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What's The Use of Feeling Blue [Social|Isabella]

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 What's The Use of Feeling Blue [Social|Isabella] Empty Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:28 pm


Unlike the cold droplets that comforted, while slowly eating away on an emotional escapade, the white flakes on this especially chilly afternoon were a foreign oddity to the young man. Draped lightly in fuzzy wear, a brown orange coat, lined on the inside with a thin layer of brown fur. A light grey high-neck shirt occasionally peeked out through his limp steps, beige hued pants painted white as the white puff kicked up from the ground and fell from above. Rain was a normality for the blonde haired lad, but this harsh white was unlike any droplets he had experienced before, needing to pull the fur of his coat up to his face, taking in the warmth his breath let out.

Of course it would be on such a day, that the bird who couldn't fly without another, feebly flapped his clipped wings alone. In spite of his  lacking confidence in doing so, his trembling hand could not be held forever, while the shy boy could simply wait at home for her return, he wouldn't be able to move forward. So here he was, pushing himself through the foreign lands, cold, scared, and alone. It was uncertain exactly where his friend had gone, when she would return, and if she wanted him to come find her or not. No matter, Ephraim now traveled to Baska, a town within West Fiore, grasping onto whatever little hope he could imagine.

"Is this really what I should have done..? I came so far, but... I don't even know what I'm doing anymore. Why did she leave me, I... I thought she would be my wings, that with her I..." Halting in his motion as his eyes tightly held shut, words of worry encompassed his mind in heavy pursuit, unable to ever truly escape, only prolong the inevitable. It was an odd day for rain, as it was already snowing, but droplets rolled down his cheeks nonetheless, almost freezing as they reached the end of his jawline. Quickly his mane shook, furrowing his brow with a huff before using his sleeve to rub across his face. While it was very warm yes, the tears that soaked his cheeks were something of his old self. Slowly taking in the area around him, Ephraim realized he was here, faraway from home, by himself. Something when he was just a wee lad would never have come to fruition, so he couldn't get caught up now.

In this moment, Ephraim finally realized his surroundings, so caught up within his perilous venture of self doubt, that the anxious boy hadn't taken in the vast differences of his usual residence. Orchidia was a very nature filled town, plant life swarmed the area with its more, rustic architecture. However, this place appeared to have more order to it, while hard to make out as it was getting a white coat over it, the architecture seemed newer and the shopping district could be heard even from his current position, leading the thought towards a well economic system. A rather nice and welcoming change, yet a sense of unnerve coalesced his form. Perhaps it would be wise to ask about and socialize, even if the thought itself sent shivers down his spine that this cold could never achieve, it was for Ayla, if Ephraim kept that thought in mind, it could end up surprising him. And so the pale skinned boy awkwardly roamed about the wide town, soon to come upon the hustle and bustle of the marketplace, being able to hear the roars of citizens grow in volume, even in this chilly weather, but business is business as they say...

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