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Took It For Granite「Quest / Joan」

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#1Bianca Fleur † 

Took It For Granite「Quest / Joan」 Empty Sat Mar 10, 2018 5:49 pm

Bianca Fleur †
Here Joan was, thinking she could have another normal day, walking along a sidewalk after a filling lunch at a local restaurant. Little did she know, that she was going to be on another mission this day, an exciting one that was not just about her being some dude’s spy. As she was strolling through a not so crowded street, she noticed a very familiar man approach her. Of course he was familiar; she had just met him the day before, and actually did a job for him as well. It was none other than her most recent client, Mattoro of the Cold Colliers. This could not really be called a pleasant surprise, since the expression on her face showed some kind of irritation. But only for a bit. Mattoro took her to an alleyway since he needed to discuss this privately. Joan allowed him to do so. She did enjoy killing people, so this day would turn from an ordinary one (how she had planned initially), to a thrilling one. When Mattoro revealed the nature of this job, Joan could not help but smile. He did not even invite her to his hideout, so she figured it was urgent. He wanted to have Kalaus killed, but by poison. Again, if it was done her way, she would not even go to the lengths of getting him poisoned. She would probably just find him and off him on the spot. However, she had to be subtle about it, so she came up with a plan.

It was not necessary to run this plan by Mattoro since he would be fine with any method to finish the job as long as she did not do it obviously, and the man was dead. He asked if Joan had any questions and when she said she did not, the man left. He told her to meet him back at the abandoned warehouse since he would not know when the job was done so Joan nodded and accepted this request. Once he was gone, Joan unfolded the paper that had Kalaus’ schedule on it, provided by Mattoro who had drawn it. She kind of already had this information in her head since she was the one who gave him this information in the first place. After making sure she knew what she was doing, she headed back to her place to get changed into a more appropriate outfit for the job. Being a woman had its advantages. She knew exactly how she was going to complete this task. Once at her inn, she picked out an outfit that showed off her features the most and checked in the mirror, if it was good enough. Afterwards, she styled her hair and put a minimal amount of makeup on. She did not want to be too obvious, so she didn’t pick an outfit that was too flashy. All she needed was to somehow seduce the man and pop the poison into her glass at the bar.

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Bianca Fleur †
Joan was planning on meeting Kalaus at the bar he usually went to, according to the timetable. He was going to be there in about an hour, so she had some time to go and have a meal before. The more she fed, the more energy she had, so it was a good idea to be prepared for anything. After all she was going to be at a bar dressed like that. She did not want to attract any unwanted attention although that was not possible given the amount of men in bars. It was not like she had never had that kind of experience, which is how she knew that she was going to be a bit of an attention whore at the bar. But once she did the job she was supposed to, she would leave the bar anyways and return to Mattoro, so she had to make it quick. Since Joan had been feeding more times than she could count now, she did not worry about ruining her outfit or getting all messy. She had learnt to feed without making a huge mess of blood. She headed to the woods that was close to her inn and searched for food. Usually there were some idiots wandering about the woods who would become her food. Sure enough, there was one guy who seemed to be hunting for rabbits or something. She noticed that he was carrying some dead bunnies over his back. The vampyre watched him before making her move.

He seemed to be just an ordinary hunter, human probably. Once she found the opportunity, she snuck up on him and sank her teeth into his glassy neck skin. This was not the first time she was feeding in an outfit like this. Once she finished her meal, she laid down his body under a tree. The vampyress licked the blood off her lips and swallowed it. She kind of pitied the rabbits because they were killed for nothing now, since the hunter was dead. They were all just going to rot together in this forest unless someone else found them. She knew some vampyres who actually drank animal blood. She could not survive just on animal blood, and she never found animal blood as filling as human blood. Since she needed to stay in shape and keep getting stronger, she was not even going to bother with animal blood. The vampyre then headed in the direction of the street of bars. It had been thirty minutes approximately since she left her inn, so Kalaus would be at the bar in about thirty minutes as well. She had the poison in a small vial tucked inside her bra. She didn’t have any pockets on the outfit she was currently wearing and that felt like the safest place to keep something like that. Joan walked all the way until she could find a place she could hire carriages. Since walking would take some time, she decided to hire one.

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Bianca Fleur †
The carriage stopped right in front of the bar, but she was not ready to go in yet. Kalaus was not going to be there for about fifteen minutes. The vampyress headed to a nearby convenience store and just hung out in there until she decided she would enter the bar. The girl at the counter was quite surprised with the way she was dressed, but since it was a convenience store in a street full of bars, she could not really blame her. Joan gave her a tiny smile that was not even a smile really. It looked more like she was pressing her lips together in a threatening way. The girl stopped staring at her and continued reading the magazine in her hands, just watching Joan subtly even though the vampyress knew that she was being watched. After about ten minutes doing absolutely nothing, she decided to go in. Technically, she was not not doing anything. She was simply walking around the shelves of items being sold in the convenience store. In the end, she did not buy anything from there. She did not plan to anyway, but the girl at the counter gave her a weird look. Joan completely ignored it and headed out, walking in the direction of the bar that Kalaus was going to be at. She decided to go in five minutes before Kalaus would arrive so that it did not look weird or anything. About five minutes later, the man she was about to kill arrived.

He seemed to be fatigued, from the look on his face. Joan kept her eyes on the glass in front of her that the bartender had just filled for her. She was not sure if he was going to sit at the bar or at a table. It seemed he was alone with no bodyguards or any company. Maybe he had friends at the bar, so it was a good idea to just stick to what Mattoro had told her and be subtle about it. When Kalaus entered, he was greeted by a few of the men who were already in the bar. They seemed quite friendly, and if someone decided to attack Kalaus, these were the men who would probably jump in on the defense. They were big and muscular, so Joan did not know if she could take them in case things went wrong. However, with much luck on her side, Kalaus decided to sit at the bar. It was either because he saw Joan or he just liked sitting at the bar. Joan was literally the only woman in the bar at this point except for the barmaids going around filling drinks and being eye candy for the customers. The vampyress downed her first glass and signalled for the bartender to fill up her drink again. Kalaus did not try to talk to her or anything, but sometimes gave her playful smiles that she returned. Although deep down, she was feeling like throwing up.

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Took It For Granite「Quest / Joan」 Empty Sat Mar 10, 2018 6:22 pm

Bianca Fleur †
It was quite obvious that Kalaus could not handle his alcohol as much as she could, which was a surprise since according to his schedule he visited the bar more often than Joan did in the span of a week. They were drinking at the same pace, but as Kalaus spoke to his friends who came to greet him, his words started to slur. Although it was barely noticeable, since Joan was paying all her attention to him, she noticed this. Soon he was buying drinks for everyone in the bar, including Joan. The vampyress gladly allowed this, listening to him boast about his wealth and everything since he was a contractor, to the other customers in the bar. He then started to ask if she was not afraid, since she was the only woman in the bar. And this almost led to a full on conversation but Joan cut it off. She was supposed to be subtle, so she decided it was better if she was not engaging in a conversation with him about anything. Kalaus started to get up off his seat and turn towards the other customers, boasting even more than he was doing a few minutes ago, which was quite irritating to be quite honest. Once she found the opportunity while he was looking away, and the attention of all the customers were on him and him alone, she slipped a few drops of the poison into his cup. Once she was done with this, she left the bar immediately since she was one of the closest people sitting near him.

After leaving the bar, she watched from a blind spot to see if the poison had worked. Sure enough, he seemed to sober up for just a while before he collapsed to the ground and foaming at his mouth. This meant that he was dead for sure. Joan stayed a while longer to make sure of this. But as soon as she was certain the job was done, she left the place, hired a carriage like before and directed the driver to a place near the abandoned warehouse. It took only ten minutes to reach the hideout. She did not even care that she was dressed like this. She was not going to bother to change into her regular clothes. Only after she got home after getting her reward. Mattoro seemed super pleased to see her, asking to make sure if the job was done or not. Joan nodded with a smile and returned what was left of the poison as well as the paper with the schedule on it, back to Mattoro. The rest of the Cold Colliers seemed satisfied as well. They were wearing the same happy smiles, including Mattoro. “Perfect,” he said, stashing the returned items in his drawer before bringing out a cash reward for Joan. The vampyress accepted it and was thanked by the man once again. She did not know how to respond to this so she just nodded.

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