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Crash the Cash House [Quest:Farren]

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#1Farren Claret 

Crash the Cash House [Quest:Farren] Empty on Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:49 am

Farren Claret
Given the way the previous day ended, many probably would have assumed that Farren would have immediately went back to working for the mysterious Dr. Mabuz the following day. It was true that the amazing development of the hexes was something he hadn't expected. Products that were able to grant those who held no aptitude in something the ability to grasp what was once outside of their reach were always endeavors that could potentially promise boatloads of jewels. The ability to use magic was something that was reserved for a small number of people in the world; meaning, that the amount of people that would give an arm and a leg just to have the ability to weave spells just as any mage would be able to was something that couldn't be underestimated.

Farren was fully aware of the potential of this, and he fought hard against his urge to immediately march into Dr. Mabuz's shop and demand a partnership. No, he needed to prove his value to the Doctor. Without Farren's participation, much of the Doctor's advancements wouldn't exist. There was an overwhelming amount of people that flat-out refused to work with the "creepy" doctor, yet, Farren had no problem doing what was needed. He was an integral part of the success, and he knew it was only a matter of time before the good Doctor recognized this. He'd wait the old man out and busy himself with other work today.

Luckily, he actually had other work to busy himself with today. The day before yesterday, he'd begun working for an organization that was known all throughout Oak Town as the "Martello Family". This had been the only time that Farren had worked for the family, yet, it seemed he managed to make a very positive impression on them. After the work he did as an interrogator, the Martello Family had been able to intercept the Tessio Family's cash transport. It went without saying that they were very pleased with this result, and because of this, they decided to contact Farren once more with the offer of more work. Impressing an organization like this would be a very smart move on Farren's part. After all, one could never have enough friends.

With the job being accepted, Farren was now standing outside of the Martello family's house with a map now in hand. Today, he was being asked to infiltrate a certain house that belonged to someone by the name of Vincenze Tessio. Luckily, this house was one that the Tessio family didn't keep occupied at all. Despite the fact that the house was empty, there was still much of value to be taken from it - namely, profit that had been acquired by many of the Tessio family's illegal endeavors. It seemed that this family was one that opted to hide their spoils in plain sight, hoping that a thief wouldn't waste time breaking into an abandoned building compared to one occupied by guards. It was a mystery to Farren how the Martello family actually managed to acquire the intel on this place, but he figured they found it out much the same way as they found out about the cash transport.

WC: 547
TWC: 547/1000

#2Farren Claret 

Crash the Cash House [Quest:Farren] Empty on Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:50 am

Farren Claret
With the map in hand, it didn't take long for the Phantom Lord mage to make his way to the dilapidated building. Though the building was abandoned and in disrepair, it wouldn't serve Farren's interests to be spotted breaking into the building. Though he made the decision to work for a rival family, it didn't do him any favors to be easily identified by the Tessio family and get on their bad side. He was an independent contractor; if the Tessio family came to him tomorrow with the proposal of a job, he have no qualms about taking them up on their offer. He held no personal allegiances to these two families.

The young mage scouted the area for a bit, making sure that nobody else was in the vicinity while also looking for an easy way to gain entry into the building. He noticed that one of the windows on the second floor seemed to cracked open a bit. The window was open just enough to let air in, and this must have been the intention of whomever opened it last. Sadly, Farren would have to take advantage of this mistake and use it as a way to enter the building.

The way up to the second floor wasn't as easy as Farren hoped it would be, given that he had to climb up the side of the building by making use of the ivy growing there, but once he reached the window he was able to easily push it up and make his way inside. Given how important this loot would be, Farren figured that something of such import wouldn't be located on the lower levels of the building, meaning that whatever he was looking for would be on this second level.

Farren ransacked the second floor for what seemed to be about ten or fifteen minutes. With each minute that passed, he felt himself getting more and more unnerved. The potential of the Tessio family planting wards or alarms of some kind was high, and he needed to get the loot and depart as swiftly as he could to avoid capture. It was within this panic that he began to notice a few tiles that were out of place within the storage room of the second floor. Once his eyes noticed this, it was as if a light bulb went off and he immediately moved the tiles and aside and searched through the hidden compartment; soon finding what he'd been looking for.

With the loot found, the only thing left to do, as instructed by Martin Martello, was to destroy this cash house and send a message. Farren immediately began to douse the entire house in gasoline that he found within the storage room. With the gasoline soaking everything, he promptly lit a match and started a fire on the first floor before running back upstairs and exiting the house through the second floor window that he first used to gain entry. He figured that exiting through this same window, which was located towards the back alleys, would give him more of an opportunity to escape unseen. Thankfully, this decision appeared to be a sound one. He was able to escape the burning house and blend in with the crowds that began to show up to watch the fire erupt and light up the night sky. A member of the Martello family happened to be in the crowd and was able to pull a bit of sleight of hand; managing to slip Farren the jewels that he was owed for a job well done.

WC: 604
TWC: 1151/1000

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