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Nice Days Like These [Lilja]

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#1Jeremiah Ali 

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] Empty Mon Mar 05, 2018 8:38 pm

Jeremiah Ali

"Almost feels like spring."

The sun sat proudly in the empty sky, warming the people beneath it. Thank you, Sun. The winds weren't harsh so it was pretty good weather today but there wasn't enough things to do in Oak town on nice days like these. There weren't any famous restaurants or theaters he could go to, the gardens were nothing compared to Crocus or Magnolia's gardens and to be quite frank he was getting really bored with Oak town altogether. Sure Phantom Lord was important but being there drained him sometimes. What he needed was a trip. Maybe Nanuq or something after he went to Fairy Tail. The young Phantom walked the streets of Oak town with no plans. This was the only day he had from Barunz. The companion was clingy, though it didn't really bother him, sometimes he wanted to be alone was all. Suddenly, a thought came to mind! Oh! That's right, I need to see if I could find some new gear!. Jeremiah sighed, relieved that he at least had something to do now. Shopping it is.

"But where do I go?" Jeremiah questioned himself aloud. He forgot that out of the past few months of being around Oak, he never went shopping for clothes. He usually got his things from Magnolia or Baska so he wasn't familiar with any of the stores in Oak town, nor did he know where to find them. The Demon Slayer looked around before spotting a random woman. Quickly he walked up from behind her and speak.

"Excuse me, hey, I'm Jeremiah nice to meet you. Do you know where I can find any good clothing stores for men around here?"

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] Haki10
#2Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
Wandering through a town that felt like a ghost town to her was not always that happy. She looked up at the sky, surprisingly blue, with a weak sun that seemed to make the world a little warmer anyway. She stopped in her walk and closed her bright red eyes for a second and let the sunlight warm up her skin.


She didn't understand many things in her life at the moment. She was looking for one specific spot but she couldn't find it and was basically trying to figure out other things. But what did it mean to think that she was cold? Or what was cold? That one word didn't tell her anything. The reason why Oak was like a ghost town to her was because she believed she had many memories here but she couldn't place them and nothing fit around what she had in mind and than she learned her mind was empty and it only-

She jumped up out of surprise, someone spoke to her and she had been lost in thoughts. Her eyes flew open and she turned around, this normally never happened. But did that mean that normally no one spoke to her or that she wouldn't jump up out of shock? She looked the person up and down, at least he introduced himself and he only seemed to be a little lost, a store? Eh..."Hi ehm.. I'm Lilja," she frowned a little, "I would love to tell you where you can find a store but I can't remember." She had not meant to say anything about not remembering, she wanted to say she didn't know, after all she was a girl, it made sense if she didn't know. But she had bought clothes here before.. or so she believed if she looked at the room in the hotel that she owned but.. where?

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#3Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali

The woman turned around, her bright red eyes were the first thing noticeable about her other than he fact that she was strikingly beautiful. Jeremiah widened his eyes a bit when she revealed to him that she couldn't help him because she didn't exactly remember where the stores were at. The brown skinned man probably should have left it there since he was only looking for somewhere to buy clothes but now this woman currently had his undivided attention. "You don't...remember?" He spoke softly, obviously a bit disappointed about what he'd just learn. Turns out this woman was the wrong woman to ask but for what it's worth she was pretty nice. "How could you forget?" He asked with a chuckle. Despite being a Phantom Lord member he was quite warmhearted whenever he didn't need to be coldhearted. Many people don't understand why he's even a Phantom Lord member when they first meet him but as one grows to know him they can start to see why. He was kind but he was no softie.

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] Haki10
#4Nastasya Crowe 

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] Empty Thu Mar 08, 2018 2:39 am

Nastasya Crowe
She let out a gasp as she realized she made herself vunerable. Everything seemed to be so confusing, she couldn't remember anything and yet there were these senses that she knew that she didn't like to show she was vunerable. She mostly hid behind a porcelain face or well masked expression and sarcasm. But now she had said; remember instead of not knowing. The guy who asked her looked exotic, very handsome and she felt even more bad about it, and a pinching pain in her chest. There where the light line, the tracing of a spell she guessed, had started. But she didn't know what it meant or where it came from because she couldn't remember.

He laughed shortly, which brought her back on Earth and tried to recall what he said. "I.." but she had not spoken to anyone about it, she didn't know anyone in this state of her mind so who to trust. Her senses told her already that that was a difficult thing to do in general. However no one would get anywhere without any confidence in themselves, "If only I know." She said and she tried to smile, "Perhaps my life was too boring."

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#5Jeremiah Ali 

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] Empty Fri Mar 09, 2018 12:26 pm

Jeremiah Ali

Jeremiah raised an eyebrow as he looked into the girls eyes. She seemed bothered by something or at the very least indifferent about him? Miah couldn't really tell how she was feeling but she was very soft spoken. Her skin was pale on top of her having red eyes and she was beautiful...but it was more like a magical beauty, it was quite hard to explain but she did remind him of a vampire. In his days of living he's only met one or two so he wasn't too sure if she was a blood sucker of the night, not that it mattered anyway. The girl began speaking but paused. She didn't know how she didn't remember. Her attempt at a smile cause caused the man to feel feel pity, this girl was not happy. The Phantom sighed.
"Boring huh? Well I need to do some clothes shopping, you should tag along or I may get bored and destroy the whole town." A smirk grew on his face but he was serious.  It was true, as warmhearted as he was true boredom was enough for him to wreak havoc. There wasn't anything wrong with a little destruction here and there right? It wasn't like he would actually kill anybody in the midst of it.

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] Haki10
#6Nastasya Crowe 

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] Empty Sat Mar 10, 2018 1:48 am

Nastasya Crowe
She tilted her head as she looked at the stranger and she couldn't help but let a smile cross her lips and even chuckle, "Now that's interesting." Vaguely she remembered that she absolutely didn't mind destroying a town, even if she stayed in Oak most of the time, which was a wild guess based on the hotel workers knowing her on a first name basis. Which was something if she could trust her way of thinking; she didn't like.

Feelings couldn't change right because of a stupid amnesia? "I wouldn't mind to tag along." But actually she hoped to see more of that power he spoke about, in her vague feeling line she believed to be a mage but she had not been able to use anything, no power, no magical energy or something like that and it was as usual frustrating. "So all I know is the direction of most shops, we can see if something is there." She wanted to ask what he was looking for before she realized that she had not introduced herself, "Oh.. I'm Lilja. Lilja Oswald." She had no bad feeling about giving her name, so that was a good thing.

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] KTbQ0X3N_o
#7Jeremiah Ali 

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] Empty Sun Mar 11, 2018 1:00 am

Jeremiah Ali

Look at that. The black haired woman smiled genuinely. It felt good to make people happy since Jeremiah didn't do it often. Lilja was interesting though, she reminded him of Joan for some reason though he was only able to speak with her shortly once before she left. What a guild master, leaving her guild when they needed her most. His new friend accepted his invitation to join him, saying that she wouldn't mind and she also knew the general direction of the shops. Hey, it was better than not knowing anything at all right? Afterwards she introduced herself as Lilja Oswald.
"Yo Li, nice to meet you." He waved and smiled warmly. He had a habit of giving people nicknames if he planned on somehow growing a bond with them. "I'm Jeremiah." He paused before stepping aside to make a path for the beauty.
"After you." He'd say hoping that she could lead the way. If she started walking the Savannian would walk beside her. This was a perfect day to just hang out. Days like these don't come around often during this time of the year, best not to let it go to waste.

"You from here?"

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] Haki10
#8Nastasya Crowe 

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] Empty Sun Mar 11, 2018 5:46 pm

Nastasya Crowe
She smiled with his reaction on her name. The short cut to the world Li, she wasn't sure if she liked it, but she also didn't mind it at this point and that made it only more confusing but she tried to hide that. She could think about that at a later point and figure out what to do about it or just let it go. The feelings and no memories made everything so difficult. She had the feeling for some weird reason that Lilja Oswald might not be her name, but than why was it so familiar, nah it had to be her name.

At least the wave and the warm smile were a good enough distraction to be okay with the whole new meeting. It was nice from time to time to meet more people and especially if they were interesting and handsome. She wondered if she should give him a nickname, was that normal for people like him or people in general. Before she could ask that, he gave her the opportunity to go first and she took those steps to walk towards the direction she had just pointed, "Do you have a nickname?" She asked curiously, her red eyes looking up at the tall man.

Not paying attention to the road much made her feeling interact and guide her to the busy shopping street that Oak got and that had indeed clothing stores. Perhaps not all as luxurious as Crocus but they had stores anyway. She got a question if she was from here and she shook her head, "I don't think so. I do know I stay here for a long time or that I was here for a long time. As the people from the hotel know me very well so it seems. It is.." She fell silent for a bit and stared at the ground, vunerable, she didn't like it. "It is a very strange form of amnesia. I don't get anything from it. I just can't remember things but there are these feelings and senses that pull me to Oak and well.. as if the answers are there." She tried to shrug it off as if it wasn't important at all.

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] KTbQ0X3N_o
#9Jeremiah Ali 

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] Empty Tue Mar 13, 2018 12:47 pm

Jeremiah Ali

"Around Phantom Lord they call me "The Black Panther" but you can just call me Miah." He said with a smile. Truth be told he never actually introduced himself as the Black Panther so he wanted to try it now. Hearing himself aloud telling another person of his alias made him want to laugh. He felt like he sounded like a vigilante of some sorts. Lilja looked him directly in his eyes with her giant red moons. For a moment all he could do was stare back, she was beautiful and the more he looked at her the more he saw how precious she was. Unlike Thorn, this woman looked extremely innocent, perhaps that was another reason he was kind of infatuated. After the Savannian asked her if she was from here she responded with "I don't know." Everything made sense after those few words. He quickly pieced together what he realized and it became obvious that she had some sort of memory loss. All Li knew was that she stayed in Oak often due to the people who recognized her. Her moons faced the ground in what seemed to be sadness. Losing your memory was a scary thing, he couldn't understand what she was going through.

"Hey..." He spoke softly, still gazing upon her majestic beauty. "Maybe there are answers here...and maybe, just maybe....it was fate for us to meet." Loneliness. He could sense it from her just a tiny bit, that was something he could empathize with. "I know I just met you but you can trust me. You don't have to deal with this alone anymore, I'll help you find whatever it is you're looking for."

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] Haki10
#10Nastasya Crowe 

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] Empty Thu Mar 15, 2018 6:54 am

Nastasya Crowe
Lilja looked at Jeremiah as he mentioned being called the Black Panther, now she had never heard of that before, but it did remind her of something. The memory just seemed to be out of reach but.. she frowned, noting down in her mind that she could call him Miah, which sounded nice and easy. "For some reason I believe I got a title like that too, I just can't remember." Which wouldn't be a surprise as she couldn't remember anything. But it was a step in the right direction and it made her smile, even in normal conversations, she might be able to bring back thoughts and memories by talking to others, that was good to know. Lilja smiled at Miah and listened to his question where she was from or well from around here and the smile disappeared and she stared at the ground answering his question with a short explanation.

When she heard a soft hey, she looked back up with a questioned look upon her face. She smiled yes, she wasn't sure if she believed in fate, but just as it had proven that thanks to his comment about the Black Panther, which sounded quite amazing, she remembered vaguely that is, that she had a title too, "That would be nice." she said, if it was fate indeed, she sure didn't mind. Some little pinch went through her heart, believing someone else had said the exact same to her, that they didn't know each other well but they could trust each other, though it was not Miah before and it had been in different circumstances that had not ended well, but she wouldn't mind to try, she couldn't lose anything important anymore but a little pain in her being, that she would manage, right? "Thank you." She said and definitely meant it, it felt good to have to be somewhere, belong somewhere and not be alone guessing what might have happened. She pointed up at the store that she noticed, "Would you want to go there?"

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#11Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali

Oh? Lil also had a tile like the one Phantom Lord gave Jeremiah. Did that mean she was apart of a guild? It sucked that she couldn't remember the name she was given but did she also forget the guild she was from? Probably, the poor woman didn't even know why she was in Oak. Nonetheless Jeremiah would make it his business to help Lilja discover more things about himself. It seemed that him telling her his nickname sparked a small memory of her having one too. God's plan. Jeremiah's words may have worked for his new friend. He didn't want her to battle whatever she was battling alone despite only just meeting her but he couldn't help it when it came to helping people even though he always played the tough role. "No problem." Days like these... days like these were worth remembering. The brown skinned mage walked beside his savior for a little more before she pointed ahead of the two. The store was quite big and read in big white letters "VACY'S". No way...

"There's a Vacy's in Oak?! Wow... all this time I've been thinking that there were only branches in Hargeon, Crocus, and Magnolia, holy shit." He smiled excitedly. Lightly he grabbed Lilja's hand before softly pulling her along. "You're a real blessing yo!" Quickly he moved into the store. Clothes...everywhere. And from the good brands too but all he wanted was one thing.

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] Haki10
#12Nastasya Crowe 

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] Empty Fri Mar 16, 2018 9:25 am

Nastasya Crowe
If only she understood the feelings that came over her once she heard or experienced something that could trigger a memory. Because the memory didn't come. What would have been her title? Did it connect to the person? Was Miah a fast and smart person hence the panther title? All she thought that was strange about her were her red eyes, but apart from that she would be in a guild but she had no magic and she looked up at Miah, "Okay this is another dumb question but people are mages right? When they are in a guild? I mean I believe I am a normal human being, I can't even remember using magic." All she did remember, a thing that gave her no feelings of recognition so it wasn't something for her long term memory was the line of light that was like a strange runic pathern on her skin, from her left breast, near her heart to right below her jawline on the left as well, which she now had hidden by a scarf. Perhaps that explained some magic?

But she wasn't sure if she wanted to tell that, not because she didn't trust Jeremiah, he had offered his help after all but because she didn't want to be disappointed or get another troubled something on her mind. So she pointed at the store, Vacy's She had no idea if it was special but it got her friend excited. She listened to him and only blinked in not understand but happy that he was happy about it. He took her hand, which was a very strange feeling, she couldn't remember obviously that someone had done that before and her recognizing feelings stayed empty from that. But she followed, grinning when he called her a blessing, "It is something."

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#13Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali

The two finally entered the store. There were clothes everywhere but unfortunately he didn't even know where to start. For a moment he spaced out as he gazed upon all the different fabrics. It was all so fucking beautiful. This was his lifestyle, shirts, sweaters, jeans, sweatpants, jackets, kicks, he loved the whole idea of fashion. Lilja's hand remained in his as he halted by the entrance. His excitement seemed to have caused him to ignore Lilja's question though it wasn't on purpose. She was so soft spoken, he had to remember that. Quickly he turned to face her to acknowledge that he heard her question. Lil wanted to know about people and magic since she couldn't remember using anything related to it. Off rip Jeremiah could sense that she had mana and it wasn't just a tiny bit of mana either, it was enough for him to assume that she was a pretty talented to mage...but she didn't even recognize that herself. "I mean well only ten percent of people on earth can use magic." He raised an eyebrow. "I can sense just by being around you that you're a mage, you have a pretty big pool of mana for sure." Miah rubbed his chin. "If you can't remember using magic that means you don't remember what type of magic you can use either. In that case... you're back to square one... you'll have to learn how to use magic all over again." He said with a sigh still gently holding her hand. The Phantom wasn't consciously aware that her hand remained in his hand, if she wanted to pull away she was free to do so. Lilja's situation was odd though, she barely had any memory of who she was. Jeremiah was dealing with something pretty serious here. "I'll tell you what, tomorrow if you want I can help you rediscover your magic, cool?" A smirk evident on his lips.

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#14Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
Miah seemed to have lost her question by being enthusiastic about a store and to be honest it made Lilja quite curious about the store. It was quite obvious again that she couldn't remember ever being excited about a store and if she looked at the clothes that she owned, she mostly seemed to be buying the same thing over and over again and be done with it. Which was fine with herself, thank god her personality didn't seem to be changed with the amnesia. Her red eyes looked around the store as they had immediately stopped after the entrance and she let her big red eyes scan the clothing, it sure looked nice. But she prefered her black leather jeans and the corset that she was wearing, albeit underneath was a blouse to keep her from having bare arms. She felt eyes on her and looked back up at Jeremiah and gave him a small smile as she was still looking at the store. But when he spoke she gave him her full attention.

Only ten percent were mages, that weren't a lot, or well if you looked at numbers it could be quite a few but compared to the whole citizen amount. She opened her mouth out of surprise, to say something while no word came out. Mana.. magical energy, that she knew for some reason. But if she had that, she would have to be a mage or have potential to use magic! She looked away from Jeremiah as she was thinking about it too, so not knowing which magic she had, no feeling about it, meant that indeed she was back at the start that she had once, perhaps quite long ago. That's when she noticed that they were still holding hands, it now gave her a bad feeling, as if she wasn't used to someone holding her hand and that she was hurt by the people that had tried or had done that, but she didn't let go. She wanted to be nice, Jeremiah was nice to her too, "Oh that would be nice!" She said immediately getting some happy feeling back as she looked back up, she wanted to remember who she was perhaps the magic would help, "Thank you Miah." She said, trying to say his name too. She didn't stop smiling, this made her enthusiastic.

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#15Jeremiah Ali 

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] Empty Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:19 pm

Jeremiah Ali

It was weird. He was infatuated with Lilja, he confirmed it the second she replied. She obviously had a piece of her soul missing, but she was far too soft spoken for Jeremiah not to like her. All in all she was different. The young Phantom gazed at the clothes in front of him before walking further into the shop. He didn't realize that Lilja's hand was in his hand but even if he did realize he wouldn't have let go. Unlike other people, he didn't ever think too much about things like this. He was cool about pretty much everything. "Would you like anything?" A kind gesture was all it was, but was it too much? Lilja and Miah only met about 10-15 minutes ago but so what? He was a gentlemen.

The plan at the moment was to just walk around the store until something nice appeared. There were honestly so many different things to choose. from. Up ahead he could see a few jackets but when he thought about, he really wanted normal. Nothing too flashy because that would just burn a hole in his pocket. Maybe some jeans...

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] Haki10
#16Nastasya Crowe 

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] Empty Mon Apr 02, 2018 6:31 am

Nastasya Crowe
Lilja wasn't entirely sure how everything worked or what it meant. What did the feeling meant? All she sometimes understood was that it was in a connection to a memory and that she would understand that at some point it would give her some sense or emotion about that memory but right now, all she wanted to know was who she was. That meant getting that title, or that magic that she ought to have given the magical potential that Jeremiah was able to sense. "Oh.." she said surprised when he asked if she wanted anything, she knew she had enough clothing. She had not realized that before she arrived in Oak but the room in the hotel she had there, like a sort of permanent residence, it held a lot of clothes. "That's kind but I just like to look around." She could use a scarf though, for some reason she noticed the cold a lot more often now than she had the feeling or well the feelig of a memory from before. So her red eyes glided over the items in the store before looking at a rack of scarfs.. they looked not entirely like her taste. "What are you looking for?" she decided to ask Jeremiah, since because of him they went to this store. WEll yeah because she didn't know it, she had walked along.

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] KTbQ0X3N_o
#17Jeremiah Ali 

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] Empty Sat Apr 07, 2018 7:01 pm

Jeremiah Ali

Jeremiah nodded as Lil decided against his offer. She walked over towards the scarves so Jeremiah drifted a little further towards the jeans area. It was only across from where his new friend was, so he was able to hear her when she asked what he was looking for. The Phantom Lord mage fished through the clothing rack, hoping to find something nice, and then boom. There they were, the most perfect pair of black jeans he'd ever seen. They were so crisp, fresh and as his hand massaged the small wrinkles on the material he knew that these were what he was here for. The Material was obviously pretty decent and he could not miss out on copping them. Snatching the jeans off the hanger, he turned towards the black haired maiden. The store was rather empty, which made all of this much easier. "I was just looking for jeans or somethin', got em too." He paused before realizing that Lilja remained at the scarves. "You sure you don't want any of those scarves? It's not a problem really."

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] Haki10
#18Nastasya Crowe 

Nice Days Like These [Lilja] Empty Thu Apr 12, 2018 7:53 am

Nastasya Crowe
As she held on to a scarf that she particularly had liked, Lilja looked up to ask Jeremiah what he was looking for. He seemed to be somewhere else than at the point where she had let go of his hand to check out the scarf section, so her red eyes found him soon enough actually on the opposite of herself at the jeans section. She smiled at her new friend as he said he got them and looked back at the scarf that she was holding, for some reason she felt so vunerable when it came to an exposed neck that she was now holding a thick dark red scarf that she liked and seemed to match okay with her eyes, "I like this one.' She said rather shy, which she didn't understand, so she quickly hold up the scarf to hide her red face.

If only she could connect the dots, if she only stopped being so damn shy. She couldn't imagine holding hands with anyone else before, she never liked people being too close.. why was that? She could imagine herself playing a game, vaguely she got the feeling that two times that backfired and she stayed away from people as far as she could in a sense of letting them into her little world, the world of now her alone. But it had not always been her alone but that's the problem with a shitty memory.. it made you not know for sure. "Are you going to try them on?" she asked after lowering the scarf and see the jeans that Jeremiah was holding.

Where had she been, which guild? What was her title or even better what was her magic? Perhaps it was easier to find things that way. She didn't mind the shopping, as long as it didn't take long, there were no questions and no answers, all she awnted to do was just let it be for now. In the end when the shopping was done, she returned to her hotel. Eager to wait for a magical training.


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