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Scold The Brat [Quest]

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#1Jeremiah Ali 

Scold The Brat [Quest] Empty on Sun Mar 04, 2018 11:29 am

Jeremiah Ali
It was time to do some quick shopping. Jeremiah realized last night that he was running out of clothes way too fast for his liking so he would only go out to pick up a few things. Underwear, socks, T-shirts, those were clothes you could never have too much of. The bronze skinned mage walked through the streets of Oak town, the sun smothering the town in it's light and the winds blowing gently. It was still winter, but lately it felt like seasons were all confused. He inhaled deeply before exhaling, taking a spliff from inside his jacket. Marijuana, the sacred herb of life, the only nonlethal drug in the world and one of the things that kept him from setting the entire world to ablaze. Jeremiah put the marijuana stuffed rolling paper to his lips before lighting it with a small flame from his finger. He wondered what Thorn was doing, not that he missed her or anything. Audrey and Aria crossed his mind as well. Honestly, he worried for the little girl. The world was far too dangerous for someone her age to be living on her own but he had to admit, she was strong for her age. Stronger than a lot of mages in Phantom Lord already. Even without seeing her use magic Jeremiah knew this to be true because she had a good amount of Mana for her age. At Audrey's age, Jeremiah was a child worried about nothing but coming home to...his aunt.

The Phantom's mind drifted as he walked, taking a drag from the spliff before exhaling. Barunz enlightened him on a lot about his life, things he had a hard time believing were true. The woman who the sorcerer thought was his biological mother was only his aunt. His real parents died fighting in Savannah, his mother being of high nobility and his father originally being from Desierto. Barunz was supposed to be the one to deliver Miah to his aunt and her husband in Fiore but instead he had an older brother that did it. Dammit... he thought. It seemed like he was getting more and more enemies. Not only did he target the council for killing his parents in Fiore and Fairy Tail for failing Cecilia, but he also now wanted to destroy those who caused his life to be like this in the first place.

Although his heart was generally big, kind and sometimes warm, it was filled with anger. The Sorcerer continued forward slowly but was soon broken out of his thoughts as an old man began to call for help in the distance. "Hey!
Someone stop that boy!"
Jeremiah raised an eyebrow before hurrying over towards the man since nobody else seemed to want to help him. "Everything alright, sir?" -The middle aged man turned to look at Jeremiah before shaking his head and pointing at a kid in the distance. That boy looked oddly familiar... "That little runt keeps stealing from my shop! Hey, you're from Phantom Lord right?! Teach that boy a lesson for me will ya? I'll pay you something nice when ya done!" The boy turned back to look at the old man, realizing that the old man was speaking to Jeremiah and pointing at him "Jer?" He said to himself as he began to run after the boy. Dammit, he just gave him a shitload of money the other day was that not enough?

WC: 573/1,000

#2Jeremiah Ali 

Scold The Brat [Quest] Empty on Sun Mar 04, 2018 12:03 pm

Jeremiah Ali
Now Jeremiah totally understood why Jerr was a thief, it was literally his only option as an orphan if he wanted to provide for himself but it wasn't okay to steal from people who were struggling to provide for themselves as well. If this kid was gonna steal from people he should only steal from the wealthy - at least that's how Jeremiah saw it. It was a good thing the town wasn't active this afternoon, catching Jerr would be easy. The sorcerer ran towards the kid who oddly enough was fast as fuck. Guess it wouldn't be so easy, he thought. Jerr looked back at Jeremiah with a look of pure terror in his eyes. The hell? He wasn't gonna die but maybe he thought he was. The distance between both males closed as they ran down a nearly empty street. I've got you now! The Black Panther extended his arm to grab the speedy little kid, the distance closing to a mere 5 feet but right when he went to grab Jerr, the boy made a sharp left, turning the corner and causing Jeremiah to trip and fall flat on his face. W-what? This kid...did he really just.... Miah slowly pushed himself up from off the floor before glaring at Jerr with an evil grin. A crazed expression stole his face. When the little boy looked back his eyes met with Jeremiah's golden orbs staring blankly into his. At this point Jerr was absolutely terrified.

"Oh hahahaahahaha! You've done it now, Jerr!!"

The Phantom took off after the boy running with a bag full of items in his arms. The Orphan was probably only going to give his friends whatever was in the bag, he was just an innocent kid trying to live life but he he done fucked with the wrong mage. Jerr looked back at his hunter once more. "Where you going Jer!?! I just wanna talk! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Jeremiah was losing patience o he began to move at an even quicker pace quickly closing the gap between him and the little by before finally grabbing ahold of the collar of is shirt. "GAH!" Fuck. This shouldn't have been this hard, dammit. Jeremiah began to drag the boy by his collar all the way back to where they came from.

"Get. Off. Of. Me!
You're not being cool like last time!"

"You think I care about looking cool?!" Jeremiah turned to pick the boy up by his shirt, lifting him into the air.

"Look kid, you can't just go around stealing from this man everyday! He's trying his best to provide for himself just like you are! You wanna steal? Steal from people who don't deserve what they've got, fool! You can even help around the town for some quick jewels, there's always another way." Towards the end of his message his words calmed and he put the boy down gently but held his hands so he couldn't escape. "Now we're going to apologize." The boy whined and pouted until they reached the shop. Of course Jerr apologized and the old man even let him keep the things he stole. After the deed was done Jeremiah received his pay from the man and gave Jerr some jewels for himself.

Between himself, Audrey and Jerr he began to realize how many kids suffered the same fate. Maybe he'd open up his own orphanage.

~ EXIT ~

WC: 1,000+/1,000

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