process of finding more capable people to work as his guards, he figured it be best to use a strong enough mage to knock them into shape again.

Jeremiah completely understood, he only hoped that Sirius didn't expect his men to actually become better fighters in a day but then again...he didn't care much. Sirius continued on, stating that he would stay and watch his men as they trained so they wouldn't attempt to slack here either. Sirius was very serious about this it seemed so Jeremiah and Barunz would have to give these guards all they had. The young Savannian took another pull from his spliff already high he then asked Sirius if he wanted a pull. Thank god he denied the drugs because Jeremiah didn't really want to share anyway but he always felt as though Marijuana was the plant of healing, everybody deserved to feel it in their systems at least once in their entire life. The door behind them opened once more before guards began to pour out of the building. Honestly, there were a lot of them and it seemed like it was a never ending amount of men coming onto the training grounds. Within seconds about two hundred men filled the area before Barunz, Jeremiah, and Sirius. Miah stood up first, finishing the rest of his marijuana cigarette and placing the clip in his pocket. Only potheads knew that with enough clips you could make a spliff or a blunt that would rock your fucking mind. Never throw away de clips yo. There was a whole entire day ahead of everyone here and it was obvious that a lot of these men didn't even want to be here at the moment. Sucks to be them, who the hell would want to be a guard for the creepy Phantasm family. Who knew what types of things you would see in their castle.

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Sirius Training [Jeremiah][Quest]  Haki10
#3Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali
Now that all the men were here, Sirius introduced Jeremiah and Barunz as their triners for today. He explained that they were here to whip them into good conditions because as it stood they were lame and weak basically. The men said nothing, they stood straight as if they were ready to take all he heat they were about to be given. Without waiting any longer Barunz opened his eyes before standing up, his rms behind his back as he glared at the men. Jeremiah and Sirus stepped back making way for the beast o stand in front of them men. For a moment there was silence, but out of nowhere the Dardian ordered the men to drop down and give him twenty push ups. Immediately the men did just that, falling o their hands and pushing themselves up and down while counting aloud in unison for every push up they did. They obviously knew the drill when it came to training sessions and they seemed to be able to do twenty push ups rather easily. After that, Barunz ordered them to do twenty more, this time with their hands closer together to create a diamond. Jeremiah usually did these types of push ups as well when training with the Guardian Dardian, apparently it was good for making the chest stronger and building a more presentable physique. Barunz continued on by making the men doo a series of arm workouts and leg workouts, he made them do sit ups, crunches and gave them hardly any time to breathe. In a span of an hour the men were sweating a whole lot, some even falling and taking their own breaks.

Jeremiah couldn't help but laugh as he stood next to Sirius who's facial expression held no emotion. How could someone be so dull? His life had to be boring or at least consisted of killing little animals and watching them suffer. Yeah, he looked like that type of guy. It wasn't long before the beast stopped ordering the Phantasm guards to work, now allowing them to take a real break before the next part of the training would start. Sirius ordered the men inside for a quick drink of water but told them to take no longer than 5 minutes in total which meant each of them would have to split the time equally in order to refresh themselves before being put to work again. There was still a lot more to be done and it mostly consisted of fighting. After the five minute break all the men hurried back out onto the training grounds waiting for their orders. However, now it was Jeremiah's turn to takeover. The young slayer was a little more easier than Barunz was but he was still one to cut them no slack. Sirius orders were to make these men work harder than they've ever worked before and so that was what the Phantom Lord mage would do.

"Alright, everyone grab a sparring partner, this is the last part of your training today."

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Sirius Training [Jeremiah][Quest]  Haki10
#4Jeremiah Ali 

Sirius Training [Jeremiah][Quest]  Empty Sat Mar 10, 2018 9:34 pm

Jeremiah Ali
Each guard grabbed a partner, mostly they grabbed the man beside them and faced them as they awaited Jeremiah's orders. Sirius looked at the Phantom and waited for him to give the order while Barunz stood with his eyes glued onto the men in front of them with his arms folded. This was going to be simple, all they needed to do was get someone down to the floor and pin them for at least second, granted it'd really only take a single second to kill someone but if you were able to hold someone down for three seconds than their death was secured. "Instructions are simple, all you need to do is pin your opponent to the floor for 3 seconds." The men got into fighting position as they faced their partners. They seemed to understand the tsk esily. With a nod Jeremiah shouted "go" causing all he man to attack each other. Some men moved with caution while others simply barged right into their fight against their opponent. It was quite boring to watch considering all of the guards were pretty weak but if Jeremiah wasn't as strong as he was already he'd probably think they were doing pretty well. Barunz walked onto the training grounds, watching each of the men do their things, he even pointed out better techniques to some of the guards. The beast seemed to be getting well into his job today it was amusing to watch. After about a few minutes of watching the men scramble with each other, Jeremiah turned to Sirius. "Your guards are hard workers, I can see that much.
If you want guards that can protect your family though I advise you to start recruiting mages or just better fighters in general. These men are incapable of protecting you as they are now."
Sirius listened to Jeremiah and nodded as if he was going to take what the young Phantom had just said and do what was necessary with that information.

Jeremiah then turned towards the group of men before taking off is jacket, telling them that now was the time where they would all have to fight him to prove hat they learned anything. Yes, inded the sorcerer meant that all of the men here would fight Jeremiah and if they could pin him to the ground working together then that would stnd for something and so they bag. All the men charged towards Jeremiah and the Phantom began to fight them all. Honestly though he kind of set himself up for failure with this one since he really expected them all to be able to take him down but not so easily. The Phantom hardly lasted a full sixty seconds as the men worked together with their skills and collective strength to luckily pin the fie mage onto the ground. With that the training was over. After the men succeeded Jeremiah dismissed the men before going to Sirius to get his pay.


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Sirius Training [Jeremiah][Quest]  Haki10

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