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Magnolia to Crocus[Foot Travel]

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#1Savannah Knight 

Magnolia to Crocus[Foot Travel] Empty Sun Mar 04, 2018 3:26 pm

Savannah Knight
Savannah walked along the dusty streets of Magnolia toward the end of town on her way to Crocus. The missions here just weren’t that interesting, so in the fading of the light Savannah took what little she had and set sights on the Capital of Fiore. She does not know much of the city, but hopes the missions are interesting and maybe meet someone. Not in a romantic way, just possibly someone who shares a common interest and maybe even more of her guild mates.

Savannah sighed and took a glance back at the city that welcomed her warmly. And with a smile she set off ready for the adventures ahead.
It’s been a few days since she left Magnolia and she just crossed through the gate of Era. Savannah ignored the people as she continued walking through the streets. She would have stayed to take missions from her, but maybe after swinging through Crocus she would come back. Feeling her stomach growl at her she stopped at a small restaurant for a bite. Sitting down she asked for some milk to start with and then looked at the menu.

Savannah then walked out and after making a quick stop to ask for directions she sauntered to the exit. Savannah gave a nod to the guards as they pointed the way to Crocus.
There it was, Crocus, with its spiraling buildings and tall castles. The place just gleamed in the sun, accentuated by its mainly grey color. Savannah took a deep breath of the woods she stood within and just listening to the sound of the forest. She watched the river flow, the birds fly, and beings stalking on the ground. She noticed people with wagons selling and children playing, despite the cold that many have told has set.

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