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More Hunting and Gathering [Quest: Audrey and Thorn]

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#1Thorn Vancarr 

More Hunting and Gathering [Quest: Audrey and Thorn] Empty Sat Mar 03, 2018 8:49 pm

Thorn Vancarr
Not much had happened to Thorn since the last time the good doctor called on her for a job. Honestly she was beginning to get a little bored, and that never meant good things for the money crazy woman. Boredom meant she wasn't doing anything, and that meant she wasn't making money. It was unnacceptable. But Dr. Mabuz threatned to kick her out if she bugged him for more work again so Thorn would just have to bide her time.

Bumming around the room that the doc gave her Thorn looked up with mild suprise when she heard her name being called. Putting down the book she was reading and brushing her ragged clothes off Thorn headed downstairs. What she say only midly surpised her. There standing beside the good doctor was what appered to be a little girl with a fondess for blue. Raising a questioning eyebrow at the Doc at the random inncocent little kid in the back of his shop, the real illegal part of it he just gave her his usual creepy grin, gesturing to the girl to look behind her.

"Audrey, this is Thorn Vancarr, the woman I mentioned would be helping you,"
He said in his spindly little voice. Turning to the Curse Mage the doctor gave her a hard look. "Thorn this is Audrey Namatzu, she has been working for me for awhile now." He says in a conversational tone, clearly already tired of talking and not doing dangerous experiments. Facing them both he gave a hard frown, causing Thorn to stand to a bit straighter.

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#2Audrey Namatzu 

More Hunting and Gathering [Quest: Audrey and Thorn] Empty Sat Mar 03, 2018 8:52 pm

Audrey Namatzu

"Please don't bite!"

It had been just another day. Wake up, feed Snowy and herself, and then head out to go do something meaningless. She had again been debating on whether she should leave the town of Oak or not, seeing as there really wasn't much left for her to do anymore. Maybe she would go on an adventure to find her sister, or go off to find a forest full of mythical creatures or something far fetched like that. Or she could stick around here longer and meet more people, get more money, and possibly join a new guild. All of these things were possibilities, if only she could make up her mind.

She walked out of her hotel room with Snowy by her side, walking back down the street to Dr.Mabuz, as today she would be completeing another quest for him today. She had been told a few days back that she would be working with someone else, someone she had never seen or heard of before. Her name was Thorn, and she hangs around the doctor for longer than Audrey ever could. She dispises the man, and she never trusts anything he says... ever. Today though she had a feeling that today he wasn't lying, that there would actually be some girl there that she was to be working with today.

She arrived, and Dr.Mabuz had led her into the back room once again. This time though there had been a girl there, and she waved slightly to her, the girl's expression unchanging. Snowy had yipped next to her, and had little snowflakes floating around her. Today was going to be interesting, and maybe this girl could be her friend.


More Hunting and Gathering [Quest: Audrey and Thorn] Iz4v1s
#3Thorn Vancarr 

More Hunting and Gathering [Quest: Audrey and Thorn] Empty Sat Mar 03, 2018 9:02 pm

Thorn Vancarr
While the girls seemed to exchange looks the doctor began to pace in from of them, giving the two the information they needed for the job. "This will be much more difficult than the last few errands I have sent you on Audrey. Well, maybe not, but it will be difficult so that's why I want two people on the job. And yes Thorn, you will be paid the same amount as before." That was definitly in an exasperated voice. "I want you two too go get me this dark green leafy fern, essential to my creations and hard ot get, not to mention illegal. Behind me is an example. You will need to climb the steep hill to the east of the town. Well? Get to it! I expect double the amount than last time since there are two of you! Oh and the herb is highly poisonous and can kill you instantly upon contact, so be careful about that." He says as a throwaway comment at the end before scuttling away to another room, not wanting to waste any more time on the two grunts.

Turning toward the gril with a flutter of her ragged cape, Thorn gave her a scrutinizing look. On one hand she seemed very small and weak. On the other hand she supposedly did several jobs for the doc already, which actually meant she wasn't a push over. But overall Thorn was a professional, thus would attempt to work with anyone her client told her too. "Okay listen up-" The curse mage was just about to say, before almost jumping a foot in astonishment after feeling something cold poke at her leg. Looking down in suprise the woman finally notices what looks like a... dog? Fox? With several tails and a cool hairdo? Producing snowflakes? "What the hell is that?" She asks in a deadpan tone, backing away from the creature as it tried to sniff her. Cute things seem to really put the edgy woman on, well, edge.

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#4Audrey Namatzu 

More Hunting and Gathering [Quest: Audrey and Thorn] Empty Sat Mar 03, 2018 9:51 pm

Audrey Namatzu

"Please don't bite!"

Audrey had just stood there and listened as the doctor spoke. She tried to look as serious as possible, but for some reason her mind was telling her to laugh. Nothothing was going on that was funny in any way, rather very serious. Talking about poisonous plants that could kill her on contact was not a laughing matter whatsoever. Soon enough Dr.Mabuz walked away and left only Audrey, Thorn, and Snowy in the room, and Audrey hadn't realized that Thorn hadn't seen the small white creature until she had jumped up and asked what it was. All that came out of Audrey's mouth was, "Umm..." She had no idea what to say. She had never worked with anyone else before, and her reaction was just weird. She couldn't believe she had jumped because of something so small, but it didn't really matter, they needed to get to work. "This is Snowy," she said in a warm tone. "Well now that everyone knows each other, we need to get going, I don't want to spend any longer on this job than I need to"
and with that she walked out, heading down the street and to the entrance of Oak town.

She really didn't want to waste too much more time doing Dr.Mabuz' dirty work, as she had really grown a feeling of hate towards him. He has put her through so much already, and she really didn't want to do it anymore. This was going to be one of the last quests she would take from him, and that was final. She walked down the streets hoping that Thorn was following her, and Snowy yipped at her side, leaving small icy pawprints on the street. If Thorn hadn't been following, then at least she had those to go off of.


More Hunting and Gathering [Quest: Audrey and Thorn] Iz4v1s
#5Thorn Vancarr 

More Hunting and Gathering [Quest: Audrey and Thorn] Empty Mon Mar 05, 2018 1:51 am

Thorn Vancarr
Thorn gave a slow blink at the younger female’s completely unhelpful words. She was asking what the thing was, not who. She didn’t even care what its name is. Though obviously, the girl cared as much about Thorn as the Curse Mage did for her because she little girl was leaving her in the dust with surprising speed for someone with such short legs.

Resisting the urge to yell at Audrey to slow down, that would just be childish and show weakness, Thorn sped up her pace until she was walking beside the blue-haired girl. They must have looked very odd together which may explain the staring and parting of crowds. Or maybe this Audrey girl actually had a reputation in the area? Thorn could almost believe it but at the same time, she really couldn’t.

They walked in general silence on their way to their destination, Thorn becoming more and more unsure about her company. She just couldn’t get a read on the kid. She gave off such a cute and innocent image (the pet not helping that at all) yet she supposedly finished several jobs for someone as sleazy as Mabuz, causing Thorn to send the younger mage odd looks every once in a while. Shaking off her thoughts Thorn noted that they were approaching their target destination, going by how the ground was starting to get more vertical and possibly more dangerous. "Stay close to me kid." Thorn warns, casting glances at her surroundings

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#6Audrey Namatzu 

More Hunting and Gathering [Quest: Audrey and Thorn] Empty Sat Mar 17, 2018 11:35 pm

Audrey Namatzu

"Please don't bite!"

Audrey was getting quite annoyed with this Thorn girl. Who did she think she was? Bossing her around like everyone else tried to do. She wasn't going to let anything like that happen today, she was going to stand up to this girl and show her that she could do this herself. They had been approaching the mountain, and Audrey already had a plan. She had stopped momentarily and bent down, whispering the plan into Snowy's ear, then both of them climbing up the mountain.

The first parts had been pretty easy, and Snowy and herself fit through all of the very small spaces. Thorn didn't seem to be having the best time though. The blue haired girl had honestly felt a bit bad about the girl, but then she felt that she was getting revenge on the girl for trying to boss her around. When the mountain had started to get steeper, the two of them initiated their plan. Thorn was a bit far behind but Audrey wasn't really worried about her at that moment, she had to concentrate on walking. Snowy had made a simple staircase out of ice going a few feet in front of them, and the top was covered in snow so that she wouldn't slip as easy. She took a few steps up the stairs, the last one melting behind her, and new ones forming in front of her. She took slow and steady steps up the icy stairs, and Snowy walked next to her, making sure that if she fell, she would be there to save her.

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More Hunting and Gathering [Quest: Audrey and Thorn] Iz4v1s
#7Thorn Vancarr 

More Hunting and Gathering [Quest: Audrey and Thorn] Empty Sat Mar 17, 2018 11:54 pm

Thorn Vancarr
Thorn almost rolled her eyes had how immature and prideful the kid was acting, though it was probably a bit hypocritical of Thorn to say. But the woman knew that in this line of work pride would only get you killed, and she had no intention of dying. Or pissing off her current employer, which means she should get on with the job.

“Curse Magic: Demonic Claw!” The Curse Mage yells while she swings her left arm to her side, clenches her fist, then releases it opening her hand wide and causing demonic aura to come out from it and tearing the bandages covering her arm away, revealing her demonic left arm. Thorn then makes a large jump, makes the demonic hand stretch out an extra meter or so and grabs onto the cliff side with a strong grip, then uses that as leverage to make another jump, helping her to successfully scale them. She was going to ask Audrey to climb on her back but the ice mage thought up a good idea of her own. Thorn didn’t skate all that often so this was a better for her.

Finally the duo plus ice fox reached the ‘hill’ top and sure enough there was a few large bushes or the herb they were supposed to get. Throwing down the rucksack Thorn brought along she threw an extra pair of gloves at the other female. “Let’s not get poisoned, ya? Carrying back your dead body would be a pain.” Thorn said as she kneeled down and got to picking the herbs. “You know you’re not half bad. I’ve definitely had worse job partners.”

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#8Audrey Namatzu 

More Hunting and Gathering [Quest: Audrey and Thorn] Empty Sun Mar 18, 2018 12:47 am

Audrey Namatzu

"Please don't bite!"

They made it to the top soon after and she had seen the bushes of the herb that they were required to get. He was right, they were unmistakable, but they also did give off a scent that made Audrey a little dizzy. It wasn't too bad though, so she had gotten to work, picking the herbs. Her method was a bit different than what others would do. She walked up to a bush and made a dark orb around a part of the plant, causing it to get cut off the bush and float in the orb. She had done this more than a few times, eventually having many orbs floating in the air. It was starting to drain her, but she'd figured that she would have enough energy for the rest of the trip.

"If I die up here then just leave me, I'm not going to be a test subject for Dr.Mabuz," she said in an annoyed tone. She didn't want anyone dragging her down a mountain after she died, especially not this shady woman. She didn't trust this lady one bit, and even  though she was working with her, it was only temporary. After this she would go back to her normal life, back to the way things were. Secluded... isolated.... these were words that described her life, and she liked it that way. "Alright I grabbed my share of herbs, I'm out," she said as her and Snowy started to head down the mountain, the floating orbs all around them. "Oh and remember, those herbs are poisonous to the touch, so I recommend you put those other gloves on, since I don't need them."

She made her way back down the mountain and had shown up and gave Dr.Mabuz the herbs, Thorn coming not too long after, Audrey then getting paid and going home. Today was an odd day, and she had hoped that tomorrow would be better.


More Hunting and Gathering [Quest: Audrey and Thorn] Iz4v1s

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