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Interrogation Tactics [Farren - Quest]

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#1Farren Claret 

Interrogation Tactics [Farren - Quest] Empty on Mon Mar 05, 2018 4:28 am

Farren Claret
Yet another day, and like always, Farren found himself in the employ of another client in the town of Oak. However, unlike previous days, he was no longer in the employ of the man by the name of Dr. Mabuz. Though the good doctor's money was just as good as anyone else's, Farren had begun to feel that he was spending far too much time associating with the man. He'd completed a total of three requests for the man, and Farren was sure the man was beginning to feel that Farren was the same as any other regular employee. It was better for him to distance himself from the man in order to allow him to see just how much value he provided when his services weren't rendered as regularly as they had been; this being something that could potentially increase his stock and price.

Today, Farren was now in the employ of a man by the name of Martin Martello. This was a man that was very infamous within Oak Town as the leader of relatively new family. "Family" was a more polite way of saying "gang", but these families were far more sophisticated than any mere gang of hoodlums - though their actions sometimes differed very little.

An example of this would come in the form of the quest in which Farren was currently taking on. He'd been hired to interrogate a member of the rival "Tessio" family. The Martello family managed to kidnap him during a meeting between the rival families, and were now plotting to interrogate the captive in the hopes of gathering information on a rumored transport of a large amount of monetary resources. This would be where Farren role became important. He'd be the interrogator, and his job would be to fish out as much information about this transport as possible. After getting the information, he'd then turn it over to the Martello family.

The job sounded easy enough, and Farren had never been apprehensive about causing pain and suffering on another individual. From the sound of the request he felt that it would be a perfect fit, mixing business with pleasure. Sadly, once he arrived to the warehouse in which the captive was being held, he was informed that weapons weren't to be used during the interrogation process. The only weapon that Farren currently had on him was his pistol. He'd come up with so many creative uses for it that he found himself disappointed that he wouldn't be able to use it.

After shrugging off the disappointment, Farren proceeded to listen to the Martello associate that had come to meet him. The associate then handed Farren what appeared to be a balaclava. While it seemed weird that they'd even bother with keeping secrecy when it came to identities, the only answer would be that they planned on later releasing this captive. Farren found this to be extremely naive, as killing this man and cutting any loose ends would have been the best option. However, this wasn't his show. He was merely there to perform a service that he was being paid for.

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#2Farren Claret 

Interrogation Tactics [Farren - Quest] Empty on Mon Mar 05, 2018 4:28 am

Farren Claret
With the balaclava now covering his handsome face, the young Phantom Lord guild member proceeded to make his way into the holding area. He'd been wondering what this "Tesio" affiliate would look like. Had they already begun beating him for answers? Had he been injured at all during the scuffle in which they captured him? All of these potential scenarios weighed into how much force Farren felt he'd be able to deal to this man still manage to leave him alive. If too much damage had been dealt before, there wasn't much more that he could do to the man outside of aggravating his prior injuries in order to get him to talk.

Luckily, as Farren finally set his eyes on the man, he realized they had left him relatively unharmed. Though he had a few bumps and bruises, these weren't injuries that would impede the job that he needed to do here today. The man, tied to a sturdy chair, looked at Farren with what appeared to be amusement.

"Who are you supposed to be? Is this a costume party or somethin'?"

Having found what he said to be funny, the man began to laugh at his own wisecrack. It was apparent that he either didn't exactly understand the situation that he was currently in, or he wasn't taking it as seriously as he should have been. Farren felt that it was actually a combination of both of these options, and decided that he needed to prove to this individual that nothing that would occur here today was a laughing matter....for him, at least.

"Alright kid, you've had your fun. I'm going to be nice to you and your little crew, because I used to be a dumb ass just like you when I was younger. I used to run around thinkin' I'm the toughest, going after anyone I could in order to make a name for myself...I understand it. Because I understand it, I'm going to let you all off with a warning instead of having you all killed. Untie me and we'll smooth all this over, capisce?"

Once the man finished saying his piece, he gave a smile that gave off the impression that he felt his speech would be enough to get him out of his current situation. It was obvious that this man was accustomed to getting his way, however, with a swift blow to the jaw he began to learn that there was to be no bargaining. Soon after this blow landed, multiple others began to land as well. A majority of these hits were aimed at his face, a region that convinced most people to give up any semblance of bravado and promptly give into demands - this instance was no different. With it being apparent that there was to be no negotiations, the man realized his only out would be to give them the information they'd been requesting.

With the information about the cash transport given to him, Farren promptly left the company of the battered man and gave his findings to the Martello associate he'd been assigned to. After feeling that the information was adequate enough, the associate paid the jewels that Farren had been promised and they quickly parted ways.  

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